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Chapter 103

“What are you doing! Don’t come over! Otherwise, I’ll be rude to you!” Noila Mo desperately shrank into the corner of the bed. Seeing the evil smile at the corner of Allen Chu’s mouth, she knew what he was going to do!

“Noila Mo, haven’t seen me for so long, don’t you miss me?” Allen Chu’s voice was low, and he walked to the bedside step by step.

“I miss you? I miss you when I am sick!” Noila Mo is now willing to give it up anyway, she is not afraid to offend Allen Chu! She is free!

“Little woman, let me see if you are duplicity!” Allen Chu was irritated by Noila Mo’s words.

As he said, a big hand grabbed her slender waist, and his k*ss was hot and overbearing…

The kss became hotter and hotter. Most of Allen Chu’s previous ksses were punishing and plundering, but today’s k*sses brought more tenderness.

Noila Mo’s body began to tremble slightly. She was never afraid that others would be bad to her, she just couldn’t stand someone being good to her.

She is used to others being bad to her. Since her father’s business went bankrupt, she has seen too much indifference and blank eyes. She is not afraid of others being bad to her.

However, she really can’t stand others treating her well. When others treat her well, she will do her best to treat them better, and she will worry about betraying others’ kindness. Worried that I don’t deserve this good.

But at this moment, Allen Chu’s kss was missing the former dominance and ravages, and there were more other things. In Allen Chu’s kss, there was too much content, apologies, affection, and deep thoughts.

Noila Mo is not a fool, how could she not feel the affection in this k*ss from Allen Chu?

Maybe Allen Chu is not that bad…

But how should I explain my father’s death? If he really had a little affection for her, why would he still die in the hospital by his father?

Allen Chu suddenly let go of her with a ferocious voice with warning, “Noila Mo, give me attention!”

“Huh?” Noila Mo opened her eyes suddenly, facing Allen Chu’s deep black eyes. The word “possessed” was written in it, his forehead was against her, and the warm breath was blowing on her skin, “Noila Mo, pay attention, when you k*ss me, you can only have me in your heart A person!”

In the last sentence, he said like a wayward child. Noila Mo’s eyes widened in surprise. Is this still the cold and domineering Allen Chu?

Seeing Noila Mo’s surprised eyes, Allen Chu suddenly felt embarrassed to be caught. What happened to him just now? He would say that to Noila Mo! Damn it!

In order to conceal his emotions, Allen Chu sealed Noila Mo’s lips with his lips.

When the final peak broke out, Allen Chu was extremely exhausted, and closed his eyes with his arms around Noila Mo. Noila Mo was very tired, sore and weak, but her eyes were wide open. What is she doing? Allen Chu’s cold blood directly caused her father’s death, but she still treated herself like this by Allen Chu! Noila Mo, are you still a person?

The deep sense of self-blame and shame made Noila Mo bit her lip tightly and wept tears. Do not! She cannot be imprisoned by Allen Chu like this! She must run away!

Noila Mo called out tentatively, “Allen Chu?” Allen Chu did not answer, only hearing his slight breathing.

Noila Mo was relieved. She gently placed her slender fingers on Allen Chu’s arm, trying to move him to hold her arm tightly, but Allen Chu’s arm was very tight, and Noila Mo couldn’t move a bit. He didn’t dare to work hard, for fear of awakening Allen Chu.

Noila Mo was so anxious that she was sweating all over. She pressed her leg against Allen Chu’s waist, pretending to say in a sleepy voice: “Allen, it’s so hot…”

With his eyes closed, Allen Chu rolled over, her thigh pressed against her belly, and Noila Mo couldn’t move!

Noila Mo turned his head and secretly opened his eyes to look at Allen Chu. Allen Chu closed his eyes, his thick eyelashes quietly covered his eyes. The bridge of the nose is high, and the thin lips have a beautiful curvature. Noila Mo looked a little dumbfounded, Allen Chu in his sleep faded from his hostility, so handsome that he couldn’t remove his eyes.

“Woman, have you seen enough?” Allen Chu suddenly asked with his eyes closed. Noila Mo was taken aback.

Allen Chu hugged Noila Mo tighter and warned in a low voice: “Want to escape? Noila Mo, don’t even think about it!”

The hard arm clamped her tightly, declaring sovereignty.

Noila Mo’s stubbornness also came up, and she began to struggle desperately to get rid of Allen Chu’s restraint: “Let go! You take advantage of it! Now let me go! I am free, and you have no right to control me! “

Allen Chu still closed his eyes, and his voice was lazy and leisurely: “I’m not qualified? Noila Mo, you turn your head and look at the camera next to the bed.”

Noila Mo turned to look at the bed, and there was a petal-shaped camera.

