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Chapter 199

The sound on it was about what she expected.

Although she had already clarified in a video yesterday that she had been set up and also produced a report on the composition of the drugs detected in the residue of the meal.

But there are too many waterworks, and the sky is full of questions.

There are a lot of Friends who have poor independent judgment and are taken for a ride, but also naturally follow the blackness.

“The test was framed before, and now the photo is framed, so how come no one else is framed to frame you?You’re the only one with a lot of drama, aren’t you?”

“Can you have the presence of mind to leave residue to take for drug testing and not prevent someone from taping themselves?I wouldn’t believe it if I said it.”

“This man is paranoid about being victimized!How thick is your skin to say something like that when you’ve done something wrong yourself and want to blame it on someone else?”

“And you say that someone is trying to hurt you, and you can’t say who it is, so I dare you to blame someone else for whatever happens, you’re innocent!”

“That’s right, the victim is too fake and disgustingly made up.”

Jenny looked over each and every one of them, his face rippling.

Mo Nan was dying of apprehension beside her, carefully scanning her face for fear that she would smash her phone in a fit of rage.

“Jenny, if you ask me, these people are just blind, they can’t see with such a big piece of paper there!And open your eyes to lies.”

Mo Nan was really angry and said something.

Jenny laughed.

“Naturally, someone saw it, these people are professional sailors, so it’s normal that they can’t see it, it looks like Clara has put in a lot of effort this time.”

It must cost a lot of money to hire so many sailors!

Mo Nan was stunned, not expecting that to be the case.

“So what do we do now?”

Jenny looked at her, “The mountain man has his own brilliant plan.”

She said, and was about to exit the ruff when she suddenly saw a posting.

That’s a friend with an id called “Flowers not flowers and fog not fog”.

Flowers Not Flowers Mist: You guys need to stop insulting Jenny and tell you the truth!I work right here in Film City, and I saw the whole process of a reporter coming to cover it before.

She wasn’t guilty at all, made a very calm and relaxed statement, and she was really nice and friendly and strong in person… there’s no way she could have gotten to the top on someone!

Stop this nonsense!Such a beautiful and powerful lady, and did nothing wrong, you just slander her like this, do you really have a clear conscience?

However, even with such a heartfelt declaration, supporters were only a handful.

The mass of water poured in and reviled.

In the comment section, the friend who posted this and their arguments, even just reading the text, Jenny could feel that if she were in her place, she would just be angry and cry.

Yet Rao continued to explain without giving up.

Charge for her like a lone soldier.

Jenny’s heart warmed slightly, tapped the top left corner and replied, “Thanks for the support![Clenching] [Clenching]”

I didn’t expect to receive a response just after sending it.

The other was so happy, you could feel her excitement through the screen.

Flowers not flowers and mist not mist: ahhhhhhh!I’ve been complimented by Miss Flip!

Jenny was stunned and smiled, seeing a private message in the background, so he clicked on it, exactly what this friend had just sent over.

Flower not flower mist not mist: Miss, may I ask if it is you personally?[Starry Eyes]

Jenny hesitated for a piece, but still quickly typed: yes.

Flowers not flowers and mist not mist: ahhhhhhhhh!I can’t believe I’ve met the real thing!

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh, thinking about it, remembering the piece of personal attacks on this friend that he had just seen in the comments section, and typed a string of words.

Jenny: thank you for defending me on the network, I appreciate and am touched, but still want to protect myself before defending me.

I’m stronger than you think, so I don’t care what the world is saying, so no need to throw my head in the sand to argue for me.

If you really like me, just wait for my work and we’ll speak with power!Prove it with your work!

A moment later, a reply came from across the street.

Flowers not flowers mist not flowers: oooooh… I knew it, I pink the best lady in the world, I know da!Won’t argue anymore, I’ll always be with you, we Ning Distance will always be with you!

Jenny was stunned and looked up to ask Mo Nan, “What is Ning Distance?”

Mo Nan looked like she didn’t care, “Oh, it’s like that’s the name your fans have given your fan backers.”

Jenny was startled.

A back-up group?

Did she…have a back up so soon?

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh, but she didn’t know that she had already attracted a large wave of fans since the official poster was sent out.

Coupled with the two days of explosive events, her no-nonsense response to the situation has attracted another wave of fans.

It’s just that the base of these fans is so small that it really doesn’t play a role in the vastness of the network, hence the lack of detection.

Jenny was actually quite happy in her heart, anyone who knew that she was being affirmed would feel happy.

She talked to the friend for a couple more minutes before she got off the phone and put it away and headed to the set.

On the set, Clara came over as soon as she saw her.

She didn’t look good, and Mo Nan subconsciously blocked Jenny Jing and didn’t let her get close.

