The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1290

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Chapter 1290

Zhu Shengsan was greatly surprised when he heard Sheldon’s voice.

He thought that Sheldon was already dead.

“If I die, then you guys, I’m afraid it will be difficult for you to go out in this life! Do you have to thank me?”

Sheldon joked.

Although Sheldon does not have the strength to deal with Zhu Shengsan now, but now he is in the magical power of the universe in his sleeve. Even if Sheldon can’t control the universe on their sleeve, he is already very skilled in mystery.

Therefore, Zhu Shengsan couldn’t help Sheldon in this.

“Where is this? Based on your cultivation, how can you speak to me so casually at this moment?” Zhu Shengsan was surprised.

“Stinky boy, it seems that you know the mystery of this place. If you are sensible, take us out quickly, otherwise, you will be smashed to pieces!”

Black and white Erzi raised their brows.

“Two old boys with big heads and big voices, they have already arrived in this kind of field, and they dare to say nonsense and smash my corpse into thousands of pieces? Originally I planned to bring you three out, but now, my mind has changed. Now, I only take two people out, Zhu Shengsan is one, and the other, you two, choose for yourself?”

Sheldon joked.


Black and white Erzi trembled in anger.

“Brother, it seems that this kid can really take us out!”

Elder Hei said.

“Come on, your brothers choose as soon as possible, otherwise, I will choose one of the two, I only have dozens of numbers!”

“Ten, nine, eight…”

“Wait a minute, take me out!” Elder Hei road.

“What? Second brother you!” Elder Bai was unhappy.

“Big brother, it was you who scolded him just now, but I didn’t scold him. The one who can go out now is naturally me!” Elder Hei said.

“You have no respect!” Elder Bai roared.

“Three, two!”

“Wait a minute, brother Sheldon, I was wrong just now, take me out, I am stronger than the second child, you take me out, I will repay with death!”

Elder Bai also persuaded .

“Hey, I’m really tempted by this. To be honest, I save you all so that you can listen to me obediently in the future!” Sheldon thought.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, Brother Sheldon, our brothers must be together in order to exert great power. Why don’t you take our brothers out?”

Elder Hei begged for mercy.

“I see, I really have to think about it!”

“Bastards, you two, do you really think this old man is not your rival? Sheldon, I once spared you from dying. Speaking of which, we have some relationship, I You must be very clear about the strength of the sect, let the old man go out, and I can consider doing something for you!”

Zhu Shengsan said.

“Hahaha… Zhu Shengsan, you also have time to bow your head? By the way, what kind of monster are you?”

Sheldon asked.

Zhu Shengsan seemed to be very taboo about this question, but he still resisted and answered: “Millennium Pig Demon!”

“Hahahaha! Yes, it’s a Pig Demon, I said how thick-skinned!”

Sheldon laughed.

“Bastard!” Zhu Shengsan was so angry that he swore that Sheldon would be smashed to pieces.

“Stop teasing you. Speaking of which, the three of you can help me and save you, but don’t break your promise, and do things for me in a down-to-earth way!”

Sheldon said.


“Okay!” The

three of them frowned and nodded.

Immediately after, they saw that in the dark underground dark sea, three golden light circles fell directly.

and fell on their heads.

“What is this? The fairy weapon that rescued us?” The three of them were extremely surprised.

“Don’t ask so many questions, stand firm for the three of you!”

Sheldon gave an order.

The three people felt their figures flashed, and then the surrounding environment quickly passed.

Not long after, when they opened their eyes, they had already come to the hole where they were before.

And not only them, but even Qin Yanran and others who went down before, all came out at once.

“Scared me to death, I’m finally back!” Xu Haiying let out a long sigh.

Zhu Shengsan and the others saw that they had already returned.

Sheldon was standing not far from them.

“Sheldon, it seems that the old man really underestimates you, you actually have a way to break the formation just now?” Zhu Shengsan thought that he was caught in the formation just now.

“Hmph, did you only know now?” Sheldon said with a wry smile.

“Yeah, you are indeed very smart, but unfortunately, being too smart is stupid. Haven’t you thought that if you let me out, will you die?”

Zhu Shengsan said with a cold smile.

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