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Chapter 439

Nangong Che’s gaze became more and more scorching. He pressed her back and pressed it down, kssed her lips deeply, and kssed her until she was suffocated. Hearing her vague low groans ringing in her ears, she felt her Tearing his suit and pushing him, he just couldn’t push it away. The scorching heat in his lower abdomen became tight, and a thirst rushed through his limbs like an electric current.

“Say you love me…” Nangong Che k*ssed her deeply, and once again blocked her lips in her rapid breathing, and ravaged her soft and sour tongue, “Mu Wan…hurry up…”

Yu Muwan’s hand almost scratched his shirt. He didn’t breathe a bit, and his face was flushed. It’s just that his occasional release would give her a chance to breathe violently. Her tears were already suffocating. The bewitched voice couldn’t help but tremble and said: “I…love you…”

“…” Nangong Che let out a sigh of excitement by her trembling three words, the whole muscular male body began to be a little uncontrollable, his arms tightly held the soft little woman in his arms, and he k*ssed fieryly. It touched the deep part of her sensitive throat.

His eyes were a little scarlet, he loosened her lips and k*ssed her sensitive neck directly.

There was a pile of messy documents on the desk, Nangong Che hugged her to the desk, let her entire upper body lie on it, and pressed herself heavily, rubbing her body fiercely and uncontrollably. k*sses are overwhelming.

Yu Muwan was shocked, feeling that her whole body was covered by weight. She groaned and moaned lowly on his shoulders with her hands, her delicate eyebrows curled into a ball, and she endured his heavy kneading and kneading force. He lifted his eyes while panting, and saw the plain ceiling of the office. Then he tilted his head to look at the open windows and the few people who came and went, and his consciousness suddenly became clear.

“Nangong Che, don’t…” She hurriedly grabbed his wrist and said anxiously.

Nangong Che bit the tender flesh of her neck, his eyes were breathing heavily with burning flames, her sturdy body almost completely covered her petite bones, and she felt her soft hands covering his wrists. At last, the evil fingers were finally willing to loosen the soft and smooth muscles on the inner thighs of her thighs and rubbed her waist a few times before loosening them.

Nangong Che propped up her body, her deep eyes were shining like a black night, and she stretched her hands on both sides and looked at the beautiful little woman lying on the desk. Her face was reddish, her hair was messy, and her neckline was still showing yesterday. Traces of his ravaged late.

I can’t help it again.

Reaching out and pulling her off the desk, let her feet touch the ground, Nangong Che’s sturdy body and arms trapped her between her chest and the desk, bowed her head and k*ssed her lips.

Yu Muwan panted, startled slightly, his eyes blurred again, letting him k*ss deeply, touching his chest with both hands, feeling the tightening of his arms on his waist, and his soft tongue began to slowly follow him. dance.

“Mu Wan…” Feeling her slight initiative, Nangong Che yelled dumbly and opened his wet eyes.

With his forehead touching, Nangong Che gently clasped her soft back neck, feeling a trace of old age.

“Will you marry me?” His dull voice appeared so clear in the quiet office, like smoke penetrated into her eardrums, teasing her already numb nerves, “Marry me…I give the baby A home with you, gives me the opportunity to love you well, Mu Wan…”

Mu Wan…This name has become a part of his nightmare in the passing of time. He whispered her name in a low voice, as if he was closely entangled with her destiny in the psychedelic…

Yu Muwan raised her bright eyes, and the waves of light inside, Qianfan had passed.

Soft arms wrapped around his sturdy waist, tightly wrapped around her, her slightly trembling voice sounded in her ears: “…Can I just want you…You only belong to me and my baby, I don’t want anything from you Something… needs you…”

She has always needed a tall figure to rely on, sheltering her and her children from wind and rain, warming them when they need it most, protecting them comprehensively, and giving them all the love and protection.

Nangong Che’s body shook slightly, and there was a star-like light in her deep eyes. Her slender fingers picked up her face, bowed her head and k*ssed deeply: “Yes…whatever you want…”

As long as it is in the name of love, she can ask for everything, and he can give everything.

The warm lips and tongue are tightly entangled together, the burning temperature and the numb touch are flowing between the two senses, the muscles and the skin are close to each other, and the warmth lasts for a long, long time…


Xiaoying walked out of the gate of Youyang Elementary School, staring at the black-clothed bodyguards in front of him, and then at the innocent and innocent Cheng Lanyi next to him, completely entangled.