Clara’s face grew gloomier as she saw this, but in the end, she stopped.

“Jenny, where’s Aoi?Where did you get her?”

Jenny raised an eyebrow.

Those cold, sparse eyebrows contained a touch of sarcasm.

“Isn’t Aoi your assistant?What does your missing assistant have to do with me?”

Clara’s eyes were almost spitting fire at the words.

“You’re still pretending!If you hadn’t taken her away, how could I not have found her?”

Jenny Jing sneered, “Jing words are about evidence, you verbally said I took Aoi, do you have any evidence?”

Clara choked.

When Mo Nan went looking for Aoi, he was looking for a dead end with no surveillance, so it was impossible to leave any evidence behind.

Naturally, Clara also knew this, which was why she was even more panicked.

That damn girl Aoi, she won’t say something she shouldn’t!

She wasn’t usually nice to the little assistant, but for the sake of her natural personality and having a handle on her, she was given a lot of important things to do.

By virtue of suppressing while appeasing, she was sort of pinned down.

But now, she was gone.

Since last night, I couldn’t find her, and at first I thought she was out for something, but she didn’t come back until very late.

I couldn’t get through on the phone and asked many people who claimed they hadn’t seen her.

Upon thinking about it, what she had told Aoi to do yesterday, Clara realized that something had happened!

Chapter 200

She didn’t care if Aoi lived or died.

But this person must not fall into Jenny’s hands.

Thinking of this, Clara took a deep breath and gritted her teeth, “To tell you the truth, last night, I suddenly remembered that there was something I wanted to tell my sister, so I sent Aoi to look for you, but she hasn’t come back since she went out.

I can’t reach you even on the phone, that’s why I’m suspicious, and if my sister knows where Aoi is, please let me know, so I don’t have to worry.”

Jenny Jing narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“So that’s what this is like, I told you it was always a bit strange for you to come to me early in the morning in a rage and ask for someone!

The one who knows is that you sent Aoi to find me yesterday, but if you didn’t know, you thought you had ordered her to do something wrong, and that’s why you were in such a hurry to find the person!”

With Jenny Jing’s words, Clara’s pupils shrank viciously.

A guilty conscience flashed in the depths of his eyes, he barely straightened his back and said in a deep voice, “Of course not, I’m too busy filming, what can I do to lose heart?”

Jenny nodded, “That’s good.”

She paused and suddenly sighed.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know where she is, and I didn’t see her yesterday, Maya, are you sure she really came looking for me yesterday?”

Clara looked at her, only to see that Jenny Jing looked serious, not like she was faking.

She was suddenly and inexplicably panicked.

Don’t tell me to steal that drug test report from Jenny?

Then why hasn’t she been in touch?

What went wrong in the middle of this?

Clara’s face kept changing, and over there, someone was already calling them over to prepare.

Jenny didn’t pay any more attention to her and went on his own.

Throughout the morning, it was evident that Kyouya was out of her element.

Lin Shufan originally wanted her to make up for the shots she didn’t finish yesterday, but she didn’t expect to be in worse shape than yesterday after a day off, and got furious.

Clara knew that she was at a disadvantage and stood there being scolded without uttering a word, only occasionally looking at Jenny Jing with a few hints of resentment in her eyes.

Jenny only pretended not to see, and went to rest calmly.

The shots went on until noon, and those shots were barely over.

In the afternoon, for some reason, videos started circulating on the set of Clara being pointed at and yelled at by the director.

The video was shot clearly and close enough that Lin Shufan’s voice in it was clear to verbatim.

And Clara stood there with an embarrassed look on her face and didn’t say anything, showing that she was at a clear disadvantage.

Some of her fans saw the video and were immediately furious.

“There’s something wrong with this director!Just because you’re a director, you can just call people names?He’s got a hole in his head, doesn’t he?”

“Our Maya is really pathetic, she can’t even talk back, I should have known better than to take this shit!”

“Did the director die mum?You really think our Maya fans don’t exist, don’t you?”

“That’s the quality to be a director, there’s no one left in the entertainment industry is there?”

“fu*k!I’d love to rush to the scene and tear him up by hand!”

A storm of public opinion was quickly created on the #King Clara was scolded on set and the words #Gun Fodder Raiders Director Quality # quickly crowded into hot searches.

By the time Jenny saw these videos, it was already evening.

She had another night show with Clara today, so she wasn’t in a hurry to get back after closing for the afternoon, but ate and rested in the lounge.

She quirked her lips slightly as she swiped to this video with her phone.

“Nice shot, seeing Director Lin from such an angle, he’s still quite young!”

Mo Nan couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Are you focusing on the wrong weight?

Point taken?”

