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Chapter 277

Two years ago, after Huo Yulong’s father and mother died, the Huo family was especially deserted on New Year’s Eve.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

Huo Yulong has always been generous to his servants, and every New Year’s Eve, he would not stop anyone from going home.

Huo Sijie kept his head down, talking to his classmates about WeChat worship and grabbing red envelopes, Huo Siya was already sleepy and kept yawning.

Looking at this scene at home, Huo Yulong couldn’t help but sigh.

“If my sister were still here, maybe the house would be a little more lively, owl, and it would be time for you to get married and have a few children and have a lively home.”

The worst thing about New Year’s is that the house is deserted.

A lull, all the sadness, will all be triggered.

The Cold Lords looked at Huo Yulong.

“Kit, Maya, you two go to bed, Maya’s too sleepy to open her eyes.”

The Cold Lords chuckled.

Chu Runzhi also immediately yawned.

“I’m too old to hold it together, and I’m going to bed.”She said and got up and went back to her room.

We were just sitting together for a while and everyone’s gone.

“Baron, we’re the only ones left, so have a drink with me.”

“Okay, Godfather.”

The Cold Lords did not refuse.

The two men sat at a small table with a few plates of canapés and two glasses of wine.

Huo Yulong’s thoughts were obvious to the Leng Lords at a glance.

“Godfather, I’m branching out Jay and Maya because I need to talk to you about something.”

“What is it?”

“You’re getting somewhere with what you asked me to look into.”

“My sister has been found,” Huo Yulong came to his senses.

The cold lord hung his eyes and thought for a moment.

“I didn’t want to tell you today, because it’s not good news.”

“You’re going to talk,” Huo Yulong urged, he couldn’t wait any longer.

“I’ve been looking into Slivestopol for a long time, but I finally found out that my aunt is with a man named Marven Tong.”

“Marven Tong turned out to be him.”

Huo Yulong looked at the Cold Lords in shock.

“Godfather, do you know this Marven Tong?”

“acquaintance, not very familiar, their family sells wine, my sister’s 18th birthday, I need a lot of wine for my sister’s bar mitzvah, at that time was to buy wine from Tong Kee, this Marven Tong is as a young proprietor to send wine, did not expect to be him”

Huo Yulong clapped his hands in remorse.

He thinks he’s checked out all the guys, and missed the kid who delivered the drinks first

Who’d have thought that after just one delivery, they’d fall in love?

“You go on,”

“Auntie and Marven Tong went to Slivestopol and changed their names to Tong Yu, but unfortunately,”

“Pity what” Huo Yu Long had a bad feeling about this.

He had been prepared for his sister to have passed away, though, after all these years had passed.

“On the way the two eloped, my aunt had a miscarriage and that child was not saved.Later, the aunt gave birth to a daughter, but the Tong family is so patriarchal that it’s been several generations, and must have a son.This Marven Tong is a playboy, he had an affair with someone else when his aunt was pregnant, and after her aunt gave birth to her daughter, the woman outside him had a pair of dragon and phoenix children.”

Huo Yulong’s veins popped out of his ears.

I can’t believe this happened to his sister.

“Auntie was unwilling, and was determined to give the Tong family a son, when the miscarriage fell ill, and she didn’t get well when she sat on the moon, so later, it took years to conceive a child, and this time she finally gave birth to a son.”

The cold lord sighed silently.

Even a man like him, who considered himself hard-hearted, thought that the woman’s fate was too tragic.

“The boy was born in poor health and was later diagnosed with a heart condition and won’t live long.”


“When my aunt gave birth to her son, she was lingering sick, and then also”

Huo Yulong was already in tears.

But his sister, ah, his sister is the daughter of the Huo family’s daughter, who has been spoiled since she was a child, but she never thought that for a man, she would

“Sister, sister, you’re so stupid, are you worth it for a man like that?”

Huo Yulong kept pounding the table.

“Godfather, don’t feel too bad, you can’t come back from the dead, I wasn’t supposed to tell you this on New Year’s Eve.”

Huo Yulong wiped away the tears on his face and waved his hand towards the Cold Lords.

“It’s not your fault, just should have gone to a lot of trouble to find this out too, hard work, owl.”

“Godfather and I are just being polite, Godfather, and my aunt’s pair of children are still here.”

Huo Yulong’s eyes finally lit up again at the mention of this.

He couldn’t find his sister, and was able to find her children and forget about the whole thing.

“After his sister died, Marven Tong married the woman outside who had a dragon and phoenix.”

“My nephews and nieces must not have suffered much from their stepmother.”

“Your niece, Jasmine Tong, the one who just recently won a post-acting trophy, and your nephew’s name is Yarwen Tong, and although his health has been poor, he’s in college this year, studying fashion design.”

