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Chapter 409

“Since you abducted him, then treat her well, why are you still hooking up with her outside? If you hadn’t treated her badly, how would she have aborted her first child, and if your Tong family hadn’t wanted a son, Little Lei wouldn’t have been sick”

Huo Yulong roared at Marven Tong.

“You’ve caused all this, and you’ve tainted the word beast by saying you’re an animal.”

“How can I be blamed for this? how can I be blamed for her not being able to give birth to a son? how can I be blamed for her having a miscarriage? “Marven Tong’s retort made Huo Yulong even angrier, and he punched Marven Tong on the bridge of his nose.

“Oh my gosh, the beating, the beating, does anyone care?” yelled Dossier.

Huo Yulong was a practiced fighter, Marven Tong had been raised in the past few years, where was his opponent, plus his age was even less advantageous.

Within a few blows, Marven Tong had been beaten to a bloody face.

Raymond wanted to go up and help, but immediately shrank to the side as she watched Huo Yulong come on.

Huo Yulong knew that this was a spiritual hall, and it wasn’t good to make too much noise.

“My son is gone, and you don’t even set up a memorial service for him, even if you didn’t raise him when he was alive, you don’t even deserve the few cries he made for father?”

Huo Yulong grabbed Marven Tong by the collar and kicked him in the back, then kicked him into the spirit hall.

Simin Du and Raymond also walked in timidly.

Jasmine Tong looked at the three people who had walked in and slowly stood up.

“Dad, when you heard me call you Dad, didn’t you feel the slightest bit ashamed?”

“Xiaolei ah dad is sorry ah” Marven Tong cried out with a bloodied face.

“Yes, of course you’re sorry for him if it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t have to suffer so much midnight, aren’t you afraid he’ll go to you and ask why you didn’t operate on him back then”

Dushman poofed down on his knees.

“Yarwen don’t worry, I will burn you lots and lots of paper money, so that you have lots and lots of money to spend over there you mustn’t come to me, I can’t help it ah.”

Hearing Duskman’s words, Jasmine Tong slowly walked to Duskman’s side.

“What? You’re scared you’re here to pay your respects and you’re dressed up.”

Jasmine Tong’s gaze swept over Raymond, “You’re even wearing a red dress.”

“It’s no time for me to change I can come on good enough to give face” Raymond eyelids rolled over disdain.

Jasmine Tong smiled coldly, looking at the three people who had come to offer their condolences.

“Someone take his clothes off and throw him out.”

Immediately two men stepped forward and grabbed Raymond, one left, one right.

“Hey, what are you guys doing? I’ll see who you dare in broad daylight,” Raymond yelled at the top of his voice.

But these two men didn’t listen to him in the slightest and took him right out.

“And isn’t she so fond of dressing up? Then give her a good dressing up.”

Two more men came and racked up Duthie and took her out.

“I’ll call the police and I’ll sue you.”

Marven Tong walked up to Jasmine Tong, “What are you doing?”

“What? You’re distressed just like that you’re distressed, how did he bully our siblings back then you don’t know how to distress us”


“I’m not going to let them take you out without sending you, for the sake of you being my father.”

Jasmine Tong took one last look at Marven Tong and returned to her seat.

Marven Tong looked at this fierce face around him and immediately left.

Outside the front door, Raymond was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, and was already stripped and freezing all over.

And Duthie’s face was painted as a big cat, and all the jewelry on her hands and neck and ears was removed.

Marven Tong took them away with a remorseful sigh.

Three days later it was the day of the funeral, and all of a sudden it was drizzling.

The sky was dark and gloomy, as if it was also weeping for Yarwen Tong.

The funeral procession was neat and solemn.

Jasmine Tong cried in the dark, the wake has never seen her so sad in the past few days, and she couldn’t contain it any longer during the funeral.

Luckily, Albert Ou held her away in time.

Back home Jasmine Tong has been sleeping all day and night.

She hadn’t actually been asleep, and had been in a half-asleep state.

She just doesn’t want to open her eyes to the truth.

Since the death of her own mother, Yarwen Tong seemed to be her spiritual support, or rather she was living for her brother.

All her patience, all her efforts are for Yarwen Tong

Now that Yarwen Tong was gone, she didn’t even know what she could do.

Albert Ou gently pushed open the bedroom door and found Jasmine Tong sitting on the bed, hugging her knees, her eyes dazedly looking straight ahead.

He tiptoed over and sat next to her, holding her by the shoulders.

“Jasmine, eat something, you haven’t eaten much in days.”

Jasmine Tong shook her head dully.

“How can you go on like this Xiaolei knows that you are like this after he left, do you think he will be at peace”

Hearing Yarwen Tong’s name, Jasmine Tong’s tears immediately poured down.

