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Chapter 244

Aunt Fanny shouted in panic.

But she didn’t stop Jasmine Tong after all, and Jasmine Tong opened the cupboard and took out the Chinese medicine inside.

“What is this you still deny?”

Pearblossom looked at the cabinet of herbal medicines.

“This is traditional Chinese medicine ah before Lan Lan sister is here, is to take the traditional Chinese medicine here for you to boil soup medicine.”

“Pearblossom,” Aunt Fanny snapped.

The pear also felt aggrieved, so she told the story.

Jasmine Tong was stunned.

“The one who made me the tonic.”

Aunt Fang looked at Pearblossom, then turned to Jasmine Tong.

“Madam, Pear Blossom is talking nonsense, don’t listen to her.”

Only then did Jasmine Tong notice Aunt Fang, who just seemed to be trying to stop her from opening the cupboard.

“Aunt Fanny, do you know something.”

“I” Auntie Fang didn’t know what to say either.

“Aunt Fang, I’ve been good to you all these days you’ve been at home, shouldn’t you tell me what you know.”

Aunt Fang’s face became even more ugly.

“Ma’am, aren’t you and Mr. now living a good life? Let’s not pursue the past and get on with our lives, ah.”

The more Aunt Fang keeps quiet, the more Jasmine Tong wants to know, and the more she feels there is something going on.

If she didn’t know what the Chinese medicine was for, that would be fine, but she knew it was for birth control.

“Aunt Fanny, I ask you, is this medicine for me to drink.”

Aunt Fanny hung her head and sighed deeply.

In fact, Li Hua doesn’t know what this Chinese medicine is for, and only Aunt Fang perceives it.Pearly is young in the end and there is still a lot she doesn’t understand.

“Pearblossom, you said” Jasmine Tong turned to Pearblossom and growled.

Pearblossom still doesn’t know what’s going on, let alone what’s going on with Jasmine Tong and Aunt Fang.

“This is what was used to make soup for Mrs. Lan Lan in the morning when she was still here.”

Jasmine Tong was so disoriented that she took a step backwards, knocking her back directly into the case.

She just remembered if a bowl of soup had been on the breakfast table when Lin Lan Lan was there earlier

Each time, Lin Lan Lan told her in a very disdainful tone that it was specially boiled for her by order of Albert Ou, so that she could drink it all.

So it’s Albert Ou’s orders.

If Lin Lan Lan had taken the liberty to make the decision, then Aunt Fang and Pearly would have reported it to her long ago!

Jasmine Tong shook her head vigorously.

“No that’s not possible.”

Jasmine Tong immediately ran out and went back into the bedroom.

Since the two of them were already talking about having a baby, Albert Ou even said they’d have a baby when she got a little healthier.

There’s no way he’d let her take birth control pills. It’s impossible. Absolutely impossible.

Aunt Fanny knocked on the door and walked in.

“Ma’am, you’d better not be imagining things, these things are over.”

Jasmine Tong sat up.

“Aunt Fanny, you knew all along, didn’t you?”

Aunt Fang sighed with great remorse.

“I guessed, and I didn’t know, at first, what the soup was, but then I found out that it was only every time the gentleman came over that Linlan would make that soup for you.But we haven’t given the wife a drink since she left, and the gentleman hasn’t warned us.”

Jasmine Tong’s eyes were hollow and lifeless.

She could never have imagined that the man would make her drink birth control soup while coaxing her to have a baby.

“Ma’am, the fact that the gentleman has forbidden you to drink that soup means he already has you in mind, let’s just forget about it, you and the gentleman are so close now, there’s really no need for all this past”

Jasmine Tong lay back down on the bed.

“You go out, Aunt Fanny, I want to be alone.”

“Well, Madam is a sensible girl and will always figure it out, so I won’t say more.It’s just that the gentleman will be back soon, and this matter “

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.”

Hearing Jasmine Tong say that, Aunt Fang also relaxed and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door on the way out.