Hearing this, Huo Yulong finally had some comfort.

“So where are they now I’m going to take them back and never let anyone bully them again in the future.”

Those were the two children his sister had traded her life for.

Once again, the Cold Lords were silent.

That’s exactly the tricky part of this matter.

Huo Yulong seemed to see that the Leng Lords had a hard time saying anything.

“What’s wrong, owl,”

“I’m afraid it’s a little tricky.”In the meantime, the Cold Lords are knitting their brows.

If things were that simple, he would have brought Jasmine Tong here long ago, and maybe the Huo family would be reunited this year.

“How tricky that bastard Tong Fook won’t let go or my sister’s kid won’t recognize me.”

“Neither, Godfather, Little Lei has been in poor health, he has congenital heart disease, the doctor said he can’t stand the excitement, I’m afraid he won’t live long.”

Huo Yulong was stunned at first, then, he also sighed.

“Poor kid.”

“So this is something I haven’t told them yet, never disturb Little Lei, and as for Little Man, she’s married.”

“Married. How old is she?”

“Twenty-two, been married for over a year.”

“Marrying so young, it’s not like that sister of mine did something out of the ordinary.”

The Cold Lords hurriedly shook their heads.

“No, Jasmine Tong is a very nice girl, Yarwen this disease, spent a lot of money, Tong family think he is going to die anyway, spending money is useless, frosty not a penny.That’s hard on Mandy.”

“Oh,” Huo Yulong let go of that.

“Things are tricky with this guy who’s married to Mandy.”

Huo Yulong was even more unintelligible.

“Godfather, I don’t think you might believe this, but have you ever heard of a vampire?”

Chapter 278

The Cold Lords themselves know that no one would believe such a thing as a vampire.

“Godfather, believe it or not, I still have to tell you that Mandy’s situation is very critical right now, she’s in love with a vampire and the two of them are married.”

For the words of the Leng Lords, Huo Yulong was naturally very surprised.

If it were anyone else, I’m afraid the cold lord would think the cold lord was talking in his sleep, or watching too much TV.

But Huo Yulong wouldn’t, he knew his godson too well.

“Lords, is there any real proof of these vampires you speak of?”

“I fought him, I wounded him with my dagger, he kicked me in the ribs, I had to make a hasty escape, but I found out later that my dagger had blue marks on it.This morning I consulted a lot of Du Gu books during this time, and I wasn’t sure at first, but later, after I recovered from my injuries, I returned to Slivestopol and poked around for a while before I came to a conclusion.”

To this question, Huo Yulong that was showing quite a bit of surprise.

“I remember hearing my father talk about vampires when I was a child, he traveled south and once wandered into a forest by mistake, he had seen a man with blue eyes, and physical features, but an Asian face, and in the forest the man fought a leopard and won easily.”


“My father was so frightened that he left that forest immediately, and then he managed to escape, and when he came back and mentioned it to people, they didn’t believe him, so he had to keep quiet and never mentioned it again, except once when he told it to me as a story.To prove that what he saw was true, he once even searched everywhere and consulted ancient books.”

“There are indeed some recorded in the old books, but they thought it was more of a demon, that they lived on blood, and there are some references to vampires in the western books, that they are real and not just a figment of people’s imagination.”

“That Mandy,”

Huo Yulong looked worriedly at the Cold Lords.

“Vampires who interact with humans mostly want to live off blood, but from what I’ve observed Mandy hasn’t provided blood to the other side, and as far as I know Mandy shouldn’t know who they are yet.”

The cold lord’s eyes are sure, good thing Huo Yulong believes in him.

“Then we need to find a way to cut her off from this vampire immediately.”

“I revealed to her last time that Albert Ou, was a vampire, but Mandy didn’t believe it at all, and she’s in love with Albert Ou, so it’s a really tricky thing.”

It’s love again.

“My bitter sister cut her life short by falling in love with a man she shouldn’t have, and I will never let my niece make the same mistake.”

“So, Godfather, this is a long shot, and I still need more information on the vampires so that Mandy can verify it herself, thus staying away from Albert Ou, which is the safest way to go.”

Huo Yulong mulled it over for a moment then said.

“Lords, wait for me.”

Huo Yulong left the room and went back to the bedroom, returning a moment later and handing a key to the cold owl.

“Lords, my father also loved antiques and curiosities, he collected many old books in the beginning, also to look up information about vampires, after he died, I sealed that room, after all, the books were very old and could not withstand the toss.”

Leng Lords looked at this key in his hand and understood Huo Yulong’s intentions.

“Go ahead and check it out, though, don’t worry about ruining those books, and besides, I have an American library account, and there might be some research on this abroad, so you can check it out.”

