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Chapter 373

The results came out quickly.

That day, Jenny received an invitation to a fashion dinner.

Since the dinner was being hosted by a brand she really liked, she decided to attend.

Coincidentally, Nina Hua and Evelin, as well as Yan Sihua Xie Snap and all of them were also there.

Although we are all in the same community, it’s actually rare that we can get together in one place.

Therefore, Jenny was very happy, and was so happy that he inevitably drank two more cups.

She wasn’t a good drinker, perhaps because she hadn’t eaten dinner before arriving today, and it was always easy to get drunk on an empty stomach, so after a few glasses, she felt a little tipsy.

Jenny Jing then stopped drinking, greeted Nina Hua and the others, and went to the bathroom.

Mo Nan had been following her, she wore a small suit and had a cold face, she looked like a bit of a strong woman.

Jenny gave her his handbag and told her to wait outside and come out after using the bathroom.

The restroom here was fully enclosed with only one exit, so Mo Nan didn’t worry about anything and let her in alone.

Jenny was washing his hands after using the restroom, when suddenly a chill ran down his spine, as if he was being stalked by some large predator.

Her mind alerted, she turned around sharply and snapped, “Who?”

Before she could say anything, however, a hand suddenly reached out from behind her, covered her mouth, and dragged her to a nearby cubicle.

The cubicle was dimly lit.

Jenny was pressed against the door panel, her mouth covered, and she didn’t dare to move.

She stared, but she couldn’t see the other woman’s face because it was so dark.

In the darkness, only the sound of the man’s breathing could be heard, as well as his own violent, thunderous heartbeat.

She tensed up almost all over, feeling the man’s head rubbing gently against her ear as if he were holding back deliberately, his rapid breath spraying into her neck, hot and ticklish.

“Little Seven, it’s been so long, I can’t believe you don’t recognize me.”

Jenny opened his pupils fiercely and shuddered.

It’s him!

It was a voice that was all too familiar.

After all, he had been the one who had been there for her, teaching her and helping her, those thousand days and nights.

It could be said that he was the most important person in her life, a benefactor, yet….

An enemy she wanted nothing to do with for the rest of her life!

Jenny frowned tightly and made two “hmmm” sounds.

The other laughed lightly.

It was a voice, soft and shallow, but without any warmth.

“Looks like little Seven recognized me?Luckily, I’ve forgotten my taste, but I remember my voice, so at least I’m not so sorry.”

After a few seconds, he finally let go of her mouth.

Jenny glared at him furiously.

Even though she couldn’t clearly see the other woman’s face, she glared angrily and gritted her teeth, “What are you doing back here?”

The man laughed softly, “Looking for you.”

“I don’t have anything to do with you anymore!”

“Gee, how do you say that?How many years has it been since we were so sweet?And you won’t recognize me as your brother?”

Jenny sneered.

“No brother who would do something like that to himself!Besides, I’ve already told you in the beginning that I’ve paid back the debt of gratitude I owe you, and I’m no longer your sister!”

The man shook his head, his tone seemingly disappointed.

“Surely the cold man is still cold, and the infatuated man is still infatuated, alas!

When you said you’ve paid me back, you didn’t mean that, did you?But little Seven, I saved your life in the first place, if I hadn’t rescued you from the sea, you’d only be afraid that your body would have been soaked and turned into bones and sunk to the bottom of the sea now, do you think that little thing you did is enough to repay me for such a great kindness?”

Jenny was extremely angry, almost gnashing his teeth.

“So what do you want?”

The man laughed again.

He even reached out and touched her head.

“I’ve told you, I want to marry you.”

This time, it was Jenny’s turn to snicker.

“Sorry, I’m married.”

“It’s okay, I’ll wait for you to leave.”

Jenny: “……..”

This man is as annoying as ever!

She didn’t want to talk to him, so she turned around and walked out.

When she got out of the cubicle, the light outside was bright, and she was finally able to see the man’s face.

He was tall, at around 188cm, about the same height as Biden Lu, but with a very different temperament.

Biden Lu is the kind of handsome that is distinguished and elegant, and cold and noble, while he is evil, the evil with an innate debauchery, even the eyes with a compelling brilliance, making people feel at first glance that this man is poisonous and must not be touched!

Jenny Jing coldly said, “So those things from the previous crew were also from you, right!”

The man narrowed his eyes with a smile, “Yes, like it?”

Jenny Jing coldly hooked his lips, “I threw away the flowers, the necklace is in my bag, I’ll return it to you later.”

The man shook his head, “Little Seven is still so ruthless!”

Jenny turned around and was about to leave, when she heard him say this, she couldn’t bear to look back and warned, “I’m warning you, don’t ever call me little Seven again, I don’t want to hear that name again!”

