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Chapter 31

There was a sudden smile in Albert Ou’s eyes.

Facing such a worried expression on Jasmine Tong’s face, he even tapped into it a bit.

“Why are you afraid that I’ll try to sleep with you” Albert Ou’s words changed, and the atmosphere immediately became lively from the deadness of a moment ago.

Jasmine Tong looked askance at him and averted her eyes without speaking.

Albert Ou’s face came closer to Jasmine Tong, “As if you were expecting me to tell you the conditions for sleeping with you, what? I didn’t, are you disappointed”

Jasmine Tong made a big red face, how can this man say anything?

“Get out.”

“Look at that, annoyed” Albert Ou knocked Jasmine Tong on the head.

Jasmine Tong rolled her eyes, unable to communicate with this man as if he was from a different world.

“If you say it or not, I’ll leave” Jasmine Tong made a show of standing up and Albert Ou pulled her back with a pull on her wrist.

“Well, I haven’t worked out the terms yet, so I’ll owe it to you and talk about it later.”

Albert Ou couldn’t imagine that he wanted something from Jasmine Tong besides wanting to sleep with her, and now he couldn’t say he wanted to sleep with her.

Jasmine Tong swept Albert Ou up and down and saw that the man wasn’t joking, “I have conditions.”

“You you are in a position to negotiate,” Albert Ou scowled.

“I’ll agree to anything on your terms, except for one, which will not allow me to do anything against the marriage laws that are now in effect.”

Albert Ou opened his mouth and didn’t say anything for a while.

This move of Tong Siu Man is great

A modern implementation of the marriage law pretty much kills all his dirty thoughts.

Not to mention sleeping with him, not even k!ssing, falling in love or anything like that.

Albert Ou felt much more comfortable thinking that he could sleep with his own wife righteously anyway.

“Okay, I promise.”

Only then did Jasmine Tong’s heart settle down.

As much as she hates the husband who treats her like an inflatable doll, she’s a traditional girl, and she can’t do something like cheat on her husband in a marriage.

What’s more, she was bound to repay her kindness, and if this man hadn’t given himself a million dollars when he got married, Yarwen Tong wouldn’t have lived to be seventeen.

Jasmine Tong drank the remaining half of the bottle of white wine without changing her face.

This shocked even Albert Ou, who thought he could still drink, “I go, you’re drinking white wine as plain water.”

“That’s nothing I grew up in a wine jar, you forget we make wine in our house.”

Albert Ou originally wanted to send Jasmine Tong home, but Jasmine Tong refused.

Jasmine Tong herself took a taxi back to Rainbow City.

O Zeno had planned to spend the night with Jasmine Tong while she was on vacation, but after all that had happened, he decided not to go.

For one thing, he didn’t want to deepen Jasmine Tong’s bad impression of herself as a husband, and for another, he wasn’t in the mood.

Yes, he really wasn’t in the mood.

The next day, Jasmine Tong returned to her and Yarwen Tong’s small home, Yarwen Tong was excited to see Albert Ou yesterday, Yarwen Tong was up all night, he was relieved to know that his brother-in-law was talented and treated his sister well.

In order not to worry about Yarwen Tong, Jasmine Tong still went back to Rainbow City at night.

On this night, Albert Ou couldn’t help it.

about midnight

He came back, bullying his way up, tearing off her nightgown and assaulting her lips with a hot, wet k!ss.

Since it wasn’t the first time, Jasmine Tong was even used to it.

He wouldn’t let her see his face.

He doesn’t talk to her.


Ouzeno, who had been abstaining from sex for many days, wanted it so badly this night that Jasmine Tong passed out again.

lit. clouds rest and rain cease

Ou Zeno gently lifted the unruly hair in front of Jasmine Tong’s face, and when he saw her pretty face, a smile suddenly bloomed on his face.

He carved a soft k!ss on her cheek and changed his clothes to leave.

