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Chapter 304

Jasmine Tong suddenly grabbed Albert Ou’s indulgent hand.

It’s like a beautiful piano piece that suddenly stops in its tracks.

“I’m tired tonight.”

Jasmine Tong’s words were bland.

What that meant was clear to Albert Ou himself.

He hesitated for a moment, but took his hand back.

He knew that Tong hated it when he forced her to do such things.

Even if it was like saying goodnight to each other like they normally did, they could hear the strangeness in each other.

This night was a hard night’s sleep for two people.

The next day everything was back to normal.

Albert Ou still went to the office early in the morning, and Jasmine Tong got a call from Meng Jiajia, and their two bakeries opened again today.

The two-person store, named “Jasmine’s”, is a bakery and casual store that advocates a slower pace of life.

Tong is glad that she still has some work to do when she’s not filming.

She’s opening today and will be taking a baking class herself.

“There are baking classes at Jasmine’s every now and then, and the first one was given by Tong herself, which naturally attracted a lot of people.

“After the opening of Jasmine’s, she was busy for a few days and then nothing happened.

Jasmine Tong finally sees the call from the crew and starts filming again.

The first night before she left, at dinner, Jasmine Tong only told Albert Ou.

“I’m going on a shoot tomorrow.”

The voice was still cold.

Albert Ou was first stunned, then asked, “Where to?”

“In S. City.”

“How long to go.”

“About twenty days.”


Albert Ou didn’t know what he could say.

“There’s a seven o’clock flight tomorrow, no need for you to drive me, I can walk myself.”

Even though Jasmine Tong knew that maybe Albert Ou didn’t intend to send her, she said so anyway.


The two men didn’t speak again after that.

When she returned to the bedroom, Jasmine Tong began to pack her luggage, and she went to bed early.

The next day I got on a plane to S City.

Albert Ou knew that this time apart, the two of them wouldn’t have any contact either.

s city

Since this drama is also a double female drama, most of the scenes are between Jasmine Tong and Qin Jianlian.

So Jasmine Tong came to S City, and naturally Qin Qianlian was also there.

Only Qin turned around and joined the crew two days later than Jasmine Tong.

When Qin turns around and enters the cast this time, it’s really different from the last time.

Compared to Jasmine Tong’s haggard appearance, Qin turned out to be really radiant and looked much better than before.

“Gee, suddenly, the time off is looking so much better than last time.”

“Yeah, yeah, last time it was always pale, this time red and pale, just like with makeup”

“Then there’s suddenly, you’re too well maintained, so teach us the secret.”

Everyone was talking to each other, and after all, Qin turned out to be a good looker.

“Can’t you just tell me outright that I’m fat?”

“Where’s the fat, not fat at all, just looking so much better than before” said the crew.

Qin turned around and smiled without saying much.

Others didn’t know why, but Jasmine Tong did.

Qin turned around and greeted Jasmine Tong happily as well.

It was only when no one was around that she asked about Albert Ou.

“Mandy, how’s he doing with Asawa?”

“Pretty good.”Jasmine Tong could only force a smile.

Seeing that Jasmine Tong wasn’t in a good state, Qin turned around and hurriedly asked, “Jasmine Tong, are you sick? It looks like, you don’t look very good.”

“Nothing, probably too busy.”

Jasmine Tong smiled frankly.

“Oh, Manny, don’t misunderstand me and Azawa, there is absolutely nothing out of line between him and me, if you don’t believe me, you can ask John Quan, Azawa and I are just friends, count on it, we’ve known each other for four or five years.”

It had been less than a year since Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou had actually met.

“I’m not misunderstanding.”

“That’s good, I’ve been worried that you’d misunderstand and overthink it, but I guess I did.”

Jasmine Tong tugged at the corner of her mouth and smiled towards Qin Liyuan.

After that it was a tight shoot.

Jasmine Tong has never been special on the set, occasionally asking her assistant to buy dessert drinks and such to treat the staff, she usually just eats box lunches with the crew.

A few of the cast and crew are sitting together at dinner.

One of the actors suddenly said, “It seems like lately suddenly doesn’t even eat boxed lunches with us ah, last time she was eating boxed lunches with us.”

“People are going to eat small stove,” one of the staff members said, skimming the floor.

“Eat a little stove.”

“Yeah, don’t you know that this shooting, suddenly sister brought a nutritionist over specially, said to be a senior nutritionist at ZY Hospital, specializing in equipping her with nutritious meals, otherwise you think she took some magic pill and looked so good all of a sudden”

Jasmine Tong’s movements still stalled when she heard about ZY Hospital.