The man raised his eyebrows, “So I call you Seven?”

Jenny: “……..”

The man smiled again, those peach blossom eyes with a compelling glow, “Xiao Qi, haven’t seen you for four years, did you miss me?”

Jenny only felt that his chest was about to explode.

She didn’t know why she was so angry, but she knew that just by looking at his face, the past could be vivid, and she just wanted to punch him in the face.

She said coldly, “Don’t want to!I’m not interested in you either!So please stay out of my life, and don’t ever bother me again!”

Afterwards, turn around and walk away.

It was then that a man’s somewhat cold voice came from behind him.

“Old K is dead!”

Jenny stepped forward.

It was stiff.

She turned back, looking at him incredulously, her voice muffled, “What did you say?”

The man’s face was devoid of a smile, but his eyes were calm, and he couldn’t see any emotion, as if he was stating a very normal thing.

“Old K is dead, he was assassinated half a month ago, the other guy is supposed to be the same people who were after you, I found that flower symbol on Old K’s body.”

Jenny was dumbfounded, his head blank and his ears buzzing.

She couldn’t believe the news at all, and it took a long time for her to find her voice.

“What the hell is going on?Hasn’t he…been in the country lately?Why…”

“It was in China that he was assassinated, and it was in his own home, and K’s wife and daughter were there, but the other guy just knocked them out and didn’t do anything to them, so I suspect that K knew something.

From what happened seven years ago, they would have been a very principled group that wouldn’t kill innocent people, so that’s why they spared his wife and daughter.”

Chapter 374

Jenny was trapped in shock, and it took a long time for him to calm down.

“Did you call the police?”

The man shook his head, “No, K has too much shady stuff to call the police on, this will have to be looked into privately and then resolved privately.”

Jenny nodded his head.

I just felt like a stone was pressing down on my chest and it was so stuffy.

The other smiled lightly when he saw her looking disoriented.

A handsome face came towards hers again and smiled, “Enough business, little Seven, tell me the truth now, haven’t seen you for four years and you really haven’t missed me at all?”

Jenny’s originally pale eyebrows were tinged with a sullenness, and he took a step back, glaring at him warily.

“Gu Si Qian, I’m warning you!Stop trying to tease me with your dirty tricks!I don’t eat your shit!”

Gu Siqian smiled, a pair of peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly like they were full of wine, making it unbearably mesmerizing.

“Little Seven is hurting my heart too much, four years ago he was calling someone good brother and four years later he’s calling someone Gu Siqian, why are you so cold and heartless?”

Jenny was speechless, not wanting to stay here and talk nonsense with him, and turned around to leave.

Behind him, Jin Si Qian’s ghostly smile said, “Little Seven, I’ve got your number, I’ll call you tonight, don’t you dare not pick up.”

The tone was laced with laughter, but Jenny felt a slight chill with a threatening warning.

She sank down, said nothing, and walked away quickly.

After going out, because he was pretending to have something on his mind, Jenny Jing had no desire to linger at the dinner, and after greeting Nina Hua and the others, he left the venue with Mo Nan.

It was already ten o’clock at night when she arrived home, and Biden Lu was reading a book in his study, knowing that she must not have eaten much when she went there at night, and specifically asked Aunt Liu to leave her her favorite seafood congee.

Jenny, however, had little appetite and put it down after a few hasty bites.

At night, Biden Lu had been staying with her.

The phone buzzed twice, the man keenly heard, no response, Jenny looked at the caller ID, knew in his heart who it was, was hesitant to answer, then listened to Biden Lu said, “The person who often gave you flowers recently, did you find out who it was?”

Jenny was stunned, not sure if it was because of a guilty conscience or a shaky hand, and accidentally pressed hang up.

She looked up at him, dazed, and it took her two seconds to respond.

“Oh, not yet.”

Biden Lu’s eyes darkened.

“Can I help you?”

“No need.”

She was too busy to speak up, afraid that he would really help her out if he couldn’t think of one thing, and then it wouldn’t be easy to answer in the end, no matter what she could find out or not.

Biden Lu gave her a partial glance.

“You’re not feeling well?”

Jenny barely smiled and shook his head.

It was then that the phone buzzed again.

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows, looked at the caller ID on that and asked her with a look that indicated, “No answer?”

Jenny only felt himself starting to stiffen, hovering on the edge between picking up and not picking up before finally pressing hang up.

“It’s too late for work, let’s talk tomorrow.”

She said, and lifted the blanket and got underneath it.

Biden Lu’s handsome eyebrows rested imperceptibly, and in the end, he didn’t say anything, followed by turning off the light and lying down as well.

One night at peace.

The next day, before Jenny got up, he was woken up by a ringing phone.

