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Chapter 325

Nangong Che’s eyebrows frowned uncontrollably.

The big palm held her wrist tightly and pushed it away from her chest, suppressing the urge to burst out and shouting at her in a low voice: “You woman is born with a certain good or bad?!”

Yu Muwan’s face was still weak, but there was no problem speaking, and the pain eased a lot.

“I’m telling the truth. I have never been used to sleeping in someone else’s bed, especially the bed of a man I hate. I am uncomfortable. I don’t know what it is.” Her words are clear and her eyes are clear.

“You…” Nangong Che clenched her wrist, saw a trace of pain flashing in her eyes, and slowly relaxed. This woman is obviously weak like a glass doll, and it hurts when she touches it, but she has to work her mouth. Very powerful, he has learned too many times!

“You have to stay here today if you feel uncomfortable! Don’t make me angry, go to bed!” Nangong Che lowered his anger, hugged her into his arms again, and said with a low drink.

Yu Muwan’s breath was full of his smell. When he opened his eyes, he could see him unbuttoning two buttoned shirts. The delicate collarbone exuded a mature and sexy taste. She endured it for a while, but still couldn’t fall asleep. .

“…Can you send me home? I don’t want to keep my eyes open until dawn.” She pleaded softly.

Nangong Che had a fierce temper, but now he is really offended. He has never held a woman to sleep before, and the only time he was disliked like this!

Leng Leng loosened her, pressed her between the soft and thick pillows, and slowly approached with a handsome face with hidden rage. Nangong Che asked in a cold voice, “Did you do it on purpose? I hate me for being so to you before, so you are now Do you intend to retaliate? I tell you, a woman by my side should never think of being pampered and proud! If you think I can indulge you, it would be wrong!”

Yu Muwan looked at him blankly for a while, slowly comprehending something, suddenly laughed, and muttered to himself: “So you dote on women like this…”

This arrogant man really regarded everything as a gift from Nangong Che to others.

Nangong Chejun flushed and was completely irritated. He pressed her slender waist and said fiercely, “Damn woman! I must punish you! I said you deserved no one to hurt you, this is what you asked for! “

Yu Muwan was still slightly stunned, the man’s passionate k*ss fell overwhelmingly, and after ravaging her red lips, he moved to her neck, making bright red marks one by one, and the fatal relief started from the hickey. It spread to the limbs and a hundred corpses, and Yu Muwan slowly widened his eyes, really panicking.

The man’s weight was heavy on her, and the fiery gasp came like a beast. She began to be afraid, her pale face pushed his chest, and whispered: “Don’t…Nangong Che, don’t do this!”

She was terribly afraid that the kind of vigorous power every time she did it with him could pierce a person’s body to the depths, and it was painful!

No matter what, Nangong Che said he wanted to punish her, but he didn’t know what to do with her! She was so weak that she was broken when she squeezed. Unless he really hates her to the extreme, he still can’t do anything to her!

“You stupid woman…” Nangong Che panted roughly, pinched her chin, firmly blocked her lips, pried open her closed teeth and plunged into the fragrant and soft land to explore her sweetness , Like a storm, let her petite body tremble under him, “I really want to eat you!”

Yu Muwan was forced to accept his violent deep k*ss, and he was more and more able to feel that a certain part of him was slowly becoming extremely hard, pressing her body like steel, hot and hot!

“I can’t do it now…you go find someone else! Don’t find me!” Yu Muwan slowly shook his head, tears filled his eyes.

Nangong Che tasted the astringency of her tears in the rainy k*ss, and the suffocating frenzy slowly stopped.

His eyes slowly focused, staring at the woman in front of him.

“Idiot, what are you thinking…” Nangong Che muttered in a low voice while holding her face gently, spraying her breath on her face, alleviating her fear, “I won’t touch you tonight, don’t worry… Don’t be afraid…”

He couldn’t be cruel to this point, knowing that her body was so fragile, he still forced her.

Although… I really can’t help it!

Yu Muwan finally stopped trembling in his low-pitched comfort, she was sweating all over her body, and she didn’t feel too uncomfortable to stick to her body, closed her eyes tightly, and she let him hold herself for a short rest .

“Will you let me go…I don’t want to have anything to do with you, can you stop bullying me…” Yu Muwan said painfully, clutching his shirt tightly with white fingers.

Nangong Che felt a pain in his heart and hugged her tightly, eager to dominate.

“The ghost wants to entangle with your stubborn woman!” He drank low, and Junyi’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and she lingered on the skin of her profile, “Be nice to me, I’ll consider being nice to you!” “

“What do you want me to listen to? I don’t want to be your mistress, I haven’t had a desperate way, I don’t need it!” Yu Muwan raised his wet eyes and stared at him.