It dawned on the actor who asked the question.

“Rich is good unlike the box lunch we only get here.”

“What ah it is said that suddenly sister has a boyfriend, her boyfriend feels that she is not well, and wants to give her a good health care, which is why she hired a senior nutritionist from ZY Hospital.”

“I’ve heard it’s hard to hire a doctor or a nutritionist at Zy Hospital.”

“Who says it isn’t? It seems that suddenly this boyfriend of hers is quite rich and powerful.”

Naturally, Jasmine Tong’s heart was not in a good mood when she heard these words.

When everyone saw that Jasmine Tong was silent, their eyes immediately turned to her.

“Manny, you are close to suddenly sister, do you know who her boyfriend is ah quickly gossip with us”

“I’m not sure, I didn’t discuss it with her.”

Jasmine Tong laughed bitterly.

Little did she know that the so-called boyfriend they were discussing was her husband.

“You must know, you just don’t tell us Manny, last time I saw the news, it said there was a big handsome guy picking up the plane, do you have a boyfriend too”

The young actor is young in the end and dares to ask any question.


Jasmine Tong immediately denied it.

She saw that last news story herself, but it just didn’t get much attention and she didn’t respond.

The little actor was asking for trouble, so he didn’t ask any further questions.

In the evening back in the hotel, Jasmine Tong was bored and flipped through her phone, saw Albert Ou’s name on WeChat, hesitated for half a day, and still didn’t click in.

What are you talking about?

I really don’t know what to say, so I might as well not say anything.

And the same is true for Albert Ou at home.

As he lay on the empty bed, the thoughts came out like an etching worm, causing him pain.

He missed Jasmine Tong, badly.

Thinking about her cooking, her warm body, her clean smile, her naughty looks, her anger, everything that made her.

That day Jasmine Tong, between filming, was pleased to receive a WeChat.

Chapter 305

“Manny, I’m doing an event in S City, I heard you’re filming over here, let’s meet up sometime.”

Munchausen sent a tweets message.

“If all goes well, I’ll close at seven today.”

“Well, I’ll let you know when I’ve chosen an address.”

Then in another city, it’s a natural pleasure to meet someone you know.

The whole day’s shooting went well today, Jasmine Tong went back to the hotel to change into her casual clothes, so she went out the door and followed the address Meng Jiajia sent her to a small store called Sweet Honey.

The small store has a very fresh style and is full of young people who also seem to be vibrant.

In a chic private room, Meng Jiajia had already ordered juice for Jasmine Tong in advance.

“Mandy, what do you think of the style of this store I noticed they made a message wall, I think we can follow suit and have customers leave their writing.”

Jasmine Tong was clearly a bit out of it.

“It’s good that you took the idea.”

Meng Jiajia looked at Jasmine Tong.

“Manny, you don’t seem to be in a good mood lately, is something wrong? I could tell the last time the store opened.”

“It’s nothing, Kaja-san, go on.”

Jasmine Tong immediately adjusted her state of mind.

But Munchael shook her head.

“You’re in a very bad state, can you tell me what’s happened? as a partner, it’s necessary for me to know the state of my other partner.”

Munchausen said wistfully.

Tonto sucked on the juice and pulled a strand of hair from her forehead behind her ear.

“Katya, I’m in love.”

Jasmine Tong still plans to hide the fact that she is married.

“So it’s a relationship problem.”

“But my boyfriend of late has been very close to another person who is better than me in every way, and that girl is my best friend and has helped me a lot, and she’s better than me in every way.”

Meng Jiajia sipped her coffee as she listened to Jasmine Tong’s story.

“I know he lied to me several times to meet that girl, and several times I wanted to poke fun at him, but in the end I stopped, I’m so afraid of losing him, and now I’m at a loss as to what to do.”

These days Jasmine Tong is really exhausted.

Meng Jiajia is a veteran of love affairs.

“And do you love him?”

Jasmine Tong nodded her head without hesitation.

“Very, very much in love, and he was the first man I ever really loved.”

Jasmine Tong did not hide her feelings for Albert Ou, and that was indeed the case.

“And do you think he loves you?”

Jasmine Tong still nodded her head without hesitation.

What came to mind was the time Albert Ou was desperately searching for him in the ocean.

“He used to be supposed to love me very, very much too, he’d even risk his life for me, but now I can’t figure out what’s going on.”


“That girl has known my boyfriend much longer than I have known her, and I know that girl likes my boyfriend.Katya, what do you think I should do to ask outright?”

“Mandy, the best thing to do is to maintain the status quo.”

“Status quo”

Jasmine Tong shook her head painfully.

