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Chapter 412

Jasmine Tong’s smile was dimpled.

She’s alive, yes, she really is alive.

Jasmine Tong hugged Albert Ou tightly, “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, it’s okay now, you promised me you’d live a good life.”

On the way back, Jasmine Tong’s face finally had a slightly different expression on it, which made Albert Ou doubly pleased.

It had been a month since Yarwen Tong’s death.

Jasmine Tong finally pulled herself together and moved the wedding dress that Yarwen Tong had designed and made back to her home, locking it in a separate room.

She also went to the STONE studio and encouraged the students to work hard and create more work.

Albert Ou was also finally able to go to work for the company.

On this day, Jasmine Tong still came to Stone Studio, sitting in Yarwen Tong’s own office, looking through Yarwen Tong’s design books.

Tong had a design book when he was still in high school, and now that he’s started studying fashion design, he has even more design books.

She was looking at the costumes Yarwen Tong had designed using that last time.

A sweet voice suddenly came from outside the door.

“Dessert and drinks for everyone this afternoon.”

“Xin Xin, you’re really on time, I’m hungry on time too” Lin Zhi Hang said jokingly.

Mo Yi Xin walked towards Lin Zhihang, “Zhihang, you said that I did the hand drawing you asked me to do last time, take a look at it, if it doesn’t work, I’ll make some changes.”

After saying that, Mo Yi Xin opened his easel and pulled out a few hand drawings to show Lin Zhihang.

After Yarwen Tong left, Mo Yixin was out of class for a week straight, and there were many students who comforted and encouraged her, and then somehow she got better on her own.

Then almost every day after class, he would come to the stone studio to help out, and before you know it, he became a regular here, and became good friends with Yarwen Tong’s classmates.

Since the clothes designed by Lin Zhihang needed hand-painted patterns, she began to help.

Jasmine Tong opened the door when she heard Mo Yi Xin’s voice.

Mo Yi Xin subconsciously looked over in the direction of Jasmine Tong, and was truly shocked when she saw him.

“Xin Xin, long time no see.”Jasmine Tong greeted Mo Yi Xin cordially.

Mo Yixin’s eyes were a little dodgy, but she still slowly walked up to Jasmine Tong and whispered “little aunt”.

Jasmine Tong poured a glass of water for Mo Yi Xin.

“Xin Xin, have you been busy lately?”

Mo Yi Xin shook her head as she held the glass of water, she kept her head down, as if she was a little afraid to look at Jasmine Tong.

On the day of Yarwen Tong’s funeral, the one who cried the most was naturally Jasmine Tong, but in addition to Jasmine Tong, it was Mo Yi Xin who had to be counted.

So, Jasmine Tong thought to herself that Mo Yi Xin should also be sad and thought to comfort her, but she always felt that there was something wrong with Mo Yi Xin.

“Xin Xin, Little Lei has been gone for so many days, so don’t always take this matter to heart, in fact, I know that although Little Lei hasn’t accepted you, he still has you in his heart.”

Mo Yi Xin sobbed, “Little aunt, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Silly boy, what silly words are you talking.”

“Auntie, if it wasn’t for me, Little Lei wouldn’t” Mo Yi Xin cried out.

Jasmine Tong immediately drew some tissues from the table, lifted Mo Yi Xin’s face, and wiped her tears.

“Come on stop crying and tell me what’s wrong.”

Mo Yi Xin sobbed a few times, “Auntie, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have asked him out, I really shouldn’t have asked him out.”

Because the previous time has been immersed in the pain of Yarwen Tong’s death, Jasmine Tong also has no time to think about what, the day Yarwen Tong died, as if Mo Yi Xin really in.

Have they been together all this time?

“He said goodbye to me the other day and I told him I had a painting I hadn’t finished, so I made an appointment with him for next week, but who knows I I I”

Mo Yi Xin “I” half a day actually can not say anything else.

“Don’t worry, take your time.”Although Jasmine Tong said so on her lips, she was already anxious, she was only focused on her grief, she didn’t even know why Yarwen Tong was suddenly not working.

“I was waiting for him in the studio, I was there early and he hadn’t come yet, so I wanted to go to the bathroom to fix my makeup, but who knew I’d run into a hoodlum.”

“Hooligans at your school.”

“Well, it was in the ladies room, they were four of them, I don’t know how they got into the complex, I was scared, I just kept yelling, and then little lei came and fought, and those little hoodlums wanted”

Mo Yi Xin bit her lip and didn’t finish, Jasmine Tong naturally understood.

“As it turned out, Lei was not going to make it, so I called an ambulance right away.Auntie, you can yell at me, you can hit me, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have asked him out.”

