The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1119

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Chapter 1119

did not continue to talk about this aspect. The three of them were sitting here drinking tea, and none of them mentioned anything about Chen Diancang.

“You and the Hanoi family are feuds, right?” After a few cups of water, the old man looked at Feixu and asked suddenly.

“Well, I didn’t expect the old man to know about this situation.” Feixu was a little caught off guard, but nodded and answered honestly.

“Our Yamashita family is quite familiar with the outside world. Naturally, we know what happened to you Erye and Hanoi, but I didn’t expect you to be true.” Not to mention Chen Diancang’s affairs, the old man is obviously more relaxed.

“Actually, I don’t know what the situation is. I only know that the Hanoi family suddenly sent a killer to assassinate me some time ago. If it weren’t for Sheldon’s timely help, I’m afraid they would have killed me.” Feixu was also confused and she was not at all. Know why the Hanoi family would suddenly do this.

In the past, even people from their family would pretend not to know each other.

“Let’s investigate this matter slowly, but because of the difficulties of your Chen family now, I can help.” The old man has no interest in Erye’s affairs, just because Sheldon is here, so Will ask.

“Help?” Feixu looked at Sheldon.

“Of course it is for Sheldon’s sake. He is now living in your home. Of course I want to protect his safety. Of course, I also protect your Erye’s house by the way.” The old man did not hide it, but told the truth. come out.

“Then thank you old gentleman.” Feixu did not refuse.

Now the family is in danger. To face the pressure of the Jinchuan and Hanoi families, it is naturally best to have Yamashita to help.

“You guys, find some help from the family, go to the Erye family, and say that it is a friend of Sheldon, let Takuya arrange a place for you.”

“Remember, after you go, you will stare at me. Once Who dares to make trouble, just clean it up!”

After Feixu agreed, the old man shouted loudly to the outside.

Soon, there was a voice of agreement outside, and then a dozen people could be heard walking closer and farther away, slowly leaving.

“Does your family really have ninjas?” Sheldon asked curiously.

“Yes.” The old man replied.

“Can I see it?” Sheldon became more curious when he heard this. He had heard of a ninja a long time ago, but he had never seen it.


Sheldon’s voice just fell.

The old man stretched out his dry palm, and as the sound rang, a cloud of flames suddenly gathered in his palm, and the temperature in the entire room immediately rose.

This flame appeared in his palm out of thin air. Sheldon didn’t see the lighter and other things that could ignite, it was completely like a trick.

“This…” The impact on Feixu was even greater. She opened her mouth wide. This scene was like what she had seen in movies and TV series, but now it really appeared in front of her. .

“This is the ninja’s ability, which can mobilize the power of nature.” The flame only burned in the palm of the old man’s hand before slowly dissipating, but the temperature in the room had indeed increased a bit.

“Sure enough.” Sheldon was somewhat delighted.

“Do you want to learn?” Seeing Sheldon’s expression, the old man asked with a faint smile.

“I’m a cultivator, how can I learn the skills of a ninja?” Sheldon asked with a smile on his face, some not understanding.

“Of course, the cultivator and the ninja themselves are of the same origin, and both rely on the natural power between the heavens and the earth, but there are some slight differences.”

“You are a cultivator, and there is a nine-turned soul in your body. Zhili, learning ninjutsu on this basis is very easy, I guess I can get started in a few days.” The old man looked at Sheldon for a while and said.

“This is good news.” Sheldon did not refuse. If he could learn this ability to enhance his own strength, he would have a great chance of saving his parents, including his sister in the Sun League.

“Study now?” The old man couldn’t wait.

“Let’s solve the immediate matter first. The Jinchuan family and the Hanoi family have not solved it. I am still a little worried.” Sheldon shook his head. He wanted to learn, but now is not the time to learn.

In other words, there is no time for him to study.

I can’t let go of the Erye family’s affairs and concentrate on studying here, which is contrary to my original intention of coming to the country of Japan.

“Okay, just wait for you to solve these messy things.” The old man didn’t insist, and turned to ask Xiang Feixu, “Are you living here or going back?”

“Let’s go back, the Jinchuan family yesterday Hired a killer from the killer list to assassinate me, and depending on my strength, it should be ranked in the top 20. I have to solve this matter, and the Jinchuan family can’t stay there anymore.”

Sheldon took a deep breath and thought of what happened yesterday. His face instantly became gloomy.

“Go, according to what you said, it’s time to get rid of them.” The old man nodded.

“Then we will go back first, and come visit you if we have time.” Sheldon got up and arched his hands at him.

“It’s not necessary, you leave a phone number, and you can call directly if you have something to do.” The old man took out a pen and paper from under the table, scribbled a phone number on it, and handed it to Sheldon.

“I forgot.” Sheldon smiled awkwardly after receiving the note.

From the time he arrived at the foot of the barren mountain, he felt that this was a very traditional family, and what he did was like a hundred years ago. After being here for a long time, he has forgotten all these modern tools, if it weren’t for the old man to mention it. Sheldon never remembered that there was such a thing as a telephone.

After exchanging the phones, Sheldon left with Feixu.

On the way, Sheldon has been thinking about what the old man said. Indeed, what Sheldon said today was temporarily unable to digest. He did not expect this old man from the Shanxia family to have such a relationship with Chen Diancang.

Of course, Sheldon also feels a little relaxed. Whether it is Youlong Island or the Jinchuan family or the Hanoi family, with the help and investigation of the mountain, it is definitely better than fighting alone.

But Sheldon did not hope that they could investigate the location of Youlong Island.

“Are you a cultivator?” Feixu tilted his head.

“Yeah.” Sheldon didn’t conceal it, but said in a low voice, “As for my identity, I must not say anything, including the power of the Nine-turned Yuanshen in my body. If it is known to outsiders, it will cause endless trouble for me. “

I know, I definitely won’t say it.” Feixu nodded and answered very seriously.

“Yeah.” Sheldon also knew Feixu’s thoughts, “With the help of the Yamashita family this time, I think your family’s affairs should be resolved soon.”

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