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Chapter 1087

“You make sense.”

After listening to Tianfang’s words, Hanoi Liugu suddenly calmed down. He realized that Sheldon’s strength was far inferior. What he thought was so simple that even he couldn’t guarantee that he would put all the dozen killers in the family in just ten minutes.

Moreover, looking at Sheldon’s appearance, not only was there no injury on his body, even his clothes were not torn, as if it were a unilateral crush.

Thinking of this, Hanoi Liugu couldn’t help but shed cold sweat on his forehead.

Endo and Izumi disappeared in the manor of the Futaba family, before even a single news came back. In his opinion, it was impossible to happen, but now it has actually appeared.

“Why don’t you speak anymore?”

Sheldon couldn’t help but sneer and asked when he saw Hanoi Liugu who had just looked impulsive and wanted to do something with himself. In a blink of an eye, he became calm.

“Sheldon, since you are a guest of the Erye family, I can give you a chance!”

Hanoi Liugu took a few deep breaths, and decided not to irritate Sheldon for now. Hand it over, I can assume that everything has never happened.”

“You don’t need to think about those two people, but I can give you your words and honestly explain why I have to do something to the Erye family. It is between the families. The conflict between you and the Erye clan is that any of you have united. To make this clear, I can consider letting you go.”

Sheldon put his hands around his chest and looked at Hanoi Liugu faintly.

Don’t even look at the person in front of him as the leader of the Hanoi family’s killer group, and he is considered the strongest person in the entire Hanoi family, but Sheldon still doesn’t see him in his eyes, even if he doesn’t use the power of the Nine-turned Soul in his body. Only relying on his own strength, he can also clean up this person.

“It seems that your kid is not sincere.” Sheldon’s words directly dimmed Hanoi Liugu’s eyes. The anger he had just suppressed rose again, his fists clenched, his eyes fixed on Sheldon. “Then let you see the strength of our Hanoi family killer!”

“Team leader!”

Seeing Hanoi Liugu lost his reason again, Tian Fang quickly dissuaded him.

He knew in his heart that if Sheldon was able to subdue the two captains even when Endo and Izumi could not even send the message, he would definitely have the ability to surpass ordinary people, although the group leader is indeed very strong, facing it alone Hundreds of special forces can do their job well, but it is obvious that Sheldon’s strength is stronger.

Once the fight, it is very likely that Hanoi Liugu will also fall to such an end, but he did not dare to say what it was like, but was worried that such an outcome would happen.

“Go away!” This time Hanoi Liugu didn’t listen, he slapped Tianfang on the face and whispered.

Covering his face, the sky took two steps backwards, not daring to speak any more, and the killer left by Sheldon was standing beside him, both of them focused on Liugu in Hanoi, they both thought See if the leader of the family killer group, Hanoi Liugu, known as the number one killer in the family, is Sheldon’s opponent.

“His strength is very strong.” Feixu pulled Sheldon by the corner of his clothes.

“Don’t worry, I still have the confidence to deal with him.” Sheldon smiled faintly and put on a fighting posture. He knew that as long as he could help the Erye family solve the hidden danger of the Hanoi family, he would be trusted by Takuya. .

Uncover the secrets of the Haidong tribe and get a way to find and board Youlong Island.

“Yeah.” Seeing Sheldon’s self-confident look, Feixu stopped talking, but took two steps back to avoid affecting Sheldon.

It was almost instantaneous.

Hanoi Liugu rushed up. Mixed with the anger of Endo and Izumizuo’s disappearance, he had already regarded Sheldon as a dead person. If he is the leader of the assassin group, if even a little Sheldon can’t solve it. , That can be considered a success.

Almost before breathing, he rushed in front of Sheldon.

His speed is also very fast, with a faint tendency to surpass the limits of the human body.

“Sheldon, you should have died long ago!” Hanoi Liugu swept towards Sheldon, his right hand suddenly stretched out behind him, holding a dagger with cold light in his hand, with a black light on it.

After seeing this, Sheldon’s brows instantly frowned, and he quickly backed up two steps to avoid the offensive in Hanoi Liugu.

The black light on the dagger was obviously poisoned, not to mention being stabbed, or being cut through the skin, it may bring life danger.

Seeing Sheldon retreating, Hanoi Liugu subconsciously thought that Sheldon would not dare to confront him head-on. The smile on his face became more rampant. After a shot fell through the air, his right foot slammed on the ground, and the whole person bounced again with the help of With this acceleration, the whole person approached Sheldon again.

One knife.

Two dollars.

In less than two seconds, the dagger had been swung a dozen times in Liugu’s hands in Hanoi, each time it was aimed at the fatal position of Sheldon’s throat, chest and abdomen.

But every time it happened to be flashed by Sheldon.


Hanoi Liugu cursed secretly in his heart. He didn’t expect that he would not be able to hurt Sheldon when he went all out. Although it was a little bit worse every time, he clearly saw the difference between him and Sheldon. difference.

“Boy, there is still a big gap between us.” Sheldon smiled faintly with his hands behind his back. He just kept dodge and didn’t make a move.

“Dare you call me a kid?” Hanoi Liugu became even more annoyed. He was the leader of the Hanoi family killer group, let alone in the family, even in the entire Wa country.

No matter who you see, you must call Patriarch Liugu, and now a little Sheldon dares to call him that.

“Is there anything wrong?” Sheldon still had that faint smile.

“It seems that you really want to die!” Hanoi Liugu squeezed his fists. Sheldon’s words completely ignited him, causing all the remaining sanity in his heart to disappear.

After the words fell, Hanoi Liugu rushed up to Sheldon again, his speed and strength were obviously stronger than before, and even when he sprinted, his body had afterimages.

Facing the completely angry Hanoi Liugu, Sheldon also became vigilant. Just as he was about to take a shot, the power of the Nine Revolutions Yuanshen in his body began to operate uncontrollably.

“Huh?” Sheldon frowned slightly.

Hanoi Liugu was getting closer and closer to Sheldon. As he raised the dagger in his hand and was about to bayonet Sheldon, Feixu wondered why Sheldon did not move. When he could not help covering his eyes and not looking at it, there was a metal collision sound. , But suddenly remembered.


Hanmang flashed.

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