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Chapter 358

“Yeah, yeah, you and Miss Qin are on good terms? How about a few words for us later?”

“There’s me, there’s me, I’m here to take care of Miss Qin most carefully.”

Jasmine Tong looked at these servants who had gathered around her, and one seemed to be sticking up for herself.

No, rather, it was trying to suck up to Qin Liyuan.

“Why do you all want me to put in a good word with Miss Qin,” Jasmine Tong probed cautiously.

“This is not yet known, Miss Qin will soon become our wife.”

“She’s the mistress of the place, of course we have to suck up to her.”

“I don’t know when Mr. and Miss Qin will get married.”

This girl you’re talking to.

Jasmine Tong also sort of understood that everyone here thought that Qin Yanyan was about to marry Albert Ou.

The maid who ran up to deliver the letter knocked on Qin Yanyan’s room.

“Miss Qin, there’s someone out there to see you, saying it’s a friend of yours.”

Chin was practicing yoga in his room when he turned around and immediately stopped when he heard this.

“My friend is Young Master Quan.”

“It’s not Master Quan, it’s a girl.”


When Qin turned around and immediately frowned, who knew he was here but John Quan

The fact that she lived here, however, must never be known to outsiders.

“It’s not an amusement, is it?”

Qin Yan was still very careful.

“Did she say who she was” Chin turned suddenly to keep her guard up.

The maid just remembered that she was just in a hurry to report over and forgot to ask who it was.

“Didn’t say.”

“Then tell her that she’s looking in the wrong place and that I don’t even know her.”


The maid immediately went downstairs.

Then Chin turned around and continued her yoga practice.

As soon as the maid came downstairs, she saw several maids surrounding Jasmine Tong, asking questions, serving her tea, pouring water and passing fruits.

She’s so angry.

“Okay, okay, let’s all disperse, what’s the use of stammering about her, Miss Qin doesn’t even know her”

“Ah,” the servants looked at each other one by one.

“Disperse quickly, Miss Chin asked me to tell her that she was in the wrong place and that she didn’t know her at all”

The maids were all silly one by one.

“Hopefully, you’re a liar and a liar, and I’ll give you the fruit.”

“That’s right, the liar who just served you tea.”

“Get out of here, are you allowed to enter our gates too?”

“Where’s the wild girl from? What’s she doing here?”

A moment ago, he had a pleasant face, but now he immediately turned fierce.

That’s a pretty quick change.

Jasmine Tong was downright calm.

“Did you tell her who I am?”

“Whoever you are anyway, Miss Qin says you don’t know her, you don’t know her and if you don’t leave, we’re going to call someone.”

The maids were all claws and teeth, wanting to swallow Jasmine Tong.

“Hey hey hey what are you guys doing “Pearly walked in and just as soon as she entered, she saw the maids surrounding Jasmine Tong, talking and cursing, very rude.

Along with Pearblossom, there were a few other young girls who were supposed to be the servants here, wearing the same clothes.

“Nothing, this woman ran in here we were just about to blow her out of the house now this guard is so unreliable, what kind of people put in here Pearblossom, when did you get back”

Pearblossom used to wait on this side as well, so she knew most of the servants on this side.

“This nonsense what ah also blasted her out, this is our wife,” pear immediately went to Jasmine Tong before.

The maids looked at each other one by one and suddenly burst out laughing.

The laughter made the pears a little baffled.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Pearblossom, you can’t be serious, how can she be our wife? That Miss Qin upstairs, that’s our future wife.”

“Yes, Pearblossom, I’ll take you to meet Miss Qin later.”

“Miss Qin is so beautiful and refined, that’s what makes her worthy of our gentleman.”

“That’s right, look at how shabby she is in her clothes, how can she compare to Miss Qin with a finger”

The maids were filled with disdain for Jasmine Tong.

Pear Blossom is anxious to hear this.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” “I’m not the one in front of you, but the one in front of me.” “I’m the one who is specially assigned to serve you.” “There is also Aunt Fang.”

Hearing this, the maids laughed even more.

“Pearblossom, when did you learn to lie? If you really have a wife, she lives over here too, how luxurious and grand this side is.”

“That’s right, you don’t hide your wife out of the house. That’s a mistress.”

“You guys,”

The pear was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

Jasmine Tong immediately patted Pearblossom’s hand, signaling her to take it easy.

“Ma’am, look at these people I’ll be sure to tell Mister later and see what he does to you”

“Forget it, Pearly, let’s go back.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t get angry, pulling Pearblossom along and preparing to walk out, stopping again after a few steps.

“I’ve brought some tonic for Miss Qin, so please pass it on to her.”

Jasmine Tong hadn’t expected to be so unpopular for coming to the Crystal Garden.

She didn’t want to embarrass the maids here, so she had to leave.