The two had a hard time getting back together and couldn’t afford to be tossed around.

Albert Ou came back on time, ever since Jasmine Tong came back, he was back on time.

Upon entering, not seeing Jasmine Tong following Aunt Fang and Pearly Flower busy at the table, Albert Ou immediately asked.

“Where’s the wife?”

Pearly raised her eyes to look at Albert Ou and immediately lowered her head.

“The wife is upstairs and not feeling well.”

“What’s going on have you seen a doctor yet” as he muttered, Albert Ou quickly walked up the stairs.

Jasmine Tong was still lying on the bed.

“What’s wrong? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

Albert Ou walked to the bed with a tense look on his face.

Jasmine Tong looked at this anxious face and couldn’t connect with the man who made her drink the birth control pill.

She cracked a smile.

“It’s been a windy day, and I’ve been out for a while, so maybe the wind is blowing and I have a bit of a headache.”

“You know I won’t let you deliver dinner.”

Albert Ou couldn’t care less about pouting with Jasmine Tong, and all that was left now was self-pity.

Jasmine Tong slowly braced herself to sit up.

“It’s nothing serious, lie down for a while and you’ll be much better now, have you had lunch yet”

“Eat it, you made the eel rice yourself, can I not eat it? There’s not a grain of rice left.”

“What time did you eat?”

“Three o’clock, I forgot.”

“I’ll remember to bring it to you earlier next time.”

“Come on, it’s winter, don’t go outside, just rest at home and make me dinner, is it better? Are you hungry for something to eat?”

Listening to Albert Ou’s gentle tone, Jasmine Tong still couldn’t believe it.

“It’s okay, let’s go downstairs and eat, I made you a prawn casserole.”

“Gee, you don’t have to cook for me if you’re not feeling well, that’s what they are, isn’t it?”

The two of them went downstairs together and the meal was very amicable.

Several times, Jasmine Tong was about to ask out, but still held back.

Actually, Aunt Fang was right, the two of them had a hard time getting back together, so don’t ask about the past.

Because Jasmine Tong wasn’t feeling well, Albert Ou took an early shower and prepared to sleep early with Jasmine Tong.

Lying on the bed, Albert Ou tucked Jasmine Tong in.

“You’re not feeling well today, so I won’t bully you, go to bed early and you’ll be fine tomorrow.”

Albert Ou leaned over and k!ssed the corner of Jasmine Tong’s lips, gently.

“Go to sleep, good night.”

Albert Ou circled Jasmine Tong in his arms.

But Jasmine Tong was unable to sleep for a long time, and her head was a mess.

Some things can’t just be passed over if you want them to, and it’s hard to block them out.

If, Albert Ou didn’t want a child in the first place, it was fine to make her drink the soup for contraception, maybe he hadn’t fallen in love with her at that time.

But now Jasmine Tong also has some hesitation.

“I have a question for you.”

Chapter 245

“Well aren’t you going to sleep?”

“I’ve been lying down for a while this afternoon and I’m not quite ready to sleep yet, so let’s talk.”

“Good.”Albert Ou turned his body towards Jasmine Tong, and the two of them faced each other.

“I’m going to ask you a question, and you’re going to answer me honestly.”

“You ask.”

“Are you serious about having a baby now?”

Albert Ou was startled, his blue pupils flashing in astonishment.

“Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

“I wonder if it’s because I’m always talking about having babies and babies and babies and you’re having babies for me instead of actually wanting to have babies yourself.I’d feel bad if that happened, but a lot of guys nowadays, they don’t want to have kids that early.”

“I didn’t want to give birth so early at first, but isn’t there Xiaolei’s side that it’s better to give birth early, while you’re young, but I still want to say, wait until you’re feeling better.”

“So you want a daughter or a son.”

The twinkle in Albert Ou’s eyes was not something Jasmine Tong couldn’t see.

“All right, do what you want.”

