The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 995

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Chapter 995


“President Gibson, this is the acquisition contract, please take a look, you can ask any questions!”

Sheldonchao Gibson reminded.

Gibson accepted the contract and immediately looked at it.

The contract means that Yaojiang will acquire Heisei Company, and Heisei Company will no longer exist in the future. Even the products produced and developed will be named after Yaojiang.

However, Sheldon did not fill in the purchase amount column, and he gave it to Heisei to fill it out.

After watching for a while, Gibson dropped the contract.

“Mr. Sheldon, you also know that our Heisei company is well-known in the world, and our annual profit and stock are also very high, so…”

Gibson looked at Sheldon and reminded.

“President Gibson, I don’t think we need to be ambiguous. You Heisei Company can directly give me an acquisition amount.”

Sheldon didn’t want to hear Gibson talk so much nonsense.

He doesn’t like roundabouts, he should be more straightforward.

Hearing what Sheldon said, Gibson was also embarrassed, and then immediately looked at all the shareholders below to discuss it.

After a while, Gibson and others discussed it.

“Mr. Sheldon, according to all our estimates of the company’s market value, our Heisei Company currently has a market value of $1.2 trillion.”

Gibson looked at Sheldon and said with a smile.

US$1.2 trillion, which is a huge amount.

Zhen Ji was shocked to hear this amount, and immediately looked at Sheldon.

Zhen Ji didn’t think Sheldon could get so much money to acquire Heisei.

If Sheldon can’t buy it, then they will really be ashamed today.

At this time, Sheldon sat in his seat and made a sound, lost in thought.

In fact, others see him as thinking, but he is not.

Sheldon was communicating with Mengmeng in his head.

“Mengmeng, how much exchange value does it cost 1.2 trillion US dollars?”

Sheldon asked Mengmeng in his mind.

“Master, it will take a total of 10,000 exchange points to exchange USD 1.2 trillion. Are you sure you want to exchange it?”

Just listening to Mengmeng, he immediately gave Sheldon a reply.

Yes, the US$1.2 trillion was only spent on my own exchange value of 10,000 points, which is too cost-effective.

“Confirm the exchange, now, right away, right away!”

Sheldon directly ordered Mengmeng without hesitation.

“Good host, redeem it for you immediately!”

Mengmeng responded directly.


Just after finishing talking with Mengmeng, Sheldon’s mobile phone rang a series of tones.

Sheldon didn’t need to look at it to know that the money must have arrived.

With such a familiar voice, Sheldon’s ears have long since become callous.

At this time, Zhen Ji was close to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, if you can’t buy it, you can still refuse it now, at least we don’t need to be too ugly!”

Zhen Ji kindly reminded Sheldon, she was very worried now.

Sheldon reacted to Zhen Ji’s words.

“Mr. Gibson, can you give me an account? I can put $1.2 trillion into your account now, and we will sign the purchase contract directly!”

In the next second, Sheldon looked at Gibson with a smile and spoke.


Everyone at the scene showed a shocked look.

Zhen Ji’s face also became extremely surprised.

She didn’t expect that Sheldon could actually get so much money.

My goodness, this is not ten thousand dollars.

This is $1.2 trillion, which is simply an astronomical concept.

After a while, all the people present reacted from shock.

“Mr. Sheldon, okay, I’ll sign the contract with you right now!”

Gibson didn’t have any comments, and agreed with a smile.

Subsequently, Gibson signed a purchase contract with Sheldon, filling in the purchase amount of US$1.2 trillion.

After the contract was signed, Gibson immediately gave Sheldon an account.

Without saying anything, Sheldon directly remitted US$1.2 trillion.

“Okay, check it!”

After the remittance was completed, Sheldon reminded Gibson with a calm expression.

“Ding!” When the

voice fell, a message sounded from Gibson’s cell phone.

After opening it, it turned out that $1.2 trillion had arrived.

Gibson’s face was shocked again.

He had never seen someone as proud and rich as Sheldon, who was even richer than Bill Motz.

Just kidding, Sheldon can be said to be the first person who deserves to be the richest man in the world.

What Bill Motz, what Bharat, is nothing to say.

Sheldon can kill these people in seconds if he thinks about it.

From now on, Sheldon is the new chairman of Heisei Company.

“Dong Chen, what do you need to tell the company next?”

At this moment , Gibson changed his name and asked Sheldon.

Sheldon nodded and glanced at all the shareholders sitting there.

“First, from now on, Heisei company incorporated Yaojiang Group, and add a new name in front of all the trademarks, the name is: flare Heisei company,”

“second, post here keep in touch with the owner of the shares not Change, and each person will add 2% more profit.”

“Third, all Heisei company’s technology will be put under Yaojiang’s banner!”

Just listening to Sheldon directly stated three requirements.

When Sheldon said so, everyone in the room had no opinion.

You know, for them, Sheldon’s acquisition has brought them an additional 2% income, which is a good thing.

“Also, there will be a press conference tomorrow, Gibson, you come to announce the news of the acquisition!”

Then Sheldon proposed to Gibson again.

Gibson nodded and agreed, without any comments.

Just kidding, Sheldon is now the new chairman of Heisei Company. Of course, Sheldon has to listen to everything.

“Okay, it’s okay, everyone can

leave !” Sheldon stood up and preached after all this was instructed, and then took Zhen Ji away from the headquarters of the Heisei company.

Along the way, Zhen Ji was still in shock.

“Zhen Ji, you go to book two air tickets to the big country tomorrow, I am going to buy Sanxin!”

At this moment , Sheldon ordered Zhen Ji.

After Zhen Ji heard this, her eyes widened again, almost falling out.

“Sheldon, you have just acquired a Heisei company. Do you want to acquire Sanxin immediately?”

Zhen Ji looked at Sheldon in disbelief.

Sheldon smiled slightly, and nodded in response: “Yes, is there any problem?”

“No, no, just think you are really too rich!”

Zhen Ji shook her head quickly, and she couldn’t help but sigh.

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