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Chapter 415

It was as if this was how Su Yun saw her.

“This is that little sister-in-law from the legend of brother Biden, hello, my name is Su Yun, you can just call me Yun Yun just like brother Biden.”

Jenny Jing smiled faintly, his attitude not too warm, “Hello.”

When Mrs. Jin saw this, she greeted Biden Lu and a few of Jin’s uncles to play chess in the back, while the ladies chatted in the front.

Most of the men wouldn’t be too fond of what women talked about, so Jenny didn’t care.

Rather, Biden Lu, before leaving, afraid that she would be uncomfortable staying here by herself, secretly squeezed her hand.

“Sit down for a moment, and I’ll come over after I’ve had a few words with them.”

Jenny nodded.

After Biden Lu left, she went over to the sofa, which was already full of people, so a maid moved a soft stool over, and she sat on top of it, quietly listening to them speak.

Su Yun saw a flicker in her eyes.

She smiled to a group of ladies and said, “Do you know what we were eating when we were marching in the field?I tell you, it was a real move, we only had three days’ worth of dry food, and we had to cross the Amazon until we got to the base on the other side to get something to eat, with all kinds of traps and hidden outposts halfway across, all of which we didn’t know about beforehand.”

She had, after all, been in the army, and these things were so new to these pampered ladies and gals, that everyone listened intently.

Someone asked, “The Amazon jungle is so big, how can you get through it in three days, and you’re not told about all the traps and stuff, what if you get hurt?”

“If you’re hurt, just bear with it.”Su Yun’s face was quite proud, “I remember when I encountered a wave of African natives and almost got caught by them, but luckily I ran fast and didn’t fall into their trap.”

“Indigenous Africans?Are they cannibals?”

“Well…almost!But they don’t eat people, they bring them for sacrifice, cut off their heads, and put them on the altar on a moonlit night…”

“Oh my God!Don’t say it, it’s horrible.”

“What’s so scary about it, the cannibals are fine, the most frightening thing is the various poisonous beasts and swamp miasms inside, once you’re not careful, it’s easy to become a fruitful meal for those things, speaking of which.”

Su Yun suddenly turned to look at Jenny and said thoughtfully, “If Brother Biden hadn’t saved me then, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of there.”

Lu Jing-Shen?

Their army training has nothing to do with Lu Jing-Shen.

There was no expression on Jenny’s face, but Old Lady Jin smiled and explained.

“About six or seven years ago, Biden came to stay in F for a while, when I happened to meet her and saved her in passing.”


So that’s it!

Jenny Jing suddenly, Su Yun laughed, “I was a little girl at that time, where could I deal with so many, if it wasn’t for brother Biden protecting me all the way, I would have died there long ago.”

After saying that, he also meant to say, “At that time, I was bitten by a kind of giant poisonous snake, my whole body was paralyzed and could not move, it was brother Biden who helped me suck out the poison despite the danger, and stayed with me for the whole night, so I was spared, so in this way, we are still considered comrades in arms.”

“I told you, you two are so close now, you probably bonded back then too!I’ve always heard that Lu is cold and hard to approach, which means you can talk to him all the time.”

Su Yun smiled sweetly,”

Where is brother Biden’s cold temperament?That’s because you don’t know him well, and I think he’s fine.”

“You just know how to speak for him.”

A table of people laughed happily, and Jenny also laughed faintly, his heart somehow cold.

Just then, the maids made fresh tea and brought it up.

“Little sister-in-law, you have to taste it, this is the top-grade Immortal Drunkenness that I specially got from my father, he loves it, as soon as I saw that it was good tea, I hurriedly brought it to you to taste it too.”

The old lady laughed, “Won’t he scold you if you bring such nice things from your father?”

“Where would?My dad is a good son to you.He just wasn’t available, and if he had been, he would have delivered it himself.”

“Just your sweet mouth.”

A group of people laughed, the maid poured tea for each person, thumb-sized cups, Jenny picked it up and smelled it, indeed a fragrant fragrance spread out.

She had heard of the name Immortal Drunken before, it was a special tea that couldn’t be drunk if it wasn’t from the top of the country, of course the Lu family also had it, but it was all from Master Lu.

Because they know that she and Biden Lu are not keen on tea, so Master Lu has not been willing to let them spoil it, and he only makes a cup for himself every time he is greedy.

“Jenny, how about you try this tea?”The old lady smiled at her.

Jenny tasted it, the mouth was slightly bitter, and the bitter aftertaste was fragrant, with more of a refreshing sweetness than other teas, other than that, there was no difference.

Of course she wouldn’t be so disingenuous to tell the truth, she only smiled and nodded, “It’s quite good, worthy of the special tea, it really is different from what we normally drink.”