Jasmine Tong was just about to continue saying something when Albert Ou yawned.

“I’m tired today, go to bed early, okay?”

“Well, go to bed early.”

Albert Ou turned his back to Jasmine Tong, but his heart was very unpleasant.

Whenever Jasmine Tong wanted to have a child, he was very much struggling.

Several times he was tempted to say that he didn’t really want kids at all.

He wanted Jasmine Tong to give up on having children for himself.

However, he couldn’t say the words, he was afraid that Jasmine Tong would argue with him and ask him why he didn’t have a child.

Jasmine Tong slowly turned to the other side.

It’s impossible to sleep.

Does Albert Ou really want to have a baby or is he continuing to lie to her?

When she’s better, will he find another reason not to have a baby?

Jasmine Tong didn’t dare to think about it.

And so with a belly full of questions, Jasmine Tong finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, Albert Ou was no longer around.

After breakfast, Aunt Fanny saw that she still didn’t look too good, so she pulled her over to the sofa and explained her.

“Ma’am, you’re a sensible boy, and we can’t even untie the knot.”

Jasmine Tong’s face was haggard, with a black bruise under her eyes.

“Aunt Fanny, I just can’t think about it, he didn’t want to have a baby, he doesn’t want to have a baby now, but he keeps lying to me.”

“Ma’am, I’m going to say you a couple of words about this, this young couple have a child, it’s a matter of two people, this if both parents are present, it’s a matter of two families, everything should be discussed.Ma’am, pardon me for asking, but you’re in a perfect career and still so young, so why do you want to have children?”

Jasmine Tong laughed bitterly.

“I’ve seen girls your age who might want to play for a few more years and not have kids so early.”

“Aunt Fanny, I’m not going to lie to you, my brother, he has a heart condition, his health is not good, he won’t live long, he’s been like this since he was a child, he especially likes children, but his body, it’s impossible for him to get married and have children in this life, so he’s always especially wanted me to have children and wanted to be an uncle.”

They hadn’t talked deeply before, so Aunt Fang didn’t know about these things, but now it seemed that Jasmine Tong was also a poor child.

“Ma’am, so, you don’t actually want children very much, do you?”

Jasmine Tong dropped her head, thinking for a moment.

Yeah, she wasn’t really ready for that and what it would entail to be a mom.

She nodded.

“You’re right, I’m on the upswing in my career right now, and it’s really not wise to have a child at this time, but Little Lei he, he can’t wait long.”

“But ma’am, have you ever thought about how your husband feels about this childbirth being a two person affair, you can’t because”

Aunt Fanny suddenly stopped, organized her language and continued.

“I used to have a friend who had a daughter, and she ah only had such a precious daughter, and she was also particularly fond of children, but her health was not good, and after she gave birth to a daughter, she also f*cked a son, but unfortunately she didn’t keep it off.Then his daughter got married and kept pushing for her daughter, to have a baby so she could help them with the baby.”

Jasmine Tong watched Aunt Fang carefully and listened quietly to her story.

“As a result guess what this child was born soon after, but the youngest two were too young and inexperienced with children, and they were sick for three days, and this daughter’s husband didn’t agree to have a child at first, he didn’t have a high salary and was worried that he couldn’t afford it and wanted to fight for two years.”


“When the child gets sick and wants money, and has a baby, and my friend’s daughter doesn’t have a job, and my friend goes to help with the baby, and food and drink, and her daughter’s husband supports her, and you know what happened after that.”


“Divorced, there’s no way to live with that, the girl’s husband, there’s nothing he can do about it, he’s raising three people on his own, and his own parents to support, the pressure is just too much, and the constant fighting has worn out the little couple’s relationship.”


“There are really too many examples of this, where a mother-in-law pushes her daughter-in-law to have a baby, where a husband pushes his wife to have a baby, or where the wife herself wants it, and it doesn’t turn out too well.I’m just trying to tell you that having a baby is a two-person thing to discuss, not because of anyone.Young Master Tong, although he is your own brother, he is an outsider to the family of you and sir, and the two of you children call him uncle at best, but sir is the father of the child.”

