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Chapter 295

Hearing the word “anaemia”, Albert Ou’s heart still thudded.

“Jasmine is hurt her first day back today, how can I”

“Albert Ou, do you have a conscience why suddenly there is anemia you and I know in my heart that Jasminen is only suffering from trauma, isn’t it already fine? There’s no need for you to keep watch 24 hours a day.”

Albert Ou still couldn’t stand the inner torment.

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

Hanging up the phone, Albert Ou pressed the pump.

Jasmine Tong was so sleepy she couldn’t open her eyes anymore, and she hadn’t slept well at night recently in the mountains.

“Whose call is it?” asked Jasmine Tong in a daze.

“The company called and asked me to come over there, something needs to be done.”

Jasmine Tong rubbed her sleepy eyes.

“It’s so late, you still have to go?”

Albert Ou ruffled Jasmine Tong’s hair affectionately.

“Well, I have to go over there, it shouldn’t be too late, so you can go to bed.”

“Well, then, you’ll be back early.”


Albert Ou carved a k!ss on Jasmine Tong’s forehead and hurriedly left.

z.y. Hospital

She was brought to this hospital where she fainted, and the closest hospital to the airport was here.

The reason why John Quan calls Albert Ou over is because he thinks that Qin turns out to be faint and Albert Ou has something to do with it, and secondly, this is Albert Ou’s hospital, so the doctor naturally doesn’t dare to slack off on Qin turns out to be faint.

Albert Ou arrived just as the first aid was over.

The doctor in charge of first aid came out.

“The patient is fine, but she has severe anaemia, and from what his assistant said, she’s been in the mountains for a while, and she may have been a little low in blood sugar from malnutrition during this time, plus she didn’t quite fit off the plane, and that’s why she fainted.”

“So what now?”

“The patient needs to adjust in the hospital for a while now, she’s been working too hard lately, and her anemia can be a big or small problem, but it can also be a health risk in the long run.”

“Send it to my exclusive ward.”Albert Ou gave the order.

The doctor hesitated for a moment, but told the nurse to do what Albert Ou said.

Previously Albert Ou had orders that his exclusive ward was not to be of any use.

Later, when Jasmine Tong was hospitalized, everyone knew that she was Albert Ou’s wife, so it was understandable that she used the exclusive room.

Qin turned suddenly and was sent to Albert Ou’s exclusive ward.

She still hadn’t woken up, her face was pale and her lips were in no way bloodless.

Albert Ou’s heart was also very complicated regarding Qin’s sudden fainting.

“Zee, even though I know that you and suddenly are impossible, you can’t forget what suddenly did for you”

Albert Ou was silent.

“Ever since she found out that you and Manny had gotten married, suddenly she’s been working so hard to numb herself, she’s been sleeping less than four hours a day, and I guess she’s been working too hard, so that’s why she’s in this situation.You can’t leave her alone.”

“I didn’t say don’t care” Albert Ou retorted, “but you also have to know that Jasmine and I are married, and I should keep my distance from her”

When the front heard Albert Ou’s words, he immediately went forward and grabbed Albert Ou’s collar.

“When suddenly you didn’t even want your life for you, why didn’t you say that men and women can’t be taught Albert Ou, when did you become so cold-blooded you only have eyes for Manny now”

John Quan was all too impressed with Albert Ou’s indifference.

“Yes. Is it wrong that it’s the only person I have eyes for right now, Jasmine?”

John lets go of Albert Ou’s collar and swings a fist right in Albert Ou’s face.

“Are you still speaking human words just before you can’t be a lover with suddenly, but at least we are still friends, suddenly she once even risked her life for you, how can you be so cruel to her”

That punch from John poses no threat to Albert Ou.

Albert Ou stood steadily on the ground, but his voice seemed much more lonely.

“I didn’t say I didn’t care about her, I caused her illness and I’ll take responsibility for it to the end.”

“You’re still a human being,” John snorted coldly.

“Don’t tell Jasmine about this, I advise you to mind your own business if I know that someone is trying to deliberately sabotage me and Jasmine I will not let him go”

Albert Ou’s words were strong.

John’s eyes were a little wandering, but it seemed that Albert Ou was trying to defend him.

Of course Albert Ou had to defend himself against John Quan, he and Qin Liyuan had grown up together.

Between Jasmine Tong and Qin Jianlian, John Quan would of course choose the latter.

Albert Ou went alone to the doctor in charge of treating Qin Liyuan.

He had his doubts, but this was his own hospital after all, and the doctors here shouldn’t be bribed.

“Tell me honestly, what is the situation with Qin Liyuan.”

The doctor was shocked by Albert Ou’s words.

“O, haven’t I made myself clear?”

“I want you to say that again,” Albert Ou gritted his teeth, his gaze fierce.

The doctor nodded immediately.