She opens her eyes in a daze and can’t even see.

With a quick open, he got on the phone.


“Sister Jenny, it’s bad, something’s happened!”

She frowned, a little disgruntled, “What’s wrong?Early morning panic.”

Across the street, He was smoking fast.

“You’re spreading gossip!The other side is still a remarkable person, alas, one or two sentences can not be said clearly, you first log on to the ruff and quickly take a look!”

Jenny was stunned, his original drowsiness that was still confused instantly awake.

She hung up the phone and sat up, opening her ruff and boarding up.

Only the number one on the hot list was himself.

She even clicked on it and saw the headline on it: surprise!A young man’s night out with the rich and famous, and a passionate battle in the bathroom!

Jenny’s face changed and he pulled down to look.

The only thing that was published on it was a few blurry photos.

The angle of the photo was so bizarrely clear that even she, a semi-professional, couldn’t figure out which angle it was taken from, but even so, the two people on it were very clear.

Jenny was facing the camera, so she could see her face clearly, and a man was walling her up on the doorstep with his head down looking at her, and the camera was shooting from behind, so it happened to block the man’s face.

Jenny’s face instantly sank.

That bastard!

These pictures, think with your nose, she knows who took them too!

In the bathroom yesterday, there was no one else but her and Gu Si Qian!

The man with the dog!It must have been a deliberate tactic to warn him because he didn’t answer his phone last night.

I haven’t seen you for four years, and you’re still a sc*mbag!

Jenny scolded Gu Siqian in her heart, but that couldn’t stop Biden Lu from knowing about it.

Just the thought that the man would see these pictures gave Jenny a headache.

Says Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrives.

It’s rare for Biden Lu to be out so late today, he looks like he’s just finished taking a shower, he’s not wearing any clothes, just a pair of knee-length shorts.

With a towel hanging from her body and still hot and steamy, she saw her awake and asked, “Awake?” as she wiped herself with the towel, “Awake?”

Nina Hua smiled stiffly, “Mm.”

Biden Lu’s face looked a lot better than she expected, but only some coldness was unexpectedly installed between his eyebrows.

He tossed aside the towel he’d finished wiping down, then, walked toward her.

“Does Mrs. Land have anything to explain to me today?”

Jenny looked at his face and gulped.

“That…you saw that?”

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows and gave a “hmm”.

Jenny smiled dryly and explained, “It was a misunderstanding, at that time bar I just happened to bump into him in the bathroom, he had to stop me to talk to me about something, I couldn’t help it, so I stayed, I didn’t expect to be followed by paparazzi, really, I have nothing to do with him.”

Biden Lu narrowed his eyes slightly, those cold and steely eyes carrying some coldness in them.

“Is it?What a coincidence that he actually managed to bump into you in the ladies’ room, I just realized today that the second youngest of the Gu family is a demon?”

Jenny was startled and shook hard.

“What did you say?What Gu’s second son?”

This time, though, Biden Lu was a bit surprised.

“You don’t know who he is?”

Jenny opened her mouth, thought about it, then closed it, and shook her head.

“I don’t know.”

Chapter 375

When Biden Lu saw this, he told her, “Gu Si Qian, Gu Chang Hai’s second son and his only illegitimate son, because he was not accepted by the elders in the family, he was raised abroad for years and could hardly return to the country once every three to five years, and this time he suddenly returned to the country and coincidentally met you, do you think it’s a coincidence?”

Jenny Jing was shaken hard again.

Her head was a bit muddled, and it took a long while before she gradually digested the fact that Biden Lu had told her.

“You said…he’s a Gu?”

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows, “Yes.”

Jenny clenched his fingers.

Biden Lu continued, “So, what did he say to you last night?”

Jenny looked at him, his lips moving, but he didn’t make a sound.

She didn’t know how to explain to Biden Lu about her relationship with Gu Si Qian, those past years and memories were something she didn’t want to bring up, but she didn’t want to lie to him!

Jenny struggled for a moment, Biden Lu knew her too well, just a look, and she already understood what she was thinking.

“You’ve met before?”

Jenny Jing struggled for a long time, but in the end, he nodded his head.


“How do you know each other?”

Jenny didn’t say.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to say it, she really didn’t know how.

The memory was so confusing that she couldn’t even remember it, and if she said it, it would be even more unbelievable.

And, that also contains a secret….

Jenny didn’t say anything, and Biden Lu waited for a moment, his deep brows gradually getting colder.

“It’s okay, I respect your right to privacy, and it’s okay to tell me when you feel like it.”

He said, getting up, obviously his attitude wasn’t strong and his demeanor was as gentle as ever, but Jenny still had the vague feeling that he was a little angry.