“Jasmine be good, don’t cry ok”

Jasmine Tong is still just crying and can’t stop.

Albert Ou was at his wits’ end, not knowing how to comfort Jasmine Tong and get her back on her feet.

The phone on the bedside table rang, and Albert Ou took a look at it, it was Xu Xingru.

Albert Ou just hung up.

“Go make a movie, give yourself something to do, and you’ll forget all this unhappiness for a while, eh.”

Jasmine Tong still still shook her head dully.

“So what do you want to do go out for a walk? I’ll go with you.”

“I want to sleep.”

Albert Ou nodded his head very helplessly, “Okay, then you sleep, wake up and have something to eat, okay”

Jasmine Tong lay down and Albert Ou covered her with the blanket.

Jasmine Tong closed her eyes softly without answering Albert Ou’s words either.

Albert Ou wiped the tears from her eyes and left the bedroom.

He made a call to John.

“Asawa, I was just about to call you, how’s your Mandy doing.”

“Very poor condition, not talking, eating more, just sleeping all the time.The latest movie she did, push it.She’s not going to be able to go out and film in a short time in this state.”

“All right then.”

“If you break the contract, you should be compensated as much as you want, and I’ll take this compensation.Don’t give her any more work for a while.”

“Okay, I’ll tell Xu Xingru here right away.”

Hanging up the phone, Albert Ou dialed another number.

Chapter 410

Huo Sijie immediately rushed over.

Albert Ou didn’t know if it was useful to find him, because of his cousins, Huo Sijie and Yarwen Tong were still a bit alike.

Let’s hope that Huo Sijie can bring a little bit of comfort to Jasmine Tong.

Albert Ou brought Hossein to Jasmine Tong’s bedroom.

“Jasmine, look who’s here to see you.”

“Cousin,” Hosiji called kindly into the bedroom.

Jasmine Tong sat up and looked at Huo Sijie and smiled towards him.


“Cousin, my cousin-in-law said that you haven’t been eating much lately, so how can you go on like this and eat something.”

Aunt Fang brought in a bowl of chicken porridge, put it on the bedside table and left.

Huo Sijie brought up the chicken porridge and served it to Jasmine Tong.

“Give me some face, I had a hard time getting here.”

Jasmine Tong followed the bowl over and drank the porridge nonchalantly, one bite at a time.

“Maya has been quite tight with her homework lately, so she’ll come over to keep you company when she’s on vacation.”

Jasmine Tong smiled happily.

Albert Ou stood looking at the house through the door, thankfully she still had these family members.

Huo Sijie’s arrival somewhat gave some comfort to Jasmine Tong, who finished her porridge and put it on the table.

“Cousin came to see me a week before his accident, I think.”

Jasmine Tong finally had some energy to raise her eyes to look at Huo Sijie.

“Said something to you.”

“He told me to take care of you from now on, and I’ll treat you like a sister, so don’t worry, I can do for you what my cousin can do for me.”

Jasmine Tong’s tears fell once again as she hung her head.

“Don’t cry, cousin,”

Huo Sijie’s gut was blue with remorse, he really shouldn’t have mentioned Yarwen Tong’s incident.

“I’m still the one he worries about the most, the one he’s most relieved about, he’s so sensible, why is God doing this to him.”

“Cousin me,”

“Kit, go home, I want to be alone for a while.”

“Well, then, cousin, don’t feel too bad.”Huo Sijie looked worriedly at Jasmine Tong and walked out of the room.

Facing Albert Ou, Hossegor was a little self-conscious.

“Cousin-in-law, my cousin is crying again, she was fine, and she ate, I really shouldn’t have mentioned my cousin”

“It’s okay, you’ve done a good job, at least let him have something to eat and I’ll send a car to take you back.”Albert Ou touched Hossein’s head.

The driver dropped Hosier off.

After the funeral, Albert Ou stopped working altogether and stayed at home with Jasmine Tong, but Jasmine Tong was getting worse by the day.

She was devastated from then on, wilting every day and unable to lift her spirits about anything.

The whole person has lost a whole lot of weight.

Many times, Jasmine Tong lived for Yarwen Tong, and every step she took was for Yarwen Tong, but now that her spiritual support was gone, it was naturally hard to pull herself together.

She lay in bed all day and night, never taking a half step out of her bedroom, and the curtains in her room were always closed.

Albert Ou couldn’t get Jasmine Tong’s spirits up with all the tactics he used.

“Jasmine, your movie is showing over there in the mountains, can I go with you to see it?”

“Jasmine, there was a particularly funny movie recently, shall we watch it together?”

“Jasmine, Ruyi recently learned a new skill, do you want to see”

Mo Yiang had been here, Huo Siya had been here, Meng Jiajia had been here, many people had been here, but unfortunately they were all useless.