Even after nearly two hours of tossing and turning, he didn’t look tired at all, and he walked down the stairs at a leisurely pace.

Lin Lan Lan had already lit the lamp and served Albert Ou, who was always rare and attentive.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Lin Lan Lan quickly ran over to the electric switch and opened it.

The living room was immediately as bright as day, “Are you leaving, sir?”

“Well.”Albert Ou snorted.

“Sir, the wife came home late last night and reeked of wine.”Lin Lan Lan said as she showed a scowl.

Albert Ou didn’t say anything, he knew about this.

Lin Lan Lan leaned closer to Albert Ou, “Sir, why don’t I add your WeChat so I can report back to you whenever I have something.”

She added that WeChat number several times, who knew it just wouldn’t go through, making her very frustrated.

Albert Ou glanced at her, “No need, I’ll have Russel Cheng contact you if there’s anything, Madam is tired, prepare some delicious food for her tomorrow to replenish her body.”

How dare Lin Lan Lan say no and immediately nodded, “Yes yes yes, I will.”

Albert Ou ignored her and walked right out the door.

Lin Lan Lan stomped her foot, this little demon, I don’t know what kind of soul-searching soup has been given to Mister, Mister is even better to her now!

When Jasmine Tong woke up the next day, she still saw the bruises on her body, the man was never gentle, and every time she had a bruise.

Only, Linland really made her soup, and went up early in the morning with a face of charity.

“Don’t think that sir let me make you soup is not good for you also want you to get well, if you are sickly, sir sleep is also not cool”

Lin Lan Lan has always spoken sharply, especially since the gentleman she mouths has returned.

Jasmine Tong ignored her.

She was like a sparrow, chattering endlessly in her ear.

“Next time Mister comes, you don’t like it when you talk less, just be good and cooperate with Mister.”

“The gentleman said that you’re just fine to sleep, but he’s thinking that the women out there are dirty.”

“Sir said,”

“Pop” Jasmine Tong placed the bowl heavily on the table, “Did sir say that you are just a little nanny, there is no such thing as a nanny climbing over the master”

“You you really think of yourself as a master you’re just a tool for our Mr. venting his desires” Lin Lan Lan crossed her back and craned her neck, raging.

“Oh yeah? Then it’s justifiable for me to sleep with him and you want to be his outlet, but you also have to ask me if I’ll agree.”

Jasmine Tong quickly got up and walked straight towards the door.

“You you” seemed to be poked by Jasmine Tong, Lin Lan Lan was too angry to say anything.

Jasmine Tong wasn’t upset with Lin Lan Lan, she just felt that her husband, that Mr. Ou, was too much.

dark empire (i.e. empire of darkness)

Albert Ou had just arrived at the office and took the elevator to the floor of the president’s office when he saw a long-lost face in front of the office.

Chapter 32

Chin turned suddenly.

She wore a black ankle-length dress that claimed an even slimmer figure.

A small black cap was fastened to her head, adding a touch of playfulness to her otherwise elegant posture, and red sunglasses hung from her chest.

The makeup on her face is light, not like she’s in front of the camera or on screen, which makes her a little more approachable.

The moment she saw Albert Ou, she tilted her head a little, a faint smile on her face.

At that time, Russel Cheng was reporting something in Albert Ou’s ear, and when he saw the person in front of him, Russel Cheng was stunned.

Albert Ou lifted his hand, “Go back to your work, report back, and come back later.”

“Okay, Ou.”Russel Cheng immediately left knowingly.

Albert Ou slowly walked up and asked softly, “What are you doing here?”

“Why can’t I come? “Qin turned around and smiled shallowly, smiling with grace and ease, seemingly bringing all of a woman’s proper temperament into this smile.

Albert Ou didn’t say anything, opened the door to his office and walked in, with Qin Liyuan following behind him.

When Qin turned around and sat directly on the chair in front of Albert Ou’s desk, Albert Ou also took a seat.

“Asawa, long time no see.”

