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Chapter 1074

“If I remember correctly, your Japanese law in this area should be very serious, right? Jinchuan Sukezo will face several years or even more than ten years in prison, and even After he is released from prison, he will bring the special ankle ring of the rapist, and I think this is not only a shame to him, but also to the Jinchuan family, right?”

Sheldon caught the tea that Futaba Takuya handed over and sipped lightly. One mouthful, said.

“Mr. Sheldon, you don’t think that our Jinchuan family can’t handle such a small thing, do you?” Hearing Sheldon’s words, Jinchuan Longliu burst into laughter, “Tell you the truth, don’t say yes. Rape, even if it is a murder, our family can settle it. I think Patriarch Takuya should be able to do it too?”

Futaba Takuya’s face was a bit gloomy. What Jinchuan Ryūroku said was not wrong. Given the power and status of the Jinchuan family in the Japanese country, Settling a rape case is easy, and the local police and courts dare not act on people of Jin Chuan Sukezo’s status, nor do they dare to offend the Jin Chuan family.

“You can call to ask Jinchuan Jiesan. If he doesn’t mind, I can go to the police.” The expression on Sheldon’s face is still very natural, and he has not been affected in any way by what Jinchuan Ryuliu said.

“Okay, I can!” Jinchuan Longliu immediately took out his cell phone and got through to Jinchuan Jiesan’s call.

After the call was connected, Jinchuan Ryūroku explained the situation here, waiting for Jinchuan Sukezo to agree to call the police, and slapped him in the face, and at the same time forced Takuya Futaba.

Unexpectedly, Jinchuan Jiesan would swear on the phone, saying that if someone from the Erye family called the police, then Jinchuan Longliu would never be able to return to the family.

After Jinchuan Jiesan finished speaking, he hung up the phone, leaving Jinchuan Ryuliu with a look of dementia.

He doesn’t know why the young master said that, but what needs to be done now is not to let Sheldon call the police without being exposed.

“How about it, what did Jinchuan Sukesan say?” Sheldon could guess what was said on the phone from the change of Jinchuan Ryuliu’s expression. Needless to say, Jinchuan Sukesan would never have a trace of what happened that night. The possibility of revealing it.

“Young Master Jiesan said that you can call the police, but he has a large number of adults. It is not necessary to hold this matter for the sake of the Erye family and Miss Feixu, but I advise you to not continue to do these things, otherwise you will definitely want you to look good. !”

Jinchuan Longliu’s brain was running fast, and soon came up with something without any flaws, and then pretended that nothing happened, and said to Sheldon.

“Then thank you for introducing the three young masters for me.”

” Thank you to tell him something for me. If you dare to do something like that in the future, I will make him pay the same price.” Sheldon smiled.

“The patriarch Takuya, if there is nothing else, I will go back first.” Jinchuan Ryuuli stood up and pretended to bow to Futya Takuya, and then left quickly.

He wants to go back and ask Jinchuan Sukezo what happened, so that when he comes into contact with the Erye family in the future, he will also feel low, and he will know what to do and what to say.

After Jinchuan Ryuloku left, Futaba Takuya and his men were relieved.

They are all a little worried about the Jinchuan family’s coming to Xingshi, for fear that there will be any conflicts that will make the family’s already dangerous situation even worse.

“Sheldon, what have you done since you arrived at Jinchuan’s house? Why did Jinchuan Ryukyu become like this after a phone call?” After letting his subordinates close the door, Futya Takuya quickly asked, and he also saw Jinchuan Ryuji. Six’s abnormality, but did not show it on the spot.

“It’s just a little trick. Patriarch Takuya doesn’t bother.”

“But I can guarantee that Jinchuan Sukezo should not dare to come over and make trouble in a short time.”

Sheldon really doesn’t know how to talk about what he did before. Things can only hit one haha.

“Well, this is the best, as long as Jinchuan Jiesan doesn’t come to make trouble.” Erye Tuoba did not continue to ask.

“By the way, Patriarch Tuoba, I have one thing to ask, do you know Eryesuke, how is his relationship with the family, and how long has it been since he contacted anyone in the family?”

Sheldongang wanted to go back. Suddenly thinking of what happened last night, he asked.

“Why, did he trouble you yesterday?” As soon as he heard Sheldon’s words, Erye Tuoba immediately became vigilant. Regardless of his lack of strength as the patriarch now, there is still no problem in tidying up the family.

“There is no grudge, it’s just that I am more interested in this person.” Sheldon did not elaborate. Before he had investigated it clearly, he would not tell anyone casually, causing trouble to the family.

“It turned out to be like this.”

“The help of Erye is quite good. It’s not a good thing. I have been away from the family for nearly three years. I haven’t contacted me during this period, and have anyone contacted me with anyone in the family? I don’t know, but I respect Masaharu Futaba very much, so I don’t know about the others.”

Takuya Futaba didn’t think about it, but told Sheldon all the information he knew.

“That’s it.” Sheldon rubbed his chin, thinking carefully.

“Don’t take what they said yesterday. You want my patriarch to step down. Even if they all unite, it won’t be so easy.” Takuya Takuya put his arms around his chest and said in a deep voice.

“I know.” Sheldon smiled.

Jinchuan within the family.

After Jinchuan Ryuliu came back, he immediately came to Jinchuan Sukezo. He not only wanted to find out, but also wanted to see what Jinchuan Sukezo meant, and to see if he said something wrong when he was in the Erye family, and whether he would threaten him. To one’s own position in the family.

“Brother Jie San, I’m back!” Jinchuan Rongliu quickly said as soon as he entered the door.

“What are you doing here?” Jinchuan Jiesan had just finished the phone call with Hanoi Liugu, and he was in a very good mood when he learned that he would be able to assassinate Sheldon soon.

“I called you just now, and you were very dissatisfied on the phone. I thought something was wrong in the Erye family, so I came to ask.” Seeing Jinchuan Sukesan with a smile on his face, Jinchuan Ryuliu Rest assured a lot.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that without my order in the future, no one is allowed to go to the Erye family again, and don’t come into contact with people in their family.” Jin Chuan Sukezo said with a wave of hands.

“But it’s the order the patriarch gave me.” Jinchuan Longliu grumbled.

“You remembered it for me. No one’s orders can go. Not only you, but everyone in the family can’t go. If my father asks, just say what I mean, understand?” .

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