Albert Ou was at his wit’s end, he didn’t know how to help Jasmine Tong through this period, but this was a difficult time that she had to get through.

“Sir, there’s a gentleman named Leng outside who says he wants to see his wife.”Pears came over to report.

“Surname Leng.”

Besides the Leng Lords, who else could it be?

Albert Ou’s eyebrows were locked, and frankly he had always been hostile to the Leng Lords.

“Let him in.”

What if that brat had some way to make Jasmine Tong better he always had to try.

The cold lord still had a gray trench coat and black gloves on his hands, and the two men met somewhat awkwardly.

“Pearblossom take him to his wife’s bedroom.”

“Come with me.”Pearblossom took the Leng Lords directly upstairs.

The Leng Lords looked at Albert Ou and followed Pearblossom without saying anything.

Open the bedroom door and the room is pitch black.

Jasmine Tong just sat on the bed as if his soul had been taken away without saying a word.

“Ma’am, ma’am, you’ve got a visitor.”Pearblossom called out several times, but there was no reaction from Jasmine Tong.

The Cold Lords walked in after nodding towards Pearblossom and Pearblossom exited the room.

“Darling, I came to see you, but it’s a pity I didn’t bring you roses this time, you know, the one in your family, he would have thrown them away for me even if I had brought them.”

The cold lord tried to sound witty and humorous.

But Jasmine Tong still remained motionless.

“Darling, you can’t go on like this, Lei is dead, and it’s not fair to the living who still love you to dwell on the pain of his death.”

Jasmine Tong was still indifferent.

“You’ve been living for him, from now on you should live for yourself and do what you want, you hear me?”

Only then did Jasmine Tong slowly move her gaze to the Leng Lords.

“Live for myself.”

“Yes, live for yourself, no need to take care of little Lei, for little Lei, he can’t run or jump without a healthy heart, it’s a relief to go now.”

“Baron, when I close my eyes it’s like I can see his face, he’s smiling at me.”

“No, you’re wrong, he’s shedding tears at you because it hurts him to see you like this.”

“Yeah?” Tong hugged her knees.

“Cheer up, dear, he’s watching you from heaven.”

Although Jasmine Tong still had her eyes glazed over, she finally had that little bit of hope.

For a while, Pearblossom came and knocked on the door.

“Mr. Leng, the gentleman says it’s almost time and the wife needs to rest.”

Leng Lords couldn’t help but laugh lightly, “I knew this man wasn’t that generous, there really is still a time limit, you go tell him, I’ll be down soon.”

“Okay, Mr. Cold.”The pear walked out.

“Honey, didn’t you already make the choice to live well with Albert Ou? You’re not doing him justice like this, I noticed Albert Ou is in bad shape too.”

Jasmine Tong raised her head to look at the Leng Lords, “Yeah? He’s bad.”

“Yes, it’s bad, because you’re not good, and he’s not good, and forget it, it’s not good for everyone to see you like this, so don’t let everyone worry about you, okay?”

Jasmine Tong breathed a slow sigh of relief.

“I’m leaving.”Leng Lords patted Jasmine Tong’s shoulder and walked out of the bedroom.

Albert Ou is pacing back and forth under the building muttering, “What’s taking so long?”

“It’s finished.”The Cold Lords came down slowly from upstairs.

“I wanted to see you about something.”

Leng Lords was shocked, Albert Ou wanted to see him for something

Chapter 411

After Leng Lords left, Jasmine Tong was still the same old person, although she knew that Albert Ou was also worried about her, and she wanted to cheer up, but when she thought about Yarwen Tong’s death, she couldn’t control herself.

Another day and night passed.

Albert Ou slammed the door open and walked in, and slammed the curtains open again, the sunlight coming in quickly

The sudden light illuminated Jasmine Tong’s eyes.


Albert Ou went to the bed again and pulled off Jasmine Tong’s blanket

“Jasmine, Little Lei is dead, he’s never coming back, wake up, okay”

“No, he’ll come back, he’ll come back to meet me in my dreams.I want to sleep, I want to dream about him.”

“No, you wouldn’t dream of him, he’d only hate you if he saw you like this, and how would he want to see you?”

“No it’s not,” squealed Tonto, covering her ears.

Albert Ou pulled Jasmine Tong’s arm away and pulled her up from the bed.

“Will you wake up? I’ll take you somewhere.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I want to sleep.”

“You must go little Lei left a present for you.”

Hearing this Jasmine Tong finally had some spirit.

“What gift?”

“You’ll see when you go, wash up and change right away.”

Eventually Jasmine Tong took a shower and changed her clothes with Albert Ou’s help.

Albert Ou drove to Stone Studio with Jasmine Tong in his car.