“Then be careful and I will force you to desperately!” Nangong Che let out a low growl, threatening her with power.

Sure enough, Yu Muwan trembled, with a look of fear in his eyes. It also seemed to be avoiding something, without saying a word, which made Nangong Che even more curious about what method she was using to help Yu Qianrou go abroad, this woman… really not reassuring!

As the night got deeper, Yu Muwan was exhausted in fright and worry, slowly closed his eyes, and fell asleep unconsciously.

Nangong Che sighed lowly and hugged her to sleep with satisfaction.


It was a little late to wake up the next day, and Yu Muwan slowly opened his eyes on the white sheets and looked out the window for a long time.

what time is it now? !

She “Teng!” She had to sit up, her mind dizzy.

After slowing down, I looked for the clock everywhere, and finally found her bag and mobile phone in the bedside table. After opening it, she took a breath. I didn’t expect it was already ten o’clock, so late.

Nangong Che is no longer in the room.

Yu Muwan had to go downstairs alone, without Nangong Che, she didn’t know who could be called to send her back to the city from here, the servants downstairs greeted her softly, all with smiles.

“Miss Yu, breakfast is here, let me take you there!”

Yu Muwan raised his eyes and glanced at the servant, a little embarrassed and unaccustomed, and waved his hand: “No, I’m in a hurry to go back to the company. Do you know where the driver is?”

“Hmph, you really don’t think of yourself as an outsider. You came here to have breakfast and look for the driver. Do you think you are the young lady here?” Nangong Enxi walked out, her delicate face like a blooming flower, bright and beautiful.

Yu Muwan’s slender figure appeared lonely and lonely in the hall. She turned around and looked at Nangong Enxi with clear eyes.

“Sorry to disturb you, but I didn’t want to come.” She said lightly.

Nangong Enxi turned dark and tilted her head: “Oh, are you still invited? A little secretary of Liyuan Company, who has the courage to climb onto Young Master Nangong’s bed, tsk tsk, Yu Muwan, have you used it? What way to seduce my brother? Let’s listen! I’ll tell Yisheng to take precautions in the future. If you have an identity in the wealthy family, you must be careful of the unclean women outside, who have stained your own eyes. I will lose my face at home!”

The words were impartial, and Yu Muwan heard them all, and his face was pale again.

She just wanted to open her mouth to say something when the phone in her bag rang.

“Hello, this is Yu Muwan.”

The slender figure was beautiful and moving, and it exuded a hint of chubby meaning. As Yu Muwan listened to the phone, his brows slowly frowned: “What did you say?” She seemed to have heard something surprising and unthinkable, and she slowly shook her head, “You just It’s not like that at the beginning. It’s not wrong to have a down payment of 100,000 yuan, but how could it be possible for the interest rate to rise so high within a month?!”

Her voice was trembling, like a frightened deer, with a slight sweat on her forehead.

Nangong Enxi frowned and listened, the disgust and viciousness on his face became heavier and heavier. When Yu Muwan hung up and just wanted to speak sarcastically, she heard her clear voice: “I have to leave beforehand. I’m sorry to disturb you.” Up.”

Nangong Enxi burst into flames and blurted out.

“Yu Muwan, stop!”

“Miss Yu, wait!”

Two voices were heard at the same time, and Nangong Enxi glared fiercely at the servant who was shouting, so that the servant no longer dared to speak.

“Who did you call? You owe money? Did you owe money for drugs or gambling? Heh… I said that a woman like you has no good looks. I should ask my brother to come over and listen. You will be fascinated by you, a shameless fox!” Nangong Enxi said viciously.

Cheng Yisheng didn’t know when he also came to the living room, and when he saw the two people who were arguing, a trace of complexity flashed in his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Be so angry early in the morning?” He said softly, coming to Nangong Enxi’s side.

“It’s not this woman! She spent the night in her brother’s room again last night, why is she so cheap!” Nangong Enxi was so angry that she stared at Yu Muwan and said.

“You show me respect!” Yu Muwan’s straight figure turned around, with a small cluster of flames in her clear eyes, and said sharply, “Nangong Enxi, I really doubt your education. You lived more than 20 years. I can only say these few words in the new year. I am not afraid that the child in your stomach will be like you when you are born. Are you disgusting! I Yu Muwan doesn’t need you to guess what an irrelevant person is. Even if I have a problem with my style, it is my parents who should teach me, how old are you?!”

Her sonorous and powerful words shook the entire living room with her clear and stern voice, and even Nangong Enxi, who was opposite, was dumbfounded.