“You, what did you do just now!” Noila Mo’s heart was alarming! The camera is on the bedside, no good thing!

Allen Chu closed his eyes and smiled triumphantly: “Of course it was to take pictures of our fierce battle just now!” After speaking, he opened one eye and smiled trivially at Noila Mo.

Noila Mo’s head buzzed, and she was about to collapse! This man is too shameless!

“When did you do it!” He grabbed the camera and smashed it to the ground!

“It’s useless if it’s smashed. It’s already synced to my computer!” Allen Chu said lazily, even too lazy to open his eyes.

Noila Mo reached out to the laptop on the table. As soon as his hand reached normal, Allen Chu said faintly: “This laptop is connected to the other computers. It is useless if you smash it. There are backups on other computers!”

Noila Mo flushed with anger! What a beast, it turns out that he has been calculating her!

“Noila Mo, save the province! Your IQ, you can’t beat me! You have to fulfill the mistress contract, maybe after a while I get tired of playing, I will let you go.” Allen Chu said cold-blooded words. But so natural!

“You…” Noila Mo was speechless!

The only thing you can do to deal with shameless people is to be more shameless than him!

Noila Mo gritted her teeth, hardened her heart, imitating Allen Chu’s tone and said indifferently: “Okay, then you can take the video out just now! Anyway, I am an ordinary passerby and no one knows me, so let others watch it. Look, unlike your President Chu, everyone knows your name. I think others will be more interested in the naked male protagonist in the video!”

Allen Chu opened his eyes abruptly, and his deep black eyes stared at Noila Mo: “Your IQ seems to have improved a lot…”

Noila Mo laughed angrily: “If I were a little stupid, I’m afraid there will be no more scum left by you!”

Allen Chu closed his eyes again, and a happy smile appeared on his face: “Noila Mo, what about drugs? What about heroin? Are you afraid of heroin?”

Chapter 104

drug? Noila Mo suddenly widened her eyes!

This despicable man threatened her with drugs?

“Allen Chu, you are not a human!” Noila Mo was extremely angry.

“If you are behaved, of course I can’t bear to inject drugs on you.” Allen Chu opened his eyes, and there was a strong murderous in his sharp eagle eyes. “If you run away again, Noila Mo, don’t blame me being welcome!”

“Allen Chu! I’m fighting with you!” Noila Mo felt sad and violently rushed towards Allen Chu, making fists with both hands, and smashing him desperately.

If it weren’t for Allen Chu, how could his father die after the operation was successful? Everything is this man! Her life, her home, was destroyed by this man!

“Noila Mo, I warn you, please be quiet!” Allen Chu’s hand tightly grasped Noila Mo’s wildly waving hand, and warned coldly.

Noila Mo stared at Allen Chu with a pair of water eyes: “Allen Chu, one day, you will pay for what you do! You will be retributed!”

Allen Chu smiled extremely arrogantly: “Okay, then I’ll just wait and see what retribution will I get!”

The dinner was again locked in bed by Allen Chu.

Allen Chu ordered Noila Mo to eat all the mountain-like food.

“Eat it all. Otherwise…” The corner of his eyes slipped, and he glanced at Noila Mo’s somewhat loose neckline.

Noila Mo pressed her neckline tightly and remained silent. Neither eat nor quarrel with Allen Chu.

Noila Mo was extremely quiet, desolate and even more heartbreaking, like a living dead.

Allen Chu was drinking soup, and when he saw Noila Mo’s appearance, his thick black eyebrows wrinkled tightly: “Noila Mo, if you think that this will make me angry, then you are too naive!”

Noila Mo still did not speak. Nothing happens.

Allen Chu pulled Noila Mo past her, her hot lips covered her, and her big hand tightly pinched Noila Mo’s chin, and poured all the soup in his mouth into Noila Mo’s mouth.

The tip of the tongue licked flexibly in her fragrant little mouth. Noila Mo wanted to close her mouth, but he pinched her chin firmly, with her tongue pressed into her mouth, there was no way to close her mouth. The soup still fed by Allen Chu slipped down his throat.

Seeing Noila Mo drank the soup, Allen Chu let go of the big hand holding her chin.

Noila Mo suddenly choked and coughed: “Allen Chu! You are abnormal!”

Allen Chu licked his mouth contentedly with the tip of his tongue, and said with unsatisfactory meaning: “If you don’t eat, I will be more perverted later!”

Allen Chu has no bottom line. Noila Mo hugged his arms tightly in fear, wondering what kind of nerves Allen Chu was going to make for a while.

Allen Chu pressed the bell next to the bed: Call today’s cook over.

After a while, a middle-aged woman walked in tremblingly.

