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Chapter 136

The sound of the flowers blooming early publicity can be finished after the defeat

That is to say, Mo Yiang’s hardcore fans are waving the flag and shouting for help, while others really have zero sense of anticipation.

However, some fans of Mo Yi Aang have expressed their disappointment somewhat that their idol could take on a film with a higher sense of anticipation.

However, this does not interfere with the crew’s normal filming.

This morning, Jasmine Tong woke up and felt a pain in her abdomen, got up and saw that her aunt was coming.

These days, Auntie never arrives properly, and being very busy, Jasmine Tong sometimes ignores its existence.

Not coming is not coming, and when it comes, it hurts like hell.

Jasmine Tong went to the school’s cafeteria and asked for some brown sugar and ginger, brewed a cup of brown sugar and ginger water and drank it hotly, which made her feel a little better.

When she saw Mo Yiang in the morning, Mo Yiang immediately jumped to her side.

“Mandy, you don’t look too good.”

“My great aunt is coming.”

Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang were together and sometimes ignored the gender, plus Mo Yiang was also big and didn’t treat the girl thing as any big secret, so it didn’t feel bad to talk to him.

“Pretty good.”

“Good what?”

Mo Yiang is thinking that since Jasmine Tong has a great aunt, it proves that she’s not pregnant ah, and without pregnancy, her relationship with her little uncle won’t be particularly strong for the time being.

I didn’t expect it to come off.

“Prove you’re still a woman.”

“I’m already a woman” Jasmine Tong glanced at Mo Yiang.

Mo Yiang smashed his mouth and shook his head.

“Do you know why Director Yan chose you to play Lin Sheng” Mo Yiang said and crossed his chest a few times, “a seventeen year old girl is still undeveloped you understand haha”

“Get out of here.”

The morning’s shooting was fine, but once Tong gets into the swing of things, she forgets about the stomachache.

Who knew that the afternoon had changed, and the sun had been hiding in the clouds in the morning, and the afternoon began to cloud over.

But director Yanke shouted, “Okay we’ll move locations right away, we’re going to shoot scene 49 today, the heavens are really opening up.”

The forty-ninth scene is the one in which Lin Sheng’s mother dies.

When Lin Sheng learns of her mother’s death, she can’t believe it, and she runs from the house and walks down the street, starting to feel a little down.

The weather at this time of year also changed with her mood, from overcast to drifting rain.

Heavy rain can be made out, but it’s really not a good shot with these overcast clouds.

In particular, Yanke had checked the weather forecast for nearly half a month, and it was all sunny.

So it’s a rare and wonderful opportunity.

“That, Yan guide, Jasmine Tong today,” Mo Yiang is not heartless people, know Jasmine Tong aunt, but do not want her to get soaked in the rain.

Jasmine Tong immediately grabbed Mo Yiang’s wrist and she immediately shook her head as Mo Yiang looked down at her.

“What’s the matter, Manny” Yanko asked.

“Nothing, director.”Jasmine Tong responded immediately.

Mo Yiang immediately squatted down.

“You’re crazy, even if it doesn’t rain in that scene later, it’s going to have to rain artificially, and you’re still”

“I know, but it’s been sunny for the last half of the month, and it’s a rare day that it’s cloudy, so I don’t want to miss this opportunity to shoot it.”


Mo Yiang knocked Jasmine Tong’s head.

“I don’t even know what to say about your body being important.”

Jasmine Tong did not speak.

“Forget it, there’s no use talking about it, I’ll go back to the dorm and get you a shirt.”

“Why don’t you drop by my quarters, get me that silver cup of mine, and get some hot water while you’re at it.”

“Got it, I just owe you.”

After Mo Yiang finished speaking, he immediately went back.

These days, they are stationed at the school and several actors are staying in the school’s dormitories.

The troops soon went immediately to another shooting location.

Looking at the sky, Yanke immediately told everyone to make sure to seize this cloudy moment.

This scene is a one-man show for Jasmine Tong.

On the camera Jasmine Tong emerged from the darkened hallway of her home, frail and expressionless.

She was like a walking corpse, her eyes on her feet, stepping forward.

The sky was cloudy, as was her gloomy mood.

Beforehand, Yan Ke didn’t speak to Jasmine Tong about the play, after all, there wasn’t much time, so it basically all depended on Jasmine Tong’s comprehension alone.

She stopped abruptly and looked up at the sky.

Just then, the sky began to rain, one drop at a time.

She held out her hand, a drop of rain hitting her hand.

At that moment, her eyes were sad and empty.

She just looked at the raindrops in her hand.

Suddenly a flash of lightning seemed to split the sky, and thunder rolled in, followed by the crackling of rain.

It was necessary to stop here, but Yanke didn’t yell stop.

They also had a rain truck ready beforehand because they considered that the rain might not always fall, and the cameras and everything else were protected.

