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Chapter 1072

looks like a big fan . Not only is the benefit not available, but it may even get involved.

Everyone is thinking about ways to disconnect from the family. When the family declines or the Jinchuan family finds their door, they can get rid of it without being affected.

“Oh, this is the current Erye family. If someone doesn’t understand us, I would think it is a third-rate family!” After they all left, Erye Takuya slapped the table with a slap, angrily Said.

He knew that people in the family would definitely deny this news, but he didn’t expect that these people would not hide it at all, and dared to confront directly in front of him, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Patriarch, don’t be angry. From the day they disliked the failure of the family and left the family, they are no longer members of our Erye family. There is no need to be angry because of people like them.” Behind Ye Takuya, he hammered his shoulders.

“Feixu, don’t worry, I won’t hand you over to the bad guy Jinchuan Sukezo this time!” Futaba Takuya held his daughter’s hand and said firmly.

This is a promise made by a father to his daughter.

“I know!” Erye Feixu wiped her tears. She knew that her father must have withstood a lot of pressure in order to prevent her from marrying Jinchuan Sukezo, and he might still encounter a lot of trouble.

“You all go back, Sheldon, stay, I have something I want to tell you.” Erba Takuya let go of her daughter’s hand.

Sheldon nodded and stood still.

When the last member of the tribe left, he shut the door of the room easily.

“Sheldon, there are only two of us right now. I want to ask you something, but you have to answer me honestly.” Erye Takuya stared at Sheldon for a long time before speaking.

“Takuya, please ask.” Sheldon nodded.

“I’ve always been curious about your identity, Feixu said that you should be strong, and you are not a special soldier participating in the competition, so can you tell me about your identity?” Erba Takuya rubbed his hands.

“I can’t tell you this, but I’m a very ordinary Chinese, and I’m just participating in the special forces competition with my friends when I go to Japan.” Sheldon smiled and shook his head.

“Well, then you and Feixu are pretending to be a couple, right?” Erye Takuya was prepared. He knew that someone as strong as Sheldon was definitely not an ordinary person. He must have an extraordinary identity, and that identity is not You can’t say it casually, once you say it, it will lead to death.

“Indeed.” Sheldon nodded without denying.

“To be honest, as Feixu’s father, I still hope that you can really be together. Although I have not known you for a long time, I can know that you are a responsible man and your skills are enough to protect her. Safe.” Futaba Takuya sighed and said slowly.

“Patriarch Takuya, Miss Feixu and I are just acting. I still don’t have the mind to think about children’s love.” Sheldon quickly waved his hand and refused, afraid that in the end the fake will come true, and he can’t shake it off.

“I know, I just said I hope very much.” Futaba Takuya also waved his hands.

“I will protect Miss Feixu until these things are settled, Patriarch Takuya don’t have to worry.” Sheldon said with a cigarette and smiled.

“Thank you for helping us at this time, but our Erye family has nothing to give you, and even make you encounter trouble and danger because of us.” Erye Takuya’s eyes were red, and even his hands couldn’t bear it. Live a little trembling.

He has always been most worried about his daughter’s danger, but now Sheldon’s words are undoubtedly a reassurance for him, and he also believes that Sheldon’s strength is more than enough to protect his daughter, let alone Jinchuan. The family, the top killer of the Hanoi family, can’t do anything about it.

“I’m not afraid of this.” Sheldon said lightly.

“Well, I still have to thank you very much.” Futaba Takuya nodded. He didn’t know where he was so lucky. When the family was about to be in crisis, he met such an outstanding young man, although he could not help Their family is too busy, but at least it can protect his daughter’s safety.

“Just say anything if you need it, and I will definitely help if I can help.” Sheldon lit another cigarette.

“No problem, I will tell you if there is a situation.” Futaba Takuya nodded vigorously.

After talking for a while, Sheldon left the living room. He wanted to go back and ask about the situation of the ghost operator and Bai Xiaofei in the past few days. He previously killed the Nanyue special forces. Although he did it perfectly, he couldn’t guarantee it. Will not be discovered.

In case it is discovered, it needs to be dealt with in time, otherwise it will affect Bai Xiaofei, and even China.

After walking out of the living room, Sheldon walked towards the guest room he lived in, and walked through a small bamboo forest to the garden of the manor. At this time, the sky was completely dark, and Sheldon frowned just as he walked here.

Instinctively told him that someone was waiting here.

“Come out.” Sheldon said lightly after stopping.

“It seems that your kid still has two sons!” Sheldon’s voice fell, and two figures slowly walked out of the flowers and trees next to him.

This is not someone else, but in the meeting room, Sheldon saw the old man Erba Masaji and the young man Erbasuke.

“Is there anything you want to do with me?” After scanning them, Sheldon asked impatiently. Talking to this kind of person is no different from wasting time. It’s better to go back to sleep and feel comfortable.

“Of course there is something. I would advise you to leave here quickly. Don’t get involved in our family affairs. Don’t think that Takuya Futaba can protect you by being the patriarch. The Futaba clan now is no longer the Futaba clan before. , And he doesn’t have much power in the hands of the patriarch.”

“Even Feixu can be assassinated by the Hanoi family. You should weigh it yourself!”

Eryesuke walked to the front of Erye Masaji, pointed at Sheldon’s nose and said.

“How do you know that Feixu was assassinated by the Hanoi family killer?” Sheldon suddenly frowned, and keenly discovered a sensitive word in Erbasuke’s words.

Erye Takuya once said that their family’s protection of Erye Feixu is very perfect, let alone other people, even few people in the family know that Feixu is the female soldier king of the Japanese country. Obviously Eryesuke should not be in this group. Among the people, and I haven’t returned to the family for a long time, I shouldn’t know this thing.

On the Hanoi family’s side, if they wanted to assassinate the little princess of the dignified Erye family, naturally they wouldn’t speak out with much fanfare.

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