Jasmine Tong touched Mo Yi Xin’s face, “Xin Xin, it’s not your fault, it was an accident, don’t blame yourself, okay”

“But Auntie, I really feel so guilty, I don’t know how to make up for the guilt I feel I shouldn’t have shouted then either, if he hadn’t heard me, maybe”

“Xin Xin, you mean those hooligans tried to insult you and you kept shouting”

“Yeah,” Mo Yi Xin carefully thought about it seemed not quite right, “Auntie, when you say it like that I seem to remember, if they really want to do something bad shouldn’t they be stopping me from shouting”

“Yeah, isn’t it weird that people who do bad things like they do unless they’re taking you to a particularly empty place where no one will hear you if you scream your throat out, but it was daytime and your place was a school.”

Mo Yi Xin slapped his thigh violently.

“Auntie, when you put it like that I remembered that they kept saying unclean words on their lips, but, yet, they never did anything, and told me to shout as if I was waiting for something, and I remembered that I shouted for a long time, until little Lei came over, and they also teased verbally, and at most pulled my clothes, and did nothing substantial”

Jasmine Tong’s head was spinning at high speed, could it be that this wasn’t an accident at all?

“Auntie, the more I think about it the more I think something is wrong I remember one of them saying to Little Lei, what your beloved girl, how do they know that I know Little Lei and I know each other they also seem to know our relationship Little Lei came over, I have been crying but not a word, Little Lei has been stopping them also did not talk to me, how do they know that”

Mo Yi Xin thought carefully, and it didn’t look like it was a coincidence.

“Maybe it wasn’t an accident at all.”Jasmine Tong seems to have the answer.

Jasmine Tong immediately called Albert Ou and told him the cause and effect.

Chapter 413

Star King International Inc.

Seeing Jasmine Tong come over, Xu Xingru was also shocked, she had received a notice from John Quan a long time ago that all of Jasmine Tong’s work had stopped.

Naturally, Xu Xingru had heard about Jasmine Tong’s brother, Yarwen Tong, so she wouldn’t arrange anything for Jasmine Tong for the time being.

“Manny, why do you have time to come over today is something wrong?”

“Sister Xingru, it’s nothing, I just wanted to ask you if there’s been any recent movement on Rameen Tong’s side.”

Although Jasmine Tong had recently finally gotten over the shadow of Yarwen Tong’s death, she still looked slightly haggard.

“Oh, that’s right,” mentioning Rameen Tong Xu Xingru was still a little hard to say, “Have you watched the news lately”

“I’ve watched it somewhat, but I don’t think the news is as comprehensive as you know it to be.”

Xu Xingru nodded, “In the month or so that you’ve been off work, Rameen Tong is really like a fish in water, she stole your role in the post-Christian legend, and now it’s been a month since filming started.”

Jasmine Tong has been informed about this news via Entertainment News.

She even learns that the entertainment news is saying that she played a big game and didn’t work well with the director, bullying the cast of the show by her status as the queen of the film, which is why she was replaced by the crew.

Since she had been on layoff, the company naturally didn’t need to have any response to the matter.

“Mandy, not only that, but several endorsements that originally belonged to you were all snatched away by her, including the international brand Louis, the businesses were all originally negotiated with me, but your side didn’t know when work would resume I had to tell the other side that I couldn’t be sure for the time being, and they turned the corner and snatched them away.”

For all of this, Xu Xingru felt helpless, after all, she was just an agent.

“So that’s it.”

“Not only that, because the screening of the side of the big mountain also has a lot of programs to invite you to visit, and some of them were set a long time ago, but because your side Rameen Tong playing the name of saving the scene, but salvaged a lot of benefits.”

As much as this competitive tactic makes you feel bad, it can’t be helped, that’s just how it is in the entertainment industry.

Jasmine Tong took a deep breath, “Sister Xingru, I can resume work now.”

Xu Xingru’s eyes brightened at once, she saw from Jasmine Tong’s, haggard, short term estimate that Jasmine Tong would not be able to start work.

“What’s the progress of the post Jeanne’s biography now? When will the filming be finished and the approximate time it will be online?”

“Rameen Tong’s acting skills you also know, this month and the director’s side of the stumbling filming is very uneventful, but this month is fine, if this continues there will be five months anyway, the online time is even more uncertain, maybe the end of this year or early next year.”

“When I last picked a script, wasn’t there also a long-running drama called Only Niang that they haven’t settled on an actor yet?”

When Tong was picking the script, she also hesitated between the two and chose the other one with a bigger pattern and a more popular theme, the biography of Jeanne d’Arc.

“It’s not set in stone yet, this book team is not very well known and the subject matter is quite restricted, and now the popular courtroom drama, this book is repeatedly shelved, do you want to make it?”

Xu Xingru felt very strange.

“That’s right, you go and negotiate with the other party, the pay and everything, but, you have to make sure that the other party must finish filming within five months, and, it has to be online at the same time as Jeong Hou Legend.”