All of Yarwen Tong’s classmates are here, and they were all shocked when they saw Jasmine Tong, who used to be glorious on the screen.

Lin Zhihang brought Jasmine Tong to Yarwen Tong’s studio and opened the door, and right across the door was the wedding dress.

The wind whipped the yarn around.

“Sister Manny, the only thing Lei did when he knew he had a month to go was to come back and do nothing but make wedding dresses.”

“Then we found out about it and helped him along, but he left too quickly and the wedding dress wasn’t finished, which we rushed to finish in the last few days, exactly according to his design drawings and account of the details.”

Jasmine Tong gently walked into the studio and walked up to the wedding dress, gently touching the soft veil.

Albert Ou closed the door.

“Leave her alone for a while.”

Jasmine Tong stood right in front of the wedding dress, as if she saw Yarwen Tong working on the dress, and would even smile up at her from time to time.

She lived for him, and so did he.

They all miss each other the most.

One by one, the tears fell on the wedding dress.

Jasmine Tong sat paralyzed in front of her wedding dress and couldn’t stop shedding tears.

It had been three hours, and when Albert Ou pushed the door open, Jasmine Tong was still sitting paralyzed on the floor.

He walked over and crouched down.

“Jasmine, why did Yarwen want to make a wedding dress with you she wanted you to wear the most beautiful wedding dress to marry me when we get married, he wanted you to be happy, not to be depressed like now.”

Jasmine Tong threw herself into Albert Ou’s arms and cried.

Albert Ou stroked her soft hair.

“Everything will pass, it’ll be okay, we’ll always be happy in different worlds, we just won’t see each other.”

“Jasmine, you still have me.”

Jasmine Tong nodded her head fiercely as she cried.

Albert Ou dried Jasmine Tong’s tears.

Albert Ou took Jasmine Tong with him and got into the car, Jasmine Tong leaning against the passenger seat without saying a word.

After a long moment, she looked out the window and realized it wasn’t the way home.

“Where are we going?”

Albert Ou turned his head and smiled at her, “You’ll see when you go.”

What Jasmine Tong didn’t expect was that Albert Ou had been driving for over two hours to reach her destination, and the place Albert Ou had brought her to was the Vault Mountain.

Only last time she had entered from the other side of the mountain.

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou puzzled, and Albert Ou directly took her hand.

“Just come with me.”

Albert Ou picked up his whistle and blew, and after a while, all the animals he kept gathered, having not seen them for a long time, and they were doing well in these mountains.

The two men were escorted by animals to the central part of the mountain.

The Vaulted Mountains are the collective name for a large group of mountains, a collection of many small, rolling hills, many of which are not very high.

Albert Ou brought Jasmine Tong to the top of the mountain.

“You take a look down.”

Jasmine Tong took a glance towards the bottom, and there was crystal clear spring water down there!

However, the height of ten or nearly twenty meters is also a bit dizzying.

Jasmine Tong hastily took her eyes and feet back.

“What’s this about?”

“I dare you to jump off” Albert Ou’s expression didn’t look like he was joking at all.


“That’s right, the height here is nineteen point six meters, although there is water below, but you may not die if you jump, but you may not live either, if we jump together and get lucky to live, then you can live your life and not allowed to drown in the pain, if we die, then it’s just as well that we may still be able to catch up with Lei.”

Albert Ou held up Jasmine Tong’s face, “I don’t want to see you go on like this anymore, Jasmine, will I stay with you?”

Jasmine Tong pondered for a long time or nodded her head.

Die once. How can you know how good it is to be alive if you don’t die once?

Albert Ou tightly embraced Jasmine Tong in his arms.

“Are you ready?”

Jasmine Tong took a deep breath and nodded her head.

“When I say jump, we jump forward together.”

Jasmine Tong directly closed her eyes, if it was in normal times, she probably wouldn’t have the courage to jump off!

Albert Ou turned his head and looked at Jasmine Tong with a spoiled face, foolish, why would I let you die?

“Three, two, one, jump.”

The two of them jumped together towards the front, and the moment they jumped, Albert Ou hastily grabbed Jasmine Tong in his arms and hugged her tightly.

The moment when one loses one’s focus, one is filled with fear.

The past is like a movie that presses the fast rewind button, whooshing away.

Maybe everyone will have some of these moments when they leave this world, and all of life’s good and bad memories come flooding back at this moment.

But Jasmine Tong clearly remembers that she still has a lot of unfinished business, the man she loves so much, the acting career she loves so much…

No, she couldn’t die like this.


The two of them fell into the spring together, stirring up a great deal of water, Albert Ou still holding Jasmine Tong’s in a death grip.

Because the moment of entry into the water was unprepared, Jasmine Tong still coughed violently a few times when she emerged from the water.

“Jasmine, you’re alive again.”

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