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Chapter 262

Yu Muwan’s heart throbbed in a chaotic rhythm.

Is she dreaming? Seeing the wrong person?

Her breathing became fierce, she couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t help but glanced again, there can be nothing wrong with this, because her clear eyes are directly hitting the man!

Nangong Che!

Her delicate eyebrows were slightly frowned, her eyes dodge and annoyed, damn, she has been here for three months! How come you never know that Liyuan is the property of the Nangong family? !

“Mu Wan, what’s the matter with you?” the colleague asked in a low voice.

Yu Muwan was upset, biting her lip and lowering her head, hoping that Nangong Che would have a meeting with those high-level officials, but she didn’t expect to hear a melodious and low voice in Lingkong: “Are there people whispering when I’m there? Don’t you dare? small……”

Yu Muwan was startled, and when he raised his eyes, he saw Nangong Che turning around, with a long body and a deep sneer in his black eyes, staring at her: “Let her send the information!”

After speaking, he turned around and went upstairs with an icy coolness, followed by a group of people.

The director of their department kept bowing his head and sweating. After Nangong Che disappeared, he walked over and stared at them, “What are you doing? Hmm? I don’t want to do it, right?!”

The heart was tightened fiercely, and Yu Muwanqing’s eyes were silently lamented, and he stubbornly pressed it down again without speaking.

God knows if she is violent with this man, she can meet it everywhere! She had only seen him last night, and there seemed to be his domineering and cold smell around her body, and now she actually…

“I see, I’ll send the information right away!” She took a breath, her eyes bright, she looked fearless.

It is estimated that this man was born to look unpleasant to her, and even his colleagues had to deal with her words, neurotic!


In the luxurious office on the top floor, no one dares to enter when the boss is away.

Yu Muwan took the information and knocked on the door.

With a deep “come in” inside, her slender figure walked in and saw Nangong Che sitting on a swivel chair with his arm on the armrest, his slender fingers lightly tapping the temple, her deep and compelling eyes staring at the report. project manager.

She hesitated, is it inappropriate to go up and pass the information?

Besides, Nangong Che’s eyes never fell on her, as if she was a transparent person.

Yu Muwan had to stand aside and waited quietly.

After standing on his legs sore, the report was over. Nangong Che gracefully turned to the dark wood desk and said loudly, “Okay, you can go out first.”

The department manager walked out, Yu Muwan took a breath and stepped forward and said, “This is the information you want.”

At the desk, the arrogant man raised his eyes, a flash of light flashed in his frosty eyes, playful and dangerous.

“Don’t you know what to call me?” He admired her in professional attire, said faintly.

what is it call? President? Or the chairman? Or Master Nangong?

Yu Muwan has a big head. She has always worked at the bottom level, and she has never had the opportunity to reach the top level. Her palms holding the materials are sweating slightly, and her white face is obviously embarrassed.

“I… don’t know.” She had to tell the truth.

Nangong Che smiled, fascinated, he got up and slowly said: “You really don’t know. If you really realize who I am, you won’t be so disobedient…”

Yu Muwan was a little nervous. Before he could back up, he approached him. Then a warm breath fell on his sensitive ears, and he said solemnly, “Give me the phone.”

Chapter 263

A trace of vigilance suddenly emerged.

Yu Muwan subconsciously retracted his hand to cover the mobile phone in his professional outfit pocket.

But when he raised his eyes, Nangong Che smiled evilly, pinched her wrist and pulled away. Seeing that she hid in shock, he twisted her wrist and twisted her back to make her body close to his chest, slender. Picking her finger in the small pocket on her chest, the phone fell into his hand.

“You…” Yu Muwan’s heartbeat was fierce and disordered, “What are you doing!”

“I don’t have time to follow you all the time, and I don’t expect you to take the initiative to reveal Cheng Yisheng’s whereabouts to me, so let this chip monitor your phone, and all your call records will be transferred to me…” Beautiful fingers The case was lightly removed, and the small chip was inlaid with one hand and then installed. The smooth movement was completed in one go. Nangong Che’s deep eyes stared at her, “It’s much simpler, isn’t it?”

Yu Muwan stared at him blankly, a strange expression flashing across his white face.

“Are you stupid? I can take it down by myself!” she blurted out.

“Try it,” Nangong Che let go of her, his face suddenly cold, put the phone back in her pocket, and slowly raised her chin with his fingers, “Yu Muwan, I know that simple warnings are useless to you, so I still You have to suffer a bit—”

A smile floated at the corner of his mouth, “Now, go back to your seat, type a resignation letter and send it to me, then pack your things and get out of the Liyuan Building…”

His voice was subtle and clear, slowly, word by word for her to hear clearly.

“Woman, do you understand what I mean?”