She put a glass of lemonade in front of Jenny Jing and said, “But your move is quite useful, to treat others in their own way, before the Reuters interview, Clara’s reputation has been affected, the strength is also questioned, just over there shot euphemistically, the impact is not big.

Now that this video is out, I’m sure everyone’s impression of her will change, and it will be good for us either way.”

Jenny, however, shook his head.

“I didn’t make this video.”

Mo Nan was stunned.

Some surprise.

“What?Who took that shot?”

Jenny gave her a look.

“I don’t know.”


No wonder Mo Nan was surprised, in this crew, no matter how much people secretly disagreed with Clara, they were all respectful on the surface.

After all, he’s a senior.People are a bit confused now, but they’re not confused, so who would be that uncaring to run into a gun?

Therefore, from the very beginning, when Mo Nan saw the video, he had always assumed that Jenny Jing had secretly sent someone to move it.

But it’s not?

She was confused for two seconds, reacted, and asked, “Who did that?”

Jenny still shook his head.

She thought about it, but wasn’t quite sure after all, so she didn’t say anything, but put the phone away.

“Never mind, no harm done to us anyway, whoever it is, we’ll just watch the show from the sidelines.”

Mo Nan nodded.

Just then, there was a loud noise from outside.

Somewhat curious, Mo Nan went out and plucked at the door to take a look outside, and returned shortly thereafter with a bad face.

Jenny didn’t get up and slouched in his chair, uninterested in the noise outside the house.

Just seeing that she didn’t look good, she smiled, “What’s wrong?What’s going on out there?”

Mo Nan snorted, unhappy, “What else could it be, a certain two flies are putting on a show again!”

Jenny understood with a slight raised eyebrow.

She couldn’t stop laughing.

“What’s there to be angry about?”


Mo Nan wanted to say something, but swallowed back as the words were about to leave his mouth.

She bit her lip, half-heartedly, not knowing what came to mind, and suddenly snorted.

“It’s true sir, you’ve been in the group for so long and he doesn’t come to see you.”

Jenny Jing looked at her disgruntled face and couldn’t help but feel amused.

“I’m the one who didn’t let him come.”

Mo Nan was stunned and a little surprised.

Jenny Jing said in a soft voice, “Ever heard a phrase?”

“What words?”

“Show some love and die fast.”

She patted Mo Nan’s shoulder and spoke longingly, “Your husband and I are meant to last forever, and I don’t want to die so soon and early, so I won’t show, so you don’t have to be upset anymore, okay?”

Mo Nan didn’t think there was such a saying, and her face immediately turned pale and smiled.

“I know.”

Jenny thought to herself that sitting here was boring anyway, and since there was a lot of excitement, she might as well go take a look.

So they got up and went outside.

The evening’s play was a rainy night martial arts scene that required little space, so many props were cleared and a large space was vacant in the middle.

In the early summer evening, the sky was just rubbing dark, and although the moon had risen, it was just a pale white hanging in the sky because it wasn’t completely dark yet.

Chapter 201

But spare a thought, there was still a pale moonlight mixed with the night lights shining on the cobblestone road in the middle of the old film and television town.

There are a lot of people around the centre of the clearing, all looking at the other side full of curiosity and gossip, Jenny followed their gaze to see the other end of the clearing, Clara is sitting on a resting recliner, Rovell Mu is sitting next to the words.

She had a faint smile on her face, holding a drink in her hand, and Rovell Mu looked at her, the two of them looking at each other didn’t know what they were saying, the clear and pleasant sound of laughter drifted with the wind, it seemed that even the air carried a sweet smell.

Someone whispered, “The two of them are really well matched, I can tell that Mu Shao is really quite devoted to Clara, and I don’t know when they will officially get married.”

“Yes, it’s not too much to say that it’s a golden child, Mu is not only powerful and deep-rooted in Visterdem, but also in charge of Fenghua Entertainment, Clara is with him, and the resources couldn’t be worse.”

“She’s the only one who can get a play right away after a scandal like that.”

“That scandal shouldn’t be true!Clara is a person with a bit of a bad temper at times, but it’s only to the assistant, and everyone else seems to be quite nice.”

“Who knows about that?But her assistant is young and it’s possible to make a lot of mistakes, so it’s okay even if you scold her.”

“Come on, whatever, it’s people’s own business, what are you interfering for?”

“I’m not interrupting, I’m just talking off the cuff.”

“Alas!I wish I could have met a boyfriend as considerate of Jin Duo as Mou when I did.”

“You’ll close your eyes and head to bed tonight, and it’ll be right away.”

“What do you mean?”

“Dream on!Don’t they have everything in their dreams?”

“Well, if you dare to make fun of me, look what I’ll do to you!”

