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Chapter 1076

“Team leader, did Jinchuan Sukezo put pressure on you?” Several captains heard a little hidden meaning from his words.

“It’s useless to tell you this. The purpose of calling you here today is to discuss how to deal with the guests of the Erye family. What about the information about the Erye family that you have found before?”

Hanoi Liugu He stared and asked.

“It’s all here!” The person standing in the front took a hard drive out of his pocket and placed it in front of Hanoi Liugu.

The subordinates quickly connected the hard drive to the computer, and all the news they inquired about in less than two years appeared on the wall screen, including the current internal relations of the Futaba family, business relations, and including Futya Takuya. Personal details.

Press the button in the Hanoi Valley, and as the screen flashes, a bird’s-eye view of the Erye Family Manor appears on the wall.

Close the curtains to make the curtains clearer.

“This is where the Erye family’s guest room is located. I guess that the Sheldon that Jinchuan Sukesan wanted to kill should live here, but he is a distinguished guest and may live in other places. We need to investigate. Investigate his exact residence in the manor.”

Hanoi Liugu pointed to a part of the manor and said.

“If you do it outside the manor, isn’t it easier?” Looking at the bird’s eye view of the manor, a team leader said.

“Of course it is the best to be able to do it outside, but this opportunity may not be grasped.” Hanoi Liugu frowned, then looked at the taller person standing at the back, “My husband, you send two The trustworthy subordinates go to the Erye Family Manor and stare at them. Once they find that Sheldon, follow them and report the news in time!”

“Understand, Team Leader!” The captain who called Xiaofu took a step forward, with a deep voice. Replied.

“And you, during this period of time, put aside the employment tasks in your hands, first solve the two things in front of you, first, kill Sheldon of the Erye family, and second, find out the mysterious person who defeated Saburo that day. ! ” “

I can tell you that the patriarch had died under my command, if not completed, then I will step down from the position of head of the killer, and you will be a captain of the line and in the end, but also by the family inside The most severe punishment!”

Looking at them, Hanoi Liugu ordered loudly.

“Understood!” Everyone was taken aback. They had never heard Hanoi Liugu speak in this tone, and it was the death order from the patriarch himself.

They all know that these two tasks are far less simple than they seem on the surface. If they are careless, they may be punished.

“You two stay, the others are going to prepare!” Hanoi Liugu pointed to the person standing in the front and said.

These two are the captains of the first and second teams, and they are also the most powerful men that Hanoi Liugu has pulled up in one hand. In terms of strength and skill, they are enough to rank in the top five in the family. These years, they have been given employment tasks There was no failure, and everything was done perfectly.

“Team leader, what’s your order?” Endo asked.

“Let’s talk about it, what do you two think?” Hanoi Liugu pointed to the door, and when he got down to close all the doors and windows of the room, he pointed to the curtain on the wall and asked.

“Team leader, I think it seems a bit difficult to do it outside the manor. This is a guest of the Futaba family, and Takuya Futaba must know that someone is going to take action on their family recently. He will definitely protect the guests even more. The bodyguard followed.”

Endo touched his goatee and said.

“Quan Zuo, what do you say?” Hanoi Liugu looked at the other person.

“I have the same idea as Endo. It is almost impossible to kill Sheldon outside. Even if our men can take care of the bodyguard who protects him, they will definitely be seen by the people around when we do it. Say no. There must be people who are familiar with our family, and you can tell at a glance that it is our killer.” Quan Zuo said, smoking a cigarette.

“That’s right, it’s really like this. It’s too risky to do it outside, but inside the manor, seemingly difficult is actually the best opportunity, but we have to find a way to put our people in.”

“I put it in. The purpose of your stay is not only to hear your thoughts, but also to let you perform this mission. I don’t worry about the other people.”

Hanoi Ryutan stared at the two and said, the time given by Jinchuan Sukezo was too short. And if it is not solved once, let alone the chance of a second assassination, I’m afraid they won’t even be able to enter the Erye Family Manor.

At that time, there is really no way to complete the hiring mission of Jinchuan Sukezo, and he, the leader of the killer group, will also roll off his position.

“Let’s do it?” Endo Kazuzumi glanced at each other, but he didn’t expect Hanoi Rautan to say so.

“Don’t you want to execute it?” Hanoi Liugu frowned slightly.

“This is not the case. The team leader asked us to execute, and we would execute it. But I didn’t expect that just assassinating a guest would require the two of us to take action together.”

Endo shook his head. He remembered the last time Izumizuo performed the task together At the time, I went to the central area to assassinate the leader of a terrorist organization. The two cooperated very well and completed the employment task within two days.

Even the terrorist organization did not react. When they knew that the leader had been assassinated, Endo and Izumizuo had already left quietly, on their way back to the country of Japan.

So they didn’t want to perform the task, but they didn’t know why Hanoi Liugu sent the two of them together. Logically speaking, any one of them would be able to easily solve Sheldon with a shot. The two of them were really a waste.

“This Sheldon is not as simple as it seems to us. After Jinchuan Jiesan hired me, I also inquired about some situations. This Sheldon was able to take Erye Feixu away from the Jinchuan family manor without any problems. It even made Jinchuan Sukezo so eager to kill him, which is enough to prove that this person has some strength.”

“I am very relieved of the strength of the two of you . I will try to kill this person directly at once, if the other person is not successful. , Sheldon and Erba Takuya won’t give us a second chance.”

Hanoi Liu Gu took a deep breath, lit a cigarette, and said.

“No problem, then I will take action with Izumizuo, go back to clean up and prepare for action.” Endo nodded and agreed.

“Go get ready, remember to kill Sheldon, don’t be seen by the Erye family, if you see it, clean it up together, and don’t leave trouble.” Hanoi Liugu said with a wave of hands. .

He already regretted why he agreed to Jinchuan Sukezo.

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