“Miss Qin, it’s due to long term fatigue and malnutrition, thus triggering her anemia, and at the moment, the situation is not very urgent, but it’s still very serious, requiring hospitalization and blood replenishment medication.”

Albert Ou’s gaze relaxed a bit at that.

It seems that Chin’s sudden illness is real.

“And then how long will she be okay?”

“The blood replenishment medication is just an emergency treatment plan that will take about a week, but, rather, the anemia is a problem that needs to be taken care of.”

“I know.”

Albert Ou walked out of the office.

When I looked at the time, it was past two in the morning.

Jasmine Tong must have fallen asleep.

John and Albert Ou all stayed at the hospital.

Qin turned around and woke up the next morning.

As soon as he opened his eyes, John immediately made his way to the side of the bed.

“When you turned around, how did you feel when you woke up?”

Albert Ou was still standing farther away from the room.

“What’s wrong with me” Qin suddenly sounded very weak, like a breeze.

“Still, you fainted yesterday after getting off the plane or your old, anemic problem.You’ve been working too hard lately, and it’s time to get some rest and relaxation.”


When Qin turned around, he saw Albert Ou standing a short distance away.

She was surprised and delighted.

I thought Albert Ou would always stay by Jasmine Tong’s side, after all, Jasmine Tong had been injured.

“Asawa’s sorry for worrying you.”

“Isn’t it right for him to worry? Can you be anemic without him?”

“John, don’t say that.”

Albert Ou walked up to Qin Liyuan.

“The doctors and nurses here will take care of you twenty-four hours a day, so get some rest, I’m going home.”

Chapter 296

Hearing Albert Ou say that he wanted to go home, John’s anger was all over the place.

“Asawa suddenly just woke you up.”

Qin suddenly pulled John Quan immediately and shook his head towards John Quan.

“You’d better hurry back, Manny is hurt and needs your attention, I’ll be fine on my end, please stay here all night.”

Albert Ou dropped his eyelids.

He was always more or less guilty of turning around Qin suddenly.

“I’ll come see you later.”

After saying that, Albert Ou turned around and walked out of the hospital room.

John stomped his foot in anger.

“Then suddenly, what’s wrong with you? Isn’t it only right that he’s here to take care of you?”

Qin turned around with a slight smile and shook his head.

“Then suddenly, you wouldn’t be anemic if it wasn’t for Azawa, and if it wasn’t for Azawa, you wouldn’t have such ugly scars on your wrists, and you’d have to always try to cover them up, and you’re an actress.”

Watching Qin Liyuan do all this for Albert Ou, John Quan is grieving for Qin Liyuan in his heart.

“He’s married now, surely he can’t give you love, is it wrong to let him take care of you when you’re sick, and don’t forget, if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be lying here.”

John was indignant and sat down in his chair.

Qin turned around and sighed silently.

“Mandy’s hurt.”

“I’ve already heard, she was just traumatized, just a few stitches, no big deal at all you know what you fainted when your face was as white as white paper is really going to scare people to death at that time can’t even feel a pulse.”

When Qin turned around and smiled slightly, he didn’t say anything.

“Then suddenly, you’re always looking out for others, but who’s looking out for you can’t you be a little selfish you’re sick because of Asawa, how he takes care of you, it’s all due.”

“Alright, John, just stop talking about it, Asawa and Manny are quite close and I don’t want to get in the middle of it.Asawa is also worried about Manny misunderstanding, right?”

John Quan silently sighed, he was also convinced that Qin Liyuan was still speaking for others even at this time.

“Well, I won’t tell you what you want to eat, I’ll have them prepare it.”

Rainbow City

Tonto woke up and subconsciously felt her way to her bedside.

It’s cold and empty.

She immediately opened her eyes to find that there was no Albert Ou.

Just then, Albert Ou pushed open the bedroom door and walked in.


He smiled and walked over to the bed.

“Did you just get back?”

“Well, did you sleep well last night?”

Albert Ou’s eyes were full of all the spoiling.

“Well, that’s good, it’s been a long time since I’ve slept so soundly.”Jasmine Tong stretched a big lazy back.

“Looks like you can sleep just fine without me.”

Jasmine Tong grabbed Albert Ou’s neck.

“I’ll sleep better with you.”

Albert Ou intimately pecked Jasmine Tong on the lips.

“I asked Auntie Fang to make your favorite skinny egg and lean pork porridge, so you can get up later and drink it.”

“Are you sleepy? Get some sleep.”

“Jasmine, I’m probably going to be a little busy these days.”

Albert Ou said as he tidied up Jasmine Tong’s hair.


“Might not have as much time for you, would be mad at me.”

“Is the company’s problem very troublesome? “Jasmine Tong also immediately gripped her heart.

“Sort of, it’s probably going to be busy for a while anyway, so just don’t miss me too much after a few days.”

Tonto made a face.

