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Chapter 415

Jasmine Tong found this question very baffling, although she hadn’t had much contact with Albert Ou this month, it was true that there was no such thing as a fight.

She and Albert Ou, because of the more intense shooting, are often in touch with each other by letter.

“No, why are you suddenly asking that?”

Pearblossom scratched her hair a little curiously, “Really?”

“No really.”

“But I’ve been feeling as if the gentleman was unhappy lately, not unhappy, but very unhappy, and I haven’t seen him smile in the month or so you’ve been gone and he hasn’t been much of a eater lately, not eating dinner occasionally, just a few bites once in a while.”

“Oh so that’s it.”Naturally, it would be uncomfortable for Jasmine Tong to hear this.

“And ah, the gentleman has been sighing a lot lately, and I don’t know what he’s sighing about, or maybe it’s the company that’s a bit of a problem, or maybe I’m just thinking too much.”

Pearly’s emotions came and went as quickly as they came, Jasmine Tong this back she was excited again.

“Madam, what do you want to eat for lunch, I’ll cook it for you, I’ve been free lately, I’ve learned a few dishes from Aunt Fang,” said Pear Flower, eager to show off her cooking skills.

“Well you don’t have to do it today, I’ll do it myself.”


Jasmine Tong touched Pear Blossom’s head, “When you show me your cooking skills again tonight, I’ll cook a few dishes for lunch and send them to sir.”

Pearblossom immediately understood, “Haha, it’s still the wife who treats the gentleman well, he can definitely eat two more bowls of rice with your cooking, no no, three”

Jasmine Tong put her suitcase upstairs, briefly packed it and changed into a light outfit before going downstairs.

In the kitchen is still Auntie Fong giving hand jobs to Jasmine Tong.

Aunt Fang also seems to think that something has happened between Jasmine Tong and Ou Zeino, and her words are all about this topic.

“Ma’am, Auntie Fang I’m a person who has been through this, you ah have to listen to my advice, you can’t always focus on work, you and Mr. You’ve been together for quite some time, it’s been a while since your last miscarriage, it’s time to have a baby.”

Aunt Fang’s words touched Jasmine Tong’s painful spot at once.

There was a noticeable pause in the movement of her hand.

“Ma’am, you young people nowadays always want to do dinky yahs and have a duet and all that, but after a while, no matter how good two people are, they get a little tired of each other, and that’s when you need a child to regulate it.”

Aunt Fanny was still talking to herself.

Jasmine Tong did not interrupt her even though she was cooking.

“Our neighbor, that little girl, thinks she is very avant-garde, a thought to do what the Dink family to live a lifetime of two people in the world, the first two years of the relationship between the two ah, like glue to travel around, but then it slowly began to fight, the family have advised them to have a child.Guess what happened after that.”

Jasmine Tong smiled awkwardly towards Aunt Fang.

“They were dead set against it, always thought they were right, and as a result they delayed for another three to five years, and this girl was over thirty, watching others have children she also envied, and thought about having a child, but couldn’t conceive, and then the two still separated.”

Such a story is simply devastating for Tong.

“Ma’am, I’m trying to tell you not to wait to regret it later.”

“I know, Aunt Fanny.”Jasmine Tong chimed in.

Aunt Fang didn’t notice Jasmine Tong’s reluctance in the slightest.

She and Albert Ou had decided not to have any more children, and she didn’t want to put her child in a lifetime of pain, not to mention the fact that everything was unknown for both of them.

Jasmine Tong cooked a few of Albert Ou’s favorite dishes, distributed them in a thermos, and took a direct ride to the Dark Empire.

She had prepared two pairs of chopsticks that she wanted to eat with Albert Ou.

In fact, when she thought about it, it was true that she had been neglecting Albert Ou too much lately.

When Yarwen Tong died, she was only concerned with her own grief, not giving any thought to Albert Ou.

And now that she was nonstop filming and had no regard for Albert Ou, she couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for herself.

When she reached the Dark Empire, she still entered through the back door and the elevator went straight to Albert Ou’s office, but stopped at the next floor of the office.

Jasmine Tong thought to herself that the elevator was probably broken, so she was ready to walk up to it herself, and there was only one floor anyway.

I had just exited the elevator and was about to head for the stairs when I suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“I’ll need three copies of this report for the meeting later, and the program for the next quarter is coming out, so let’s hurry up and discuss it at the meeting tomorrow.”

“Okay, Vice President Cold.”

Jasmine Tong stopped and slowly looked towards the source of the sound.

What did she see?

Jasmine Tong even suspected that she was blind.

The Leng Lords are actually the Leng Lords

He was dressed in a stiff black suit and his hair was cut much shorter, looking like a smart, elite man.

The Leng Lords finished their own men, a raised eye saw Jasmine Tong, the left corner of the lips could not help but raise high, or the previous evil smile.