“You…do you dare to teach me?!” Nangong Enxi’s eyes widened, and tears were almost coming out of her grievances. He turned around and asked Cheng Yisheng for help, “husband!! She, a b*tch, dare to teach me, I fought her. !”

Nangong Enxi was about to rush up as he said, but was pulled by Cheng Yisheng, and then a powerful and majestic voice rang upstairs: “What’s the trouble early in the morning!”

Chapter 326

When I saw the figure upstairs, Nangong Enxi immediately gained confidence and shouted, “Dad!”

The old man Nangong walked slowly downstairs, frowning his majestic eyebrows, looking at his daughter-in-law and a strange and beautiful woman in the living room. He just heard their dispute and heard some clues.

“Dad! Look, this is the woman!” Nangong Enxi ran to support him, staring at Yu Muwan bitterly, “She was seduce my brother, and now she ran to our house to scold me for being ignorant, Dad. You teach her a lesson for me!”

Yu Muwan’s anger in her clear eyes lowered a little at this time, saying that everything was fine, but she could not criticize the younger generation for lack of education in front of the elders. This was tantamount to slapping the elders directly.

She had a pale face, calmed her emotions, and politely whispered, “Mr. Nangong.”

Yu Muwan knew that when Nangong Ao was young, he broke away from the family and started his own business. By the time of middle age, he was able to compete with his cousins ​​in the family. Now the younger generations of Nangong who are sitting in the sky have long since fallen. Only he has become the entire South China. From this perspective, he is a respectable person.

Cheng Yisheng also whispered: “Dad, why are you down now?”

The old man Nangong squinted his eyes and looked at Yu Muwan. He didn’t say a word. He just watched it slowly. There was no emotion in his determined eyes. He sat down and frowned and said, “You will make trouble early in the morning. Come down and see what’s going on, this house is so dirty, why don’t you know how to clean it? Mother Wu!”

“Hey! Master!” An elderly servant walked over and responded, looking at Yu Muwan embarrassedly.

Yu Muwan didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence at first, so she looked at the living room with her clear eyes. Why did he say dirty? It wasn’t until she saw Nangong Enxi’s triumphant eyes that she had just recovered, her face suddenly whitened again, and there was a trembling stream in her eyes.


He said that the house was dirty because Yu Muwan was there and dirty his Nangong house.

Yu Muwan’s heart was cold and sad, staring at the dominating middle-aged man, his temples were slightly pale, but he was full of spirits, but no matter how he was respected, a rich family was a rich family, and lowly people and things were not allowed. Defile, just like Nangong Che, will be arrogant and arrogant.

Yu Muwan’s pale little face was flushed from soreness and humiliation. She trembled slightly and held back, taking a breath and staring at the majestic and steady middle-aged man in front of her. The words were clear and beautiful: “No need to trouble. , Mr. Nangong, I will leave now, don’t bother you to drive me out yourself.”

Her long eyelashes trembled slightly, she nodded, bowed thirty degrees, standard manners, and turned and walked out of the gate of Nangong’s house.

Nangong Enxi is still angry with anger, and I really don’t believe that dad let her go! Hmph, forget it, dad just thinks that confronting such a lowly dirty woman is too worthwhile, and Yu Muwan is not worthy at all!

“I have one more thing to say clearly,” Yu Muwan, who walked to the door, paused and turned slightly. The delicate shadow was stretched in the morning light, beautiful and moving. “I didn’t really want to come to this place, hope Next time your son can ask for my permission before bringing me here, so that everyone is not embarrassed—”

She smiled lightly, her paleness revealing the only arrogance and dignity remaining, “Mr. Nangong should have this awareness to educate his children, right?”

Suddenly, a gray iron-blue color appeared on Nangongao’s face, and the sword-like gaze penetrated Yu Muwan’s weak figure!

“You!!” Nangong Enxi almost jumped up from the sofa, her face flushed with blood, and she tremblingly pointed to Yu Muwan’s nose and began to curse, “You shameless woman, believe it or not, I will tear you up. Mouth! It’s fine if you are disrespectful to me or being so rude to my brother. You dare to talk to my dad like this, you will die!!”

With that, despite her four or five months of pregnancy, she rushed forward like a beast!

Yu Muwan’s face turned pale, and horror flashed across her face. She wanted to hide, but she did not expect that Nangong Enxi’s anger was so big and so heavy. Before she had time to flash, a loud slap in the face would “pop!!” It hit her face!

Yu Muwan groaned in pain, covering his face, feeling that the last trace of her dignity had been shattered in this place.

