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Chapter 100

Other side.

Jenny was at work when she suddenly received a call from Biden Lu.

Ask her if she’s free at noon and tell her to come over to his place, someone wants to see her.

Jenny was a little surprised, and happened to have nothing to do at noon, so he agreed.

At noon, Jenny went to Lu’s, and when he entered the office, he found that besides f, Lu Yanzhi was also there.

Somewhat surprised, she smiled and asked, “What are you doing here, Director Lu?”

Lu Yanzhi looked at her with a smiling face, the more satisfied he became.

How come they look so good?

Those eyes, that nose, were just like the Xie Fang Hua in his mind.

Biden Lu looked at Lu Yan Zhi and said in a soft voice, “He came all the way here to find you.”

“Looking for me?”

“Well.”Biden Lu said to Lu Yan Zhi, “Tell her yourself!”

Lu Yanzhi’s spirit was shaken.

Jenny Jing was a little confused, “Director Lu, what do you want from me?”

“Nothing nothing nothing, I just wanted to ask you if you’re interested in acting?”

Jenny laughed.

“There!Do you have any new works?”

Lu Yanzhi’s eyes lit up.

“No, right now I’m just busy filming Hidden River Fang Hua Record, and the Evelin you introduced me to earlier is great, she’s so much better than other actors of her age, both professionally and in attitude, so I have you to thank for that!”

Jenny Jing had a sneaking feeling that Lu Yanzhi had come all the way over here today, and by no means did he simply want to thank her.

But seeing through it, she didn’t say anything, just smiled.

“In that case, may I introduce you to a few more actors?”

Lu Yanzhi waved his hand.

“No, there’s no shortage of other roles right now, except for this one, and no one else can come in.”

“Oh?What role?”

“Thank you Fang Hua.”

Jenny was stunned.

“Didn’t Xie Fanghua decide on Clara?”

At the mention of this, Lu Yanzhi did not frown.

“Forget it, originally it was because we couldn’t find a more suitable candidate, plus she was paid into the team, so we agreed to cast her in the role, but I didn’t expect that there would be such a big scandal now, her image is like this, if we continue to use her, I’m worried that it will affect the team, so after careful consideration, we decided to look for someone else.”

Jenny laughed.

“And who would you like to choose?”

“Oh you!”

“Looking for me?”

She pointed at herself in surprise at Lu Yanzhi’s serious eyes, sensing that he wasn’t joking.

Turning his head to look at Biden Lu, he only saw his gaze was dark and said in a deep voice, “I’ve already refused for you, but he won’t give up and had to ask you once in person.”

Jenny couldn’t laugh or cry for a moment.

“Director Lu, I’m not an actor, and I’ve never acted before.”

Lu Yanzhi didn’t care, “So what?You have the talent, and with my discipline, I’m sure you can shine in this show.”

He said, and patted his chest.

Jenny, however, shook his head.

“I’m sorry, Director Lu, but I may not be able to comply with this request of yours.”

Lu Yanzhi’s face changed at the news.

A nervous face stared at Jenny, “Why?”

“Because I have no plans to be an actor, and I don’t like being surrounded by people.”

Artist, how glamorous it sounds.

But Jenny, who has been in this circle for several years, is deeply aware of the difficulties behind those superficial scenery.

Even if it is popular, it is just a cash cow in the hands of a capitalist, with millions of people watching, being a marionette that everyone likes.

She didn’t like it.

So, she tries to respect the ideas and choices of the artists under her hand as much as possible.

But not willing to let myself get deep into it.

Lu Yanzhi was a little lost when he saw her resolute attitude.

Jenny Jing’s gaze flickered as he suddenly smiled, “Director Lu, why don’t I introduce someone to you?”

Lu Yanzhi was sickly, “Who is it?”

“Nina, have you made contact?”

“Nina Hua?”

He frowned.

He did know about this person, after all, she was pretty and famous, but I heard that she had a bad temper and a deep background that was hard to handle.