“Do you have any idea how much pain I’ve been in lately I can’t get past this part of my heart, and I think he’s the same, we both look like nothing on the surface, but we both know it.”

Jasmine Tong clenched her fist and pounded the table.

“If I keep this up, I’m going to lose my mind.”

“But it won’t do you any good if you break through, and in your state you two will only fight, and isn’t the reason you’re running away because you’re afraid of losing him and fighting?”

Jasmine Tong held her head in her hands, feeling heavy.

She’s really going to have a hard time with the status quo.

“Mandy, would you like to hear my analysis?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“I didn’t interrupt when you started to talk about it, but I sensed something in your words that you were very inferior.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t deny it.

“The fact that you say he’s better than you in every way, twice in a row, and repeatedly emphasize this, shows how inferior you really are.”

“I really don’t compare to others in every way.”

Jasmine Tong’s voice lowered.

“But let me ask you, your boyfriend he’s like a man.”

“He was good, not what I unilaterally thought was good, but what was recognized as good.”

“So a good man, he must be very discerning, you say she’s known this girl longer than you have, but he chose you over her, that’s why.”

Munchausen had been very calm.

Jasmine Tong was in deep thought.

Why Albert Ou chose her, she still doesn’t know.

“Because in his heart, you are superior to the other.”

Hearing this, Jasmine Tong looked up sharply, unable to believe it.

In Albert Ou’s heart, he is better than Qin Liyuan.

“No matter what the public perception is, in the eyes of your wonderful boyfriend, you must be superior to another, or he wouldn’t have chosen you.”

Meng Jiajia’s speech was slow, making it easy for Jasmine Tong to understand.

“If your boyfriend is admittedly good, then he must have other options, he’s not a bad judge of character, and the fact that he’s with you means you’re equally good, so why be so down on yourself?”

Jasmine Tong lowered her head a little sadly.

She couldn’t figure it out herself.

Meng Jiajia grabbed Jasmine Tong’s hand.

“Mandy, you’re actually no worse than anyone else, you’re great as an actor, you have great quality morals as an entertainer, you’re a great cook as an ordinary woman, you’re an understanding and kind person.”


“If you’re talking about looks, you’re not bad at all ah you can kill a lot of actresses with a completely plain face.”

“Kaja-san, am I that good?”

Munchausen shook her head incredulously.

“Darling, what have you been through in the past that made you so insecure Chaoyang came home and praised you so much, saying that you were the best out of all the young artists he’s worked with, and if you even question my Chaoyang’s vision, then I’m really going to turn against you.”

Munchausen slapped the table boldly, one foot directly on the chair.

Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but laugh.

“So ah, the initiative is still in your hands, you two are the boyfriend and girlfriend who are sure of the relationship, you are the rightful owner, don’t always feel like you’re the third child.”

“I do feel like a third party a lot of the time.”

“It’s all because of your low self-esteem.”

Chapter 306

“Mandy, you really can’t go on like this, even if the two of you did break up over that girl, then you can still ditch each other with your head held high and in style”

“But why do you think he’s always lying to me when he’s obviously going to meet up with him, and he’s so nice to her”

This is also a question that Jasmine Tong has never been able to figure out.

Munchausen took a sip of coffee.

“When Chaoyang and I were dating, as you know, Chaoyang was extremely popular with the women in his circle, and he had a lot of female friends, especially the kind that were especially hardcore and could be gender-neutral.”

Of course, Jasmine Tong has heard that Xing Chaoyang is very popular in the circle.

“When we first started dating, he would also lie to me, women often have a lot of problems that they need a male friend to solve, but some things aren’t easy to explain, so Sunrise chose to lie to me as well.”

Jasmine Tong thought carefully about it.

“So what you’re saying is that he just didn’t want me to get the wrong idea and that’s why he lied to me.”

“The chances of that are high, otherwise he could have broken up with you and stayed with the other person, why would he stay with you all the time when a lot of times we need to think differently.”

“Think outside the box.”

“Yes, why wouldn’t you miss it because you’re afraid of losing him, because you still love him, but the fact that he knew you weren’t in the right mood and didn’t ask you means he’s the same as you and he’s afraid of losing you too.”

Hearing this, it was as if Jasmine Tong was enlightened.

“Mandy, it’s yours, it’s yours, a woman in a relationship has to take her own initiative, if he doesn’t want to talk, then let him, you just do your part.”

Jasmine Tong finally smiled.

Munchausen also smiled.

“Figure it out.”

Jasmine Tong came out with a long breath.

“Just figure it out, don’t leave your fate in the hands of others, and if you love this man, then work for it and don’t let go.”