“Don’t miss you.”

Albert Ou pushed his forehead against Jasmine Tong’s forehead.

“Don’t want me.”

Jasmine Tong’s smile was sweet.

“Then you shouldn’t be too tired.”

“No, God’s still good to me, he knows you’re hurt and can’t make out, so he’s keeping me busy and distracted.”

Jasmine Tong shyly pounded on Albert Ou’s chest.


Jasmine Tong didn’t suspect Albert Ou in the slightest, and thought that Albert Ou was really busy.

She’ll have to be at home for a few days because her leg injury is affecting her walking, but fortunately she’ll have some time off after shooting the big mountain part.

Jasmine Tong was suddenly reminded of the comb this evening.

When you’re alone you’re always imagining things.It wasn’t surprising that she’d brought it to mind.

Only she wasn’t trying to test anything with the comb, she was trying to throw that away.

It was a comb taken from a dead man’s hand, and Jasmine Tong suddenly felt very bad luck.

“It can’t be because of this comb that I’ve been having a spate of bad luck lately,”

Jasmine Tong muttered something and started looking around the room for a comb.

She couldn’t remember where she’d put the comb because the time was so far apart, so she had to rummage around the room.

But after all that searching, there was no sign of it.

“Where did it go?”

Aunt Fang and Pearblossom would not just enter her bedroom, usually, Jasmine Tong would clean up the bedroom herself, after all, she felt that the bedroom was suitable for privacy.

Aunt Fanny and Pearblossom are also absolutely trustworthy.

So Jasmine Tong thought the comb must be in the room, but she just didn’t know which corner it had fallen into.

“What are you looking for?” a dark voice came from the doorway.


Tong shrieked in fright, and it was weird to hear voices coming out of nowhere when she was concentrating on one thing.

“You scared the hell out of me” Jasmine Tong caressed her chest, in a state of shock.

“Looking for something so engrossed, or have you done something wrong.”

Albert Ou asked tentatively.

“What can I do wrong? I’m a cripple.”

As she said this, Jasmine Tong’s gaze clearly didn’t dare to meet Albert Ou’s.

Albert Ou could naturally see that, but he didn’t break up Jasmine Tong.

“If you know you’re a cripple, be an honest cripple.”

Albert Ou picked Jasmine Tong up and carried her straight to the bed.

Jasmine Tong threw up her tongue, she certainly didn’t dare to tell Albert Ou that she was looking for the comb that the Cold Lords had given her.

“Why are you back now?”

“Didn’t I tell you it’s been busy lately.”

“Oh, well then, wash up and go to bed early.I’ve washed it all.”


Albert Ou walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

He took a glove out of the drawer and put it on his hand, then opened the toilet tank and took the comb out of it.

He is not allowed to touch the comb directly.

If he guessed correctly, Jasmine Tong should be looking for this comb.

She really still doubted her identity.

Luckily, he’d hidden the comb before, but now it looked like he’d have to move it.

If Jasmine Tong did get the comb, it would inevitably have to verify her identity, and by then it would be too late.

Chapter 297

z.y. Hospital

After three or four days of continuous infusion, Qin suddenly looked much better.

By the way, Qin Liyuan’s life was actually quite pitiful.

She wasn’t from Slivestopol, but when she was young, her family had more children, and her parents passed her on to her aunt, who raised her.

Her aunt had previously worked as a maid for the Quan family, and that’s how Qin turned out to know John Quan.

A few years ago, my aunt died of lung cancer, and she has no one left in Slivestopol.After her career improved, her parents’ side recognized her back, but she wasn’t in the same city after all.

Add to that the fact that we didn’t live together as children, and we’re obviously quite estranged.

However, Qin suddenly turns around and does his best to help his parents and siblings at home.

She was hospitalized and didn’t tell her family, so naturally, no one came to visit.

John would take the time to come over from time to time, and Albert Ou would always come over after work.

When Qin turned around and felt better, he began to prepare for discharge.

When Albert Ou came over, the two men, Qin Liyuan and John Quan, were arguing.

“Ah Ze, you’ve come just in time, hurry up and persuade suddenly she’s just a bit better, she’s about to be discharged from the hospital and start working, I don’t even know what to say to her”

John rushes to sue when he sees Albert Ou coming.

Qin turned around and smiled towards Albert Ou, the smile gentle as water.

“Anemia is not a problem that can be solved in a day or two, I’ll just pay more attention to it in the future, it’s nothing serious, I’m feeling much better now, I’ll have no problem getting out of the hospital.”

“What did the doctor say” Albert Ou’s attitude had been cold and aloof.

“The doctor, of course, said that a course of treatment is needed,” replied John before anyone else.

“Then listen to the doctor.”

“You see, Asawa has told you to listen to the doctor, so just be honest.”

Qin turned around and barely smiled, not arguing any further.