“Go to work.”The cold lord patted his men’s shoulders and walked over towards Jasmine Tong.

“Baron, what are you doing here?”

“Why can’t I just show up here because this is your husband’s place?”

“No, I didn’t mean that, I just heard that guy call you Vice President Cold, I just thought”

Jasmine Tong began to speak incoherently, he really couldn’t accept the fact that the Cold Lords would be serving in the Dark Empire.

“Yes, I am now the Vice President of the Dark Empire.”

“Shouldn’t you,”

“Shouldn’t I be in some king’s or emperor’s tomb being robbed? hahaha,” the cold lord laughed.

Jasmine Tong, however, laughed a little too hard.

“Had enough of that drifting, unsupported life and wanted a different way to live.”Leng Lords looked down at the things in Jasmine Tong’s hand, “I really envy Albert Ou, having such a virtuous wife.”

Jasmine Tong tugged at the corner of her mouth and smiled awkwardly, “Maybe your wife will be more virtuous in the future, no need to envy him, since you want to settle down and live in a different way, just do a good job, maybe I’ll introduce you to a wife in the future oh”

“I’ll thank my boss lady for that, and I’ll get to work.”

The cold lord walked towards his office.

Jasmine Tong watched his back for a few seconds before she came back to her senses, which was why she went upstairs to Albert Ou’s office.

Albert Ou was busy in his office, and thought it was Russel Cheng when he heard a knock on the door.

“Secretary Cheng, I don’t want to eat lunch today, so let’s wait until I’m hungry.”

“Why don’t you want to eat, don’t you feel well?”

Hearing the voice Albert Ou looked up sharply in surprise

Chapter 416

Albert Ou immediately put down the pen in his hand and stood up to walk over to Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou with some disappointment, “I’ve made you so much delicious food for nothing, wait until you’re hungry.”

“I’m hungry now, don’t believe me touch.”Albert Ou took one of Jasmine Tong’s hands and touched his stomach, “It’s all deflated.”

“Then why did you just say you’re not eating?”

“That’s because the food that Secretary Cheng arranges every day is terrible.”

Russel Cheng, who was still in his office studio at the moment, couldn’t help but sneeze twice, “Who’s yelling at me?”

“Well, it’s noon, let’s eat.”Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou walked into the lounge together.

The lounge was still the same, and Jasmine Tong was quite familiar with it, putting the food on the table one by one.

“I’ll eat with you today.”

Albert Ou excitedly picked up his chopsticks, “You’re on vacation.”

“Well, yeah, I just got back this morning, and as soon as I got back I heard that some guy was unhappy while I was gone, so that’s why I didn’t rush over here to cheer him up.”

“Who isn’t Pearblossom go back and see if I don’t deduct her salary” Albert Ou casually put a piece of roast pork in her mouth.

Naturally, Jasmine Tong’s cooking was impeccable.

“I just ran into the baron at the office,” Jasmine Tong said as she gave Albert Ou some food.

Albert Ou paused visibly then resumed gorging on his food.

“Well, what,”

“How did he get to be in the company and still be a vice president” were all questions that were waiting for Albert Ou to answer.

“I recruited him,” Albert Ou said under his breath.


Jasmine Tong didn’t think that was the right word to use anyhow.

“Yeah, do you remember the last time he kidnapped you and hacked Russel Cheng’s phone to send you a message? I found him to be quite a talented person, but the difference between him and me is still very obvious”

Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but glance at Albert Ou, why does this man like to praise himself so much?

“So? I recruited him, I’m a man who can hold a boat in the belly of a prime minister, very generous” said Albert Ou as he raised his eyebrows.

“Can you get down to business and not praise yourself all the time.”

“Is that a compliment? I’m stating a fact.”

“Okay, okay, please stop stating the facts and explain the baron’s business to me first, ok.”

“What else is there to explain how it happened is this, I had him under my nose, his every move was in my hands and he wouldn’t have a chance to get at you, would he?”

Jasmine Tong stuffed a mouthful of rice in her mouth.

“I knew anything about being very gifted was a lie, and that’s the root cause.”

“Hey was you saw through that.”Albert Ou continued to eat with his head down.

However, Jasmine Tong still couldn’t avoid worrying.

“Baron almost a while ago he’s still very resistant to you all the time, aren’t you afraid that he’ll do something bad to you.”

“I’m afraid of him he’s afraid of me only right that day if he hadn’t used you to calculate me, would I have fallen into his hands I tell you, ten of him can’t stand up to me” Albert Ou that was a proud face.

Albert Ou stretched out his long arm and hugged Jasmine Tong’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, he’s also a wash now, he raids graves and deals with dead people every day, so many organs, he might hang up at some point, which is better than me here, he’s a vice president with an annual salary of five million, how many graves does he have to dig to make five million ah”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are looking for.