“Well.”Albert Ou sat at the desk and pressed the computer’s boot button, and all three computers booted up at the same time.

With just a glance, he caught a glimpse of the silk scarf on Qin’s wrist, only to quickly move away.

Qin suddenly felt very embarrassed, she forced two laughs, “I am all about nothing, I came today because I have something to look for you.”

“Go ahead.”Albert Ou’s voice didn’t sound emotional.

He’s a man who has always been like this, always refusing to let people in, and that’s because of his special status.

He can’t have too much contact with humans.

When Qin turned suddenly, his hands were folded on the table and he was silent for a moment before he began, “You know that the Star Emperor isn’t doing too well right now, and my popularity is slipping badly, you see”

In fact, it was all caused by Qin Yangyan himself.

She did it on purpose.

Although she had shares in Star King, the artist was alive after all, even if her contract didn’t expire, she could still turn around and leave, and Yixin International had repeatedly thrown an olive branch at her.

However, she didn’t even leave, allowing the Star King to crumble step by step, allowing her popularity to decline step by step.

She just wanted to see if the man would stand idly by.

But she gambled on her career and still didn’t get this man’s help in return, and now she has to take a desperate gamble and come to him for help.

“The Dark Empire is involved in many areas, but in entertainment, there is very little I can do about it.”Albert Ou said coldly.

These words cooled Qin Yangyan’s heart that was just a little boiling.

She tugged at the corner of her mouth, still not giving up.

“Ah Ze, actually Star King is just lack of funds now, Mr. Huang used the wrong people, invested in a few big projects all lost a lot of money, a lot of funds were thrown in, nothing was recovered, many artists saw this situation and immediately withdrew their funds and left, now Star King’s share price has plummeted and is deteriorating, it’s the best time to make a move, if you have the heart to buy it, Star King will definitely return to theIt will be glorious.”

She seemed to be letting it go and her tone was beginning to sag.

Just help her out, help her out, at least prove that he still has her in his heart.

Albert Ou was silent for a long time and spoke slowly, “I’ll think about it.”

The heart that had been hanging over Qin suddenly fell slowly, and since he had said to consider it, that meant there was still hope.

“That’s fine, I’ll leave you alone, I still have to rush back to Goose City to shoot the movie.”Qin turned suddenly to his feet.

“Good.”Albert Ou didn’t mean to keep her.

Qin turned suddenly and had to walk slowly towards the door, his hand just touching the doorknob when he suddenly stopped.

“It’s almost summer, the weather is getting better and the moon is full more often, so you need to be more careful.”Qin turned around and whispered.

Albert Ou did not speak.

Then Qin turned around and left with a small sigh.

It’s almost summer, the weather is getting better, and there are more full moons.

The night of the full moon was his most painful day.

Russel Cheng re-enters to report to Albert Ou, and when he’s done, he sees Albert Ou staring out the window with two blank eyes.

Usually, when he finished his report, Albert Ou had already started approving it.

“Mr. Ou, Mr. Ou,”

Albert Ou came back to his senses, “Secretary Cheng, go to the market and see if there are any strings of red agate, the kind of small agate worn together, girls wear, show some.”

“Yes, Ou.”

“Give it to Miss Qin when you find it.”


“Also, find out if there are any ruby necklaces or anything like that, you find a few more, take pictures and send them to me later and I’ll choose.”

“Yes, and give it to Miss Qin as well.”

It’s all red. Isn’t it a set?

“No, it’s for the missus.”Albert Ou said slowly.

Russel Cheng was stunned and didn’t say much to continue the question.

“Go ahead and do that, and besides, I have another important thing for you to do.”Albert Ou hooked his finger towards Russel Cheng.

Russel Cheng immediately came over and leaned close to Albert Ou.

Wild Goose Park in Xi’an

The costume film drama Huma Hong World is still in full swing shooting.

After finishing work on this day, Xia Lian, Qin’s assistant, rushed to Qin’s face, and after a day of filming, Qin was so tired that he couldn’t open his eyes.

