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Chapter 226

Jasmine Tong really can’t do anything about this man.

She got up and went to the bathroom, she couldn’t take a shower because her ass was still hurting, so she simply washed up and went back to bed.

Albert Ou enveloped her in his arms.


“What’s wrong with your ass?”

“It’s cold on you.”

It was already winter, and there was no temperature on Albert Ou’s body, so it was naturally cold for Jasmine Tong.

Albert Ou hesitated for a moment and lifted the covers to get out of bed, he put on a nightgown and got back into bed, then took Jasmine Tong in his arms.

“It’s not cold,”

“Well.”Jasmine Tong was turning her back to Albert Ou.

After her confession, she felt that somehow, facing Albert Ou always carried a sense of strangeness.

In Albert Ou’s arms, she suddenly remembered what happened to Lu Wei Ran last time.

“Last time, in the hotel, you called Wiran to your room.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t finish her sentence, she was merely reminding Albert Ou of it.

“Nothing happened between us, I was mad at you on purpose, how else would you have found out that you were in love with me.”

Jasmine Tong rolled her eyes, even if it was just to be angry with him, she wouldn’t be able to tear someone’s girl apart like that, right?

“I say Ou San-years old, even if it’s just to be angry with me, you can’t bully people like that, girls, tearing people’s clothes and pulling so many wounds on their bodies, it’s childish”

In the meantime, he has done nothing to Lu Weiran, so why would Jasmine Tong say that?

There must be a hidden agenda here.

“Okay, okay, it’s over, let’s not talk about it.”Albert Ou hastily skipped the subject.

“Three years old.”

Jasmine Tong muttered.

“Call me something.”

“Ou Three-Year-Old is childishly dead,” Jasmine Tong yelled out loudly.

“Bark again,”

Albert Ou immediately put his hand on Jasmine Tong’s waist, this woman was afraid of itching, he knew that.

“Oh, stop it. Don’t tickle me.”

In the midst of the two men playing around, they bumped into Jasmine Tong’s wound.

“What’s wrong let me see.”

“Don’t look fine.”

It’s too much to take her panties and look at her ass at every turn.

She’s a woman, okay?

“Stop it, go to sleep, I can’t help it later, I want you again”

Jasmine Tong blushed again, the man’s words were always so revealing.

Albert Ou thought, leaning close to Manny’s ear.

“Jasmine, call Honey.”

“No call,”

“Why not?”

Jasmine Tong trailed off.

“You beat me up like this and you want me to call you husband, beautiful.”

“I’ll promise you everything, I won’t bother you again, call it, um like to hear you call me wife.”

“Not called to see how you do later.”

Albert Ou didn’t force the issue either.

“Well then, good night.”

This night, the two of them slept comfortably in each other’s arms.

After three days at home and another pile of paperwork in his office, Albert Ou had to go to the office the next day.

Office of the President of the Dark Empire

There was still a mountain of paperwork at hand, but Albert Ou wasn’t in a hurry to start dealing with it, but called Russel Cheng over.

“An extra batch of people to secretly protect your wife.”

Russel Cheng was first stunned.

“Mr. Ou, there’s no need for this, right, there’s already a group of elites who are responsible for secretly protecting Madam, in addition, there’s also Lu Wei Ran who is close to Madam, Madam is very safe.”

Albert Ou smirked, it was this Lu Wei Ran who was the most dangerous.

He didn’t talk to Jasmine Tong because he was worried that there was some other organization behind Lu Wei Ran that he wanted to uproot

“Do as I say, and in addition, pick another one, the one with the best skills, to be in charge of protecting your wife along with Lu Wei Ran.”

“Okay, Ou.”

“If Lu Wei Ran asks, just say that on the day of the award ceremony, in front of many media, Lu Wei Ran failed to protect his wife, so an extra person was put in charge.”

“Mr. Ou, are you suspecting Lu Weiran? “Russel Cheng seemed to have heard what Ou Zeno meant.

“That’s right, pick out the man and have him keep an eye on that woman, too.”