Without shouting stop, Tong continued the show.

She remembers the year she was six years old and her mother also passed away in a heavy downpour.

She tilted her head back and let the rain wash over her face, she was shivering.

It’s raining harder and harder.

She finally managed to still cry, opening her mouth wide and covering her face with her hands, then crouching down to her knees and hugging herself.

There was no sound to be heard but the sound of rain.

Everyone’s eyes were on Jasmine Tong, seemingly stirring up everyone’s emotions.

Some of the female staff members present even began to shed tears.

It was supposed to be filmed in two scenes, but one was finished.

“Good very nice” yelled Yanke.

Finally, it was over, and it brought everyone’s thoughts all back.

Many people at the scene spontaneously applauded Jasmine Tong.

It was just Jasmine Tong’s grin, like a smile.

Because Jasmine Tong did not have an assistant, to hand her clothes or Mo Yiang, Mo Yiang took a jacket of his own, a staff member handed a towel to Jasmine Tong.

Mo Yiang handed the silver cup to Jasmine Tong.

“The water inside is hot, and there’s a cafe over here, so why don’t you take a break and I’ll ask if Director Yan has made arrangements yet.”

Jasmine Tong nodded, put on Mo Yiang’s clothes, and walked into the cafe with a cup in hand.

She hadn’t gotten over the emotions she’d been feeling and sat dumbly in her chair, silver cup in hand.

This silver cup was given to her by her mother.

Suddenly, someone came over and sat across from her.

When Jasmine Tong looked up, she saw a familiar face.

How much of a mess Jasmine Tong had to be in at this time.

“Why are you here,” Jasmine Tong said coldly.

Chapter 137

Ellen Ron sat across from Jasmine Tong.

He was meeting someone at this cafe, and he just happened to meet someone old.

The Jasmine Tong in front of her was wrapped in a black men’s coat, her hair was damp, her small face was frozen white, and her lips were bloodless in the slightest.

She was soaked all over, even where her shoes stepped there were two water stains.

How can you describe it as a “mess”?

And she didn’t even have an assistant with her.

“Leaving me, how have you had such a miserable life” Ellen Ron’s smile was tinged with gloom and doom.

Tonto averted her eyes.

“It’s better than when I was dying, I’m getting better and better, can’t you see that?”

Ellen Ron shook his head, hanging his eyes and sneering.

“Already down to this level, you’re still so tough-mouthed.Should I praise you for being strong or should I call you stupid?”

“The mouth is long on you, so feel free to say whatever you want.”

Jasmine Tong opened her glass of water and drank a little hot water, her body was finally a little hotter, and she put the glass of water on the table.

It was still raining outside, and she really didn’t want to hide under the same roof as Ellen Ron.

But, right now, she had nowhere to go and her stomach hurt like hell.



As soon as Ellen Ron opened his mouth, Jasmine Tong immediately reached out her hand to stop him from speaking.

“It’s not the right time for us to be called that close.”

Ellen Ron’s face was a little stagnant.

“If it had been a dream to do this scene, I think there would have been two assistants already, coming up to get towels and clothes, serving tea and saddling up, and I’m afraid even the crew would have come over to hush and warm up.”

Jasmine Tong could hear that Ellen Ron was saying that the Rameen Tong who was with him was in a hundred times better situation than her.

“I’m sure you didn’t know that Meng Meng finished filming the Ultimate Concubine, has taken on the Nirvana that director Qi Yuanyi is working on, the contracts are all signed, and she’ll be joining the cast soon, the first female.”

Ellen Ron spoke very slowly, as if he was afraid that Jasmine Tong wouldn’t hear clearly.

Although Jasmine Tong was ready, she was still stunned when she heard the name Director Qi Yuanyi.

Director Qi Yuanyi, that’s an internationally renowned director, if you look at the entire South, I’m afraid that only Director Qi Yuanyi is able to establish himself in the international arena.

And it just so happens that director Qi Yuanyi is also a director that Jasmine Tong greatly admires, and she dreams of making his films, even if it’s just a drag queen role, she’s satisfied.

Seeing Jasmine Tong’s face change somewhat, Ellen Ron smiled even more happily.

“Jasmine Tong, in fact, I really do not understand, just want your body at first, is it that difficult? You are now reduced to accompany a duck to sleep, back then was not even willing to sleep with me.”

In the meantime, how did Ellen Ron know about this duck thing?

I don’t think he knows that the so-called duck in his mouth is today’s wealthy and powerful Albert Ou Noe.

And she was already Albert Ou’s titular wife.

“This can’t even understand because a duck is better than you ah” Jasmine Tong smiled brightly.

Ellen Ron’s face darkened.

“Don’t be a dead duck, I know, in fact, you’re already regretting it, Jasmine Tong, and if you regret it and are willing to go soft, I can consider it.”