“Then suddenly there’s a good news ah good news” shouted Charlene cheerfully.

“What good news” Qin turned to cover his mouth and yawned softly.

“Mr. Ou has bought out Star King International.”

Hearing this, Qin suddenly opened his eyes wide, “What did you say?”

“While you were filming, your agent, Sister Xu, called over there and said that someone had signed a contract with Mr. Huang and had purchased Star King International for three billion dollars, but this person was rather secretive and didn’t reveal the news to the public.”

“Oh, then how did you know it was him” There was already a slight joy in Chin’s sudden brow.

“Who else but Ou has such a big hand in this,”

Only then did Qin suddenly smiled, yes, in this place, who can easily pull out three billion without blinking an eye?

Xia Lian saw Qin suddenly smile and even pulled out a beautifully wrapped brocade box from behind her, “The surprise is still to come you see what this is”

“What’s that?”

“This was sent to me by General Manager Ou, it is said that he personally chose it and said that it is worth over ten million dollars” Xia Lian didn’t dare to open it, so she had to hand it over to Qin Yanyan.

When Qin turned around and opened the box, a red agate string with a small jade Buddha pendant underneath was exquisite.

“Wow Mr. Ou is really generous it seems that Mr. Ou still cares about Sister Thenan, that person of his is just a bit stuffy.”

The corners of Qin’s mouth gently turned upward, his heart already blossoming with joy.

Jasmine Tong returned from a three-day vacation and also got some great news.

Chapter 33

Hotel meeting rooms

Because many of the crew may discuss things collectively, or hold meetings or whatever, this hotel has conference rooms of all sizes.

Jasmine Tong followed a man in a suit into a small conference room in a muddled manner.

As she listened to this man’s exposition from across the room for half a day, Jasmine Tong finally came back to her senses.

“You mean Star King International is going to sign me.”

Tong’s tone didn’t seem to be sure, with a lot of doubt and a lot of distrust.

The man in the suit laughed lightly, “Miss Tong, I think you still don’t believe me a bit.”

Saying that, he took out a business card and put it on the table and pushed it in front of Jasmine Tong.

Jia Nan Dong, Talent Manager of Star King International.

The assistant he brought with him then brought over another contract, and Dong Jia Nan handed it to Jasmine Tong along with it.

“Star King International intends to sign a contract with Miss Tong, this is the contract that has been drawn up, Miss Tong, you can read it.”

Looking at Dong Jia Nan’s business card and seeing this contract, Jasmine Tong suspected that she was dreaming.

She never thought she’d be signed by anyone else.

It’s a pie in the sky.

Dong Jia Nan saw that Jasmine Tong looked a little trance, “Miss Tong, this contract is a general artist contract, the signing time is five years, about some of the terms of the share, Miss Tong can take a look at, if there is any dissatisfaction can still talk, after signing, will be Star Huang International’s agent to take over Miss Tong’s related matters.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t listen to a word of it.

“Miss Tong, go back and study the contract slowly, call me if you’re not happy with anything, and we’ll talk again.”

Dong Jia Nan was about to get up, Jasmine Tong put the contract directly on the table and slapped one hand on it, “I’ll sign it.”

Dong Jia Nan was startled, “Won’t Miss Tong think about it?”

Jasmine Tong immediately shook her head and considered

What if Star King International goes back on its word?

“Well, we can sign the contract today.”

The assistant immediately brought over another contract as well, and Jasmine Tong quickly signed her name, exchanging contracts with Dong Jia Nan to continue signing.

The whole process took less than five minutes.

Jasmine Tong breathed a deep sigh of relief, she was finally no longer a drifting, helpless little actress, and from then on, she had a maiden home too.

Artists generally call their agency their mother’s house.

“Congratulations to Miss Tong for becoming a member of Star King International, I hope Miss Tong will become a big success in the future” Dong Jia Nan politely shook hands with Jasmine Tong.