Although Russel Cheng didn’t say anything on his lips, he was still a bit unhappy, after all, he had found Lu Weiran by his own hand.

Albert Ou waved his hand toward Russel Cheng, and Russel Cheng left the office directly.

Jasmine Tong rested at home for two more days before the crew summoned her for a shoot.

Originally Albert Ou disagreed, after all Jasmine Tong’s hip injury hadn’t completely healed.

But he couldn’t hold back Jasmine Tong’s cajoling.

This shoot was going to A city, Jasmine Tong packed her bags and was ready to go.

Russel Cheng came over to see Jasmine Tong off, followed by a lean man.

“Madam, Mr. Ou, there is an important meeting to be held, so you can’t come over to see Madam off, this is Xu Fang, who will be in charge of protecting her in the future.”

“Isn’t it true that Weiran is in charge of my safety? You don’t need so many people.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t like having so many people following her when she went out, so she would be uncomfortable.

“This is what Mr. Ou ordered, last time at the award ceremony, his wife was almost besieged by the media, so Mr. Ou is not worried, one more person is better.”

Seeing Xu Fang, Lu Weiran was the one who was the most uneasy.

“All right then.”

Xu Fang nodded towards Jasmine Tong, “Good morning, Madam.”

“You’re welcome.Why don’t you come in and help me with my luggage?”


“Willan, you take a break.”Jasmine Tong still took better care of Lu Weiran.

Xu Fang followed Jasmine Tong directly upstairs.

Lu Wei Ran immediately walked up to Russel Cheng.

“Secretary Cheng, isn’t it true that Ou always has something against me ah why did he send another person to protect his wife’s safety, is it because he doesn’t trust me?”

In the future, when Xu put in, plus the people who secretly protected Jasmine Tong, it would be even harder for Lu Wei Ran to do anything.

Russel Cheng immediately pulled down his face.

“You’re not doing a good job, do you need me to remind you that at the last awards ceremony, the media besieged Mrs., Mrs. almost got injured, Mr. Ou would have been very angry if it wasn’t for me, I think you would have been fired.”

“I’m the one who’s not doing a good job.”Lu Wei Ran lowered his head.

“Then do the right thing from now on.”

“Yes” Lu Wei Ran thought carefully and asked, “Secretary Cheng, what’s going on with Mr. and Mrs. Ou ah some time ago, I saw that they seemed to be fighting.”

“How can a husband and wife not quarrel, Mrs. But Mr. Ou is the woman at the tip of his heart, I’ve never seen Mr. Ou so attentive to any woman, you serve it carefully.”


Lu Weiran completely understood that Albert Ou was deeply in love with Jasmine Tong.

It’s a good thing Albert Ou sent someone just because she didn’t do anything right last time and didn’t suspect her of anything.

Jasmine Tong flew to City A and started a new shoot.

This time she’s a different person, she’s a movie queen now.

Chapter 227

The filming of the romantic trip really took its toll on Jasmine Tong, who also played the ugly face.

She’s even gotten into garbage piles, and she’s pounced in stinky gutters, and she’s always really done everything.

Deeply aware of how hard it is to shoot comedy.

During the intense filming, Jasmine Tong found herself missing Albert Ouano so much.

It was something she hadn’t thought of herself.

When I was in love with Ellen Ron before, I had never felt this way before.

Because the filming process was so difficult, the two of them were more likely to send WeChat messages and rarely call each other, and the video was even more rare.

I didn’t realize that after her confession, the two of them were further apart and she was facing a long-distance relationship.

Back at the hotel in the evening, Jasmine Tong was again exhausted with the same tiredness.

The location of this shoot was difficult, and the place they stayed was already the best hotel in the area, but the hotel was too bad.

The room she was in was already the best, the bed was only 1.5 meters and the room was small.

The good news is that she’s not asking for much this time.

Since there were no suites here, she and Lu Weiran lived separately, and Lu Weiran prepared a bath for her in advance and a glass of warm milk, then went back to her own room to sleep.

