The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1116

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Chapter 1116

“Are you kidding?” Sheldon’s words made Takuya shook his head and laughed.

This just doesn’t show up just by listening, even if Sheldon’s strength is strong, how can it be possible to solve a family like the sky with the power of one person? This is simply an impossible thing.

“Of course not, doesn’t the patriarch Takuya still believe me?” Sheldon’s expression became serious, and now it’s time for him to perform.

As long as they can help the Erye family get out of this difficulty, then the other party will be able to tell themselves the secrets of the Haidong family.

“I can trust you!” Thinking of Sheldon protecting his daughter from the killer’s hands twice in a row, and also speaking to himself in such a serious tone, Takuya could hardly not believe it.

“That’s good, give me some time, I will solve the Jinchuan family.” Seeing Takuya agrees, Sheldon laughed, “As for Quanzuo and Endo, they are the top killers of the Hanoi family, it is better to treat them Dispose of it.”

“If I didn’t want to get some news from them, I would have done it a long time ago, and now I know my identity, there is no need to keep it!” Takuya did not think about it, and immediately nodded and agreed.

“I’ll go out first, and I guess I will be back before the evening.” Sheldon glanced at the time and stood up and said.

“Where to go?” Takuya asked.

“The Yamashita family, I still haven’t figured out some things.” Sheldon has never forgotten that the old man who speaks Huaxia was able to release himself, a stranger, from the front of Hanoi Liugu.

“Do you know the Yamashita family?” Takuya was a little surprised. In his capacity, of course, he knew something about the Yamashita family.

“Father, haven’t you been in contact with their family?” Feixu asked quickly, thinking of what the old man said to him before entering the door.

“How can I know the Yamashita family? Their family legend has ninjas. If we knew it, our family wouldn’t be where it is now.” Takuya shook his head and said.

“Then what…” Like Zhang Er’s monk, Feixu couldn’t figure it out at all.

If her father didn’t know the people of the Yamashita family, how could they say they knew herself, but she knew that her father would not lie.

But before she finished speaking, she suddenly looked at Sheldon, and she understood a little bit.

The old man from the Yamashita family was probably directed at Sheldon. The reason why he said that to himself was entirely to deceive Hanoi Liugu.

“What happened to the two of you, why did you blend in the Yamashita family?” Takuya asked in confusion.

“Patriarch Takuya, this is not a bad thing. I am going to the mountain family now. If I have any doubts, I will come back and tell you.” Sheldon said.

“Well, then pay attention to safety.” Takuya did not stop, and Sheldon said that there is no problem, then there must be no problem.

“I’ll go with you!” Watching Sheldon turned his head and walked outside, Feixu quickly got up and followed.

The two quickly disappeared inside the manor.

Takuya touched his head and looked at Bai Xiaofei and Ghost Operator who were sitting by and drinking tea.

“Don’t ask Takuya, we don’t know what’s going on. This is the situation they encountered before they joined us.” Guishuan said first.

“Well, then you guys go to rest. If you have any needs, just contact me in time!” Takuya had no choice but to wave his hand and ask after Sheldon and the others came back.

Leaving the manor side by side, after getting in the car, Sheldon drove along the road that day.

“Do you really don’t know him?” Feixu turned her head to look at Sheldon. She found that this man was like a fan. Even though he lived in their home, even though he had been in contact for nearly a month, he still felt this. There are endless secrets and magic in men.

“Even your Japanese family is not familiar with the Yamashita family. How can I, a Chinese person, know people in their family?” Sheldon shook his head and said, “This time I go, I’m going to ask clearly and see the old man in the end. What does it have to do with me.”

“If we could have the help of the Yamashita family, we would have relaxed a lot.” Feixu sighed lightly. She worried that Sheldon would feel pressure when facing these people, even though she was a soldier. Wang, the strength is still a lot worse.

“It’s a bit difficult, but fight for it.” Sheldon nodded.

I spent an afternoon in the car, and when the sky was getting dark, I finally saw the barren mountain.

Sheldon turned a corner and parked his car under the barren mountain.

This is already within the scope of the Yamashita family, and not far in front is where he and the Hanoi family assassins will fight.

When I walked over with Feixu, I could see that the corpses had already been disposed of, and the smell of blood in the air had faded, but if I looked closely, I could still see the dry blood on the ground.

These blood stains will not disappear unless the mound is turned over again, or a new layer of soil is sprinkled on it, otherwise, I am afraid that it will not disappear within a month or two.

What’s more, there are few people here, and they can’t cause any damage to the scene at all.

“Who are you?” Not two steps forward, seven or eight people rushed over quickly. They were dressed in samurai clothes from 100 years ago in the country of Japan, and each held a long knife in their hands.

“I’m Erye Feixu from the Erye family, come and visit.” Feixu said politely.

“You should know that our Yamashita family does not accept anyone’s visits. You should leave as soon as possible. If the family elders know about it, we will definitely be punished!” The person standing in the front said in a deep voice, although there is no face. Go on, but the meaning in the words is already very obvious.

“That’s it. We entered here by mistake a few days ago and there was a bit of fighting under this barren mountain. So now we are here to visit the old gentleman who received us at the time, and the younger brothers will report.”

Sheldon went on to say Feixu’s words. Seeing the clothes these people were wearing and hearing what they said, Sheldon seemed to be like a cultivating family in China, inheriting the tradition passed down thousands of years ago.

“Are you the Chinese from the Hanoi family?” The man in front was stunned for a moment, and then quickly looked at Sheldon.

“Yes.” Sheldon smiled.

“Then you wait here for a while, I’ll report it.” The man nodded in agreement, and just about to leave, he turned around and said to Sheldon, “But don’t fight here next time. Let’s clean up here and use After a full day, I am very tired.”

“Trouble you.” Sheldon continued to smile faintly.

“It’s really troublesome. Look at the blood in this place, it can’t be cleaned up at all.” The man pointed to the place where Sheldon stood and said.

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