Albert Ou came over quite often, but basically the two of them didn’t have much to say to each other.

“That, I have things to do, I’ll be off, you guys talk”

John was quick to blink each time.

The only two people left in the ward were Qin Liyuan and Albert Ou.

“Asawa, actually you don’t have to come over every day, the doctors and nurses here take care of it very carefully, how is Manny’s leg injury, you come over every day to see me, Manny won’t have a problem with it,”

“Much better, she won’t have a problem with it.”

Because she doesn’t know anything about it.

“I’m so sorry, but originally Mandy was injured and needed your care, and you”

Qin turned around and looked apologetic.

“It’s nothing, it’s what I’m supposed to do.”

After that, the two men fell silent, and Albert Ou sat for a while before leaving.

Rainbow City

This morning, Jasmine Tong suddenly felt a little aching in her leg.

When she had breakfast with Albert Ou in the morning, she didn’t have the good sense to talk about it, and when Albert Ou left, she slipped back into the bedroom by herself and opened the sash.

The wound turned out to be a little abscessed.

It was actually his own fault, he had originally waited for Albert Ou to return every night to help her scrub herself.

But she sympathized with Albert Ou for being too tired and washing it herself last night, so it inevitably touched the water.

I’m guessing it’s a little inflamed and pusy from touching the water.

This must not be known to Albert Ou, or he’ll be scolded again.

Jasmine Tong immediately called Old Chen and told him to send her to Z.Y Hospital.

Almost everyone in the hospital knew that Jasmine Tong was Albert Ou’s wife, so she came over and just brushed her face.

The doctor examined her wound and it was nothing serious, it just needed to be cleared and changed.

Jasmine Tong sat in the chair and waited while the doctor ordered the nurse to get the medicine.

The nurses here came and went, all smiling respectfully at Jasmine Tong.

Only this smile made Jasmine Tong feel not quite the same as before.

“I’m the wife’s royal nurse, how can I serve her?”

A voice came from outside.

This voice is very familiar to Jasmine Tong, the few times she was hospitalized, it was this nurse who guarded her and was able to chat with each other.

“We’re just serving people’s lives, let’s serve whoever we’re told to serve, we’ll serve whoever we’re told to serve, you don’t have that much of an opinion.”

“I thought that Mr. Ou was quite nice at first, but I didn’t think that Mr. Ou was also a man of two minds and this has learned to hide a golden house.”

“Keep your voice down. Mr. Ou comes here every day. It’s not good for him to hear you. What if someone snitches on you?”

Two little nurses walked in as they said, no one thought Jasmine Tong would be here.

“Ma’am” the two nurses looked at each other.

“Let you serve who ah such a big opinion.”

Tong said to the little nurse Lee that she knew so well.

The other nurse hurriedly gave Nurse Lee a wink.

Nurse Lee kept her heart in the right place until she reached Jasmine Tong.

“It’s still not that Qin Liyuan.”

“Then suddenly she’s in the hospital.”

Jasmine Tong immediately looked concerned.

“Ma’am, you don’t know yet she’s been in the hospital for several days, Mr. Ou himself ordered it, and she’s still in the same room you used to stay in.”

The nurses who came and went around the area all had their heads down, as if they were staying away from something wrong.

Jasmine Tong was stunned for a long time, when Qin Jianlian was hospitalized, why did Albert Ou hide it from her?

“Ma’am, do you know that lately O’s been coming over every night and staying in the room for a long time before he comes out” Nurse Lee continued to blab.

“Oh, that’s right, it’s okay, they’re all friends, what’s wrong with suddenly-sister”

Nurse Li is really anxious for Jasmine Tong.

“Mrs. ah Mrs., you’re just too soft character like Mr. Ou, there are many women staring at him, you’d better take a snack.”

Jasmine Tong’s smile was a little far-fetched.

“This Qin Liyuan is no big deal, just that she fainted that day when she got off the plane, anemia plus hypoglycemia, but she’s quite anemic and needs blood replenishing medication.”

“Oh, I see.”

Just then the nurse in charge of changing Tong’s medication came over, cleaned Tong’s wounds, and reapplied the medication.

Jasmine Tong wanted to go to the hospital room to see Qin Jianlian, but she thought about it.

She couldn’t figure out why Albert Ou was lying to her, what was there to hide?

Could it be that Albert Ou still has something for Qin Jianlian?

Jasmine Tong went straight home.

If you were afraid she might misunderstand, but there was absolutely no need to keep hiding like this and lying to her.

Besides, if Qin is suddenly hospitalized, Albert Ou is too concerned…

It’s not enough to give Qin Liyuan his own ward, he still needs to visit him every day?

In the evening, as usual, Albert Ou still came back a little later than usual.

Jasmine Tong hadn’t even noticed the other day that there was a faint smell of disinfectant on Albert Ou’s body.

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