Aunt Fang’s words, however, reminded Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong seemed to have an epiphany in that moment.

She did ignore Albert Ou’s feelings.

“You also don’t always feel that Mr. deceive you, I’m not talking to Mr. You want children so much, Young Master Tong and like that, if he is dead or alive do not want, you two can not quarrel Mr. go along with you, that is also care about you, care about this family.”

“Aunt Fanny, I see what you mean.”

“You’re a smart kid, a little penetrating, think about it yourself, find a chance to talk to Mr. I think Young Master Tong is also a sensible kid, talk to him.”


The conversation with Aunt Fang did make Jasmine Tong think a lot.

When Albert Ou came back in the evening, the two of them were going to be as good again as before.

The next day, Jasmine Tong went to the Academy of Fine Arts and asked Yarwen Tong out.

“Sis, you can sign me first, I’ll send my classmate.”

Jasmine Tong signed without saying a word.

“Xiaolei, Sis is here today to find you something.”

Chapter 246

“Sister, what do you want from me? You have to tell me quickly. I’ve got things to do.”

Yarwen Tong said as he carefully put his signature away.

Jasmine Tong held the milk tea in her hand and lowered her eyelids, although she had been thinking about how to open her mouth on the way here, she would still be a little timid when it came time to open her mouth.

“Sis, is something wrong.”

Seeing that Jasmine Tong hadn’t opened her mouth, Yarwen Tong was a little anxious.


Jasmine Tong immediately denied it.

“So what’s going on? You and your brother-in-law had a fight.”

Jasmine Tong shook her head like a rattle.

“It’s like this, little lei, my sister’s career is on the rise right now, and this is the time to seize the opportunity, so I think”

Yarwen Tong hadn’t guessed what Jasmine Tong was going to say and listened quietly.

“I think we’ll hold off on having children for a while.”

Yarwen Tong’s brow furrowed.

“I knew it,”

Jasmine Tong grabbed Yarwen Tong’s hand.

“Actually, your brother-in-law and I were both so young and didn’t, like, particularly want to have children, and your brother-in-law was the same, he”

“You don’t have to lie to me I knew from the start that you wouldn’t want to have kids once you got into the entertainment industry”

Yarwen Tong was a little frustrated.

“Little Lei,”

“And you take it from my brother-in-law who always wanted to have kids you just for your own career”

Jasmine Tong was also helpless, and in order to coax Yarwen Tong in the first place, she made Albert Ou lie.

Now trying to tell the truth has become a lie instead.

“Sister, brother-in-law has a successful career, you can completely support you, you have a child now while you are young, and then make a comeback later ah with brother-in-law, you become famous that is not a matter of minutes.”

“Little Lei,”

“Okay, just don’t say anything, if you don’t want to have it, I won’t force you, anyway, I won’t live more than a few years.”

“Little Lei, don’t say such things.”

This was the most taboo word for Jasmine Tong.

“Sis, even if you don’t want to hear this, I’m going to say it, the doctor said I won’t live to be seventeen, I’ve lived now, I’ve earned every day I have left, and you and I both know in our hearts that I won’t live long.”

There are things that we all know, we just don’t want to talk about them.

Although Yarwen Tong’s related condition was good, because there was no way to treat it at all, his heart would sooner or later fail to support it.

“Come on, Little Lei, I just wanted to discuss this with you, nothing more, and since you don’t agree, I’ll listen to you.”

Yarwen Tong was stunned.

“You go back to your work, and I’ll be back.”

“Sis, actually, if I didn’t mean to contradict you, I just think that you and brother-in-law should have a baby now that you’re so close, brother-in-law, shouldn’t you have a baby to solidify your position in such a position?”

Jasmine Tong lost her voice laughing.