Clearing her eyes over Nangong Enxi’s arrogant and domineering face, Yu Muwan’s patience came to an end. Her thin lips were very pale, and there was a trace of blood oozing at the corners of her mouth. There was nothing but three things, she didn’t need to bear this never again. The wealthy lady who had provoked her, raised her pale hand, and she did not hesitate to fight back with the same force! !

The entire living room screamed in surprise, and in a scream of “Enxi!” Yu Muwan’s hand was firmly held by a person before it hit her face! She raised her misty eyes, only to realize that it was Cheng Yisheng.

“Mu Wan…” Cheng Yisheng’s eyes were complicated, and he clenched her wrist tightly for fear that she might use force, lowered his voice, “Don’t do it, Enxi is pregnant!”

Nangong Enxi was taken aback too, almost so that the slap hit her face!

But seeing Cheng Yisheng also helping herself, and in her own home, Nangong Enxi immediately became arrogant again, with arrogant hatred in her eyes, took her other hand and slapped her on the other side of the face fiercely!

“Pop!” There was a loud sound!

Yu Muwan’s face turned to the other side, her hair was slightly messy, and her brows were frowned with pain.

“b*tch girl, just because you want to hit me, you don’t see where this is, do you have your part in hitting me!!” Nangong Enxi said bitterly, extremely domineering.

Yu Muwan’s face burned uncontrollably, tears filled her clear eyes, she slowly raised her eyes and stared at Cheng Yisheng, and said with a trembling, “Is it enough? Can you let it go?”

You people who are inferior to the beasts, have you beaten enough? Enough bullying!

Cheng Yisheng was full of regret and guilt. He knew that Enxi was very unruly and uneducated, but he didn’t expect Yu Muwan to be slapped again, so cruel, he could almost see her white face rising rapidly. The palm prints are striking.

“Not enough! You bastard, my father is pitiful for keeping you alive! I have to teach you a good lesson today, until you see me, you will be afraid!” Nangong Enxi said and rushed forward.

“Okay, haven’t you had enough trouble?” Nangong stood up arrogantly on crutches, his face gloomy.

Enough of the show, so it’s stopped now, right?

Yu Muwan was so angry that she stared at Nangong Ao with tearful eyes. These seemingly noble people turned out to be so disgusting in their bones! She should have seen it through!

Nangong squinted proudly, staring at this beautiful stubborn young woman with majesty.

Chapter 327

“Let go of me…I came to the wrong place, let me go…” Yu Muwan said with his hoarse voice trembling, holding back the humiliation and sourness in his heart.

“Mu Wan…” Cheng Yisheng bit the words firmly, his eyes were full of scarlet blood, and his heart was cut like a knife.

“Can you let me go! Your family are all beasts, I can’t fight you all right?! Get out!!” Yu Muwan hissed and cried, his hands desperately breaking Cheng Yisheng’s palm.

The heartbroken, humiliating shout made the servants in the living room slightly distressed, but under the deterrence of Nangong proud, they could only silence.

Cheng Yisheng finally had to let her go and watched her slender figure retreat, her beautiful hair being blown messy in the air, leaving Nangong’s house without looking back, stubbornly wiped away tears, her back straightened.

“Yisheng, what are you doing!” Nangong Enxi frowned dissatisfiedly, “Why don’t you hold her and let me teach you twice! This kind of woman is cheap in her bones, she is not worthy of sympathy…”

“Enxi!” A thick and heavy voice sounded behind her, and Nangong Enxi was so scared that he had to silence.

“Dad! You have seen it too, it’s that kind of woman, and she’s taking her brother…”

“Be careful when you talk and do things in the future! You are all going to be mothers. No one can control you anymore!” Nangong proudly looked harsh, and the crutches in his hand hit the ground heavily.

Nangong Enxi’s eyes widened and his face flushed. He wanted to argue about why Cheng Yisheng pulled her from behind, and said gently: “Yes, she knows, Dad, I will watch Enxi tell her not to make such a fuss. Lest you hurt your body.”

As Nangong arrogantly scanned his eyes with Sheng, he still had no anger, and left on crutches.

In the huge living room, only the servant who called Yu Muwan just now was spinning around anxiously—what should I do? The young master said that she would never let Miss Yu leave Nangong’s house! …How can she explain to the young master? !

“Hey! I’m telling you, don’t tell my brother what happened today! If my brother asks, you will say that the b*tch doesn’t know what is good or bad, and ran away after scolding you. Did you hear that!!” Nangong Enxi Staring fiercely at the servants in the living room, said angrily.

The servants only agreed, and no one dared to speak.


At noon, the black and bright luxury car drove into Nangong’s villa and parked in the garage.

