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Chapter 1083

lunch at noon, Sheldon and Feixu left the manor together.

Before leaving, Takuya specifically asked Sheldon to pay attention to the surrounding situation no matter where he was, because now it is not a family that wants to do something with them, and even the Jinchuan family is likely to unite with the Hanoi family. Once this happens, Then his daughter’s safety will be very seriously threatened.

In response, Sheldon also nodded in agreement, saying that he would definitely protect Feixu.

Leaving the manor side by side, the two drove away after getting on an off-road vehicle and rushed to the location notified by the War Department of the Japanese Kingdom.

At the same time, the people arranged by Hanoi Tianfang outside the manor reported the situation.

They reported to Hanoi Tianfang, who immediately informed Hanoi Liugu.

“Sheldon and Erye Feixu have left?” Hearing this news, Hanoi Liugu suddenly stood up from the wooden chair. He threw the cigarette in his hand to the ground and asked with wide-eyed eyes.

“It should be like this. The message just sent me by my subordinates said that they had seen Sheldon and Erye Feixu leave the manor and drove to the southeast.” Tianfang did not hesitate and repeated immediately.

“What are you doing in a daze? Send your people to follow. I can warn you that if you let them leave like this, I want you to look good!” Hanoi Liu Gu patted the table hard.

“Team leader, they have been staring, and they will definitely not let them run away.” Tianfang asked, patting his chest. “But team leader, it’s just as simple as following them. Should we act?”

“What you said is nonsense!”

“Contact your subordinates immediately and ask them where Sheldon and Erye Feixu are, let’s Hurry over now, anyway, you must stop this Sheldon, and ask him about the whereabouts of Endo Izumi from his mouth. I can’t let the family lose two top killers like this!”

Hanoi Liugu got up, dropped this sentence, and walked out quickly.

And Tianfang quickly followed behind.

On the road leading to the venue for the special forces competition, Sheldon held the steering wheel with one hand and put the other hand on the window of the car, with a half-burned cigarette in his hand.

“How do I feel that the two cars behind are following us?” After all, Feixu is the female soldier king, and she keenly feels the unusual behind.

Behind the off-road vehicle, two cars were following not far away.

Feixu realized that these two cars must be following them, and she had discovered it from the moment on the road on the road. Her own car is fast, and the back will be fast, and her own car is slow and the back will be slow. And it has always maintained such a distance.

“Did you just find out?” Sheldon smiled faintly, looking at the rearview mirror from the corner of his eye.

“Ten minutes ago, but I am not too sure, so I will tell you now.” Feixu shook his head and said.

“These two vehicles have been behind since we left the manor.” Sheldon flicked off his cigarette, suddenly stepped on the accelerator, and the off-road vehicle sprinted out.

Just as the off-road vehicle was speeding up, the two cars behind it were also speeding up.

“What do you mean, they have always been guarding outside the manor?” Feixu was stunned. She had never thought about this before, and she did not realize this when she left the manor.

“It should be like this. When I came out with you, I could feel that there were about a dozen people around me, but the strength is not very strong. With the strength of your family, it should be easy to solve, so I didn’t say.”

Sheldon patted the steering wheel with his fingers. Although the speed had reached one hundred and sixty, his expression was very relaxed and he didn’t feel any pressure at all.

“Who are you on earth?” Feixu looked at Sheldon with his head sideways.

“Of course it’s an ordinary person, I’ve told you many times.” Sheldon still smiled faintly.

“Then how do you know that there are more than a dozen people near our manor, and you know that their strength is not strong, and you have never contacted them.” Feixu asked doubtfully.

“Feel it.”

Hearing Feixu’s question, Sheldon suddenly realized that he might have said something wrong, so he hurriedly sought to make up.

It is impossible for him to say that he knows that these are all due to the perception of the power of the Nine-turned Soul, let alone such a few killers, who are extremely good at disguising and hiding, and they have nowhere to hide in his perception.

“I don’t quite believe it.” Feixu shook her head. She is not a child, and of course she doesn’t quite believe what Sheldon said.

“Probably it feels, but the top priority is to get rid of the people behind. Do you want to take them all the way to the game?” Sheldon realized that it was far-fetched to say that, so he changed the subject.


“If you bring them to the game place, it will definitely cause confusion. By then, you will lose the face of our Japanese War Department, and I may be punished.” Feixu shook her head very resolutely. She definitely won’t. Bring the troubles of yourself and your family to the army.

“Dump it or solve it?” Sheldon put his hand on the gear lever.

“Resolve it!” Feixu didn’t hesitate this time. It was about her reputation. She would never let this group of people have the opportunity to track herself to the playing field, and it was the only choice to do them.

“Then get rid of them.” Sheldon raised his eyebrows.

“There is a barren mountain near here. It was originally an active volcano. It was later judged to be an extinct volcano that would not erupt. It is a good place to do it.” Feixu explorer, took out a map of the country from the storage area of ​​the off-road vehicle, After looking for it, he pointed to one of the places and said to Sheldon.

“Is that there?” Sheldon glanced, then raised his head to look at the looming mountain peak at the end of his sight.

“That’s right.” Looking along Sheldon’s line of sight, Feixu nodded in response.

“Then get rid of them there.” Sheldon slowed down, turned the steering wheel away from the highway, drove to the country road, and the moment he was on the road, suddenly speeding up, the off-road vehicle quickly disappeared among the bungalows.

Not far behind.

All the killers of the Hanoi family in the car saw Sheldon’s sudden change of lanes. They did not hesitate to hesitate, and hurriedly followed up with the steering wheel, and at the same time reported the situation to Tianfang.

At this time, Tian Fang was sitting in the car in Liugu, Hanoi. Because every car in the family has a positioning system, Liugu, Hanoi, can know where the subordinates in the killer group are without asking.

But when he received this news, he still looked a little surprised.

“No, where are they going?” Hanoi Liugu stretched out his hand and tapped twice on the central control screen of the car. A nearby map appeared in front of him.

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