Truth be told, the director has been reluctant to accommodate the actor in his position, and thus, never wanted to use that lady.

Jenny Jing nodded, “Yao Yao has a good personality, those outside are all rumors, if you think it’s okay, I’ll talk to her!Rather than handing over such an important role to an amateur like me, I think you should give it to her, who is better suited to play Xie Fanghua than me.”

Lu Yanzhi looked at her with a grudging gaze.

“All right then!You talk to her first, and I’ll contact her if she has the imagery too.”

“Well, that’s settled then.”

After sending Lu Yanzhi away, Jenny didn’t want to stay here any longer, there were still a bunch of cases waiting to be dealt with over at the PR department, so she greeted Biden Lu and was ready to leave.

Yet the man called out to her.

“There’s a party tonight, come with me?”

Jenny was stunned, “But I have work at night…”

Biden Lu frowned.

His deep eyes locked with hers, his gaze grudging as he said, “I realized that having you come to Serenity International seems like the wrong decision.”

Jenny was confused, “How so?”

“You’re too busy to spend any time with me.”

Jenny: “……..”

“Jenny, why don’t you leave this side alone and just mind your starlight, it’s easier…”


Jenny interrupted him without thinking, “You invited me here yourself, and now you want to go back on your word, there’s no door!”

She’s been working at Serenity International for a while now, and honestly, she loves the atmosphere here.

She wasn’t one to leave halfway, especially when it came to work, so she couldn’t leave at this point.

Jenny waved his hand, “Okay, doesn’t he just want me to accompany you to the party tonight?I know.”

Only then did Biden Lu smiled.

“Then I’ll pick you up tonight.”


Jenny left Lu, and at 6:00 p.m., Biden Lu did indeed come over to pick her up.

Instead of going anywhere else, they drove straight to Greenwater Hills.

Jenny still didn’t know who he was going to meet tonight, but sensing that the man was in a good mood, asking him and not telling him, her heart couldn’t help but also add a little more curiosity to tonight’s meeting.

Inside the Green Water Villa, the Peony Pavilion Box.

Several young men are sitting on the couch.

Tailor Feng crossed his legs and looked at the door expectantly, smiling, “Third brother said today that he would bring his little sister-in-law over to show us, guess who this little sister-in-law will be?”

Next to him, Snapshot raised an eyebrow proudly, “You don’t know, do you?Hey hey!I’ve seen it before. How was it?Do you want me to tell you first?”

Tailor Feng gave him a blank look and snorted disdainfully.

“Proud of what?I prefer not to ask you, I’ll find out for myself later.”

Chapter 101

Jenny had never expected that the party that Biden Lu was talking about would be meeting his friends.

So when stepping into the box and seeing a couple of young men sitting there, the brain was a bit muddled for a moment.

“Cousin, cousin-in-law, you’re here!”

Snap Xie was the first to come up to greet them, and the rest of them were stunned at first when they saw Jenny, and reacted one after another.

Even followed by a greeting.

“I’ve always heard that Third Brother hid a beauty in Visterdem, but today I finally met her.”

“Hello Third Sister-in-Law, I’m Tailor Feng.”

“Hello Third Sister-in-Law, I’m Gu Jisheng.”


Faced with their enthusiasm, Jenny smiled stiffly and nodded his head in response to each of them.

Secretly tugging the corner of Biden Lu’s coat, he smiled and whispered, “Biden Lu, why didn’t you tell me it was to see them?”

These dudes, she had heard of them.

As the offspring of four big families in Kyoto, he and Biden Lu almost grew up wearing the same trousers, needless to say, the most important thing is that no matter which one of them is singled out, he is the one who makes countless women scream madly.

It’s a rare occasion to be gathered here today.

Biden Lu slightly hooked his lips and held her hand.

“Who told you not to come back to Kyoto to spend the New Year with me?Had to ask them to meet in Visterdem.”