“Ma’am, it’s too suffocating for us to leave like this.”

“It’s okay, I’m just giving her something anyway, it’s nothing, go back.”

“That Qin Liyuan really thinks she’s the mistress of this place, all the servants here think she’s the mistress, geez, I’m really pissed off”

“I’m not even angry, what are you angry about” Jasmine Tong had a playful smile on her face.

“Ma’am, why are you such a bully? Why don’t you call your husband now?”

Pearly can’t swallow this any more than she can.

“He’s been quite busy for the past few days, so let’s not bother him, let’s go back.”

As soon as the two men stepped out of the threshold, they saw people coming up to them.

Wu Xiu.

He was away on business today, so he was away this morning and is just now returning.

Wu Xiu but recognized Jasmine Tong, he was stunned when he saw her.

“What are you doing here, ma’am?”

Pear blossoms with joy, finally someone recognizes Jasmine Tong

“Housekeeper Wu, you’re finally back you don’t know how the people here are slacking off on Mrs. One by one they’re trying to blow us away”

Seeing that there was a backer, Pearblossom immediately sued.

Wu Xiu was stunned.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing, Housekeeper Wu, don’t listen to Pear Blossom’s nonsense, I just came over to see Miss Qin.”

“Come in quickly, ma’am.”

Saying that, Wu Xiu hurriedly welcomed Jasmine Tong and Pear Blossom back into the living room.

Wu Xiuton coughed and cleared his throat.

“Someone, bring your wife some tea.”

All the servants in the house were stunned.

Chapter 359

A bolder maid immediately asked, “Housekeeper Wu, what are you talking about ma’am, ma’am is not”

As she said that, she pointed upstairs.

“Yes, Butler Wu, how can this woman be a wife and dress so shabbily”

The other maid hastened to agree.

“You have the audacity to say what you want, even if I’m not at home, and you’re not going to pay her this month’s bonus.”

Wu Xiu was quite dignified, and when Albert Ou was away on this side, he was in charge of everything!

Only then did the servants realize the seriousness of the matter, and it turned out that the unattractive girl in front of them was really their wife!

“Butler Wu, then Miss Qin”

Wu Xiu still had a straight face.

“Miss Qin is just a good friend of Mr. Qin, and this Miss Tong in front of you is Mr. Tong’s matchmaker’s wife all remember.”

“Yes,” the maids said in unison.

“Housekeeper Wu, no need, I’m not guilty of not knowing, I’ve never been over here either, it’s normal for them not to know me.”Jasmine Tong immediately pleaded for mercy.

Wu Xiu immediately became amiable when confronted by Jasmine Tong.

“Madam, it was these people who slacked off on Madam, and they should have been punished.”

“Then don’t punish it for my sake, Butler Wu, give me some face.”

“Naturally, it’s up to the wife, and if the wife says there’s no punishment, then there’s no punishment.”

Wu Xiu turned his face to look at these servants.

“Did you all hear what Madam said? You don’t need to be punished, so hurry up and thank her.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” the maids once again said in unison.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and ask Miss Qin to come down, and tell her that Madam is here to see her.”

“Yes.”A maid immediately ran upstairs.

Wu Xiu hurriedly invited Jasmine Tong to the sofa.

“Ma’am, you should have come over today with advance notice, so I could have been prepared.”

“I was too abrupt, I didn’t think much of it, I just wanted to come over and see suddenly sister, and I didn’t have to prepare anything.”

“Ma’am why don’t we have lunch here today?”

“No, I have to hurry home and prepare lunch for the gentleman after seeing suddenly,”

Wu Xiu smiled meaningfully.

“Mr. and Mrs. Dang is really gracious.”

Jasmine Tong smiled apologetically.

Upstairs, Qin Liyuan had finished her yoga and was resting on her mat when suddenly there was a sharp knock on the door.

“What’s the hurry?”

“Housekeeper Wu said that our wife, who has come to visit Miss Qin, wants Miss Qin to come downstairs.”

“Your wife Jasmine Tong’s.”

How could Qin unexpectedly think that Jasmine Tong would come here to see her?

She had asked around before, Jasmine Tong had never come over here before, and Albert Ou had only brought her here once, to see the animals, not even through the front door.

How could she suddenly come to visit her?

Qin turned suddenly and immediately changed his clothes and went downstairs.

As soon as they came downstairs, they saw that the maids were respectfully standing to the side, and Wu Xiu and Jasmine Tong were sitting on the sofa chatting about something.

“Mandy,” Qin suddenly shouted in a loud voice.

Jasmine Tong heard and immediately stood up.

“Then suddenly, Sister,”

“Why did you suddenly come over here and not tell me, I thought you were an entertainment reporter and almost had you blown out of the room.”

Qin turned around and smiled a bit fake.