The Cold Lords were naturally happy to do it.

“Lords, I’ll leave this matter to you.”

“Since Godfather trusts me so much, I’ll do my best, but the less people know about this vampire thing, the better.”

“Don’t worry, I understand what’s at stake, you and I are the only ones who know about this, and I won’t tell a third person.”

Only then did the Leng Lords feel relieved.


At four or five o’clock, there was a burst of firecrackers outside, because the air pollution was quite severe, so in recent years, all of them were only allowed to set off firecrackers on the day of the Spring Festival, no other time.

The sound of firecrackers woke up the people who were sleeping.

Jasmine Tong woke up, rubbing her eyes and pushing Albert Ou next to her.

“Time to get up.”

Albert Ou grunted and gathered Jasmine Tong’s entire body in his arms.

“It’s only what time it is. Sleep some more.”

“It’s New Year’s Day, you have to get up early, everyone will be up later, and we’re the only two not up, how embarrassing.”

Jasmine Tong said as she yawned.

“If you knew, you wouldn’t come, and you can sleep as long as you want in our own home.”

Albert Ou opened his eyes and looked at Jasmine Tong in his arms and immediately leaned in for a k!ss.

“All right, get up.”

The two men were up in a hurry.

The children were woken up by a flurry of adults, and when they would get up later, they were all in great spirits.

“Congratulations on your fortune. Give me the red envelopes.” The children started begging for them.

Jasmine Tong also took their own prepared red envelopes out, although the younger generation, but the red envelopes should still be given.

The last person in the family to get up was Mo Yiang.

“Ione, how did you get out of Twilight’s room?”

Mo Yiang’s eyes were black and blue, this look is not a good sleep.

“My big brother had to sleep with me he guessed he was afraid to sleep at night” Mo Yiang betrayed without hesitation.

“I’m sick and tired of you talking in your sleep and grinding your teeth.”

On the first day of the new year, Mo Yiang was a wake-up call when he woke up.

“You’re so old, the last one to get up, you still have a reason to hurry up and pay your respects, don’t forget your aunt and uncle.”

Mo Yiang has also received a lot of red envelopes this way to pay his respects.

Mojia still retains the ancient tradition of kowtowing to elders on New Year’s Day.

Even Albert Ou had to take Jasmine Tong with him and kowtow to his two aunts and uncles.

But it was Mo Yiang’s turn, and Mo Yiang looked at Albert Ou and Jasmine Tong and automatically ignored them.

“Yi Aang, and your little uncle and your little aunt how to forget them both also reminded you” said Yao Xiangyun.

Mo Yiang glared at Yao Xiangyun, whether he is charging the phone fee to send the obvious is to forget on purpose.

Jasmine Tong pulled out the last red envelope from her pocket.

“The biggest one is reserved for the eldest nephew, how about kowtowing?”

Jasmine Tong immediately shook the red envelope in her hand.

“What are you adding to the mess?” said Mo Yiang very helplessly.

“You child how to talk to your little aunt it quickly kowtow your little aunt are waiting to give you red envelopes it,” the adults urged.

Chapter 279

Now all the people looked at Mo Yiang.

Mo Yiang is really riding the tiger.

For one thing, Albert Ou and Jasmine Tong were indeed his elders, and according to the rules of the house, he was indeed supposed to kowtow to them.

But he just can’t get past his own heart.

Jasmine Tong kept holding back a smile, she all wanted to see if Mo Yiang would really kowtow to her.

Mo Yiang was really embarrassed.

Jasmine Tong also knew that it seemed too difficult for Mo Yiang.

“Okay, okay, when you get married, just bring your wife with you to kowtow to me, but this red envelope is free.”

Jasmine Tong put the red envelope away.

Albert Ou used to spend New Year’s over here too, but the parents didn’t ask Mo Yiang to kowtow to Albert Ou, after all, the family rule was that it was only allowed after marriage.

But this year, Albert Ou did marry Jasmine Tong, and according to the rules of the family, he and Jasmine Tong should indeed be kowtowed to.

“The dumplings are ready. Come and eat them.”

The kids all ran over to eat dumplings with joy.

Mo Yiang let out a sigh of relief.

“Scared in a cold sweat, great nephew” Jasmine Tong leaned close to Mo Yiang and asked cautiously.

Mo Yiang gave Jasmine Tong a fierce stare and didn’t say anything.

It’s not a cold sweat.

The family was lively though, as we slept late last night and got up early this morning, so we all had lunch and made up for a nap.

There was nothing much to do in the afternoon, Jasmine Tong woke up and stayed in bed.

Albert Ou was still asleep next to her.

Jasmine Tong took out her cell phone, still just not a single call, not a single text message.

Her WeChat message lay quietly with a photo from Rameen Tong, and a message.

