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Chapter 1073

of the incident Judging from these two points of analysis, Futabasuke knew that the Hanoi family assassinated Feixu was absolutely abnormal, and there might even be hidden secrets in it.

“How did I know what it has to do with you?” Realizing that he had said something wrong, Futabasuke’s face blushed, but he immediately dragged himself back, and continued to point at Sheldon and said loudly, “I will warn you again. , Everything here has nothing to do with you, leave here quickly, otherwise you will die without a place to bury!”

“Are you threatening me?” Sheldon asked with a faint smile.

“Of course it’s not a threat, but an ultimatum to you.” Sheldon didn’t care, making Eryesuke a little angry. If it wasn’t in the manor, he would definitely come forward and clean up this Chinese. people.

“Okay, I accept it. If nothing else, you should leave here as soon as possible. Don’t wait for Patriarch Takuya to see that you are not gone, and send someone to drive you out.” Sheldon put his hands in his pockets and stayed. After this sentence, he walked slowly in front of them.

“This dog thing!” Seeing Sheldon’s back, Erye clenched his fists and prepared to rush forward.

“Don’t be impulsive here, you’d better go back with me first, after all, we are still members of the family, and if it spreads out, it will not do us any good!” Erye Masaji quickly grabbed him and whispered hoarsely.

“Grandpa Masaji, this Sheldon is really irritating!” Eryesuke didn’t dare to disobey Erba Masaji, so he had to stop, but he was still suffocating in his heart.

“I want to ask you carefully, what is going on with Feixu? How do you know that she was assassinated by the Hanoi family killer?” Erye Zhengzhi took Eryesuke to the outside of the manor and asked as he walked. Said, “I can tell you that Feixu is a member of our family no matter what, and the Hanoi family has a feud with us, if you have contact with them, then you will step into the abyss!”

“Grandpa Masaji, you think a lot. You watched me grow up and knew that I was not that kind of person. I just heard a friend talk about this incident by accident!” Erbasuke was scared into a cold sweat and quickly explained. Tao.

“This is the best way. Don’t let me find any connection between you and the Hanoi family. Remember that we are only conflicts within the family. Don’t forget the feud. Once I know that you are in contact with the Hanoi family, I will personally use no one else. Get rid of you!” Erye Masaji snorted coldly, then dropped Eryesuke, and walked slowly toward the front by himself.

“Grandpa Masaji, I’ll support you!” Seeing this, Erye Zhuo ran after him.

Go back to the room.

Sheldon didn’t take their threats as the same thing, nor did he take it to heart, because he knew that since he wanted to protect Feixu, he would naturally invite trouble.

But what Erbasuke said succeeded in attracting Sheldon’s attention.

A person who does not live in the family knows that Feixu was assassinated. This sounds incredible. Sheldon doesn’t doubt that he is connected with the Hanoi family, and even this assassination is inseparable from him.

“It seems that Eryesuke needs to focus on investigating.” Sheldon was smoking a cigarette, tapping his fingers and muttering to himself.

But after all, Sheldon is not prepared to take any action. After all, Eryesuke does not seem to be a threat now, and there is no time to take care of such a person, but after all the crises are resolved, Sheldon will definitely be careful. Investigate it.

After all, in this world, all those who dare to threaten themselves are already buried in the soil.

the following day.

As soon as Sheldon got up, he heard someone knocking on the door outside.

“What’s the matter?” Pushing the door and looking at it, standing at the door is a subordinate who often follows Futaba Takuya.

“The patriarch asked me to call you, saying that the Jinchuan family had sent someone to ask why Miss Feixu was taken away by you within a few days of staying in their family, and the other party called you by name and asked you to pass. The patriarch did not stop her. Can you send me over to find you.” Seeing Sheldon, his men spoke a series of words.

“Take me there.” Sheldon reached out and pulled his coat from the door to put it on.

“The patriarch said that you can tell the actual situation directly, and let the people of their Jinchuan family see what Jinchuan Jiesan has done.” His subordinates quickly followed Sheldon.

It’s still yesterday’s living room.

It’s just that people from the Jinchuan family are sitting inside. They are coming aggressively, and they look like they are coming to ask questions.

“Patriarch, I brought Mr. Sheldon here.” Taking Sheldon into the meeting room, his subordinates hurriedly ran to Erye Takuya’s side and asked.

“You are Sheldon, right? Why did you bring Miss Feixu out of our Jinchuan family? Is there any special relationship between the two of you, or is it that you deliberately want to oppose our Jinchuan family?” Seeing Sheldon come in , The Jinchuan family immediately stood up and asked loudly.

“Before you ask me, you might as well ask your Jinchuan family’s Young Master Jiesan what he did.” Sheldon sneered, walked to sit down opposite him, raised Erlang’s legs, and said in a very relaxed and contented manner.

“Oh? What did Young Master Jiesan do? You just talked about it.” That person was also very disdainful. From the bottom of his heart, he had never seen anyone in the Erye family. Even if it was Erye Takuya, he didn’t put it In the eyes.

“Jinchuan Ryuloku, are you sure you want Sheldon to speak?” When Sheldon was about to speak, Erye Takuya stretched out his hand to interrupt and said first, he still didn’t want to make the scene too ugly, and he knew in his heart that if If you really said all those things that Jinchuan Sukezo had done, the relationship between the two families was completely froze.

Even though Futaba Takuya had planned and dealt with this in his heart, he still felt that he could ease it, and he didn’t want the family to provoke such a big power again.

“Patriarch Takuya, I’m very interested in what he said. I want to hear his reason for bringing Miss Feixu out of our Jinchuan family without authorization.” Jinchuan Longliu sneered twice and turned his eyes on Sheldon.

“Since you are so interested, then I will tell you.”

“Your Young Master Jiesan forced Feixu that night to try to have a relationship with her reluctantly. If you don’t believe this, You can ask your two confidantes, Young Master Jie San.”

Sheldon and his gaze met each other, and he didn’t regress at all.

“It turned out to be such a small matter. Miss Feixu and Young Master Jie San have already made a marriage contract. It is reasonable to have some relationship between them. Do you still need to be an outsider to intervene?”

Of course, Jinchuan Ryuliu understands. Who is Jinchuan Sukezo, so he explained very easily.

“You have to pay attention to which aspect of what I said is the point. It is that Jinchuan Sukezo wants to force Miss Feixu to have a relationship.”

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