Someone was hip-hopping, only to be interrupted by a scream from there shortly afterwards.

“Wow, that’s a beautiful necklace!”

I saw an assistant walk up behind the two, holding a sapphire blue velvet brocade box.

Rovell Mu received the brocade box and opened it, and an exquisitely crafted diamond necklace lay inside.

Naturally, Clara was also pleasantly surprised and covered her chest with both hands, “Rovell, is this a gift for me?”

Rovell looked at her tenderly and nodded, “Of course, didn’t you say you liked it when you were shopping earlier?I’ll just buy it for you in secret.”

Clara was moved to wide-eyed.

“This, this necklace is quite expensive, will it be too much of a break.”

“Give it to you, no matter how expensive it is, it won’t break the bank.”

Rovell said, picking up the necklace and standing up.

“Here, let me put it on for you.”

Clara nodded.

Rovell went around behind her and gently helped her put on the necklace, an action that suddenly ushered in many more envious cheers.

“Clara, you’re too happy lying, not only is Mu Shao handsome and rich, he’s also so good to you, he’s really envious of us.”

“That’s right, look how long we’ve only been in the group and we’ve been stuffed with dog food a few times, how are we going to take it if we keep this up.”

“Ya this is the rhythm of giving out dog food every day!But I see you guys are so close, I wonder when you’re getting married?”

Clara sniffed and looked at Rovell Mu.

Rovell looked at the man and smiled faintly.

“Soon, I’m going to officially go to their house to propose marriage when Maya finishes this movie.

Preparing for marriage.”

The crowd was even more surprised at the news.

The fires of gossip burned majestically, immediately asking questions about the wedding.

Jenny Jing looked at the scene and dropped his eyes slightly.

I thought, with a shallow curl to my lips, and turned to go into the house.

Not far away, Rovell actually had seen her, and when the corner of his eyes caught a glimpse of her turning her head to enter the house, a strange soreness came over his heart.

Someone pulled him along and said, “Mu Shao, since you’re getting married to Clara, we’re friends with someone who’s also done a film, make sure you don’t forget to invite us when the time comes.”

Rovell came back to his senses and smiled, “Of course.”

The highest configuration of this drama is Clara and Jenny Jing, the rest are all third or fourth tier minor actors, is the stage of the squeeze to climb up.

Normally, they naturally don’t have the opportunity to get in touch with a rich and powerful young man like Rovell Mu, and they are naturally very covetous of that class and circle.

I didn’t expect that today was just a casual comment, but Rovell Mu actually agreed, and everyone was suddenly so happy.

The group frolicked and laughed and talked for a while before breaking up.

Clara put down the drink in her hand, wiped the non-existent sweat from the corner of her forehead and said to Rovell Mu, “Rovell, it’s a bit hot to stay outside, why don’t we go to the restroom?”

Rovell nodded.

There were three lounges in total, one for Jenny Jing as the main actor, one for Clara alone, and another mixed for everyone.

The crew wasn’t that big anyway, three rooms right next to each other, but the soundproofing was excellent.

Clara returned to the room with Rovell Mu, and the rest of the staff left in good humor at the sight of them, leaving only the two of them in the room.

As soon as those people left, Rovell Mu, who had been wearing a gentle smile on his face, immediately turned cold.

Clara’s heart thudded as he looked at his face, and he couldn’t help but turn pale.

She took Rovell Mu’s hand and asked carefully, “Brother Azawa, what’s wrong with you?”

Rovell looked at her with a sunken face and said in a deep voice, “What’s with the video on it?”

Clara’s spine stiffened.

She barely smiled, “Director Lin is strict, I, I’ve been feeling unwell for the past two days again, so I might not have performed that well, but brother Azawa, believe me, I’m strong, I’ll definitely be able to act in this movie and won’t embarrass you.”

Rovell frowned.

“Now that the world is getting a bad rap on you, the company has done everything it can to get you back, and has taken the risk of snagging you the Karanji endorsement, you must not be in trouble at this critical juncture.”

Clara stared at the words.

“Sh, what?An endorsement from Carrangi?”

Rovell nodded.

“Because of what happened before, almost all of your endorsements were withdrawn, which is not good for your subsequent development, that’s why the company fought so hard to get you this endorsement, and for this endorsement, the company has already paid its old record, so you must not let me down.”

Clara nodded incessantly.

Almost on the verge of tears of joy.

“Don’t worry, Brother Asawa!I’ll try my best and never let you down.”

Rovell nodded, reaching out and stroking her hair.

“I knew that we Clara must be the best, after all, if we lose this endorsement again, the compensation for the breach of contract is ten times the endorsement fee, you shouldn’t want the Jing family to lose everything because of you, right?”

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