Jasmine Tong finished her shower and lay on her bed drinking milk, not wanting to do anything, she was too tired today and had been running.

The phone suddenly rang.

“Manny, I’m going to your crew tomorrow for a guest appearance, so we can meet tonight oh.”

The one who sent the WeChat was Qin Liyuan.

Jasmine Tong was just about to reply when Albert Ou’s call came in.

Since there were few opportunities for the two of them to call, she answered the phone right away.

“Hey,” the voice had that hint of aggravation and sourness to it.


“Nothing, just so tired.”

“What did you shoot today?”

The two had kept in touch, but there wasn’t much talk between them, as if they had just started dating.

“It’s been running and running and running and running, and my legs are breaking.”

“I knew you were tired.”

“How did you know?”

“I see your tweets don’t say it’s been 30,000 steps.”

Jasmine Tong skimmed, oh my god, 30,000 parts, that’s horrible!

The physical exhaustion, coupled with missing Albert Ou, made Jasmine Tong feel somewhat aggrieved.

She didn’t think she’d miss him that much.

“Did you miss me” Albert Ou asked.

All this time this question had been asked by Albert Ou.

So many times Jasmine Tong wondered if their male and female identities were reversed.


“How much?”

“I don’t know, what’s the use of thinking about you and not seeing you, I don’t even know how long the shoot will be over.”

“Why is it no use thinking about me, maybe if you think about me more, I’ll show up.”

Jasmine Tong laughed.

“Are you home now? Let’s video.”

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a video, and it’s good to see each other on video to relieve the pain of missing each other.

“Uh not very convenient, I’m afraid of being seen.”

“Where are you now? Out fooling around again.”

“I’m with you.”

“Is your soul with me?” the man never speaks in the same way.

“People too.”


There was a sudden knock on the door.

“Wait a minute, I’ll see who it is.”

“How dare someone come knocking on your door in the middle of the night” Albert Ou on the other hand was on fire.

“Gee, why are you so small-minded? Maybe it’s a director or a writer, maybe come and discuss the plot with me or something.”

“The director and writer even came into your room in the middle of the night” Albert Ou got even angrier.

Jasmine Tong said as she walked to the door.

“Don’t be so cautious, we’re all just doing our normal jobs.”

As she said that, Jasmine Tong opened the door.

When she saw the man in the doorway, Jasmine Tong was shocked.

The man immediately squeezed through the door and closed it smoothly.

“Explain to me right now why the director or writer would come to your room in the middle of the night, well a few times.”

Jasmine Tong looked at the fried man in front of her for a few seconds, then threw herself into his arms.

Albert Ou’s heart softened.

“Jasmine Tong, don’t come to me with your beauty tricks, tell me how many times the director and the writer have been here.”

“It came twice in total, the director and the writer came with us, and our writer was a woman.”

Jasmine Tong was in a hurry to explain, if she didn’t explain, the man would probably take the roof off.

Only then did Albert Ou’s anger subside and hugged Jasmine Tong tightly in his arms.

“That’s more like it, don’t let them in your room anymore, it’s the middle of the night, the daytime is already tiring.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Come to relieve you of your lovesickness, lest you miss me too much.”

Ever since Jasmine Tong confessed, Albert Ou’s mouth was all full of, how do you love me so much, how do you miss me so much, and so on.

Jasmine Tong glanced at him.

“Don’t you miss me then?”

Albert Ou leaned close to Jasmine Tong’s ear, “Think, I miss you more.”

Saying that, he immediately took Jasmine Tong’s earlobe in his mouth.

A tingling spread from Jasmine Tong’s ears to her entire body.

Albert Ou seemed to be in a bit of a hurry as he asked for Jasmine Tong’s most sensitive ear and k!ssed her all the way down to her neck, then lifted her whole and carried her to the bed.

As Tong lay on the bed, Albert Ou pressed down on him, Tong immediately pressed against his chest.