Only then did the old lady smiled in satisfaction at the news, and just then, a maid who had come over to add tea to her suddenly shook her wrist, and a pot of freshly brewed tea was suddenly thrown over Jenny’s body.

“Alas!What’s wrong with you?No eyes?”

Su Yun screamed and asked Jenny again in a row, “Little sister-in-law, how are you?Did you get burned?”

Although the tea was very hot, but because Jenny was quick to avoid a little, so it was fine, the body was not splashed much, just a large wet skirt, also did not hurt too much.


As soon as Jenny’s voice trailed off, that maid cried, “I’m sorry Mrs. Lu, I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry.”

“What’s the use of saying sorry?Are you responsible for burning your little sister-in-law?”Su Yun was lustrous.

The maid became even more frightened and stood there with her head bowed, trembling with fear.

Jenny couldn’t see past it and spoke out to stop her, “I’m fine, it’s just that my clothes are wet, it’s not like I got burned, she didn’t mean to do it, don’t blame her.”

Only after seeing her say that did Su Yun gradually lose her anger.

The old lady also frowned and said to the maid, “Pay attention next time, got it?”

The maid nodded repeatedly, “Yes, old lady, I won’t dare next time.”

“Let’s have Rue take you to a change of clothes, it just so happens that you’re about the same height, and hers you should be able to wear.”

The old lady also instructed Su Yun to take her to change her clothes.

Jenny looked at her skirt, splashing it just below her waist, and it was indeed a bit unseemly to wear like that, so she nodded.

Su Yun saw the situation and immediately stood up, smiling, “It just so happens that I just bought some new ones yesterday, little sister-in-law, I’ll take you there.”

Chapter 416

She said, and they went to the bedroom where she lived.

Although Su Yun looked very handsome, she was still only a young girl in her early twenties, and the room was a male pink colour, looking very girlish.

Jenny just took a cursory glance and didn’t look any further, Su Yun brought a new set of skirts over and said, “Just change this one, I just bought it and haven’t worn it yet.”

Jenny smiled faintly, “Okay, thanks.”

“Then you can change here, I’m going out first.”


Su Yun went out, so Jenny Jing changed clothes in her room, and when she went out again, she didn’t see Su Yun’s shadow.

She frowned slightly.

Jin’s house was a completely unfamiliar environment for her, as there were so many rooms with complicated designs, and besides, if she remembered correctly, the two had walked for a long time when they came over, indicating that Su Yun’s place should be far away from the front hall.

In a situation like this, it’s easy to not find the front room to go to without someone you know leading the way.

Thinking of this, Jenny didn’t rush around, and after waiting in place for a while, seeing that she hadn’t returned, that’s when he took a step in the direction of his memory.

And yet, just like that.

As I passed through the hallway, I suddenly heard the sound of a man and woman arguing in the next room.

“Zhou Wenzhong!Isn’t that too much to ask?How do you want me to explain to the old lady when such a large sum of money is gone just like that?”

“Jin Hong, listen to me explain, that money is not gone, I took it for investment, you also know that many foreign investments can’t be recovered in a short period of time as long as you put the money in, aren’t you asking for my life now?”

“I don’t care!I only said that money was temporarily placed with you, I never said I wanted you to take it and invest it, you took matters into your own hands, if you really want to investigate the account, not to mention you, even I will be implicated, you must get that money back right now!”

“Jin Hong, it’s not that I don’t want it back, but I really can’t get it back.Besides, isn’t there still a few months before the year-end audit?What’s your hurry?I’ll just withdraw my investment when the time comes.”

“That’s putting it mildly, is this money really going to be invested, and you can withdraw it if you want to?”

“What can I do, a billion dollars, it’s not a small amount of money, I can’t get my hands on that much right now.”

A billion?

Jenny raised an eyebrow.

Looks like this is a case of embezzlement.

It seems that she is the daughter of the old lady, the daughter of the Jin family’s daughter, and she should be Kepler’s aunt or something like that.

She didn’t know any of the men inside, but whoever it was, it sounded like they had a lot of connections with the Jin family, otherwise Jin Hong wouldn’t have been able to put a billion dollars into his hands.

Jenny thought about it, thinking that it was none of his business and wasn’t going to listen to it anymore.

I was taking a step to leave, and then I heard someone inside say, “It’s not that brat Kepler’s fault, if it wasn’t for him, why would I have been kicked out of Jin’s by the old lady!Makes it sneaky to just move some money now.”


She took a step and then took it back.

“Yes, that boy is a ruthless master, when I pleaded for you, all the way up to the old lady, who relented, and he was the one who had to kick you out.

My brother has been dead for so many years. I thought the Jin family would be left without an heir.

It’ll be me, but now it’s a good thing the old lady has found the bastard out of nowhere, and just the thought that he’ll inherit the Jin style later on makes me hate it.”

