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Chapter 1091

happened . “How could it be so fast?” Even Tianfang couldn’t believe the news.

“Team leader, captain, how dare I lie to you? I saw Sheldon’s strength with my own eyes. If I tell a lie, you can kill me at any time!”

Kenshiro was a little scared, and patted his chest quickly. Promised loudly.

“I believe what you said.”

Although Kenshiro’s words are hard for him to believe, he knows that his subordinates will not lie to himself by telling him these lies, and he can clearly feel it during the short period of time he played against Sheldon. Sheldon’s strength can cause him a lot of oppression.

“How can Sheldon’s strength be so strong?” Tianfang took a deep breath. Sheldon’s strength simply overwhelmed his cognition.

“Don’t worry about this, let’s go back.”

Although Hanoi Liugu was shocked, he did not show it. After all, he is the team leader and needs to remain calm before his hands.

The three of them ignored the corpses and drove back to the family in the car.


or three hours later, Sheldon parked the car in the Wa Country Stadium. Just after getting off the car, Gui Houzi and Bai Xiaofei greeted him.

“My sister-in-law!” Seeing Feixu getting out of the car, Bai Xiaofei suddenly put on a smile and whispered.

“Don’t shout!” Sheldon reached out and patted the back of his head.

“Don’t bark, I have nothing to do with Sheldon!” Feixu’s face flushed because of his words. Although he wanted to agree, he knew that promise would make Sheldon unhappy, so he followed Sheldon’s words.

“You go to rest first. I have something to say to them. Our place should be very close. I will be there in time if there is any situation, and I think they should not dare to come here to make trouble.” Sheldon looked around. Looking at the surrounding situation, he turned his head and said to Feixu.

“Well, you guys talk.” Feixu nodded.

“Go to your resting place.” Sheldon put both hands on the shoulders of Bai Xiaofei and Guishuo, and walked forward.

This time the training ground is much better than before. It can be seen that it is a relatively regular place of the Japanese Army. There is a very large open space in front of it. Even the playground occupies only one third, and there are many separate areas around it. area.

In front of the open space, there are rows of five or six-story high-rise buildings. Almost every room is lit up. It can be imagined that most of the special forces who come here to participate in the competition should have already arrived.

“How has the situation been during this period of time?” Although Sheldon often calls, there is still some confusion on the phone.

“It’s still the same. They have been living in the hotel. The group of people came to investigate for a few days and then went back. They never came back. Since you solved Chen Aping, no one from Nanyue has come to make trouble.”

Bai Xiaofei He lowered his voice and said.

“What are the identities of those people? I went secretly to inquire, but there was no result,” the ghost operator said on the side.

“There is no need to investigate, they are the killers of the Hanoi family. They went to kill Erye Feixu.” Sheldon would not have any concealment from them, and directly told the situation.

“That’s it.” The ghost operator nodded thoughtfully. “By the way, are you sure? Is this a descendant of the Haidong

tribe ?” “It’s almost confirmed, but I haven’t found out yet. Their family has recently I’ve encountered a lot of troubles, and I’ll talk about it after I’m going to help them solve it. I think they will not hide it anymore at that time.” Sheldon sighed. I don’t know when this will be resolved, but in order to find Youlong When Dao rescued his parents, Sheldon won’t complain at all.

“It’s fine if we can be sure, and it won’t be futile for us to travel all the way to the country of Japan.” Hearing Sheldon’s words, the ghost was relieved.

Talking as they walked, the three of them went upstairs.

Due to the fact that it was three people, Bai Xiaofei applied for a three-bedroom and one-bedroom residence to the War Department of the Japanese Kingdom, pushed the door to enter, and Bai Xiaofei immediately closed the door of the room.

After closing the door, all three of them relaxed.

On the training grounds of so many special forces, you have to be cautious in your speech and actions. Maybe it will cause some trouble.

“After the special forces competition is over, I am going to let you live in the Erye Family.” Sheldon poured a glass of cold water, took two sips, and said.

“Is it in danger?” As a special soldier, Bai Xiaofei could clearly realize what Sheldon said.

“This is indeed the case. Now the Erye family has offended the Jinchuan family and the Hanoi family. This Hanoi family is the killer family of the Wa country. I am worried that they know our relationship and are likely to do something to you two.”

“I don’t want to I encounter something like that in the South Vietnam, so I live together in the Erye family manor. Even if there is any danger, I will be able to protect you in time.”

Sheldon nodded without concealing anything.

“Don’t worry, the two of us will definitely follow your arrangements and won’t hold you back!” The ghost operator said in a deep voice. He has always known that this matter is very important to Sheldon and is related to the safety of his parents. Any discrepancies occur.

“It’s not as serious as you said, but you are going to live in the Erye Family Manor for the time being.” Sheldon smiled and shook his head. He didn’t want to make the atmosphere so serious.

“Understand, understand.” Bai Xiaofei nodded repeatedly.

After saying these words, I stopped in time. Sheldon didn’t want to put too much pressure on them. After all, these things can be completely handled by himself. Now I tell them to just breathe in to avoid panic when they encounter them. Know what to do.

Bai Xiaofei went to the canteen to pick up the food for the three of them. The three of them sat in the living room and ate. By the way, Sheldon also talked to them about his plans for the future, and gave a detailed account of his encounters in the Erye family during this period of time. To the thing.


At the same night, Hanoi Liugu returned to the family with Tianfang and the surviving subordinates. As soon as they entered, the three of them did not stay at all and went directly to the patriarch’s room.

At this time, Hanoi Chuan was sitting inside and eating.

“Patriarch, something has happened!” Hanoi Liugu directly rushed in, and then stood in front of the dining table, lowered his head and said in a low voice.

“What’s the matter?” Hanoichuan’s brows instantly frowned.

Hanoi Liugu reported the situation of the day intact. As he listened, Hanoi Chuan’s complexion became more and more gloomy, and in the end he threw the chopsticks in his hand to the ground.

“A dozen more killers were lost!”

Hanoi Chuan gritted his teeth and said. He knew there would be losses, but he didn’t expect the losses to be so severe. Every killer in the family was cultivated with great effort. Now almost It was lost in an instant, even if he was the patriarch, he couldn’t bear it.

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