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Chapter 1114

“Do you want this person to help after you go to Dragon Island?” asked the ghost operator.

“No, I just don’t want to kill the Chen family.” Sheldon shook his head, saving his parents is important. Sheldon doesn’t need anyone’s help and can’t trust them.

“But it’s possible to let the tiger go back to the mountain.” Hearing Sheldon’s words, the ghost operator couldn’t help being a little worried. He gave Sheldon a divination a long time ago, knowing that Sheldon would definitely be in danger on Youlong Island, and even There will also be life concerns.

It’s just that he hasn’t talked to Sheldon about this situation yet.

“It doesn’t matter, his strength is not very good, even if he dares to do something with me, I can still let him come back and forth.” Sheldon waved his hand to express his disdain.

“It’s fine if you are sure.” Seeing that Sheldon was full of confidence, Ghost Operator stopped asking more questions.

“By the way, when I was fighting against the Chen family cultivator, I met a killer who assassinated me. He should have been hired by the Jinchuan family. He was very strong. I felt like the top killer in the killer list.” Sheldon didn’t say much about Chen Aman.

“The killer on the killer list?” Bai Xiaofei suddenly became interested. “Brother Chen, where is his body? I once investigated the fifty killers on the killer list. I know all about them. I know at a glance. Who.”

“I’m afraid you can’t see it anymore.” Sheldon smiled helplessly.

“Did he run away?” Bai Xiaofei was a little disappointed. If he caught this, he would definitely recognize it. Maybe he could catch all the people behind him who wanted to do something against Brother Chen.

“I didn’t run, but I melted it.” Sheldon stretched out his hand and shook it.

Seeing Sheldon’s movements, Bai Xiaofei instantly understood that it was not that he hadn’t seen Sheldon’s strength, melting a corpse was a very easy task.

“That’s really a pity, it would be nice if he could be left with him.” Bai Xiaofei sighed, obviously a little disappointed.

“There is no need to discuss this topic anymore. Is your competition over?” Sheldon asked.

“It’s over, it will take a few days to get the results. I should be pretty good, not as good as Miss Feixu, but she is also ranked high.” Bai Xiaofei thought about his performance in the past two days, pondered it, and said.

“Then contact Feixu to discuss the matter of living in the Erye family. Both of you have to be careful. This time you are facing two large Japanese families, one of them is a killer family, and the other has a good status. “

The killer who just assassinated me should be what the Jinchuan family did.” Sheldon squinted his eyes. The Jinchuan family’s actions have completely angered him. One of the top families in the Japanese country has been listed by him. Inside the blacklist.

Anyone in this family will be a dead end.

“I don’t have any problems. The upper level has talked to me before, and after the game is over, I will be given a one-month holiday, and I hope it can be resolved within this period of time.” Bai Xiaofei wanted to stay with Sheldon and help Sheldonjiang Uncle and aunt rescued.

But after all, he is the King of Special Forces in China. He needs to follow orders for every move. Even if the upper-level orders him to return to China, he can’t even drink his saliva. He must return immediately and report back in the shortest time.

“There is no problem in one month,” Sheldon said.

“Will you act tomorrow?” asked the ghost operator.

“Well, meet with Feixu early tomorrow morning, and then go to the Erye family, and wait until the rest of the situation.” Sheldon nodded and agreed.

“Brother Chen, are you hungry? I’ll go outside and buy you something to eat.” Bai Xiaofei asked, touching a flat stomach.

“Go.” Sheldon said casually.

After nearly half an hour, Bai Xiaofei bought a little light meal from outside. The three of them sat around the table and ate. If they ate too much, they didn’t think the Japanese food was unpalatable. On the contrary, they had a different flavor.

Of course, compared with Huaxia’s food, there is still a big gap.

After eating, the three returned to their rooms to rest.

Early the next morning.

Bai Xiaofei went to find Feixu, while Sheldon waited at the exit of the training ground with the ghost operator. He waited for a while, but instead of waiting for the two of them, he waited for Noda Ichiro.

“Brother Sheldon, are you leaving now?” Noda Ichiro walked over quickly and asked the secretary to wait.

“Yes, my friend has finished the competition, and I should leave with him.” Sheldon nodded and said.

“It’s a pity that the case has not been completely solved yet, but during the investigation this morning, someone secretly left the hotel. From the surveillance, we could only see that he went to an open space not far away, and then he lost his trace. “Ichiro Noda said disappointedly.

“Is there no surveillance over there?” Sheldon asked knowingly.

“Definitely not. If there is, it can be caught. I told you before that there is a clearing, how can there be surveillance? I think that person should know this and took advantage of this opportunity to escape.

” so it seems, however, this person should be the South Vietnamese special forces to kill people, but unfortunately he escaped, but had his photos and videos, as long as the release tracing order, should have the opportunity to find. “

wild Ichiro no Chen song Concealing, after all, to be able to get to this point, it is still relying on the method given by Sheldon, otherwise they would not have noticed if people ran away now.

“Good luck to you and catch him sooner.” Sheldon nodded and encouraged.

It was indeed a little funny in my heart. At Chen Aman’s speed, I am afraid that he has already left the border of the Japanese country. Even if he did not leave, their investigation team would not be embarrassed by this person at all.

“Thank you brother Sheldon!” Ichiro Noda clasped his fists and nodded in response.

Soon, Bai Xiaofei rushed over with Feixu. After the four got on the car, they left the training ground and galloped toward the Erye family.

In the car, Sheldon held the steering wheel with one hand and put the other hand on the window.

“There was a killer who assassinated me last night. It is most likely the killer on the international killer list. He should have been hired by the Jinchuan family.” Sheldon said lightly when he felt the breeze coming in from the window of the car.

This sentence was meant for Feixu, after all, both Ghost Operator and Bai Xiaofei knew.

“You didn’t hurt, right?” Feixu’s nerves tense immediately, turned his head quickly, and looked at Sheldon carefully.

“I’m fine, I have solved the problem.” Sheldon shook his head and said.

“The Jinchuan family is too much, first contact the Hanoi family, and now hire the killer on the killer list!” Feixu slapped the car in front of the car and said angrily.

“How do you want to solve it?” Sheldon asked. After all, this is about the Erye family, so it’s better to ask clearly.

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