“Your grandpa’s bodyguard is really annoying!” Xiaoying complained honestly.

The child Cheng Lanyi widened his eyes, clenched his little schoolbag, and asked, “Do you want to come to my grandfather’s birthday party?”

“It’s none of my business?”

“But Grandpa said let me invite you over…”

Xiaokage smiled: “Are you sure you are’please’ me over with you?”

The child Cheng Lanyi looked at the bodyguards and said honestly: “But these were sent by grandpa to protect us.”

Xiaoying’s pretty face turned away: “I don’t need protection, I’m going to wait for my mummy here, you go back first!” The snare drum in his heart beat quickly, shrinking back, far away from the group of people.

“Master Xiaoying,” a man walked over and squatted down in front of him, “Mr. Nangong, let us invite you over. Tomorrow is the banquet. You can stay in the villa for one night now, or accompany your husband.”

Xiaoyinghan, staring at him with bright eyes, really wanted to ask, am I really familiar with the old man?

“Uncle, please go back first. I won’t go with you. I won’t go anywhere else without my mom’s consent, especially strangers’ houses.” He emphasized the next few words.

“Master Xiaoying, you should be familiar with Mr. Nangong’s house…”

“I won’t be so familiar with a place that kidnapped me, I hate it’s too late.”

The man frowned and looked at the little boy in front of him with nothing to do.

A luxury car drove up along the road, turned a handsome bend and stopped in front of them.

Nangong Che’s upright figure walked out, his cold eyes swept across a row of well-trained bodyguards at Nangong’s house, and finally his soft eyes fell on Xiaoying.

“Master!” The man stood up, slightly embarrassed.

“Take Yiyi home first.” Nangong Che left a sentence indifferently and walked towards Xiaoying.

“But young master, my husband told us that he must take the child back, otherwise…” the man said hesitantly.

“Otherwise?” There was a bloodthirsty light flowing in Nangong Che’s deep eyes. He turned and stared at the bodyguard behind him, with an elegant and intimidating posture. “I can’t bear any consequences. Tell me about it.”

Chapter 440

“Master…” the man gritted his teeth, “Mister wants this child to attend his birthday banquet tomorrow…”

“Is he always confused?” Nangong Che sneered coldly. “It’s a question of whether a child wants to come or not. Can you see that he wants to go? He is embarrassed to force a child by such an old man?”

Man Khan, how could he say such words to Nangong proud face.

“Don’t let me see you pestering him again, otherwise, don’t want to do anything at Nangong’s house anymore,” Nangong Che’s expression became cold again, indifferent, “I said do it.”

The man was already full of sweat, and he dared not say a word with his head down.

Nangong Che walked to Xiaoying, knelt down, took off his schoolbag, and whispered in Xiaoying’s confused and surprised eyes: “Your mommy is cooking at home and has no time to pick you up, so it’s me—”

There is a flowing light in his deep eyes, and a domineering smile at the corner of his mouth, “Don’t be afraid of Xiaoying, there are uncles here, these people don’t want to take you anywhere.”

Xiaoying’s big shiny eyes were full of doubts, but she suddenly thought about it again. It turned out that Mommy had surrendered in such a short time.

“Uncle, you really can coax women!” Xiaoying said categorically.

There was a faint smile on Nangong Che’s lips, and he pulled his little hand: “Thank you for the compliment!”

Xiaoying broke away from his hand, her face was calm and indifferent, and she said with a sneer: “But Xiaoying is different from Mommy. Mommy’s ability to accept his uncle does not mean Xiaoying can accept it.”

He thought very clearly that he would never accept him lightly before Mommy officially married this uncle.

He is not Mommy, Mommy always likes to accept the kindness of others after getting confused. It’s too cheating.

A gleam of light flashed in Nangong Che’s eyes, a little low, but quickly passed away.

“Alright, Uncle will continue to work hard to get you to accept it,” Nangong Che said in a deep voice, with a deep light in his eyes, rubbing his head, “Uncle owes you too much, so you can pay it back twice, okay?”

Xiaoying felt weird in her heart, her cold eyes softened a bit, and she turned her head and broke free from his palm: “Let’s go, didn’t you mean Mommy is waiting for us?”

Seeing the beautiful little boy running towards his car, Nangong Che felt warm and warm in his heart.


“Mummy!” Xiaoying ran in and shouted towards the kitchen.