Noila Mo frowned, “What is Allen Chu doing? He asked the chef to feed her?”

Allen Chu looked at the cook with cold eyes: “Did you cook today?”

The middle-aged woman was terrified by the look in Allen Chu’s eyes. I heard that the young master had a bad temper. I saw it today.

Kneeling on the ground with a plop: “Master, today is my meal.”

Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo, and said to the cook: “It seems that your craftsmanship is not very good. This Miss Mo can’t eat the food you cook. You said, should you be punished?”

The cook was so frightened that he squatted his head desperately: “Master, master, if the meal is not good, I will make another serving for Miss Mo. I can’t stand the toss of this old bone!”

Allen Chu’s dark eyes flickered: “Do it again? Do it again, Miss Mo doesn’t necessarily like it. You should get the punishment. Go to the old king, thirty whips.”

“Master, don’t! Master, it’s my fault. The meal I cooked doesn’t suit Miss Mo’s appetite. I will pay attention to it next time. Thirty whips, Master!” The cook kept kowtow, crying miserably.

Seeing no response from Allen Chu, the cook hurriedly climbed to Noila Mo’s feet, grabbed her skirt and knocked her head desperately: “Miss Mo, please help me plead with the young master! How can I bear this old bone? Thirty whips! Miss, please!”

Despicable man! Actually threatened her with a cook!

Noila Mo gritted her teeth and opened her teeth: “Allen Chu, what else do you do besides threats?”

Allen Chu casually tilted Erlang’s legs: “Yes, I have nothing else than threats. Noila Mo, just take care of it! If you don’t eat today, this cook will get a whip! If you don’t eat, do that. The cook of the meal will be beaten!”

Noila Mo was completely speechless!

Picking up the chopsticks, she picked up the dishes on the table and stuffed it in her mouth like a puff.

Allen Chu showed a triumphant smile, and said to the cook who was still kowtow: “Go down!”

The middle-aged woman, as if she had received the imperial decree, ran away quickly, for fear that she would take a step later and really get a whip.

Noila Mo ate with anger, completely ignoring her image and devouring it. She has no appetite at all, and now eating has become a means of anger.

“Eat slowly, don’t choke.” Allen Chu also pretended to kindly hand her a glass of water.

Noila Mo hit her hand fiercely, and the glass of water splashed all on Allen Chu’s pants!

Chapter 105

Suddenly, like a telepathy, Noila Mo heard a loud baby cry. It seemed that Xiao Sihan was crying downstairs.

“Allen Chu! You beast! Your son is crying downstairs! You still have the mind to do this kind of thing!” For some reason, Xiao Sihan’s cry made Noila Mo feel distressed. Quickly push Allen Chu desperately.

Sihan is Allen Chu’s darling. Hearing that Sihan was crying, Allen Chu immediately stopped his movements and pricked his ears to listen carefully.

seems like it! There are indeed children crying downstairs! But the cry is very weak, you will never hear it if you don’t listen carefully. The soundproofing effect of this room is very good.

Allen Chu glanced at Noila Mo strangely, this woman’s ears were really sensitive!

What happened to Xiao Sihan? Isn’t the nanny carrying it? Why are you crying so sad? Allen Chu felt sorry for his son, and immediately turned over from Noila Mo and sat up, putting on a pair of pants casually.

“I’ll let you go today! I’ll come back to clean up you later!” Allen Chu gave Noila Mo a wicked look and hurried downstairs.

Noila Mo found a few pins on the desk in the office, pinned the torn opening in the skirt, and rushed downstairs.

Although it was the son of Allen Chu and other women, Noila Mo was inexplicably concerned about this child.

Maybe it’s because this child is destined to himself! I fell in love with the first meeting! Maybe I miss my daughter too much! Noila Mo could only explain her psychology like this.

“Mother Chen, why are you? The nanny?” Allen Chu went downstairs and saw Madam Chen and the other two servants desperately coaxing the children, but did not see the nanny.

A servant held a milk bottle in his hand and said, “Master, the nurse has something to go out for a while, the young master may be hungry!”

“Hungry? When you are hungry, won’t you feed him milk?” Allen Chu heard his son, feeling distressed, took the bottle from the nurse and awkwardly delivered it to the child’s mouth.

The little guy didn’t drink at all. As soon as the pacifier was in his mouth, he pushed it out with his little tongue, and then cried again.

Xiao Sihan was so sad that she cried, her face was a little purple. Allen Chu felt distressed for a while, lifted his foot and kicked the servant next to him!

“Why are you so useless! The child can’t even feed milk when he’s hungry!” The more he cried, the more aggrieved, it was so pitiful!