Hearing this, Jasmine Tong turned her head to look at Ellen Ron.

“Regretting Mr. Ron, the one thing I, Jasmine Tong, regret the most is that I wagged my tail at you like a dog.”

Jasmine Tong said and stood up.

“Ellen Ron, since you’ve already chosen to be with Rameen Tong, then don’t bother me anymore, whether I’m having a good or bad life has nothing to do with you.”

Jasmine Tong said, and decided to leave.

A five-year relationship had fallen apart the moment he cheated on her, never to return.

Nowadays, Ellen Ron is no longer the man who gently calls her “Man Man” in her ear, and every time he meets her, he just makes her hate him more.

Ellen Ron watched Jasmine Tong’s back as she decided to leave and silently shook her fist.

This woman has come this far and still won’t bow down.

Well, let’s see how long she can keep it up.

Just as Ellen Ron was about to leave, he noticed that Jasmine Tong had left a glass of water on the table.

It’s the silver cup.

He’s seen it a few times.

He thought about taking the glass of water with him.

It was after Jasmine Tong went out and was about to leave with the crew that she remembered her glass of water.

She immediately returned to look for it and also questioned the waitress at the cafe, all of whom said they hadn’t seen it.

Mo Yiang saw her hurrying back and immediately followed her.

“Manny, what are you looking for?”

“I’ve lost my cup.”

“It’s just a cup? I’ll give you one later. I have several silver cups there.”

“No, I can’t lose that cup my mother left me.”

Jasmine Tong looked anxious.

Mo Yiang had only heard of her mother a few times from Jasmine Tong, who had died early and she rarely mentioned her mother.

“What about the silver cup, even if someone picked it up, they probably wouldn’t hand it over, it’s still worth a bit of money.”

Jasmine Tong suddenly remembered.

“No, it should have been taken by Ellen Ron.”

“When did you see him, Ellen Ron” he had just been outside with the director and the others and hadn’t noticed what was happening in the cafe.

Jasmine Tong sighed, “Let’s go first, he should have done it on purpose.”


The two men followed the troop back to the school.

Ellen Ron sat on the sofa and played with the shiny silver cup, nowadays it was very common for people to use silver cups, they all said that drinking water from a cup made of pure silver was good for the body.

However, this silver cup was a rare item more than a decade ago.

Remember when Jasmine Tong mentioned the cup.

It was a prize her mother had won in a competition, and because of its compact shape, it was also a rarity at the time, and her mother had kept it and left it to Jasmine Tong when she died.

Jasmine Tong used to be reluctant to use it, but now she’s probably missing her own mother, too, so she’s started using it for water.

He smiled faintly, put the cup on the coffee table, and sent a tweet to Jasmine Tong.

“I have the cup.”

Then he went to the bathroom to shower.

Rameen Tong is back, she will soon be entering the crew to film, so naturally she will come back to keep Ellen Ron company these days.

But the moment she changed her slippers, she saw the silver cup on the coffee table facing the doorway

She quickly walked away.

It has the word “Man” engraved on it.

She also recognized the glass of water.

“Jasmine Tong,”

She didn’t expect that Jasmine Tong and Ellen Ron were still meeting in private.

Rameen Tong listened to the sound of the water clattering in the bathroom, her thoughts were endless.

Chapter 138

That bitch.

He’s even seducing Ellen Ron.

Rameen Tong’s eyes were bursting with intense hatred.

She just felt herself trembling all over her body.

From the day she snatched Ellen Ron away, she stopped worrying that Jasmine Tong would snatch Ellen Ron away. Five years of relationship, how can she ruin it by having sex a few times?

Even if Ellen Ron knew that Jasmine Tong was with a duck, he still kept in touch with her.

It seems that the only solution is to get to the root of the problem.

Rameen Tong put that glass of water on the coffee table, went straight to the bedroom, changed into a red silk nightgown, and opened the bathroom door.

Ellen Ron was clearly stunned.

“Brother Ellen, don’t.”

“Come in the bathroom and seduce me, that’s what you want.”

“I just want to take a shower with you, Brother Ellen, you’re so bad.”

The sounds in the bathroom rose and fell, soon filling the woman’s panting.

By the time it ended, Rameen Tong had already turned into a puddle of water, or was it Ellen Ron who carried her back to the bedroom.

Back in the living room, Ellen Ron’s eyes were on that silver cup.

Oh yeah, he tweets to Jasmine Tong.

Walk over and quickly pick up the phone and look at it.

“What do you want?”

When Ellen Ron smiled evilly, he put the phone away and left her hanging for a few days, waiting for her to come to him.

He took one look at the silver cup and just put it away.

While Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang were both filming the sound of the blossoms, the Dumping City and the Ultimate Favourite were online at the same time.