“No I have a scene tomorrow morning, it’s an early morning scene, I have to shoot the sunrise and I have to get up at five.”

Jasmine Tong’s breathing was also a little shaky, but she still had sense.

“How long has it been since we’ve all done it, eh”

Too long indeed.

The last time she was at home, Jasmine Tong had an injury on her buttocks, Albert Ou had been holding back and not touching her, and when she hadn’t fully recovered, Jasmine Tong had entered the cast again.

He’s been holding back for a long time.

Jasmine Tong timidly extended a finger.

“Just once, then.”

Albert Ou bargained for two fingers.


Jasmine Tong took a look at the time, it was now 10 o’clock at night.

She bent one of Albert Ou’s fingers hard.

“Twice would be too late, you take that long each time and I’m not going to sleep.”

If it had been twice, it would have been an early morning struggle.

“Knowing so much about my time” Albert Ou looked at Jasmine Tong with a bad smile.

Jasmine Tong punched Albert Ou on the chest.

“Just once, do it or don’t do it.”

“Once and for all” said Albert Ou and k!ssed Jasmine Tong’s lips, slowly sucking on them.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s only this one chance, but Albert Ou has been extraordinarily cherishing it, and has been taking his time to fight it out without haste.

Tossing Jasmine Tong’s body into a shuddering, sweaty sweat.


Qin turned around and hurriedly walked over, followed by Xia Lian.

She saw it when she looked up, the only room with a light on.

Chapter 228

A staff member was responsible for picking up Chin suddenly.

Because Qin Liyuan’s guest role needed to be filmed before dawn tomorrow, she had to come into the group a night early, and because she had a lot of work, that’s why she came so late.

“I’m so sorry the plane was late.”

“It’s okay, Miss Qin is already an honor to our crew for coming over.”The staff did not show any dissatisfaction.

It’s 12 o’clock at this time.

When Qin turned around and pointed to the lighted room, he asked, “Whose room is that ah even lighted.”

“This is Manny’s room, I guess she’s weaving tomorrow’s script bar Miss Qin, let me show you to your room.”

Qin turned around with a slight smile and nodded his head.

“Miss Qin, we’re in poor condition here, so you’ll be staying for one night.”

“After being in the circle for so long, I’m used to what kind of hotels I haven’t stayed in.”

When Qin turned out to be a newcomer, he also suffered a lot.

The staff is also very pleased that Qin turned out to be so good-tempered, and there really aren’t many artists like her in the circle.

The staff took Qin Liyuan to the room that had been pre-booked for her.

“We don’t have suites here, they’re all single rooms, so your assistant is staying next to you.”

“Okay, please, by the way, which room is Mandy staying in.”

“Go to the end, the one on the far right.”The staff pointed out.

“Okay, thanks, it’s late, you go get some rest.”

The staff then left.

“It’s so late, it’s better to rest early, you have to get up at 5 am tomorrow morning.”

Xia Lian yawned, she was already sleepy.

“Why don’t you go back to your room and get some rest, I’ll go talk to Manny, she’s up this late and could be waiting for me, I have to give her a shout out.”

“Then I’m going to go back to bed.”Charlene went straight back to her room.

In Jasmine Tong’s room.

Two men have finished fighting.

A sweaty Jasmine Tong lay on the bed, tired and not wanting to move.

“Too little energy, I’ll take you to the gym later for a workout, it’s only my first time.”

Some egregious man was even more energetic at the moment.


“Do you want me to carry you to the cleaners?”


“I’ll go wash it then.”After saying that, Albert Ou k!ssed Jasmine Tong on the cheek and went straight to the bathroom.

Then the bathroom was filled with curses.

“What the f*ck is this bathroom so dirty?”

“The showers are broken.”

Jasmine Tong ignored him and let him scold it.

Because of his extreme dissatisfaction with this bathroom, Albert Ou simply rinsed off and came out of the bathroom very unhappy.

Tong got up in his own pajamas as well, sweaty and rinsed off at the very least.

“If you’re tired, I can do it for you.”

