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Chapter 1092

“I’m sorry, it’s my negligence!” Hanoi Liugu lowered his head.

“It’s not to blame you, we underestimated the strength of that Sheldon.” Hanoi Chuan shook his head, “However, the strength of Sheldon is beyond my imagination. How could the Erye family know such a strong person, he What is his identity, a Chinese, why would he help the Erye family in this way?”

“This has not been investigated yet, but it is possible that Sheldon and Erye Feixu have a good relationship, other than that I can’t think of it. Other reasons.”

Seeing that the patriarch didn’t mean to blame him, Liu Gu in Hanoi let go of his heart, and then said what he was thinking.

“No, isn’t Erye Feixu signed a marriage contract with Jinchuan Jiesan from Jinchuan’s family?” Hanoichuan frowned. The messy relationship inside made him feel a little big.

“Will Jin Chuan Sukezo know the relationship between Erye Feixu and Sheldon, but he is so angry that we will let us kill this person?” Hanoi Liugu once again used his imagination, after all, this kind of thing In these families, it can almost be said that things happen frequently.

“This has nothing to do with us. Let’s talk about Sheldon’s strength. In addition to killing a dozen of our family killers, what is wrong with him?” Hanoi Chuan doesn’t care about these things at all, he Only Sheldon is concerned.

“When you say this, the patriarch, I remembered another very important thing!” Hanoi Liugu took a step forward.

“Sit down all, you three are standing here, I’m a little dizzy!” Hanoi Chuan asked the servant to clean up the food on the table, then pointed to the chairs placed by the wall and said.

“Thank you, the patriarch!” Ken Zhilang nodded and thanked him, and quickly lifted the chairs behind Liugu and Tianfang in Hanoi. After they sat down, he dared to sit down.

“Patriarch, I feel that Sheldon, or the Erye family, has a little relationship with the mountain.” After sitting firmly, Hanoi Liugu cleared his throat and said.

“Which mountain? Is it the Yamashita family?” Hanoi Chuan frowned again.

“It’s the Yamashita family. Today, I obviously went to their family with Sheldon and Erye Feixu. Unexpectedly, I came out and called Tianfang. The two of them had already left!”

“I was standing there clearly. At the door of the house, if they left, I would surely find out. I think it was the old man who let the two of them slip through the back door while I was not paying attention!”

Thinking of this, Hanoi Liugu hit the table severely, and he Obviously, he was ready to catch Sheldon. Who would have thought that at the last moment, he would let the cooked duck fly away from his mouth.

He knew that after Sheldon left, it would not be easy to catch it anymore.

“What are these things? Why did Sheldon and the others have something to do with the Yamashita family? Who is the old man you mentioned?!” Hanoi River has been completely confused, and he can’t understand Hanoi River Valley in the end. say something.

“The old man is a member of the Yamashita family. He is about 70 to 80 years old. He is very strong. He hid on the side at the beginning and we didn’t notice. When I killed Sheldon, he blocked it with a shuriken. My dagger allowed Sheldon to escape.”

Hanoi Liugu’s words were full of anger. At that time, he should have smashed his anger and acted on Sheldon again. Maybe there would be no more things behind.

“It’s weird, I haven’t heard of the relationship between the Yamashita family and other families.” Hanoi Chuan rubbed his face.

“By the way, when we walked in, the old man told Erye Feixu that he had seen her when he was young.” Hanoi Liugu suddenly thought of this, and quickly told Hanoi Chuan.

“The Erye family was related to the Yamashita family a long time ago?” This is even more unexpected for Hanoi Chuan. Don’t look at the two families that have not had conflicts for decades, but they actually include Hanoi Chuan. All the past patriarchs will secretly investigate and record the news of the Erye family.

Hanoi Chuan never thought that this kind of news would ever be discovered in the family.

“Then let’s do it? If the Erye family and the Yamashita family have a good relationship, you have to weigh them if you want to do it again.” Hanoi Liugu is a little scared, after all, the Yamashita family has been circulating in the outside world to have extremely high strength. And today he has seen the strength of that old man with his own eyes, even he is not necessarily an opponent.

“Stop for a while, don’t do anything to the Erye family.” Hanoi Chuan immediately issued an order.

“Where is Sheldon? Jinchuan Jiesan has been urging me, saying that if Sheldon is not resolved within a week, he will call you personally. Now three or four days have passed.” Hanoi Liugu continued to ask Tao.

“Don’t worry about him, the second generation ancestor of a family also wants to threaten us.” Hanoi Chuan sneered. Regardless of the Jin Chuan family’s high status in the country, he did not regard this family in his eyes.

“Understood!” Hanoi Liu Gu took a deep breath and relaxed at the same time.

With the words of the patriarch, if Jinchuansuke called repeatedly to urge, he also had a way to respond, instead of just giving in vaguely.

“I’m a little tired. I’ll let this matter go for a while and wait until it’s fully investigated. But you’ll all remember one thing for me. No one is allowed to deal with them until I understand the relationship between the Erye family and the Yamashita family. Do it, even that Sheldon won’t work!”

Hanoi Chuan looked at them and said in a low voice.

Everyone nodded quickly and agreed, and no one dared to say a word.

special forces within the venue.

After a full night’s rest, after Sheldon and Guishuan had breakfast, they accompanied Bai Xiaofei to the training venue for the final training before the competition.

And not far from them, was the special forces of the Japanese representative team, and Feixu, wearing a special warfare uniform, was also standing among them.

Compared with the clothes that Sheldon usually sees, Feixu now looks a little more sassy. Although it lacks a little enchantment, it has a different flavor.

“What are you looking at, Brother Chen?” Seeing that Sheldon had been looking to the left, Bai Xiaofei looked down and saw Feixu standing in the crowd at a glance, and asked with a smirk.

“Don’t talk nonsense, go and train.” Sheldon slapped him on the back of the head.

“Hey, Brother Chen, don’t think I have ever been in contact with Miss Feixu, but I can clearly feel that she is a little bit interested in you. It just so happens that she is still the princess of the Haidong tribe. You don’t know it in minutes.” Bai Xiaofei touched his head and continued.

“You talk nonsense again, Guishuan and I will leave here now.” Sheldon frowned slightly.

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