“Good food and shelter at my place and a bonus at the end of the year, unless he’s a fool you don’t have to worry I’ve got a score to settle.”

“I don’t care what you do, it’s on your company, but I’d caution you to be careful.”

Jasmine Tong’s hand was placed on Albert Ou’s thigh in a smooth manner.

“Why don’t you and I have sex before we eat” Albert Ou smiled unkindly towards Jasmine Tong.

“f*ck you,” Jasmine Tong immediately took her hand back.

“You’re the one who touched my thigh first.”

Jasmine Tong blushed and continued to eat.

After finishing the meal, Jasmine Tong put away the dishes and Albert Ou sat on the bed, letting Jasmine Tong sit on his lap, and was about to speak when Albert Ou’s phone rang.

He scanned helplessly.

Tong saw an event reminder displayed on her phone for a meeting at 1:30 pm.

“You should get some rest, you have a meeting later.”

“Let me hold you a little longer, it’s been so long” Albert Ou buried his head in Jasmine Tong’s neck.

“I’ll hug you when I get home, and you’ll be refreshed in the afternoon even if you don’t sleep at noon and close your eyes for a bit.”Jasmine Tong stroked Albert Ou’s cheek.

Albert Ou lifted his head to cage the hair at Jasmine Tong’s temples behind his ear, “Then I’ll listen to you.”

“Good boy” Jasmine Tong touched Albert Ou’s head, and Albert Ou got a glare.

“That’s my line,”

“Whoever says so is whoever owns it.”

Albert Ou smiled badly and pinched Jasmine Tong’s ass.

“Shower early tonight and wait for me to return.”As he said that, he winked down at Jasmine Tong.

That couldn’t be more clear.

Jasmine Tong just ignored it and immediately stood up, “Get some rest.”

Albert Ou pointed to his face, and Jasmine Tong immediately leaned in and k!ssed him, “I’m leaving.”

After Jasmine Tong left, Albert Ou’s eyes fell lonely again.

In the afternoon, there was nothing to do, so she decided to go to Stone Studio to have a look.

Everyone seems to be very motivated, and after all this hard work, Stone’s store will be open soon!

“Sister Manny, Professor Lin made us turn in our assignments again, and it was so demanding that many of our classmates had to change theirs several times before they barely passed.”

“LOVE can’t be new all the time” updating too quickly is not good for a brand.

“Our country’s Shinsang Cup competition is about to start ah it’s the top tournament in the country, I guess he’s going to participate in the competition” replied Lin Zhihang, “It’s too damned bad that this guy is taking money from our works and going to the competition”

“Is the New Somerset Cup important?”

“Of course it’s important, the New Shang Cup has always been the most important competition in China, and it’s even more powerful in the past few years, attracting many foreign designers to participate, and Professor Lin has won the first prize of the New Shang Cup twice.”

“Then we, Stone, will participate this time.”

Jasmine Tong hooked her finger towards Lin Zhihang, who immediately leaned in, and Jasmine Tong told Lin Zhihang of her plan.

Chapter 417

In the evening Jasmine Tong cooked a table of good food for Albert Ou as usual, Albert Ou came back early, and after the two of them had finished dinner, Albert Ou urged Jasmine Tong to return to her room.

“What? I have to watch TV tonight.”

“Do I look better on TV or do I look better?”

Jasmine Tong poked Albert Ou’s head with a puff of laughter.

“You’ve really taken it up a notch now that you’re jealous, even of the TV? It’ll just kill you.”

Albert Ou, however, directly picked Jasmine Tong up by the cross, “Death under the peony blossom, being a ghost is also windy.”

Albert Ou smiled badly as he carried Jasmine Tong to the bathroom.

“Hey, I’m all done showering.”

Jasmine Tong pursed her lips and piled into Albert Ou’s embrace not daring to look up.

Albert Ou immediately turned around and carried Jasmine Tong to the big bed, pressing her underneath him.

“I knew you’d listen to me.”

“I took a shower that wasn’t for you because I slept in the afternoon and got all sweaty.”Jasmine Tong turned her head to the side with a mouthful of misgivings.

“Not for me ah” Albert Ou put his claws on Jasmine Tong’s waist.

“Ah you don’t tickle.”

Jasmine Tong immediately begged for mercy.

“Is it for me”

“Yes, yes, it’s for you, okay?”

Albert Ou put his face close to Tong’s, one hand supporting himself so as not to stress Tong out.

“I knew you were doing this for me.”

“You’re calling this flexing your muscles.”

“If you don’t coax me a little now, you’ll still want to get up tomorrow” said Albert Ou as he played with Jasmine Tong’s hair.

“I’m not working tomorrow again.”