A slow sentence made Yu Muwan’s small face pale instantly, and her big eyes looked at him incredulously.

This man’s eyebrows were born arrogant and domineering.

She has no breathing, her whole consciousness is floating.

“Are you going to fire me?” she asked him with a hoarse voice.

Nangong Che heard her breath, the indifferent and elegant figure seemed to be saying something insignificant, and his mellow voice slowly said, “Just as punishment for you hanging up Cheng Yisheng’s phone last night, you really think what I said. , Is it scaring you?”

In the air, his eyes were cold, condensed into a layer of frost.

——Yu Muwan, do you really think that what I said is scaring you? !

Yu Muwan’s head buzzed like a bang, and his heart sorrows and protests surged.

“Nangong Che, please don’t bring personal matters to the company? There is nothing wrong with my job, and you should give me a reason even if you fire me! Is this the way the boss of Liyuan is?!”

Nangong Che frowned, and her heart stabbed once again by her impudent words.

She is really brave, and is still irritating him at this time? !

“Take your things and get out immediately, otherwise I promise you won’t even get a point for severance pay!” He growled, staring at her with cold eyes.

“You–” Yu Muwan was speechless, his heartache was extremely painful!

“a**hole, get out! How come there is a man like you!!” She cried out with a sob, a layer of mist formed in her eyes, and she beat him hard in the chest and pushed him away!

God knows how much she needs money and how helpless! Qian Rou’s operation has already weighed on her out of breath, and he could smash her job with a single sentence! What is she going to live on? ! How could this man be so cruel!

Nangong Che was unprepared and was slammed into the cabinet behind him, holding his hand on the wall to stabilize his body. When he raised his head, his handsome face suddenly turned black!

Chapter 264

He didn’t intend to do this.

I came to inspect Liyuan early in the morning, but I was tossed by Enxi’s affairs recently, and I didn’t have time to take care of the family business. It was just a coincidence! I could actually meet her in the Liyuan Building! If he didn’t do something to frustrate her spirit, he would not be Nangong Che!

But now it seems that she is covered with thorns at all, and she can’t touch it!

Nangong Che slowly pushed away from the wall, like a slow-moving shot, with a terrifying handsome face slowly staring at her forbearing grief.

“Heh…what kind of man is a man like me? Do you know?” He sneered, looking down at her.

Yu Muwan was anxious and burst into tears, saying, “Selfish and arrogant, I don’t understand or care about others’ feelings at all! Do you know how many people you can ruin with a single sentence?! You know how to find a job to support yourself now How difficult is it?! You know your sister is anxious when she is missing, what about my sister? What will happen to her if she can’t see her all her life?! Neurosis…I’m fed up with you!”

Hot tears fell, and she tremblingly opened the back cover of the phone, buckled the small chip and threw it on his face, and walked out the door without looking back.

Nangong Che was scolded and greeted her leaving with disgust.

“Shit…” He cursed viciously, chasing after him in stride, and couldn’t understand why every time he was so angry that he wanted to choke her to death, she still showed such a disgusting appearance that he walked away!

“Yu Muwan…You stop for me!” Nangong Che rudely hugged her from behind with a twist of her wrist, and the door that had been half-twisted her “slammed” again.

“You let me go… Am I violent with you? I met you at work, and you at work, and I didn’t mess with you. Why are you holding me every time?!” Yu Muwan Weeping and struggling in his arms.

“I’m also wondering how I can meet you everywhere, and I’m always half-dead by you!” Nangong Che gritted his teeth and said in her ear, dragged her back, and smashed her on the cabinet despite her struggle. , “Be honest with me!”

Unexpectedly, using too much force, her weak back slammed into the corners of the cabinet, with a “bang”, she frowned with pain and her face turned pale.

“Uh…” Yu Muwan slid a strand of hair down his face, curled up slightly, and clenched his arm tightly.

Nangong Che panted low, seeing the pain on her face, a trace of regret flashed in her eyes.

It seems that it is really too hard.

Her skin was naturally fair, and the strand of hair hanging next to her cherry lips was so sultry, he suddenly wanted to lift the strands of hair away, put up her little face and k*ssed it…

“Nangong Che, what do you want?!” With tears in her eyes, her pale face stared at him viciously.

The arrogant man frowned and was shocked by the thought he had just said. He took her little white hand and threw it away from him, gave her a disgusting look, turned around and took out a cigarette from the cigarette case, and put it slightly irritated. Lit between lips.

“Please,” he spit out two words coldly, and the smoke blurred his face, “Yu Muwan, doesn’t it sound like you need this job? Please, I will give it to you!”

Yu Muwan’s eyebrows were so painful that they didn’t stretch, but when they heard this, they frowned and showed her eyebrows: “You–!”

“You don’t have to choose!” Nangong Che was determined, and looked at him arrogantly.

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