Originally the Top Gun was going to finish filming later, but it seemed like their team was deliberately trying to clash with the dump, and it went on early.

It’s the same 36-episode drama, the same costume theme, the same based on a popular novel, the same prime-time slot on a star-rated TV station, and because they all started airing at the same time, it’s natural to make comparisons.

On the first day, both dramas were in the top two ratings, with the Ultimate Princess far higher than the Dumped City.

When the Perfect Favourite was first launched, the strong plot and fast pace, coupled with the fact that it was a unique and laugh-out-loud costume drama, instantly attracted the attention of many people.

The hot search for the Ultimate Princess has been hanging in the top two spots on Weibo.

It’s safe to say that from the opening, the dumping is complete.

Jasmine Tong was a bit uncomfortable when she saw the online comparison about the two TV series.

She also spared no effort to start retweeting various tweets about the introduction of the dumping of the city, and would also post a tweet every day based on the plot, which was all she could do.

Star King International

Recently, Qin Yanyuan has been really busy and his popularity has skyrocketed.

Of course she knew why she was so busy, she herself held almost all of Star International’s best resources, the best endorsements, the best announcements, the best movie scripts and TV series scripts.

Everything is the best.

The car that the company assigned to her was also changed to a BMW luxury business car, which was the highest configuration for the company, and even the assistant by her side was added.

Xia Lian was busy sorting out the script, and during this time, there were countless scripts in Qin Liyuan’s hands.

“Ah sudden sister, we’ve been really busy this period of time, Mr. Ou is really good to sudden sister, he gave us all the good resources, but it’s also really exhausting.”

“The Star Emperor has just been taken over by Asawa now, and he’s not a charity, so naturally he still has to make money, so we’d better work a little harder for a while.”

Charlene pursed her lips and smiled.

“Look at you, Miss Turnipseed, thinking of Ou in every way.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Oh, by the way, suddenly, Sister Yueru called yesterday and said that Director Yan Ke wanted to invite suddenly over for a cameo, like a teacher’s role.”

“A cameo,”

With Qin Liyuan’s current curiosity, it’s a bit difficult to go for a cameo role.

“Yeah, tell me, how can we have time for guest appearances when we can’t wait to break up twenty-four hours into forty-eight hours for our own use.”

Director Yan Ke once worked with Qin Jianliang, the originator of youth films is Yan Ke, he made the first youth film at that time, the female lead is Qin Jianliang, that film was also very hot, and made several people popular.

“Director Yan’s latest film is The Sound of Blossoming Flowers, a youth film.”

“Yeah, yeah, I don’t know what this director Yan is thinking these days, but he’s still making youth films, they’re all rotten, okay”

Qin suddenly ignored Xia Lian’s whining.

“The female in this film is Jasmine Tong and the male is Mo Yiang, right?”

“Well, yes, that’s what the publicity says, but people aren’t interested, and it’s better if you don’t go there, suddenly, sister, because the film won’t sell well, and then, you’ll be taken in.”

“I’ll go, and you tell Yuelu-san to free up her time.”

“Ah suddenly sister, you’re really going.”

Qin turned around and nodded his head.

“Of course, Manny is a Star Emperor’s artist whose career is on the rise right now, and with Yi Aang and Azawa’s relationship and the fact that Director Yan has been kind to me, of course I’m going.”

Charlene sighed silently.

“Then suddenly, sister, you’re really becoming more and more of a boss lady.”

“What boss lady, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Star King International’s boss lady ah, Ou is always the big boss behind Star King, and then suddenly sister is not the boss lady.”Charlene said jokingly.

Qin suddenly shook his head, but the corners of his mouth lifted lightly.

She wished that day had come sooner.

Because Qin turned out to be quite full, she was only free for one day of filming.

It’s unexpected for Jasmine Tong to make a cameo appearance, it’s reasonable to say that nowadays, Qin Tianran would never give a cameo to any movie, but she’s the one who’s a woman in every drama.

The original members of the Tilted City gathered at the sound of the blossoms, the three friendly group photo, and Qin turned around and sent out a special tweet.

This mention could not be more obvious.

Chin’s outstanding performance was all over in less than a day.

“Little Man” Qin turned around after shooting and found Jasmine Tong alone.

“What’s wrong, suddenly,”

“That cookie you made last time was delicious, can you teach me” Qin turned out to be elegant and had a very nice voice.

Make it simply impossible to refuse.

“Yes, but then, suddenly, how come you like baking too,”

“Those of us who are actors shoot every day, and sometimes we have some free time to do some crafts as relaxation.”Qin turned around and smiled faintly.

“Okay, I’ll write a detailed step-by-step for you later.”

When Qin turned around and nodded, “Then it’s a problem, I’m still busy, I’ll leave first, good luck with your shoot.”

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