“A family portrait of our family for you to enjoy oh.”

Jasmine Tong looked at the family portrait very harshly.

I remember when my grandfather was alive, he used to take a family photo every New Year’s Eve.

And now, she and Yarwen Tong are no longer on the family portraits of the Tong family.

I remember last year, Marven Tong also called her and asked her to come home for New Year’s Eve, but this year, there wasn’t even a phone call.


Albert Ou’s languid voice came from ear to ear.

“Nothing, woke up.”

“Your dad didn’t call you, did he?”

Jasmine Tong’s smile was a little bitter without answering.

What a deep hatred this is, not even letting your own children come home for New Year’s.

It’s fine if Tu Simin doesn’t want them to go back, but Marven Tong is their real father after all.

“Forget about it, when are we going back”

“I want to go home. I don’t like it here.”

Albert Ou squeezed Jasmine Tong’s cheek.

“No, I’m worried about little Lei.”

Albert Ou breathed a meaningful sigh of relief.

“Jasmine, make this your home from now on, and you’ll have a family from now on.”

“But this is the in-laws’ house.”

“What’s wrong with my mother-in-law’s house? isn’t my house a home? if it’s better than your mother’s house, you can go to your mother’s house, and I can see that people like you a lot and already consider you part of the family.”

Jasmine Tong smiled happily.

The Mo family did treat her well, and several cousins did not look down on her in the least.

“I thought you said a place is home when I’m there.”

Jasmine Tong snuggled into Albert Ou’s arms feeling more grounded than ever before.

Originally, the Mo family wanted to keep them for a few more days, but Albert Ou saw that Jasmine Tong really missed Yarwen Tong, and after eating dumplings that night, he went straight home.

Back home, even Jasmine Tong was ready for the house to be a pigsty of chaos, but she didn’t expect the house to still be exactly the same as when she left, clean and spotless.

“Xiaolei, didn’t your classmates come?”

“Came ah, really like a ghost into the village, cleaned up our house a little bit but a little bit of conscience after eating, help me clean up the house.”

Yarwen Tong scratched the back of his head in a silly manner.

“That’s good, I say, you big boys are going to have to make a mess of the house.”

“Sis, why are you back so soon I thought you were going to have a few more days over there”

Yarwen Tong did not expect that Jasmine Tong would return on the first day of the New Year.

Fortunately, he had prepared in advance and ate a lot of those snacks Jasmine Tong had prepared.

Also, it was Chinese New Year, so he was too bored to stay at home, so he brought some snacks and cooked some dumplings to bring to school and gave them to the old man who was the janitor.

The janitor, who is fatherless and childless, spends every New Year’s Eve alone there at the school.

“I’m not worried about you yet.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m so old.”

“Come on, I’m not all back at home we three can also be quiet and quiet.”

New Year’s is not really meaningful, it’s just those two days of fun and excitement, and then it’s all left boring.

Jasmine Tong is changing the way she cooks food for these two, and really wants to fatten them both up a bit.

These days the three people basically eat, sleep, eat, occasionally watch TV, the three of us play cards and so on, a small life is simply not too nourishing.

When she woke up on the morning of the fourth day, Jasmine Tong looked in the refrigerator and wondered why she hadn’t been out much in the past few days, but she ate quickly.

Aunt Fanny had bought a lot of it before she left, but now it seemed that there was not enough to eat.

Yarwen Tong and Albert Ou hadn’t gotten up yet.

Jasmine Tong took this time to get ready to go out and refill the fridge.

During the Chinese New Year, only one large supermarket was open, and Jasmine Tong, wearing a mask and pushing a cart, was making purchases.

The phone in her pocket suddenly rang, and I thought it was Albert Ou getting up and asking where she had gone, but then I saw a strange and familiar name.

Ellen Ron.

“What are you working on? Can you come out and meet me?”

Jasmine Tong didn’t want to have any contact with Ellen Ron, lest Albert Ou see it.

She replied straight away: no time.

Then, with the phone in his pocket, he proceeded to start shopping.

Once again, the phone rang.

“Have time to shop at the supermarket and no time to see me?”

Jasmine Tong immediately lifted her head and looked around.

Could Ellen Ron have seen him nearby?

“I’ll be at the Starbucks at the bottom of the supermarket where you are, come out and meet me.”

Jasmine Tong looked at the contents of her phone and was really a bit helpless.

“It’s better not to see it.”

After sending the message, Jasmine Tong continued her purchases, ignoring Ellen Ron.

She bought a lot of stuff, big plastic bags full of two big pockets.

When she came out of the supermarket’s exit, she found Ellen Ron, waiting for her at the door.

I had no choice but to follow Ellen Ron to Starbucks.

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