“Idiot, have you been watching too many TV shows?”

“Isn’t that so? That kind of identity, there must be a lot of good women around, brother-in-law is good to you now, but in the future who can’t say, so you need to have a child between you ah, to maintain the relationship between you, soap operas are acted like this.”

“Okay, well, go ahead and get busy, I’m going home, call if you need anything.”

The two siblings went their separate ways.

Yarwen Tong has been busy with the New Year’s Day Party recently, and it was the first time he had been involved in this kind of collective thing all.

Also with him was Mo Yi Xin.

Back at the University Student Center, Mo Yi Xin is rehearsing for the New Year’s Day party.

“Okay, this one feels especially good, let’s take a break.”

Mo Yi Xin gave the order, and everyone could finally rest.

Yarwen Tong walked up to Mo Yi Xin and touched the signature in his pocket.

Although they were in charge of the New Year’s Eve party together, there really wasn’t much chance for the two to talk, seemingly because of those three love letters.

“Mo Yi Xin.”

Yarwen Tong mustered up the courage to shout.

“Well” Mo Yi Xin also found it strange, the two of them had always not spoken.

Ever since that time when we saw Yarwen Tong with a girl in the teahouse, everyone thought that Yarwen Tong had a girlfriend, so Mo Yi Xin stopped pestering Yarwen Tong.

In the end, it’s a lady of a thousand dollars and has dignity.

“What is it, Yarwen”

“I heard you like Jasmine Tong.”

“Yeah, and I’ve got a global support group for Jasmine Tong, and I’m the president.”

This matter is known to everyone in the school, Yarwen Tong naturally heard about it, and because of this, Yarwen Tong decided to thank Mo Yi Xin.

Yarwen Tong pulled out the autographed photo from his pocket.

“This is for you.”

Mo Yi Xin stared at the autographed photo.

“For me.”


“Thanks.”Mo Yi Xin picked up that autographed photo.

After that, the two men fell silent.

“That, Yarwen Tong, I heard you have a girlfriend.”

In the end, Mo Yi Xin is still bold enough to ask such a direct question.

Although last time, Lin Zhihang had already asked the answer for her, but she was still a little unrelenting, she had to hear Yarwen Tong say it herself.

Yarwen Tong hesitated for a moment.

“Yes, I have a girlfriend.”

At that instant, Mo Yi Xin only felt like his ears were ringing and he couldn’t hear anything.

He actually has a girlfriend.

Mo Yi Xin laughed awkwardly.

“It’s the girl you ate with at the tea restaurant the other day, isn’t it?”

Mo Yi Xin pretended to be fine and smiled brightly.

Yarwen Tong nodded.

“Oh, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend before, so, that’s why I wrote you the love letter, I must have caused you a lot of trouble, I’m so sorry.”

Mo Yi Xin apologized generously.

“It’s okay, but we can still be friends.”

“Well.”Mo Yi Xin nodded, “Then I’m going to rehearse.”

The moment he turned around, the smile on Mo Yi Xin’s face immediately disappeared.

It’s okay to still be friends.

Yarwen Tong looked at the back of Mo Yi Xin’s departure and felt very uncomfortable.

At this age, what boy wouldn’t want to fall in love?

But he knew that he couldn’t.

Jasmine Tong sat in the car on the way home.

She was originally trying to convince Yarwen Tong to tell him not to be so eager to be an uncle.

But who knew Yarwen Tong’s attitude was still very determined.

Take your time.

She’d better have a good talk with Albert Ou first.

Just at that moment, her phone suddenly rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Jasmine Tong hung up straight away.

As a celebrity, you can’t just take calls from strange numbers.

But the number continued to call.

After thinking about it, Jasmine Tong still picked up.

“Hello, is this Miss Jasmine Tong?”

“Something wrong?”

“We here at the Downtown Women’s Union are responsible for investigating the causes of abortion and recovery in our city, and you had an abortion some time ago, correct?”

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