Jenny: “……..”

It was half a month to the New Year, and Biden Lu had mentioned it to her once before, asking if she wanted to go to Kyoto.

She refused then, and the two of them were not yet ready, though their feelings were growing stronger by the day now.

Hearing him say that at this point, although I felt that this man was a bit childish, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sweetness rising in my heart.

After all, the weight of these people in Biden Lu’s heart was obvious.

The significance of the specially arranged opportunity for her to meet with them was self-evident.

Jenny cocked her lips and gave him a look, then motionlessly twisted a hand on his waist.

The man eats the pain and doesn’t show it, but instead the smile on his face grows deeper.

The group re-entered the seat.

Biden Lu introduced Jenny Jing to them once again in earnest, before ordering the food to be served.

With his friend there, Jenny was more reserved at first.

But the good thing was that the group of people were of similar age, and Tailor Feng, who was good at livening up the atmosphere, it didn’t take long for Jenny to get acquainted with the group.

These dudes are notoriously difficult out there, but they’re easy to talk to their own people.

Needless to say, Xie Snap, as the second son of the Feng family, Tailor Feng has been researching new ai technology and has also given Jenny Jing a very cute little ai toy dog as a gift.

Gu Jisheng did not follow his predecessor in politics, but chose to study medicine and is now a famous surgeon despite his young age.

He was a steady man, not very talkative, always smiling lightly, giving people a gentle feeling like a spring breeze.

A dinner that was a lot of fun.

In the middle of the day, Jenny went out to use the restroom and met Yu Si Bai halfway.

Yu Si Bai, as the most outstanding person of the Yu family’s generation, has always been very important to the old lady.

When I was young and Jenny’s relationship was still good, but then grew up, and midway through Yu Si Bai studied abroad for a few years, we all drifted apart.

Seeing her, Yu Si Bai was surprised.

“Jenny, what are you doing here?”

Jenny didn’t resent him and smiled lightly, “Come out to eat.”

Yusebai looked at the box behind her.

Peony Pavilion.

His eyes darkened.

There’s a box in Greenwater Lodge that’s always closed to the public.

It’s the Peony Pavilion.

It’s said that someone has been chartering it for years, and even if people don’t show up, it’s not open to the public.

He once inadvertently inquired about it, only to find out that the person was Biden Lu.

Yusebai looked at her, “You do get along with him though.”

Jenny knew who the “him” he was referring to.

Old Lady Yu didn’t approve of her being with Biden Lu, and thought Yu Si Bai must have known it too, so Jenny Jing had no intention of talking to him more and only nodded faintly.

“Nothing else, I’ll go in first.”

She said, turning to the box.

Just two steps away, Yu Si Bai’s voice suddenly came from behind.

“He has a daughter, did you know that?”

Jenny’s steps froze in place.

She turned her head and looked at Yu Si Bai in shock.

Yu Si Bai’s brow furrowed slightly and hesitated for a moment before saying, “I thought he would tell you, but judging by your reaction, you don’t know?”

Jenny didn’t say anything.

Yusebai sighed.

“The Yu family has dealings with the Guan family in Kyoto, so I was able to hear some news that he and the Guan family’s daughter, Guan Xuefei, are said to have been engaged since childhood, and I don’t know if that child is Guan Xuefei’s, but at least, until now, the engagement hasn’t been broken.

Jenny, we grew up together, I don’t want you to be cheated, and I don’t want you to get hurt, so I’m telling you this, as for whether you believe it or not and how to handle it, you can decide on your own!”

After Yu Si Bai said that, he left.

Jenny stood there dumbfounded, his mind blank.

The blood on his face also swished and faded, becoming pale.

A bone-chilling chill leaped up from the soles of his feet all the way up.

Ice cold her whole body, right to the heart!


And a child?

After a while, the door to the Peony Pavilion’s box opened from the inside, and Biden Lu came out, seeing her standing in the corridor and stepping forward.