It was only then that Xu Xingru figured out Jasmine Tong’s intentions.

“You’re going to fight Rameen Tong head-on.”

“That’s right” Jasmine Tong’s eyes gleamed, she had never been so full of fighting spirit as she was now.

“It’s about time we had a contest.But Mandy, this book is not bad, but the subject matter is too restrictive compared to Rameen Tong’s palace drama, so it’s hard to beat it.

Jasmine Tong firmly shook her head “that’s it, if you choose another time it will be too late, it doesn’t matter, as long as the shot is good, the subject matter and so on, it’s not a problem.”

“Well, I’ll get in touch right away.”

“And endorsement announcements and events and stuff like that, picking up everything you can, so certain people can’t take advantage of the void anymore.”

Xu Xingru placed her hand on Jasmine Tong’s shoulder, “I will fight alongside you.”

After chatting with Xu Xingru, Jasmine Tong went back to Rainbow City.

At this time, Albert Ou also returned, his face somewhat heavy, Jasmine Tong seemed to guess something, so the two of them went into the study together.

“Jasmine, I’ve investigated all the surveillance from several streets near the school, and I’ve found the hooligans who jumped in through the school fence, and they didn’t go through the front door of the complex, but jumped through the window.”

“What did they say about who ordered them to do it?”

“It’s true that someone ordered them to do it, but they didn’t know who it was, and they were in constant phone contact with each other, and they even lost their cell phones after it was done, according to their instructions.”

Jasmine Tong smiled coldly, “It’s really done dripping, think I won’t know who she is this way?”

“You already know who it is.”

“Who else could it be but Rameen Tong she’s already done it once, she’s not afraid to do it again I just never thought she’d use such despicable tactics for the role and endorsement.”

Jasmine Tong clenched her fists tightly, her nails sinking into her flesh, she had never hated her so much before

It’s fine that she’s been bullying them since childhood, but now she won’t even spare Yarwen Tong

“Based on this incident, it’s not too easy to determine his guilt, first of all we don’t have enough evidence, and secondly even if there is really evidence to prove that she did it, but Little Lei himself is sick, so even if Rameen Tong is found guilty, it’s not a felony.”

Albert Ou carefully analyzed then looked at Jasmine Tong: “However, Jasmine, you can rest assured that this matter is entrusted to me, and in less than a month, I will ensure that Rameen Tong disappears from this world.”

Albert Ou’s words were loud, but there was no one else in the world but him who could say such things.

“No, I’ll end this myself.”

Tong’s eyes gleamed, but Albert Ou realized he didn’t know such a Tong, such a hate-filled Tong.

“Jasmine, what do you want to do?”

“I’m going to smash every card in her hand one by one.”

Jasmine Tong bit her teeth word for word.

It was at this point that she realized that her old self kept thinking that the past was over, but certain people repeatedly poked at her weaknesses

She won’t back down or compromise.

“I’ll take care of Mann, I’m afraid.”

“Nothing to worry about, I’ve already decided.”

Chapter 414

Albert Ou didn’t continue to argue with Jasmine Tong, but his eyes dimmed silently.

Days seemed to go back to the old days, Albert Ou still came out early in the morning and came home late at night every day, and naturally Jasmine Tong did too.

Because of the impact of the loss of her post-primary role, Jasmine Tong has been subjected to the “playing a big game” controversy, she has to start working, naturally, without this topic.

But for all the reporters’ questions about the matter, Jasmine Tong answered in one sentence.

As an actor, everything speaks with your work.

It’s not uncommon for actresses to play up a storm, so this is nothing to hold onto and it didn’t have much of an impact on Jasmine Tong.

Office of the President

Albert Ou sat in his office, he had always been very efficient, and he had already gotten rid of the mountain of documents that had piled up in only a few days.

Russel Cheng was standing in front of him waiting to issue the order.

“Secretary Cheng, go compile a detailed list of all the personal assets I now have in my name.”

Russel Cheng blinked a few times, a bit confused as to what Albert Ou was trying to do.

Albert Ou’s money has always been uncounted, and he never cared how much money he actually had.

Why do we suddenly have to count our assets today?

“In addition, the heads of all the group’s branches are all given to me to compile a file out, along with the constitution system.”

Russel Cheng was even more confused about Albert Ou’s intentions.

“Mr. Ou, you’re going to”

“Do what you’re told, where’s the nonsense.”

“Okay, I’ll get right on it.”

“Also, bring in the company’s lawyer, I want to talk to him alone.”

“Okay, I’ll call him right over.”

Although there were a hundred question marks in Russel Cheng’s head, he couldn’t ask any of them after all, and Albert Ou’s orders were always not allowed to be interfered with.

Albert Ou buried himself in those documents again, he had too much to do to slack off at all.