Jasmine Tong slanted a glance at him and went into the bathroom.

Albert Ou sat on the edge of the bed with a towel around him, flipping through his phone.


There was a sudden knock on the door.

Albert Ou was even more upset, this director and screenwriter, picking the middle of the night to knock on his wife’s door?

He’d be doing himself a disservice if he didn’t give them something to look at today.

In fact, he wasn’t afraid to tell the crew about his relationship with Jasmine Tong, so that they could take care of her a little.

Thinking so, Albert Ou went straight to the door and opened it.

“Little” Qin turned around and was just about to open his mouth when he saw the man in front of him clearly.

Albert Ou was also stunned.

It was suddenly Qin Jianran.

“A-Aze you you,”

The moment he saw Albert Ou, Qin suddenly even suspected that he was hallucinating!

What’s he doing here?

Why did he appear in Jasmine Tong’s room?

At the moment she was incredibly shocked, so shocked that her speech had begun to stutter, even as her head went blank.

“Isn’t this Mandy’s room?” she tried to calm herself down.

Maybe he’s just here on business and Jasmine Tong doesn’t live here and she’s the one who’s in the wrong place.

Qin turned around and could only guess at this possibility.

“Yes, she’s in the shower, do you need something?”

There was no temperature in Albert Ou’s words, no tone of voice.

He actually wanted to tell Qin Tianliang that he and Jasmine Tong had gotten married a long time ago.

Only he had also always known that Qin turned out to be fond of him, and he was very sorry and grateful to Qin for that previous incident.

So I couldn’t bear to break her heart, so I kept asking John to tell her about it.

But John hadn’t said anything.

I didn’t expect to just run into it.

Albert Ou hadn’t expected it, but he could bump into it if he wanted to, she’d have to find out sooner or later.

“Asawa you,”

“Do you want to see her for something? Come in and sit down if you want.”

Albert Ou wasn’t too cold towards Qin Liyuan.

Just then, Jasmine Tong came out, and she came out of the bathroom in her pajamas.

This room is so small, so tiny, that you can almost see the room from the doorway.

Jasmine Tong stood in the doorway of the bathroom and also saw Qin Jianlian, and their eyes collided with each other.

At that moment Jasmine Tong was also shocked

She stood still. Her tongue and feet were all gone. She couldn’t speak or walk.

Qin turned suddenly and fled.

Late at night, a man and a woman, in the same room, two people who had just showered, and it was anyone’s guess what they had done.

When Qin turned around and ran back to her room, she leaned back against the door.

No, that’s not true.

It must be too late. She’s hallucinating.

That must be it.

The other room.

“Why did you open the door?”

Jasmine Tong yelled at Albert Ou.

Albert Ou immediately closed the door and just locked it.

“I didn’t know it was her either, I thought it was the director or writer of your crew harassing you again.”

“Whoever it is, you can’t open the door, this is my room, what the hell are you doing in my room.”

Albert Ou stroked his head in frustration and walked up to Jasmine Tong.

“Don’t fight with me when you’re having a hard time seeing me.”

Albert Ou carried Jasmine Tong back to the bed.

“Not to argue with you, do you know the consequences of doing so”

“Don’t worry about what can happen, she won’t tell anyone about our relationship.”

Albert Ou’s tone was very certain.

Jasmine Tong almost forgot, Qin Jianlian and Albert Ou

“What exactly is your relationship with Miss Then Thenelia,” Jasmine Tong carefully probed.

Albert Ou hooked Jasmine Tong’s chin.


“Not jealous, just asking, you were so close to her before, did you two ever fall in love.”

Jasmine Tong inquired tentatively.

In fact, it was a question she had wanted to ask a long time ago.

“No. Would you believe me if I said that there was only one you, from start to finish?”

Jasmine Tong shook her head directly.

“I don’t believe it.”Jasmine Tong didn’t hesitate for a second.

How could a man as good as Albert Ou be the only woman even if she was the only woman now, he must have been in love before.

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