“I also decided to come over suddenly, how are you feeling better?”

“I’m better.”

“I didn’t have anything to do, I just came over to check on you and brought you some supplements that are good for your blood and qi.”

Jasmine Tong immediately told Pearblossom to serve up the tonic.

“That’s very kind of you to stay for lunch today.”

Qin turned out to be exuberantly inviting, as if she was the mistress of the place.


Pearly cleared her throat.

“Ma’am, we should go back, it’s time to prepare lunch for the gentleman at home, otherwise I’m afraid the gentleman will be hungry at noon today, he can’t live without his wife for a meal.”

Pears said loudly and pointedly.

Jasmine Tong vigorously made a wink towards Pear Blossom, but Pear Blossom just ignored it.

A look of embarrassment flashed across Qin’s face.

“Then suddenly Sister, don’t listen to Pearblossom’s nonsense, I still have things to do at noon, so I’ll leave first, you rest well.”

Wu Xiu sent Jasmine Tong and Pearly Flower to the door.

On the way back, Jasmine Tong kept frowning without speaking.

Pearle skimmed.

“Ma’am, did I say something wrong.”

Tong didn’t criticize the pear.

“Pearblossom, I’m not here to flaunt my power, I really want to come and see what’s going on, and I’m sure the gentleman has his reasons for placing suddenly here.”

Pears was a little disgruntled.

“What reason can a gentleman have to eat out of a bowl and occupy a pot?” she muttered.

“The gentleman once told me that he owed a favor to Sister Thenceforth, and I suppose by placing her here he is repaying that favor, which he owes, and I am his wife, and you should repay it with him, and that is why I have come to visit Thenceforth.”

Jasmine Tong did not have a reproachful tone.

“Ma’am, you just trust Mr.”

“Of course he is, he’s my husband, I don’t trust him to trust anyone but I seem to be on the wrong track this time.”

Jasmine Tong was extremely frustrated.

“Wrong way,”

“Things have gotten so big today, I didn’t expect it, but it turns out that all the maids here think of suddenly as a wife, so it’s as if I did it on purpose, I’m worried that suddenly might misunderstand, plus what you said”

Jasmine Tong stroked her forehead.

Like she really shouldn’t have come today.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I just don’t think it’s fair to you that everyone treats her like a wife and snubs you.”

Pears also realizes that she may be in trouble.

Jasmine Tong affectionately stroked Pearly’s head.

“Okay, don’t blame yourself, just pay attention to what you say from now on, in fact, I know you’re fighting for me, it’s just that it’s time for you to stop being so sexist”

Pearblossom threw up her tongue playfully.

“Ma’am, you’re so nice, no wonder Mr. likes you, even I like you, if I were a man, I’d definitely marry you too, not that what an unexpectedly”

Tonto grinned.

She could only silently pray that Qin turned out not to be that kind of small-minded.

She was indeed abrupt today.

Crystal Garden

After sending Jasmine Tong away, Qin turned around and went upstairs, and when he reached the corner, he heard two servants talking.

“So Miss Qin isn’t our future wife. She looks like she thinks she’s our wife.”

“It’s just that it’s just a friend of the gentleman who dares to show off here you see our wife seems to have a good sex.”

“I feel the same way, Mrs. seems so honest and kind, if she hadn’t begged for mercy, we’d have lost our bonuses this month.”

Chapter 360

“Then why do you think Mister is letting Miss Qin live here and what does this Miss Qin do?”

“Who knows, what’s on Mister’s mind is something we can’t fathom but this Miss Qin really thinks of herself as a future wife”

“Don’t mention it. She’s just a friend, thanks to us being so nice to her.”

“You said this Miss Qin is thick-skinned enough, but she’s even staying at Mr. Mister’s house even though he’s married.”

Qin suddenly became so angry that his lungs were about to explode, and quickly returned to his bedroom

Everything here was shattered by Jasmine Tong’s arrival.

“Knock, knock, knock” knocked the door.

“Come in” Qin turned around and didn’t have much to say.

Lin Lan Lan walked in with a bowl.

“Miss Qin, the bird’s nest cooked for you is ready.”

“Drop it.”Qin suddenly spoke in an icy tone.

Lin Lan Lan looked at her, put the bird’s nest on the table, and walked over to Qin Yanyan.

“Miss Qin, don’t be angry, Madam is making good use of her tactics like this, and people like you are not her match.”

Chin’s eyes turned suddenly.

She was angry about this today, but she didn’t think too much of it.

It was all merely coincidental and logical.

She lifted her eyes to look at Linelands.

“You mean that Mandy actually did it on purpose.”

“Or what?”

Lin Lan Lan sneered, “She’s that kind of person, so there’s no need to get in touch with her.”

“But I don’t think that Manny is like that.”When Qin turned around, he always felt that Jasmine Tong was a good girl.

