The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 986

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Chapter 986

The huge movement of helping mother and daughter suddenly attracted the attention of Sheldon and Tang Yuxin.

Sheldon and Tang Yuxin immediately cast their gazes.

I saw a group of people with different weapons walking aggressively towards the two of them.

This group of people kept beating the surrounding stalls as they walked, looking very vicious.

Suddenly, the whole street could be described by the idiom “Ji Fei Gou Jump”, and many people were beaten to run around.

At this time, the lady boss and her daughter suddenly became panicked.

The proprietress and the mother and daughter immediately began to pack things up in a hurry.

“Boss, what’s the matter with you?”

Sheldon looked at the boss curiously and asked.

The lady boss glanced at Sheldon, and then hurriedly replied: “These people are all collecting protection fees in this area. Even if your meals are paid, we

will leave first.” After speaking, the lady boss prepared to clean up her stall. Leave with the cart.

Sheldon was also surprised and surprised. He didn’t expect that there would be such a thing this year, which is really annoying.

But before the wife and daughter could leave, the gang of wicked men had already arrived.

This group of people directly surrounded the proprietress, mother and daughter.

“Bang!” The

leader was a big bald guy with a very fierce appearance.

The bald man walked up and just kicked over the boss’s cart, and suddenly everything was scattered on the ground.

“Big brother… Big brother, please let us go, we are all small businesses.”

Seeing this, the lady boss quickly pleaded to the bald man.

You know this is what the mother and daughter feed their family. If they don’t have this, they really don’t know what to do.

“Heh!” He

only heard a sneer from the bald head.

“Small business? I can’t control this. How much protection money you have to pay to us today, otherwise you two don’t want to leave!” The

bald man stared at the boss’s wife, mother and daughter. Speaking harshly, there is no sympathy or human touch at all.

The people around were also afraid to speak up, and no one dared to stand up for justice.

“Brother, we really don’t have money, please let us go!” The

lady boss still looked at the bald man and begged for mercy, looking extremely dignified.

There is no way, this is the case in this society, and weak people are easily bullied.

“No money? Huh, that’s OK. I think your daughter looks pretty good, so let your daughter drink with us as a plea, what do you think?”

Then the bald guy changed his look. The proprietress suggested, and looked at the proprietress’ daughter with covetousness.

The proprietress subconsciously pushed her daughter behind her.

The lady boss glanced at a stick beside her, and immediately picked it up, held it in her hand, and pointed it at the bald man and others.

“Don’t deceive people too much, or I will fight with you!” The

lady boss shouted angrily at the bald man and others.

Although she is also very scared, but there is no way, she must stand up to protect her daughter, absolutely not let her daughter be bullied.


Seeing the proprietress pick up the stick, the bald man and the others burst into laughter, full of mockery.

“You’re a woman would dare to fight us? Ha ha ha, so be it, you see both of them all look good, so you do small business too boring, or mixed later told me, right?”

Bald Han mouth After taking a sip, he watched the proprietress preach with an oily taste.

“Bah, do

n’t think about it !” The lady boss is also very spine, and of course she won’t agree to the request of the bald man.

“Oh, I have a temper, if that’s the case, then don’t blame us for being impolite!” The

bald man didn’t want to talk nonsense with the proprietress, mother and daughter, and preached sternly.

After speaking, the bald man was ready to step forward to catch the proprietress.


At this moment , only a sign flew directly in front of everyone’s eyes.


Then only heard a scream from the bald man.

The big bald man’s arm was penetrated by this sign, a small blood hole appeared, and blood splashed out.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked.

But no one saw who actually threw the lottery, only that a lottery flew over that suddenly.

At this time, Sheldon, who was sitting in the position, stood up.

“What a bully, what a bunch of bastards!”

Sheldon said lightly after standing up.

Hearing Sheldon’s words, the group of bald guys fixed their eyes on Sheldon’s body, and they did not expect that someone would dare to stand up against them at this time.

In fact, let alone the bald man and others, even the surrounding people were surprised.

They all felt that Sheldon’s tempo was to die, and he was so good at nosy.

Although Tang Yuxin was surprised, she thought Sheldon was really good.

Seeing that none of the onlookers dared to stand up, it was really too cold.

Alas, but this can’t be blamed on these people, who made the bald guy and others too fierce indeed, and no one wanted to get in trouble.

But for Sheldon, Sheldon is not afraid.

These things are a trivial matter for Sheldon.

As the saying goes, he will help each other when he sees injustice.

Sheldon is such a person who likes to help others.

What’s more, this is indeed very cute for mother and daughter, and it is worth asking Sheldon to help.

Besides, this lady boss also waived Sheldon’s meal expenses, so of course Sheldon had to thank others for it.

“Boy, who are you, dare to be more nosy?”

Before the big bald man could speak, a young man with a plane head came towards Sheldon, pointing at Sheldon and swearing.

When the nose of the plane came in front of Sheldon, Sheldon reached out and grabbed the fingers of the nose of the plane.


A crisp sound of bone fracture sounded.

That’s right, the fingers of the plane’s nose were directly broken by Sheldon.

The head of the plane suddenly bends down, his face is full of pain, and his face is twisted.

Just kidding, his fingers were abruptly twisted. Of course, this was an extremely painful thing, and no one could bear it.


Then, Sheldon just kicked out.

Sheldon kicked the plane’s nose out with one kick.

The plane’s nose fell heavily to the ground and couldn’t get up for a long time.

“Give it to me!”

Seeing this, the bald man immediately gave an angry command to his little brothers.

Hearing the words of the bald man, his little brothers all rushed towards Sheldon.

Sheldon didn’t panic at all, and stood calmly on the spot.

Then, in less than a minute, Sheldon eliminated all these people.

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