Nangong Che didn’t see Yu Muwan coming to the company all morning, and he was quite satisfied. He just waited for the phone to ring, but that damn woman really didn’t even call him!

There was a slight hatred and affection in his deep eyes, Nangong Che’s tall figure walked into the living room and cursed to see how he taught her! Don’t you even know how to communicate with your own man? ! Stupid woman!

Walking into his room, thinking of seeing a slender white figure in it, he unexpectedly found that there was no such thing on the bed, not on the balcony, or even in the corridor.

The beauty of Nangong Che slowly rises, and the haze grows spontaneously.

He exhausted his patience to search for a circle and still didn’t find anyone, his face was slightly ashen, and he asked the servant next to him coldly, “Where is Yu Mu!”

The servant stiffly bent down, and said with difficulty, “Back to the young master, Miss Yu has already left.”

“Didn’t I tell you to look at her! Who allowed her to leave!” Nangong Che’s tall and straight body brought tremendous pressure, and a bloodthirsty murderous look was in his eyes.

The servant endured the sweat and explained: “We have all told Miss Yu, but Miss Yu didn’t listen. She scolded us and ran away by herself. There is nothing we can do…”

Like a cold stick on his head! Nangong Che’s deep eyes slowly narrowed, becoming more dangerous and domineering.

“Ha…” Angrily turned back and smiled, Nangong Che supported the seat of the sofa with both hands, and his strong fingers pinched the leather sofa to make terrible marks. The rage between his brows showed his extreme mood, “This woman is really real. Can’t be spoiled, isn’t it! Treating her better, she kicked her nose to the face, and now she dares to play missing for me! I don’t want to live anymore!”

The servant was so frightened in cold sweat that he opened his mouth to explain something. Thinking of Nangong Enxi’s threat, he swallowed his words back and didn’t dare to say more.

Nangong Che walked out with a low curse after speaking, and the servant was anxious.

“Master, have you stopped eating? It’s all done!”

“Don’t worry about me!” Nangong Che said with a frown, and took out the phone to dial Yu Muwan’s number while walking.

This woman dares to be so disobedient, she will die if he finds it!

It took a few calls to get through.

“Yu Muwan, you better give me a reasonable explanation, tell me where you are, right away!” Nangong Che asked in a cold voice, turning the steering wheel.

“Don’t worry about it, why should I tell you!” Yu Muwan’s clear voice also said grimly.

“You…you will be dead if I find you! Say, tell me by yourself or wait for me to find you and clean up your meal?” Nangong Che was half furious and half pity, this damn woman, her health is not healthy yet What are you running around? ! “If you come out of the house and don’t even go to the company, it’s your turn!”

“I won’t go to the company…I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to have anything to do with Nangong’s family anymore. Whatever you do to me, I won’t do it!” She panted, her voice broken in the wind.

“Heh…resign? You want to be beautiful. Can you resign without my consent?!” Nangong Che sneered, but her temples suddenly jumped. This woman was really surprised when she dared to resign with him. What happened so abnormal? !

“Whatever you…I don’t do it if I say nothing, I hate you!” She seemed extremely tired, extremely impatient and hung up the phone after saying the last sentence.

The cut-off “beep” sounded in his ears, and Nangong Che’s face was green as he threw the phone away with a low curse.

Yes, this woman hasn’t changed at all, she is so stubborn that she can annoy people.

But by the way, the worry and anxiety in his heart were greater than the anger. The most urgent task now is to find her, tie her around and train her, and see if she will dare to run around in the future!

The luxury car turned sharply on the highway and drove in the direction of the only nursing home she could go to.

But when he arrived at the nursing home and asked about the situation, his heart was even more tense-the damn woman was in the nursing home at all!

“Didn’t she always work in your company? What did you do to her, why did she disappear?!” Lan Yu fell off the medical record, eyes solemn and anxious, and forced him to force him by the neckline.

Nangong Che’s cold and arrogant eyes swept across the man’s face with a murderous intent, and he shook off his hand fiercely, and said in a cold voice, “It’s nothing to do with you, get away from me!”

“Nangong Che, you…” Lan Yu was so angry that he was about to rush up again, but was stopped by the dean behind him with a stern shout.

After leaving the gate of the nursing home, Nangong Che became more and more bored. Jun’s face was full of unfailing anxiety. Frowning took out the phone again to call Yu Muwan, and waited until the phone called and said in a soft voice: “Stop making trouble, okay? , Tell me where you are, stay there and don’t move me to find you.”

He was really worried. Yesterday the doctor told her to take nourishing medicine every day and take a good rest. How could this woman not even listen!

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