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Chapter 983

Was scared to death.

“My husband will be here soon, if you have the ability, don’t leave!” After

Sheldon heard it, the corner of his mouth raised a small smile.

“Okay, let’s not leave, we are here waiting for your husband to come over, I would like to see who was the one who ended up in the end, don’t blame me for not reminding you, when your husband comes, you don’t regret it!”

Sheldonchao Li Zhulan remind A word of warning.

But where did Li Zhulan pay attention to what Sheldon said, in his opinion, Sheldon was completely talking big.

“Zhou Nuo, you take Lin Xueer to the bathroom first.”

Then Sheldon reminded Zhou Nuo.

After hearing this, Zhou Nuo nodded, and then led Lin Xueer into the bathroom.

Sheldon walked to the side of the tree and sat on a bench waiting.

Sheldon is very confident. He is confident that everything will be understood when Ke Zhongtian arrives.

At that time, it was not that he apologized to Li Zhulan, but Li Zhulan and Ke Zhongtian begged him to let them go.

But at that time, Sheldon would have no sympathy at all.

Because Sheldon had already given Li Zhulan a chance.

About forty minutes later, only a man in a suit hurried over.

In order to help his wife, Ke Zhongtian is really not easy.

Ke Zhongtian ran over from a long distance, and then he bought a ticket to come in again. He really loved him.

I saw Ke Zhongtian trot all the way to the front of his wife Li Zhulan.

“I’m here, where’s the person?”

Ke Zhongtian walked up to Li Zhulan, looked at Li Zhulan suspiciously and asked.

Li Zhulan pointed directly at the three Sheldon sitting on the bench.

“Just the three of them!”

Li Zhulan told Ke Zhongtian.

Ke Zhongtian also immediately cast his gaze towards the three of Sheldon.

Looking at it, Ke Zhongtian’s face suddenly showed a look of surprise, and he hurried forward.

Li Zhulan was also behind Ke Zhongtian, and she couldn’t wait to see the scene of her husband teaching Sheldon’s trio.

It’s a pity, everything will not be as Li Zhulan hoped.

This is Li Zhulan shooting herself in the foot.

After approaching, Ke Zhongtian could really see the appearance of the three Sheldon.

“Chen…Dong Chen!” In the

next second, Ke Zhongtian couldn’t help but exclaimed, his face full of incredible expressions.

He did not expect that the person his wife said was the chairman of Yaojiang Group.

“Ke Dong, don’t be unharmed, I didn’t expect you to recognize me.”

Sheldon also stood up and looked at Ke Zhongtian with a faint smile, jokingly.

“Dong Chen, look at what you said, how can I not recognize you.”

Ke Zhongtian looked at Sheldon in response with respect.

Just kidding, Sheldon is the chairman of Yaojiang Group.

He was also present at several previous financial seminars and auctions, and he had seen Sheldon’s true face a long time ago, but he had never had a chance to meet Sheldon.

“Ke Dong, you can know me, but your wife doesn’t know me.”

Sheldon told Ke Zhongtian again.

The meaning of Sheldon’s remarks is already obvious, and he is obviously blaming Ke Zhongtian.

Ke Zhongtian was not a fool either, how could he not hear it, and immediately turned around and stared at his wife Li Zhulan.

“Stupid woman, don’t hurry up and apologize to Chairman Chen!”

Ke Zhongtian angrily reprimanded Li Zhulan.

Li Zhulan’s heart was shocked, and she was also shocked. She did not expect that the chairman of Yaojiang Group Sheldon would be in front of her.

Now she knew that she was really offending someone who shouldn’t offend.

“Chen… Dong Chen, I’m sorry, I can’t recognize you blindly, don’t care about me.”

Li Zhulan really changed her attitude this time, and she looked at Sheldon respectfully and apologized. Where And the arrogant arrogance that existed before.

Sheldon would not accept Li Zhulan’s apology.

Sheldon didn’t even look at Li Zhulan, and ignored her apology.

“Ke Dong, since the matter has reached this point, I will just say it straight. I will give you two choices. First, you divorce her so that you can keep your Zhongtian Group. Second, I will buy it right away. Zhongtian Group, I don’t care what will happen to you and your wife at that time. If your wife beat my niece, I won’t just let it go.”

Sheldon looked at Ke Zhongtian directly . Two conditions of their own.

These two conditions are so tough that Ke Zhongtian can’t refuse and refute at all.

Ke Zhongtian himself knew that if Sheldon really planned to acquire his own Zhongtian Group, then it would only happen in a moment, and then he would really be over and everything would be over.

And his only choice now is to abandon his pawn and protect his car.

Hearing Sheldon’s words, Ke Zhongtian and Li Zhulan both looked at each other one after another.

“Husband… I, I know it was wrong, don’t divorce me.”

Li Zhulan immediately pleaded with Ke Zhongtian.

“Dong Chen, I really know that I was wrong, please forgive me a lot this time, I really don’t know it is you.”

Li Zhulan looked at Sheldon and asked for forgiveness.

Sheldon didn’t pay attention to her, but turned his head away.

For people like Li Zhulan, Sheldon will not have any mercy, all this is what Li Zhulan deserves.

As an adult, you have to pay a certain price for what you do.

“Dong Chen, I understand what you mean.”

After a pause, Ke Zhongtian looked at Sheldon and preached.

At this time, Ke Zhongtian had already made a decision in his heart.

After speaking, Ke Zhongtian looked at Li Zhulan again.

“Li Zhulan, from now on, I will dissolve the husband and wife relationship with you, and I will let the lawyer prepare the divorce agreement for you.”

Just listening to Ke Zhongtian watched Li Zhulan speak firmly.

Hearing this, Li Zhulan was shocked. She really hit her body like a bolt from the blue sky.

Ke Zhongtian had no choice.

Zhongtian Group was founded by himself. He couldn’t let Zhongtian Group be acquired by Sheldon in this way, so he decided to abandon this marriage.

Originally, this marriage was not very good for Ke Zhongtian. He could not stand Li Zhulan for a long time.

Every time, Li Zhulan would only ask for money to buy things from herself, and would only cause trouble for herself. He was always asked to solve the trouble for Li Zhulan. Ke Zhongtian was really fed up.

This time, Li Zhulan stepped on a landmine and ignited all the fuses at once.

In fact, Ke Zhongtian had to thank Sheldon. If Sheldon hadn’t given him this opportunity, I am afraid he would not be able to make up his mind to divorce Li Zhulan.

“Okay, I hope you do what you say!”

Sheldon nodded his head with satisfaction.

Ke Zhongtian nodded, then turned and left without paying attention to Li Zhulan.

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