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Find out what this innocent female protagonist treads in her second life. This engaging novel will entertain you until the end. It is all about managing yourself when surrounded by selfish and jealous people. Find out how she protects herself and avenges the injustices meted to her in her previous life.

My Precious Lover Complete Chapters Link

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Here we have changed the names of the major characters in the story. This has been done to give the global audience a reading experience that is easy to follow and relate to. Meanwhile, the novel plot and storyline are exactly the same as the original version.

My Precious Lover Chinese novel is the story of a simple girl who trusts blindly and believes the world is a good place. This is what every one of us feels, especially around our family. But in her family, she has a sister who is fond of calling herself number one.

There is no way she is ready to accommodate others in this position and can go to any limit to maintain it. To her annoyance, her younger sister, the female lead protagonist in this My Precious Lover Story, is getting engaged to the number one handsome and rich man in the city.

What Next in My Precious Lover Novel

This is something the jealous sister cannot accept. Thus she comes up with a plan to malign her little innocent sister. On the day of the engagement function, she drugs her sister with a strong aphrodisiac and sends into the room two strange men.

My Precious Lover by Miranda tells us that this leads to irreparable damage to the reputation of this poor younger sister. Now in the eyes of her husband, she is a promiscuous, drug addict. He was already not interested in the marriage and just doing it as it was his deceased grandmother’s wish. Now he has other reasons to get disinterested in this relation.

To make the matters worse the mad and jealous sister kills the brother of the hero and blames her own sister for the murder. This creates a hellish situation for the naive artless girl.

My precious lover novel is a good read for those who are looking for an engaging yet light story reading. The characters have a clear description in the novel and the situations are detailed to give the reader a lot to imagine.

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