“Why are you standing here?”

It was only when I approached that I noticed that she was frowning badly.

Reaching down and probing her forehead, he was concerned, “What’s wrong?Uncomfortable?”

Jenny looked at him fixedly.

The man’s eyebrows were saber-eyed and his face was written with undisguised care and concern.

But these are suddenly full of irony at the moment.

She shook her head, misplaced her gaze, and said quietly, “I’m fine.”

After that, he turned around and went into the box.

The next time, Biden Lu felt that the woman beside him was clearly somewhat absent-minded.

There was no longer any happiness, but instead, there was a strong sense of heart.

By association, the man seemed to understand something when she went out to the bathroom earlier.

But he didn’t say anything.

After returning home in the evening, Jenny went to the bathroom early to take a shower, and when she came out, she found that the man had gone to the study, saying that the company had some urgent matters to deal with temporarily.

She didn’t care and went to bed on her own.

That night, she had a dream.

The dreams were disturbed and a lot of things were happening.

There were ones from when she was a child, ones from years ago when she was abroad, and some blurry, blurry images of men.

Finally, freeze-framed in the dim corridor, Yuusebaek’s words to her with a sympathetic and worried gaze.

Jenny awoke with a start.

The daylight was shining outside the window and it was ten in the morning.

She was shocked and turned to look beside her, the bed was already empty, the cold temperature reminding her that the man had been gone for a long time.

Chapter 102

Or…never came in at all?

Jenny scratched his hair and rubbed his face.

The dream images drifted away as my brain woke up, and my temples throbbed with a bit of a headache.

She pressed her fingertips to her forehead, rubbed it gently a few times, and then lifted the covers off the bed.

“Madam, you’re awake!”

Aunt Liu just happened to come in and looked at her and smiled.

Jenny barely smiled, “I got up late, why didn’t you call me?”

“The gentleman said when he left that you weren’t feeling well and asked us to leave you alone so you could rest a little longer.”

Jenny was stunned.

She looked at the relieved Aunt Liu and asked, “Where did he sleep last night?”

“Doesn’t the wife know?Sir was too late processing work last night, so he went straight to bed in the study.”

Jenny was silent for a moment.

Turns out, it really didn’t come back.

An indescribably complex feeling rose in her heart, and she didn’t know what it was.

Akira had tried from the beginning to guard her heart, and no matter what the marriage ended up being or what it was about, she couldn’t let herself get caught up in it.

But…why is it a little lost?

Jenny’s face didn’t look too good, Aunt Liu scanned her appearance and carefully asked, “Madam, would you like some breakfast?”

Jenny came back to his senses and shook his head.

“No, I’m going straight to the office.”

Perhaps Biden Lu had sent Vicky to greet him in advance, so even though Jenny Jing was late, the people inside the company were not surprised, as if they had known about it.

When you get to the office, you handle the work as usual.

For an entire day, Biden Lu had never sent her a message or called.

Jenny desperately pushed down that strange feeling in her heart, she knew that she couldn’t ask for too much.

The marriage, which was never originally united by love to begin with, whether he had a previous girlfriend or even a child or not, had nothing to do with her in the end.

So she didn’t have to be upset or ask questions.

Yes, that’s right.

Even if she seemed a little bit smitten with him because of what happened last time, it was only a little bit.

Perhaps it was because of this little bit that the old genius would let her know in advance what she wasn’t supposed to know in the first place, to remind her that the truth existed.

Jenny closed her eyes and scratched her hair in boredom.

Just then, the phone suddenly rang.

She frowned and picked it up, however, when she saw the caller ID on it, she looked different.

“Old K?”

“It’s me.”

The voice on the other side was hoarse and vicissitudes, in a deep voice: “You entrusted me to help you investigate the matter, has some eyebrows, the phone is not convenient to say, when free?Let’s meet in person!”

