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Chapter 1078

“This is a bit far from where your father slept, and they may be attacked on the road. These people should not be weak, at least better than the last time they assassinated you.

Be strong.” “And once you tell your father, the entire manor is bound to be a mess. Your Erye family’s current situation is not good, and the news will only be more unfavorable.”

Sheldon grabbed her arm and whispered. Explained.

“Can you do it?” Er Ye Feixu listened to Sheldon.

“Of course there is no problem. You can protect yourself later. I will take care of them. By the way, I will see if they are from the Jinchuan family or the killer of the Hanoi family.” Sheldon rolled up his sleeves and said with a faint smile.

When the voice fell, Sheldon stopped talking. Although it seemed relatively relaxed, his eyes were always vigilantly scanning the surroundings. After all, the opponent’s strength was obviously stronger this time, and if he was not careful, he might even capsize in the gutter.

After all, in a strange place, especially the descendants of the Erye family or the Haidong tribe, Sheldon didn’t want to reveal his identity as a cultivator.

“Then you have to be careful.” Er Ye Feixu took a deep breath and took two steps back, but also put on a fighting posture, hoping to help Sheldon as little as possible.

The two of them just stood in the garden, waiting quietly.

The Erye clan members who communicated with each other from time to time, they respectfully greeted Sheldon’s Feixu. Sheldon was worried about making the manor chaotic, so he acted very naturally.

It lasted until nearly ten minutes later, when Feixu thought Sheldon was too sensitive and thought there was nothing dangerous in the manor, the two figures suddenly flew down from the tree trunk not far in front of them, and their hands shone with silver light.

That is the cold light reflected by the dagger under the moonlight.

These two are the Endo Izumi who came to assassinate Sheldon. They arrived at the manor five hours ago and have been wandering around on the edge to inquire. Now that the night is quiet, the people who patrolled have also left, it is a good opportunity to do something. .

“Protect yourself.” After hearing the sound in his ear, Sheldon immediately became vigilant, and he reached out and pushed Feixu back.

“Well, I know.” Feixu knew that she was definitely not an opponent of these people. If she stepped forward, she would definitely cause trouble to Sheldon, so she continued to step back and be prepared to protect herself. If necessary, she would rather Running away will never drag Sheldon.

With the effort of speaking, the two people had already jumped in front of Sheldon. As soon as they landed, without any hesitation, they waved the dagger in their hands and attacked Sheldon. They didn’t have the slightest procrastination in their actions, and they would be killer moves. If they perceive their existence in advance, I am afraid that the people standing here will definitely not be able to react, and before they have time to act, they have already died under their daggers.

It is a pity that they are facing Sheldon.

In fact, Sheldon already knew where they were. The reason why he didn’t act was because he wanted to see if their purpose was to assassinate or inquire about the situation, and second, he didn’t want to proactively disturb them and avoid being seen by the people around him.

But now their intentions have been exposed, and it is also beyond Sheldon’s expectations, this group of people turned out to be for themselves.

Without thinking about it, Sheldon rushed towards them, and when he moved, he easily folded a branch next to him as a weapon.

Almost instantly, the three people collided.

Endo and Izumizuo are located on both sides of Sheldon. Although they are the captains of two different killer squads, they have never cooperated since they jointly carried out the mission of assassinating the leaders of terrorist organizations a few years ago, but the two were caught by Hanoi Liugu. Train to grow up.

Before becoming the captain, the two had a long run-in, so there is no pressure at all to cooperate now.

“The strength is good.” After fighting with them, Sheldon showed a slightly relaxed smile on his face. The strength of the two men was similar to what he had foreseen, but they were limited to causing a little threat to himself.

“Boy, don’t be proud, today you are probably going to be planted in our hands.” Endo smiled sullenly, and the dagger in his hand suddenly turned around and stabbed Sheldon’s armpit fiercely.

At such a tricky angle, others can’t avoid it at all.


However, at the moment his actions had just changed, Sheldon had already reacted, and with a forceful flick of the branch in his hand, it happened to hit Endo’s wrist.

After being twitched like this, Endo felt a piercing pain, as if his wrist had been broken and the dagger in his hand had fallen.

Almost in an instant, Sheldon stretched out his hand and grabbed the dagger that was about to fall on the ground, and swiped forward.

This time, it was drawn directly on Endo’s chest, who was retreating backwards.


With the sound of a tear of clothes, the dagger cut a deep hole in his chest, and blood spurted out instantly.

“Hiss… it hurts me!” This pain was more intense than a wrist hit. Endo directly felt the darkness in front of his eyes, opened his eyes vigorously and regained the light, but he became dizzy. Dazzled, he staggered a few steps and fell directly to the ground.

Even though he was already holding it with his hands, the blood still spilled out, and at the same time, the severe pain kept hitting every nerve in his body, making his whole body shiver uncontrollably.

“You dare to hurt Endo!” Seeing everything that happened in front of him, Izumizuo’s eyes instantly turned scarlet. He didn’t expect to fight for less than a minute, claiming to be the strongest killer in the family besides the team leader. Sheldon was easily beaten and seriously injured.

“Let’s talk about who is behind you, the Hanoi family or the Jinchuan family, tell me the truth, I can consider letting you go.”

“He is seriously injured. If he is sent to the hospital, he can still be rescued. I am afraid he will die here later.”

Sheldon easily blocked Quanzuo’s offensive and glanced at Endo, who was lying on the ground struggling with pain, and sneered. Said.

“Don’t dream, I won’t tell you a little bit!” Izumizuo gritted his teeth. He understands how serious Endo’s situation is now, but he has been living in a killer family since he was a child. The idea that he instilled in his mind is employment tasks. Above all else.

Even if you see your partner dying by your side, you have to complete the task.

“I don’t see that you are quite accomplished. You should be the killer of the Hanoi family. There shouldn’t be anyone with such a strong strength in Jinchuan.” Sheldon raised his eyebrows and spoke lightly.

“We don’t belong to any family, we just want to kill you!” Seeing that Sheldon could guess their identities, Quan Zuo quickly explained.

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