“Heh!The kid is the successor to Ken?I’m afraid it’s too much!Look at the consortium now, how many people will listen to him, everyone is not a fool, left and right have followed you for so long, who will obey him when he says he will?”

“That can’t be said, that boy is not an easy master.He was now a short time back and chained to that woman in the country, so if he came back later, he might do something.

For now, although I’m obviously still in charge of the finances, it’s not all up to me like it used to be, and now with the people he’s put in, if I want to move anything on the books, not to mention move money, even if it’s a dollar or two short, he’s still capable of finding out.”

“In that case, that one billion…”

“That’s why I’m anxious!That one billion is the old lady’s word to allocate down ready to invest in that land on the outskirts of the city, I can stall it for you for a month or two, but after a while, it will definitely be found out.”

“What about it?”

“What else can I do?Give me my money back!”

“But…I…I lost all that money a long time ago.”

“What?Chow Man Chung!You!”

“Jin Hong, listen to me, I really didn’t do it on purpose, I just went to t city last time originally just for fun, who thought they actually did the game, I was accidentally trapped, I was also blinded by lard at the time, thinking that I must get my capital back, just…….”

“Zhou Wenzhong!You’re going to get me killed like this, you know!”

“I know I know, let’s say you give me a little more time and I’ll come up with something that will never let them get to the bottom of this.”


When he heard this, Jenny had a general understanding of the matter, and there was no more valley of yawning expectations to listen to.

Therefore, they left lightly.

Shortly after she left, the door to the room opened and Zhou Wenzhong was expelled from inside by Jin Hong.

“Zhou Wenzhong!I’ll give you another week, and if you don’t get the money back to me within a week, you’ll see what you can do after that!”

Finish with an angry throw of a pillow out.

Zhou Wenzhong caught the pillow, his face bruised and white, and turned his head, but saw a figure sweeping around the corner.

Huh?That’s not….

His face instantly went white.

Jenny returned to the front room, only to see everyone still sitting there, Su Yun was also sitting next to the old lady, happily eating Zhenzi, seeing her over and showing a smiling expression.

“Sister-in-law, where were you running to?I just went out to take a phone call, and then came back and didn’t see you people, and then I heard that they had Zhenzi over here to eat, so I ran over, you won’t blame me.”

Jenny Jing’s heart was a little cold, but his face smiled lightly, “It’s okay.”

She could see now, how come when she saw this Su Yun before, both her actions and words were so uncomfortable?

I dare people to do it on purpose.

Although Jenny didn’t know why she was targeting herself, the facts were there, so she could only keep an extra eye out.

“This girl ah, I don’t know which family’s starving ghost was reborn in her last life, she can’t move her feet when she sees something she likes to eat, they say that daughters from big families are proud, there are a few like her, I see her ah, she is defeated on this mouth.”

Chapter 417

The old lady’s words caused Su Yun to blush slightly and throw up her tongue in embarrassment.

A noble wife rounded up for her, “Yun Yun is still growing, it’s good that she likes to eat.”

“Oh you guys, just spoil her all!”

The group laughed together, and soon the maid came to remind everyone to eat, and only then did the old lady take everyone to the dining room.

Entering the restaurant, Jenny Jing met Biden Lu, as well as the teenager who was following him.

It was a pale youth, about eighteen or nineteen years of age, with a clear brow, polite and modest, and a thin figure, whose whole complexion assumed a morbid pallor from years of illness, sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed forward by one of the servants.

He seemed to fit in with Biden Lu quite well, sitting in his wheelchair, smiling and saying something to Biden Lu, who was also surprisingly patient, and even slightly human off to listen to him speak.

“Come here, Nightwhite, and I’ll introduce you.”The old lady opened her mouth.

The young man called Night White then asked the maids to push him over, the old lady pulled Jenny Jing and said, “This is your second brother Lu’s wife Jenny Jing, you had been sick and didn’t make it back to China with us to visit family, so I haven’t seen her, it’s not too late to see her now.”

Nightwhite smiled and nodded, “Hello sister-in-law.”

Jenny also nodded politely, “Hello.”

“This is a gift I brought back from Melbourne some time ago and I’m so sorry I couldn’t get back in time to see you guys, but this is to make up for it.”

Saying that, Nightwhite took out a gift box from behind him and handed it to Jenny.

Jenny was a little startled.

Su Yun was out of it, “Third brother, you actually brought a gift for little sister-in-law and not for us!How eccentric!”

Night White laughed, “What’s the rush?It’s all there, it’s in my room, just go get it yourself after dinner later.”

Only then did Su Yun turn her anger into happiness, “Good, then I’ll go with you after dinner.”

Jenny Jing looked at Biden Lu and saw him nod imperceptibly, before he took the gift and smiled kindly, “Thank you.”

