His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1819 – 1820

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Chapter 1819

Out-of-fit, how can it be considered out-of-fit?

“Why don’t you say that I am the one that fits the world best?” Tang Christian smiled, fearlessly indulging when the sky fell. “The group of people who stand in the crowd and say that others are incompatible, may not know it. I am the opposite of the world. From a certain point of view, I am just unwilling and lazy to restrain my darkness, and those who are stinged, just can’t see such darkness and grandeur-living in what they call kindness under.”

It’s like being beaten in the face.

Tang Christian said to Ameli Su, “Whatever you want to do to me, your hatred and love can only belong to me.”

Birth, I want you to be mine, and to die, I want you to be mine.

Only I can avenge you, collect debts from you, and only I can use the identity of the previous generation of victims to attack you and harm you, to publicly recite your original sin, to sanction, and to commit violations in the name of justice-others No, don’t think about it.

Only you can cooperate with me to bear all this.

They are the only ones who are the next generation destroyed by Jammy’s own hands. Their lives have been distorted. They grew up mixed with darkness and pain. They have not and cannot become so-called normal people, but become each other’s demons. Only they can resonate and are of the same kind.

They, they—

Ameli Su used countless emotions in her heart, swallowed her up, and told her rationally to run away. That was Tang Christian’s true face that was too lazy to pretend, but…

But… the feet seemed to have taken root, and there was no way to leave Tang Christian’s arms.

She was covered in front of her eyes. At that moment, all her emotions seemed to be cut off. It was Tang Christianqing’s cold voice that pulled her back to reality, and he slowly let go of her eyes, “It’s time to work. Right, Miss Su.”

He always does this, freely expressing his emotions freely, and never cares about the world’s opinions.

Ameli Su bit her lip, took a deep breath and walked into the study. Tang Christian led her to the computer, and then turned on the host and monitor. The man’s voice sounded like a domineering president—no, maybe he was originally, “Also Okay, you who Lemuel Chu personally tuned, are now used by me, maybe this is something he never thought of.”

It’s just how uncomfortable it sounds.

Ameli Su frowned, turned on the computer and began to receive the program sent by him, “I admit that Lemuel Chu is not a good person, but you shouldn’t say that to him.”

Also helped to speak up.

Tang Christian squinted, beautiful and surly, “I’m not a good person, why don’t you protect me?”

Ameli Su paused with her hand on the keyboard, “Don’t lift the bar.”

“You said you love me so much, why do you always reject me?” Tang Christian leaned over, pasted it from behind, took Ameli Su’s mouse, wrapped her in his arms, and then leaned over and opened the desktop On the software, “I understand, it’s the sentiment, it’s okay, you are duplicity.”

…Why does he talk to himself?

“When did your Ameli Su come out, shout to me, my master wants to fight her.” He missed that darkened little bitch, his face was flushed, gritted teeth and deliberately indifferent on the bed. Want to kill her. Tang Christian opened the software without changing his color, and then gave Ameli Su a little bit of the place to be tested, and said to her, “By the way, are you in contact with Youyou these days?”

Ameli Su was taken aback for a moment, “How do you say you are here?”

“I heard that they are going to see their parents, are they really going to get married?” Tang Christian glanced down at the woman sitting in front of the computer in his arms. “Heize broke his defenses in the past two days, and his heart is very broken. .”

Chapter 1820

Ameli Su naturally knew about the relationship between Luo Youyou and Gulliver Gu. The two of them were really going to try it out, but Luo Youyou’s mood is always shaking at the moment, she told Ameli Su-rationally. She chose Gu Ye to be correct and will not be hurt again. But sensibility always makes her toss and turn around by herself in the middle of the night.

Maybe she and Sakura Kurosawa were wrong at the beginning, and everyone shouldn’t be forced to be tied together. If they were not forced to get engaged, perhaps Luo Yuyou had another way to get to know Thalia Xu, and maybe they were already together.

It was just that Tang Christian and Sakura Kurosawa had such a good relationship, Ameli Su chose not to tell Tang Christian these things, otherwise Tang Christian turned to tell Sakura Kurosawa, he didn’t know that Luo Youyou was still suffering for himself-no Do you think you still have a chance?

No, Luo Youyou wanted to completely give up her heart, and she also wanted Sakura Kurosawa to give up her heart.

Ameli Su can only say, “Then, we can only look at Luo Youyou herself. Gulliver Gu is also very good, and he has never done anything bad, and is very helpful to everyone. Maybe Gulliver Gu is a good choice.”

Indeed, Gu Ye is pretty good, and he can’t even pick out what’s wrong. Maybe it’s because he treats everyone very well. He doesn’t show up and doesn’t show off. Unlike Tang Christian’s sharp edges and sharp corners, Luo Youyou is a soft bun. There is someone taking care of him, and his personality is quite suitable.

Tang Christian thought about it and sighed, “It’s a sin.”

“This is what Kurosawa chose not to cherish.” Ameli Su glanced at Tang Christian. “Fate has placed the best arrangements in his hands, and he lost it himself.”

Lu Fang couldn’t think of anything. He and Tang Christian tested the program for a long time. Ameli Su joined the program for two hours. After all the tests were completed, he gave a set of quite mature suggestions to let them connect. The wheat was a little silent.

Lu Fang pinched his eyebrows and said, “Why haven’t you said hello to your wife so fiercely before? I thought it was just a vase.”

Tang Christian laughed angrily, “I can see the vase?!”

Lu Fang said, “No, no, no, there is no man who would refuse the vase, right? The vase is good, it looks pretty without thinking, easy to control, and it looks pleasing to the eye. Isn’t this just casual play?”

“…Slacker man.” Tang Christian said, “I saw Jammy before.”

Lu Fang was silent for a while, “Well, you didn’t do anything to him, did you?”

At that moment, Tang Christian’s eyes were bloody killing intent, and Jammy was the chief culprit. When he said this, he didn’t know that Ameli Su had walked out of the study and stood behind him. He just said to himself, “Sooner or later, he will die.”

But what Tang Christian didn’t expect was that after saying this, someone called Ameli Su. Ameli Su came from behind and put the phone on the side of his face, which scared Tang Christian.

The woman moved her mouth and made Tang Christian frown.

Is it Rongchu? Why is Lemuel Chu looking for him?

Tang Christian didn’t look at it, and said, “Hang up for me.”

Ameli Su was a little anxious, “He said he has something to find you…”

“Don’t listen, don’t answer.” Without raising his eyelids, Tang Christian pushed away the phone that Ameli Su handed over. “What can he do to find me? Why, want to pick you up from me?”

Lemuel Chu, who was holding the phone at the other end, lowered his head, and the broken hair on his forehead fell, and most of his face was not in the shadows, making it difficult to see the expression. He heard Tang Christian’s rejection of him, and then the phone seemed to be someone else. Snatch it, and be hung up in the next second.


Lemuel Chu took back his phone and looked at the woman in the detention center in front of him. It was Xu Yao’s mother. He stood outside the transparent wall and said to her, “You can’t get out, and you can’t avenge your daughter. There are still people jumping outside… Sakurako Sakahara instructed you, right?”

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