Jenny’s breathing tightened.

The finger bones holding the phone were slightly white, and it took a while for them to slow down.

“Okay, you send me the address and I’ll meet you this afternoon.”


In the afternoon, Jenny left work early and went to a cafe as promised.

The one called K, a bald, middle-aged man in sunglasses, had arrived early and was sitting in a window seat.

Seeing Jenny, he gave her a nod.

Jenny walked over and sat down across from him.

“Well?Find out what?”

She was a little eager to get to the point as soon as she was seated.

K looked at her through his sunglasses and said quietly, “As you guessed, that car accident five years ago was no accident.”

Jenny froze, his breathing slightly stagnant.

K pulled a folder out of his pocket and poured out a few pictures from it and set them on the table.

“The wreckage of the car has been cleaned up, but the traffic police team still has the police records of the case from that year, and I trust to get a detailed photo of the original vehicle that was involved in the accident, and as you can see in this area, there are obvious signs of human damage.”

Jenny followed the direction of his finger and looked over carefully, seeing that one of the pictures had a visible cut in one of the places.

“Are these… brake pads?”

K nodded.

“When Mrs. Mo was in the accident back then, a lot of evidence couldn’t be found because the car was burnt straight on the spot, but the police later took some pictures of the wreckage.

These are the ones I picked out of hundreds, and the person who did it was smart enough to know that the car would burn up and all the evidence would be destroyed when it did, but what I didn’t expect was that the car would fall right through the bridge guardrail into the river as it burned up, and instead doused some of the fire and left some evidence behind.”

Jenny’s face was faintly pale.

Those eyes, which had always been cold and quiet, were as heavy as an ancient well, unable to see any joy or anger.

“Who did this?Did you find out?”

K shook his head.

“I got the photo, so I rushed to inform you that I was coming, before I could check on the person who did it.”

“Is it hard?”

“Guess it’s hard.”

He frowned, “Too much time has passed, the people who were involved in this matter back then may not be in Visterdem anymore.The people behind the scenes won’t let the handle be left open for people to catch, and I guess the good aftermath has already been made good, so to investigate now is undoubtedly a needle in a haystack.”

Jenny was silent for a moment.

For a moment, the gaze was cold and sneering.

“Actually, I don’t have to look it up, I know who it is.”

She stared at the picture of the severed brake pads and smirked, “Whoever is profiting the most is the killer, naturally.”

Old K was also silent.

“It’s just a shame that the day you can’t catch direct evidence, the day you can’t use justice to put people in jail.”

Jenny gave a cool laugh.


So what if we can’t use justice?

Once it was confirmed that the mother had indeed been murdered and not by accident, she would always have a way to get the mother and daughter to tell the truth herself.

Her eyes rolled over with a ferocious hostility, and K watched her for a moment in silence.

“What are your plans now?”

Jenny Jing said in a soft voice, “Naturally, there is grace to repay grace and revenge!”

“Are you alone?”


K wanted to stop talking.

In the meantime, Jenny Jing looked at him, “When did you learn the trick of wanting to talk back?”

Old K: “…”

He said helplessly, “I heard that you are now with Biden Lu, why did you ask him for help?Destroying the district’s one Jing family would be effortless for him.”

Jenny snickered.

I don’t know if it was K’s illusion, but it always felt like, when she mentioned that man, her eyes were colder than before.

“It’s not necessary for someone unrelated to me to interfere in my affairs.”

After a pause, she stood up, “Okay, I know about this, thank you, I’ll transfer the money to you later.”

After Jenny said that, he turned around and walked out.

At the same time, a black Rolls Royce passes the cafe, and the occupants of the car accidentally glance out the window, but see a familiar figure.

The woman, dressed in a black and white casual suit with a cap on her head, was walking out with her head slightly bowed.

He froze slightly and ordered Summers to stop.

I was about to get out of the car, but I saw another man quickly walk out of the cafe and call out to her.

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