After Biden Lu left, Jenny Jing also went to the company.

Starflight issued a statement on her behalf, saying it was just a joke about a chance encounter with a friend and it wasn’t some kind of cheating!

At any rate, she is now a married status, not to mention Biden Lu’s side, this kind of news is not good for her image if it makes a big noise.

The good thing was that it seemed that Gu Siqian just wanted to warn her and didn’t mean to be exhaustive, so as soon as her side of the statement was issued, Gu Siqian’s trumpet also made a statement, saying that it was just a joke and that everyone shouldn’t take it seriously and they were all good friends.

Kusken’s trumpet certainly doesn’t have much followers or attention.

But couldn’t resist the heat of the news, and he was immediately circled by many people.

This little fracas has kind of died down.

Afterwards, Jenny took the initiative to call Gu Siqian and scolded him badly.

Gu Siqian wasn’t angry, laughing idly over there and even occasionally scolding herself for her.

Jenny was completely out of temper with him.

Finally, the man spoke coolly on the phone, “Remember what my brother taught you years ago?There is a price to pay for obedience and disobedience, and little Seven doesn’t want what she has now to be messed up, does she?”

Jenny’s headache caressed his forehead and gritted his teeth, “What do you want?”

Gu Si Qian laughed lightly, “How dare I tell the truth with that tone of your voice?”

Jenny Jing stalled and gritted his teeth, forcing himself to keep his anger down, softening his voice, “Fine, then spread it out and say it straight, what do you really want?”

“I want you, will you?”

Jenny: “……..”

Her face had changed a few times, how could she still not hear him teasing her at this point?

Finally, gritting his teeth and roaring, “Gu Si Qian, go to hell!”

Afterwards, he just cut the phone off.


And now, the other side.

In the film and television city on the outskirts of Kyoto, Evelin got up early in the morning, and after changing into today’s costume, she went to the dressing room with a bag of stuff.

“Hey, Evelin’s here!”

The make-up artist had gotten to know her well after a while, so he greeted her with a smile as soon as he saw her.

Evelin nodded and took a small gift box from the bag in her hand and handed it over.

“I bought it casually the other day when I went to a show in Milan, it’s not anything valuable, never mind.”

The makeup artist brightened up and took over.

“Don’t mind if you don’t mind, after all, you bring us gifts every time you go abroad for an event or walk the red carpet, no one else does.”

Evelin smiled and didn’t say anything, but turned around and handed the items to the others to follow and distribute.

Only after all this was done did Evelin begin to sit down to do her makeup.

She had good skin, which saved her the trip to the foundation, and her makeup was applied quickly, but in half an hour or so.

Outside, the field notes were telling her to get out of her seat, so she went out.

And then a young woman came in from outside.

“Sister Moon.”

“Yue-san, you’re here.”

Everyone got up and greeted each other respectfully, and the person who came was the newest actress, Leng Xiaolian, who is the leading lady of this drama and has won three trophies last year and is favored by countless big-name directors at home and abroad.

Leng Xiaoyue is not very young, but in her early twenties, but because of her talent, plus indeed has the talent, so debut that is the peak, but acting in three movies, won three trophies, and the camera performance sense is very good, so it is a small number of the circle screaming and seated actress.

This time it’s a big-budget puppet show, albeit an ancient one, because the script itself is of excellent quality and the director is a famous director with whom I’ve been very close before.

So even a movie curmudgeon like Leng Xiaolian, who had previously stated that he would only make movies and not the small screen, made an exception this time and took on this drama.

Since it’s an exception, it’s naturally the meat and potatoes of the crew, the kind that everyone has to offer up and dare not offend.

At this point, Leng Xiaolian probably hadn’t slept well and was yawning as she sat in her seat.

Chess, the makeup artist who was usually in charge of her makeup, even walked over to her and asked with a smile, “Is today the scene with the injury?”

Leng Xiaolian nodded faintly, “Mm.”

Next to him, someone had the audacity to say, “Sister Xiao Yue, today Evelin gave us all gifts as soon as she came back, you also had a part, and that pink one right there on the table is yours.”

Leng Xiaolian looked askance at it and reached out to open it, only to see an Eiffel Tower pendant inside.

She smiled extremely shallowly and placed the thing there, not judging whether it was good or bad, but there was quite a bit of disdain between her eyebrows.

Just then, another woman walked in.

This person’s name is Su Qian, who plays the third female in this drama, and her family is richer, but she’s not a good actress, and the reason she got the role this time is that she brought money into the group.

Because the family is good, they are not without arrogance and domineering. When they saw Leng Xiaolian, they greeted him respectfully.

Then a snort of laughter at the sound of a gift, and then at the gift box on the table.

“Yo, who sent this?”

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