Jasmine Tong tried to nod her head.

“Thank you, Kaja.”

“And ah, you’re so young and brilliant, why do you have such low self-esteem.”

Munchausen suddenly covered her mouth and laughed.

“Don’t you dare tell me it’s because of my own cups.”

Jasmine Tong and hung her head, a little shy.

“Oh my, what’s there to be shy about, isn’t that the point between women? Thinking back then, before I had a baby, I also got the sunrise with my a-cup.”

Jasmine Tong had been holding back a laugh, and Meng Jiajia was too brave for that.

“You look at those international supermodels, which cups big ah I tell you, although women have always advocated must be big, but, big breasted women a lot of trouble, they wear any clothes are very fat and no beauty.”

Speaking of which, Munchausen was smug.

“As the saying goes, if one breast is not equal to the other, how can one equal the world?”

Jasmine Tong had to give Meng Jiajia a thumbs up.

“Okay, enough of your problems, it’s time to talk about our store, which has been doing well lately.”

The two men then began to discuss their bakery.

Slivestopol Wedding Shop

Rameen Tong came out of the dressing room in a white veil and stood in front of the mirror, scrutinizing herself.

Duthie looked at her daughter and couldn’t help but smile with joy.

“Oh, dreamy, simply beautiful.”

Rameen Tong gazed at herself in the mirror.

“Mom, I’ve changed five wedding dresses, and you say that about every one of them.”

“But it’s true, every single one of them is beautiful.”

The shopkeeper who helped try on wedding dresses beside her also hurriedly complimented.

“Miss Tong, you have a good figure and you look beautiful in any style of wedding dress.The wedding dress you’re wearing is the latest design from our Wells designers this year.”

But Rameen Tong still shook her head.

“Still not too happy with it, although every piece is a fine piece, I want the best.”

Naturally, her wedding is highly anticipated and only comes once in a lifetime, so naturally she wants the best of everything.


The clerks also all felt a bit embarrassed.

“Miss Tong, these wedding dresses you just tried are already the best, we can’t really come up with anything else, in fact, which one of these you choose is fine.”

Rameen Tong’s smile was a little arrogant, however.

“I heard the Wells designer’s winning entry in last year’s wedding dress design contest, Athena Love, is in the store, so why don’t you show it to me.”

“Miss Tong, Athena’s Love that was the Wells designer’s best work, and since winning the award, it has never been shown or loaned out, I’m so sorry.”The clerk was busy apologizing.

The wedding dress on Rameen Tongjia’s body came off and he changed into his civilian clothes.

She then sat in the VIP customer lounge area with Dusyman.

“You can talk to the Wells designer about it, I only like Athena Love for the wedding dresses in the store, at any price if the Wells designer wants.”

Rameen Tong was rich and powerful in the end.

“All right, Miss Tong, I’ll go and ask you right away.”

Rameen and Duthie sat waiting on the couch, Rameen sipping her coffee gracefully.

“Meng Meng, the Ron family has been very polite to me lately, especially your future mother-in-law, who used to use her nostrils to look at people, has been quite polite to me this time when discussing the marriage.”

Rameen Tong smiled contemptuously.

“Of course, this time without me, the Ron family would have found it difficult to get through this crisis.”

You should know that she had raised a hundred million dollars to give to Ellen Ron.

Actually, she’s gambling too.

She didn’t believe that she had helped Ellen Ron such a big favor, and she was still not as important as Jasmine Tong in Ellen Ron’s heart.

As a result, she won the bet and helped Ellen Ron turn the tide.

Ellen Ron also immediately announced the wedding.

Rameen Tong was able to get her wish.

“By the way, Mom, you should take care of Kiki, he can’t even graduate from college, but he’s handy with girlfriends, and he’s gotten his girlfriends pregnant.”

Rameen Tong was angry at the mention of this.

Duthie was busy nodding her head.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll train him when I get back.”

“You still train him he’s all these problems are all you used to it’s good that I suppressed this matter and also compensated people a lot of money, otherwise it would be a big trouble, how bad to my influence, you know?”

Dusyman even compensated.

“He’s your own brother, you’re a little more responsible as a sister.”

“I’m the one who has to take care of everything around here.

“You are a great contributor to our family, your father and I remember it you can rest assured, your brother will be your right-hand man in the future, a younger brother at home to back you up, it’s better than nothing ah.”

“Yeah, it’s better than having a brother with a heart condition and having to drag his feet.”

Rameen Tong laughed disdainfully.

Dusyman thought for a moment and said, “Dream, there’s something I need to tell you.”

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