“Manager Dong, now that the contract is signed, I have a question for you.”

Jasmine Tong said hesitantly for a moment.

“Miss Tong, go ahead.”

“Why sign me I don’t have any friends in Star King International either and I don’t have any standout work for Star King to notice, so”

She was surprised that it was generally impossible to sign up with a company except in the two ways she said.

Companies come to us for a contract, either because they have a referral from a friend, or because they have a piece of work that has caught the company’s attention.

Dong Jia Nan smiled, “Miss Tong, think carefully ah, there are people around who are related to Star King International.”

Jasmine Tong was even stranger, “beside me.”

Dong Jia Nan nodded with a smile and waved her hand towards the assistant, who immediately placed a red velvet brocade box on the table.

“Miss Tong, it’s the company’s rule that all signed artists get a meet and greet gift from the company, which belongs to you.”

Jasmine Tong carefully received the suede brocade box, just by looking at the box, one could tell that the contents were not cheap

Inside lay a ruby necklace quietly.

It was a teardrop-shaped ruby necklace, the rubies giving off a color like fire.

Although Jasmine Tong wasn’t very proficient in jewelry, she knew that it shouldn’t be cheap, but considering her connections in Star King International, it probably wouldn’t be expensive either.

“Thanks.”Jasmine Tong smiled slightly and put the brocade box away.

Dong Jia Nan felt curious about Jasmine Tong’s reaction, knowing that she was about to sign a contract with such wide eyes, but when she saw the valuable ruby, there was even only a faint smile on her face.

And what a strange girl.

“Well, Miss Tong, then I won’t bother you, you can rest assured that you’re filming here, and your agent will contact you later.You can also call me directly if you need anything.”


After sending Dong Jia Nan away, Jasmine Tong held that brocade box, holding the contract in her hand, still feeling a little light.

When she came out of the conference room, she was informed that her room had been changed at the hotel.

After hastily packing her suitcase, Jasmine Tong followed the hotel waiter to her new room.

It’s the best suite ever.

It’s the same room as the director, the actress, the actor and Rameen Tong.

Jasmine Tong looked at the large room and felt empty.

“Miss Tong, this will be your room from now on, just ring the bell if you need anything.”The waiter was respectful to her as well.

“Okay, thanks.”

After the waiter left, Jasmine Tong ran noiselessly into the bedroom, with its comfortable king-size bed room, classy tencel blanket, and latex pillows.

Look at the bathroom. There’s enough room for two people in the tub.

Open the window and the fresh air and soft sunshine flood in together.

Everything, like a dream.

She threw herself on the big bed, afraid to close her eyes for fear that she was really dreaming.

Come to think of it, there are people around who are associated with Star King International.

Dong Jia Nan’s words really mean a lot!

Jasmine Tong sat up sharply as she thought of someone else, and there was probably no one else but this person.

She had very little stuff, it was simply too extravagant to live in such a large room, a luxurious European closet, and she only had enough for a small door.

Afternoon shooting as usual.

When people are happy and energetic, she, who had been suffering from a little cold for the past few days, also felt full of vigor.

In just one lunchtime, many people knew that Jasmine Tong had signed with Star King International, that she had moved to a suite where only the lead actress could stay, and that her signing meeting gift was an expensive ruby necklace.

When she went back to 302 to pack her things, Song Yiwen saw her and asked her a question in passing, thinking that it would be a known fact later anyway, so she told Song Yiwen.

This mouth of Song Yiwen’s was known to many people at once.

“Jasmine Tong isn’t there some special relationship ah so soon and Star King International signed”

“She’s not sleeping with some high-up, is she?”

“Giving her that expensive ruby necklace would be an outrageous waste.”

“Star King International is about to go bankrupt. She signed it for nothing.”

You discuss it one way or another.

The conclusion is that Jasmine Tong, through her own special means, has slept with a senior executive and signed a contract with a company that is about to go bankrupt.

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