He still came home on time in the evening and smelled the food as soon as he walked in the door.

“Sir, you’re back and ready for dinner.”

“Where’s the wife?”

“Looks like we’re going to record a show tonight and say we won’t be home for dinner.”Pears answered truthfully.

“Oh” there was some disappointment in Albert Ou, “I don’t have much of an appetite right now put it away, I’ll eat it later when I feel like it.”

Albert Ou went upstairs listlessly and couldn’t help but sigh in mourning as he looked at the empty bedroom.

Jasmine Tong was busy again, and he might be filming again in a few days, but he didn’t realize that he had just pulled Jasmine Tong out of the abyss, and Jasmine Tong had entered another abyss.

It was 11:00 p.m., and only then did Jasmine Tong return.

Auntie Fang and Pearblossom were resting, and she crept into the bedroom, thinking that Albert Ou was already asleep, but when she pushed the door open, she saw Albert Ou sitting on the bed looking at his phone.

Jasmine Tong’s taut nerves immediately slackened.

“So you didn’t sleep” Jasmine Tong rubbed her stiff neck and walked over to the bed.

“Have you eaten?”

“I’ve eaten, I’m going to take a shower, you go to bed early.”As she said Jasmine Tong went straight into the bathroom.

Albert Ou still waited for Jasmine Tong to clean up before laying down with her.

“Jasmine, can we discuss something?”

“Discuss what” Jasmine Tong adjusted her posture and got into Albert Ou’s arms.

“You don’t need to make any more movies lately, okay?”

Even though Albert Ou knew it was impossible, he still wanted to try it.

“What’s the matter? Want me to keep you company?”

“Well, the two of us are always getting together, even if it’s for me, take a break for a while, okay” Albert Ou’s tone was very gentle as he stroked Jasmine Tong’s hair.

Jasmine Tong pouted, “But I was just about to tell you today that I’m going to be in the crew the day after tomorrow.”

Albert Ou was certainly not without some disappointment.

“Then forget it and go to sleep.”Albert Ou raised his hand to turn off the bedside lamp, and the room immediately went dark.

Jasmine Tong seemed to realize something and moved closer to Albert Ou.

“Not happy anymore.”

“No, don’t be ridiculous.”

Jasmine Tong rolled over and rode onto Albert Ou’s body, bracing her hands on either side of Albert Ou’s head.

“I’m going to Yancheng to shoot this time, if the night ends early, you can still go home, you can also go to see me ah, a day can make a round trip.”

“Well.”Albert Ou barely smiled and didn’t say anything either.

It’s close, but it’s not as close as being together every day.

As their eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, they gazed into each other’s eyes and slowly lost sight of each other.

Can’t remember the last time we made out.

Albert Ou left on a business trip for a long time, and when he returned, he caught up with Jasmine Tong’s aunt, after which the two fought again, and then a series of events took place.

After Yarwen Tong’s death, Jasmine Tong had been devastated, and during this time Albert Ou naturally wouldn’t make a fuss.

It’s been really long.

Jasmine Tong leaned down and k!ssed Albert Ou’s lips, and almost as soon as they touched him, Albert Ou felt an electric current spread throughout his body.

He rolled over in a smooth motion and pressed Jasmine Tong beneath him, k!ssing her passionately.

Jasmine Tong stretched out her arms and hooked Albert Ou’s neck.

After a cloud of rain, Albert Ou took Jasmine Tong in his arms and k!ssed her hair.

Jasmine Tong pushed Albert Ou’s face, “Come on, stop it, it’s going to be light later.”

“Jasmine, if, and I mean if, I only have a few months left to live, will you be with me all the time.”

“But aren’t you guys not going to die?”

“Idiot, I mean if, and it is because there is no such if that I come to make an assumption.”Albert Ou affectionately squeezed Jasmine Tong’s chin.

“Of course I would, and even if I didn’t, I’d want to be by your side all the time, but ah, that’s not realistic at all.”

Albert Ou lifted Jasmine Tong’s chin to k!ss her soft lips.

“That’s enough with you, sleep.Let me sleep with you in my arms, okay?”

Jasmine Tong smiled sweetly and slept happily in Albert Ou’s arms.

Jasmine Tong has entered the cast and started filming, and Albert Ou is busy with his work.

Although Jasmine Tong said that she was close to the scene and would return when she had time, once she entered the set, she was working as hard as she could, filming as tightly as she could, just to be able to go online at the same time as Rameen Tong’s drama.

This Vive Niang is also a feature-length film, so the shooting schedule was very tight.

After more than a month of continuous filming, Jasmine Tong was only granted vacation time, you just haven’t seen each other for more than a month, she naturally rushed back without stopping.

As she closed late last night, she came home the next morning, and as soon as she came in, Pearly asked her, “Madam, did you have a quarrel with Mr.”

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