Hearing Xiao Sihan crying, Noila Mo was inexplicably, feeling a burst of pain in her chest, swelling like a stone uncomfortably.

Noila Mo lowered his head and saw that the chest of his jacket was actually wet! Noila Mo was startled. Could this be the legendary swelling milk?

She has just given birth to a child less than two months ago, and she does have milk!

Hearing the baby’s crying, Noila Mo only felt his heart was pulled together! Hurrying to Allen Chu’s side, he reached out and took the child: “Come on, let me try!”

Allen Chu thought that Noila Mo was going to feed Sihan with a bottle again, and glared at her impatiently: “Can’t feed it! We tried it just now!”

Noila Mo looked down at the little baby who was crying, her white and tender face was flushed with a tear in the corner of her eyes, and she looked cute and pitiful. Noila Mo felt distressed.

He whispered to Allen Chu, “I have just given birth, and I still have some milk. Let me try it!”

Allen Chu’s eyes widened in surprise: “Do you have milk?” No wonder Noila Mo is so thin and has such a plump breasts! It turns out that there is milk.

Reassuredly handing the baby to Noila Mo’s hands, Allen Chu yelled at several servants, “Get all of them off!”

The servants hurried out of the hall. Noila Mo picked up the child and walked upstairs.

“Noila Mo, where are you going?”

“I’ll go to the room upstairs to breastfeed.” Noila Mo glanced at Allen Chu. Do you want me to breastfeed in the living room?

“Hey right here!” Allen Chu began to order Noila Mo again.

Noila Mo ignored Allen Chu at all and walked upstairs. Allen Chu had no choice but to follow behind and walk upstairs.

“Don’t follow me! I will hug the baby when I finish feeding!” Noila Mo didn’t want her to breastfeed the baby, Allen Chu watched. With his color eyes, she felt ashamed to think about it.

“What if you take my son away? I have to watch you by the side!” Allen Chu had very good reasons.

Noila Mo didn’t want to talk to him too much. The little baby seemed to know that someone was feeding her, his little face leaned into her arms automatically, and the little mouth came towards her chest.

Noila Mo’s heart suddenly softened like spring water. He k*ssed the baby affectionately, and walked upstairs quickly.

Seeing Noila Mo looking at Xiao Sihan with such gentle eyes, and k*ssing him so softly, Allen Chu suddenly felt very at ease and very happy. It seems that they are a family, the mother is feeding the child, and the father is here to help.

What a pity, it would be great if this child belonged to him and Ai Xiao! Allen Chu thought regretfully.

Allen Chu followed to the door, and was about to enter the house. With a “puck”, Noila Mo closed the door inside!

Noila Mo had a child in his hand, and Allen Chu was afraid of touching the child, so he dared not push the door hard. Noila Mo took the opportunity to lock the door from inside!

After locking Allen Chu outside the door, Noila Mo sighed, and could finally nurse her baby with peace of mind!

Simply eliminate the poison of the nipple, the baby can’t wait to accurately hold the nipple with his small mouth!

The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction at that moment was something Noila Mo had never experienced! At this moment, she suddenly felt extremely happy!

The child was eating very fragrantly, maybe it was starving, and the little mouth kept sucking, almost unable to swallow it. Noila Mo smiled, and gently stroked the child’s head with his hand: “Little baby, eat slowly, more often, don’t worry. Be good…”

The baby seemed to understand Noila Mo’s words, and the speed really slowed down.

Looking at the child’s quiet face, Noila Mo’s eyes suddenly became wet. Suddenly, a strong maternal love surged in her heart. With a bold idea, steal this baby!

Of course, this is impossible. Xiao Sihan is the lifeblood of the Chu family. With so many eyes staring at him, how could she sneak this child out?

Noila Mo felt happy and content again, but also melancholy and sad. If your daughter is still alive, she must be as cute as Xiao Sihan, right?

“Squeak!” The door suddenly opened! Allen Chu walked in.

Noila Mo was shocked! I want to yell at me, but I am afraid of frightening the child in my arms. Just lower her voice and say, “How did you come in!” She obviously locked the door from the inside!

Allen Chu raised his eyebrows and raised the key in his hand: “This is at my house, do you still want to lock me out?”

Allen Chu’s eyes looked at the child involuntarily. Following the child, it extended to Noila Mo’s tender and full breasts exposed in the air.

Noila Mo blushed, and hurriedly pulled his clothes up, trying to cover his chest.

As a result, the little guy in his arms was reluctant, his clothes were pulled up, and it was not so convenient for him to take milk. The little guy groaned dissatisfied.

Noila Mo was so distressed that she quickly lowered her clothes.

Allen Chu fixed his eyes on the little baby’s sucking mouth. My heart began to move around.

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