Only then did the people settle down and begin to eat.

During the meeting, there were people concerned about Night White’s health, and he responded with a light smile, saying that he was fine.

But Jenny could see that there was a layer of black and blue floating on his face, and even less blood on his lips, so I’m afraid that saying okay is a polite word.

What’s the matter with this Night White?

She didn’t have a bad impression of this person, so she became more curious, thinking that she could ask Biden Lu when she returned later in the evening.

“Sister-in-law, I’ll drink a toast to you!”Su Yun suddenly made a noise, carrying a glass of red wine towards Jenny.

Jenny was a little startled, not knowing why Su Yun was making a toast in a good way, but going out of politeness, she lifted her glass up and gently clinked it with her.

“Little sister-in-law, I’m straightforward in nature, so if I’m normally offended by anything, I hope you won’t bother with me.”Su Yun had a point.

Jenny Jing nodded and looked at Biden Lu, thoughtful.

The old lady laughed, “Yun Yun, your little sister-in-law is different from you, she’s shallow, so don’t get her drunk.”

Su Yun laughed, “No way, little sister-in-law and I are very close, don’t you think?”

Afterwards, he even looked at Jenny with a smile on his face.

Can Jenny say no?

No way!

She also smiled shallowly, meaning to say, “The rue sky

It’s so cute, and I certainly like it when you do everything without any inhibitions.”

The old lady didn’t hear what she said, and she really took it as a sign that they were on good terms, nodding her head in satisfaction.

“As long as you like each other, this time you and Biden come over, if there is anything that we old guys are not familiar with and don’t understand, you can ask her and Night White, they have been here for a long time than you are familiar with, it’s easier to do things.”

Jenny and Lu Jing deep thanked him.

After finishing the wine, Su Yun Qiao smiled, “Little sister-in-law, what are you guys doing here this time?”

Jenny Jing looked indifferent, “It’s nothing, just happened to be free recently and came over to have some fun.”

“Well, then you’ll have to take me with you wherever you go, I love to be a tour guide for people.”

After she finished speaking, she even winked at Jenny, as if the two of them really had a good relationship.

Jenny Jing felt that his cheek might be able to be refined a bit more, and look at how well Miss Su had refined it.

A meal was finished in such a happy and harmonious situation, after the meal, Biden Lu and Xi Mo Cheng also do not know where they went, Su Yun pestered the night white went to see the gifts, Jenny Jing alone was a little bored, so he walked to the courtyard to walk to consume food.

“Little sister-in-law.”Su Yun suddenly caught up with her from behind and grabbed her by the arm, “Are you taking a walk?I’ll keep you company.”

Jenny felt speechless at Su Yun’s hard-nosed approach.

“Aren’t you going to go find your brother and the others?”

“What do you want with them?I’m not going to go when all they talk about is guy stuff and it doesn’t make any sense to listen.I saw you getting a little bored walking alone, and I just happened to want to walk, so I came to keep you company.”

At this time, it was as if Su Yun was really a straightforward, silly big sister, but Jenny knew she wasn’t, and silly big sisters couldn’t do that kind of thing to plant evidence.

“Well~ But I’m tired of walking, I want to go sit over there.”Jenny pointed to a pavilion not far away.

“Yes, yes, yes!Then let’s go over there and sit and talk.”

Jenny: “……..”

Su Yun dragged her to the gazebo to sit without a word.

The Johnsons are people who will enjoy themselves, and although they are abroad, they have built a large Chinese style house.

The scenery on this side of the pavilion is very good, next to a crescent-shaped pond, which is filled with a variety of water lilies, lotus flowers, although not open at this time, but there is still a faint aroma of grass and trees dense up.

Jenny sat in the gazebo full of helplessness, only hoping that Biden Lu would come to her when he was done with his work, so that she could get rid of the person in front of her.

“Little sister-in-law, look there’s actually a lotus flower there hey.”Su Yun suddenly pointed to a spot in the pool and called out.

Jenny raised an eyebrow, it’s almost August and there are still lotus flowers?

That’s a lie!

She looked up in disbelief, but saw that there was indeed a cloud of something white in the pool, and it was hard to see exactly what it was in the night.

“I’m afraid that some kind of junk flew up there.”

“How is that possible?What do you think this is, a tourist attraction?And rubbish!I’m telling you, but this place is cleaned up and cleaned up every day, and that must be a lotus flower.”

After saying that, Su Yun compared to that distance, “Little sister-in-law, you pull me, I want to pick that flower up.”

Jenny’s eyebrows jumped.

Subconsciously, she felt that Su Yun was cheating by doing this.

The mind instantly mapped out all sorts of palace house dramas and how the mistress had set up the original mate to get to the top.

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