“Miss Qin, you’re just too kind, this drama of hers is really good to sing, think about it, now that you’re the one living here, all the servants here think that Miss Qin has a remarkable relationship with Mr. Qin, naturally they respect Miss Qin very much, and even think that Miss Qin is the future wife.”

Qin turned around and listened carefully, patting himself next to her and gesturing for Lin Lan Lan to sit down.

“But she came over today without saying a word, doesn’t it seem strange that she came to do what really is to give Miss Qin a tonic this crystal garden up and down is lacking her that tonic?”

Qin suddenly frowned, carefully recalling Lin Lan Lan’s words.

“It seems to make some sense.”

“If she really wants to send tonic to Miss Qin, then just give Butler Wu a call, he’ll take care of it, why would she come all the way here you saw, Butler Wu knows this lady of ours.”

Qin turned suddenly in realization.

Yes, there’s no need for Tong Siu Man to take this trip.

What’s more, she could have called ahead to tell herself if she was coming!

But she was partial to it, and it came quietly.

“She’s probably made some inquiries about the fact that Butler Wu will be out on business this morning, picking a time when Butler Wu isn’t around, and not many of the maids know of her existence.”

Lin Lan Lan’s tone was very disdainful.

Qin turned around and nodded his head frequently.

“This is her first purpose, to buy the hearts of the people, and the second purpose is also related to the first, to buy the hearts of the servants, the servants will naturally not respect Miss Qin in the future, and will even mock her.”

When Qin turned around and lowered her eyelids, this second purpose, she had already tasted the power, and the servants had already started talking about it.

“The third purpose, well, that’s to give Miss Qin a run for her money, to let her know that she’s the wife of the Ou family to make Miss Qin sit on her own and leave the place.”

Qin turned around and silently shook his fist.

“I didn’t know Mandy had such a deep heart.”

“Miss Qin, you’re really underestimating her, can she become Mrs. Ou without a little thought?”

When Qin turned around and thought about it like this, how could he get to Albert Ou without some means?

In the end, it only dissolved into a sigh.

“Forget it, it’s done, I don’t belong here in the first place, it’s better to leave.”

Saying that, Qin suddenly stood up and prepared to pack his bags.

The maids here already knew that she wasn’t some future wife, so naturally they wouldn’t give her a good look.

Rather than wait to be slacked off and taunted, she would be better off leaving.

“Miss Qin, are you admitting defeat?”

Lin Lan Lan hurriedly pursued the question.

“Admit defeat.”

Qin turned around with a shallow smile and shook his head.

“Not to admit defeat, but I’ve already lost, and the two of them are married.”

“So what if I’m married Miss Qin, if I were you and knew that the man I love is married to a woman with a big heart, I would absolutely snatch it back.”

When Qin turned around, he was stunned, never expecting that this matter of his liking for Albert Ou would be seen by this little girl in front of him.

“She’s so preoccupied with nothing more than a woman who likes her husband’s money, and can she make him happy?”


Once again, Qin was suddenly mute.

“Miss Qin, I can see that you like Mr. Qin very much, and if Mr. Qin can be happy, then you’ve forgotten a heartbreak, but Mr. Qin is not what you think he is.”

Lin Lan Lan smiled towards Qin Tianran.

“Oh my, you see I’m a little maid here really nosy, I’m really sorry, Miss Qin, I’m going down to get busy, you can eat the bird’s nest while it’s hot.”

After saying that, Lin Lan Lan took the tray and immediately left.

Qin turned around in his chair, but carefully recalled her words.

Rainbow City

When she returned from delivering food to Albert Ou at noon, Jasmine Tong felt sleepy and took a nap, but she didn’t expect to sleep straight through until dark.

When she got up from the bed in a daze and walked out of the bedroom, she saw Pearblossom standing off to the side, talking to Albert Ou.

Albert Ou had already come home from work, but didn’t go up to wake her up when he heard Pearblossom say she was sleeping.

“Madame really said that” Albert Ou was overjoyed.

“Of course, it’s hard for me to lie to Mr. and Mrs. That’s what she said, that she believes Mr.”

Pearblossom told Albert Ou everything that had happened today, especially what Jasmine Tong had said on the way back.

How could Albert Ou not be happy to hear that?

The first thing that I want to do is to tell you that I’m not jealous of you, but I’m not jealous of you!

“What are you talking about” Jasmine Tong came over, her voice a little hoarse.

Albert Ou immediately stood up and walked over to Jasmine Tong.

“Full sleep.”

“Well, I slept for a long time, but I just didn’t want to get up, and I’m lazy.”

Albert Ou was grinding in Jasmine Tong’s ear.

“That’s just as well you can stay up at night and applaud with me the whole time.”

Pears bowed her head and smiled, immediately turning to leave.

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