“Oh so my wife Lord hehehehe little one understands”

Jasmine Tong said this repentant intestines are blue, “you do not ah, I do not mean that do not make trouble, ah”

Albert Ou didn’t care about the trivialities, he couldn’t resist long ago.

His lips landed on her fair and delicate skin, wanting so badly to k!ss every inch of her to remember this unique touch.

He wanted to imprint it all on his memory.

Albert Ou’s palms roamed freely over Jasmine Tong’s skin, and the room was soon filled with petulant sounds.

It had been over a month since we’d made out, but Albert Ou managed to hold back, seemingly not eager at all, but just taking his time with the fight.

Albert Ou gently faded Jasmine Tong’s pajamas.

“Condoms,” came Jasmine Tong’s voice.

Albert Ou, who had been on fire, felt a basin of cold water being thrown down.

Staring at Jasmine Tong’s face with a sad face, all movement stopped.

Jasmine Tong’s face had the unique shyness of a woman, “What’s wrong?”

“Hate to bring that sh!t trying to zero in on you, it’s uncomfortable through the stuff.”

Albert Ou’s voice had a bit of a petulant edge to it, but that said, he pulled open the nightstand drawer to bring the condoms over.

Just as he was about to rip one open, Jasmine Tong grabbed his hand.

“If you don’t want to wear it, then I’ll just take the pills later.”

“How does that work? You forgot the last time.”

Halfway through Albert Ou’s words, the past was something they didn’t want to talk about, it was a scar after all.

“Taking birth control pills is bad for you and can lead to infertility.”

“I won’t need to have kids afterwards anyway, it doesn’t matter.”

“Who says you won’t later” Albert Ou wanted to stop.


“It’s okay, it’s considered not having kids, and the pill is bad for you, it’s okay, I’m just whining.”

Of course, Jasmine Tong understands Albert Ou, he is a person who appears to be wild and domineering, but he is the one who is particularly prone to compromise in love.

“No need to wear it today.”


“I just had my aunt two days ago, so it’ll be safe, don’t worry.”

After saying that, Jasmine Tong circled Albert Ou’s neck and pulled him into her arms.

Another whole night of sweetness.

Unfortunately, this sweetness only lasted for two days before Jasmine Tong returned to the set and Albert Ou resumed his fate of being alone again.

This morning, there was an important meeting in the Dark Empire, and when the meeting ended, Albert Ou handed the Cold Lords over to his office.

“Mandy saw me in the office, you must have gone to a lot of trouble to hide it.”

The cold lord played with the pen in his hand with his legs crossed.

“On the contrary, a few words will fool her, she’s my woman, she’ll believe anything I say.”

There was pride all over Albert Ou’s eyes as if he was saying it on purpose to someone.


Albert Ou unbuttoned one of his buttons and opened his collar, and a large lip print was imprinted on his neck, as ambiguous as it needed to be.

It was a clear sign of how passionate he and Jasmine Tong had been in bed last night.

Leng Lords only felt that the man was childish.

“You’ve been doing well lately, not many days here, people are convinced of you, so keep up the good work.”

“Yes, Mr. Ou,” the Leng Lords’ lips rose up in an evil manner to stand up, “I’ll leave if it’s okay.”

“Wait, did you make up the story I asked you to make up recently?”

“Didn’t you say your woman only believes your words? Let you just make up your own, and why should I have to make it up?”

“You Cold Lords, don’t forget what you promised me in the first place.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to give you a satisfactory answer when the time comes.”The Cold Lords put down this sentence and sailed away.

feel relieved

There was no way he was going to let it go.

In the afternoon, Albert Ou took a short break to lie in the lounge and brush up on the news for a while.

“You’ve won two posthumous trophies, can Mandy Tong achieve the grand slam?”

This news headline caught the eye, and when he saw Jasmine Tong’s name, Albert Ou didn’t hesitate to click on it.

Turns out it’s time for the annual Golden Wolf Awards again, and the Wolverine Awards have released their shortlist.

Jasmine Tong was nominated for the Golden Wolf Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work on the other side of the mountain.

The other side of the mountain is considered an art film in terms of subject matter, although the box office was not good, only 300 million box office, but because of the limitations of the subject matter, to have 300 million box office in the book, has broken the record of the subject matter.

Over the Mountain uses a double female setup, with two women, Qin Liyuan and Jasmine Tong, both nominated for the Best Actress award, which shows the impact of the film.

“When I achieve the Grand Slam, we’ll have an open relationship and a big wedding.”

The dimples of Jasmine Tong’s smile as she spoke still echoed in his head.

If Tong can take home the Golden Wolf Award for Best Actress this time, then she has truly achieved the actress’ grand slam.

It would also set a new record for the fastest to win a Grand Slam.

Albert Ou immediately called John Quan with a deep brow lock.

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