Yu Muwan poked his head out gently, staring at Nangong Che’s upright figure and the small shadow coming in with him. There was a slightly strange smell in his heart, but it was very warm. He whispered softly, “There is one more dish. Wash your hands first. All right.”

After speaking, she turned around and stared at the kitchen where she had always been alone, feeling a little nervous in her heart.

For too long, I have been living with the baby. Suddenly a man appeared in the rhythm of the stereotype. She was a little uncomfortable. She just froze for a few seconds and smelled a little bit of burnt. taste.

“…!” Yu Muwan suddenly regained consciousness, walked over to turn the fire down a bit, and quickly stirred with a shovel.

God, she actually wandered to this point!

Her long eyelashes trembled, and there seemed to be a conversation in the living room, but it was gone for a moment. Yu Muwan was cooking and thinking about what Nangong Che might do in the living room with Xiaoying. This kind of life of a family of three. I have never realized that she is really… very nervous.

Just thinking about it, a dish has been prepared, and Yu Muwan did not notice when there was a sudden addition of people in the kitchen.

Yu Guangzhong swept over a tall figure, and Yu Muwan was shocked, almost unable to hold the wok.

Nangong Che quickly wrapped her little hand and applied a slight force, and said softly, “Be careful.”

Until the dishes were put on the plate, Yu Muwan blushed and pulled out his hand from his palm, staring at him with clear eyes: “Why did you come in? I said you just sit in the living room, don’t come in and see. I do, I was seen as a bad one.”

Nangong Che smiled, showing a handsome and unrestrainedness in the light, gently pulling her strands of hair behind her ears: “You have a lot of rules, I finally came here once, just looking at you like this Working hard?”

Yu Muwan was very strange: “What is so hard about cooking?”

Nangong Che pulled her over and gently held her in his arms: “I feel hard, you shouldn’t actually do these things alone, see if I can help here, just ask.”

Yu Muwan frowned, pushed him with his hand, and hurriedly said: “Don’t you, don’t be so close, there are oil stains on the apron, do you want your clothes anymore!”

His handmade suits imported from Italy are simply scrapped if stained with such things.

“I don’t want it anymore,” Nangong Che replied simply, hugging her tighter, and muttered, “After staying here for a few minutes, I don’t want anything anymore. I just want you… Mu Wan, or us Run away, we will always be together.”

The man’s breath was puffed up in her neck, and she took a deep breath of the smell of her body, a little greedy.

Yu Muwan was startled, and suddenly felt that he was a little childish.

With a smile, she opened his hand wrapped around his waist, and she smiled like a flower: “What are you kidding? Your family doesn’t want it anymore? You just can’t turn around without your company, so don’t you want it? Hurry up. Wash your hands and go to the table and wait for your meal. I don’t want your help. A dish will be ready soon.”

The idea was so rejected by her, Nangong Che didn’t let down, but smiled lightly, watching her turn around and continue to be busy.

He leaned close to her for a moment, grabbed her waist and hugged her, gently turned her head over and k*ssed her lips, and said dumbly: “I’m not kidding, if one day it gets to that point, I want to tell you I can give up everything, just for you and your child.”

Yu Muwan was startled, no longer breathing.

Nangong Che let go of her, walked to the faucet and unscrewed it, washed her hands, and reminded her softly, “Your oil temperature is OK.”

Yu Muwan was regained again, staring at the oil in the pot, and hurriedly poured the cut shredded pork in. After a lot of confusion, he was no longer in the kitchen.

“Smelly man!” she frowned, with a bit of anger.

At the dining table, Xiaoying squirmed uncomfortably, watching the two people flirting and cursing.

When the phone rang, Nangong Che was helping Yu Muwan pick up the fishbone. He sang endlessly with his mobile phone in his suit pocket. He couldn’t keep his hands free, so he said, “Help me pick it up.”

Yu Muwan had to take the phone out of his pocket and hand it to him.

“Help me pick it up,” Nangong Che stared at her with deep and domineering eyes, and smiled lightly, “I’m not free now.”

Yu Muwan blushed, seeing that the number seemed to be a fixed landline, no name was displayed, so he had to pick it up for him.


The atmosphere on the opposite side seemed very solemn, and there was a moment of silence, followed by a cold and strong sentence: “Is it you?”

Chapter 441

Yu Muwan was shocked, her body stiffened, her clear eyes glanced at Nangong Che and bit her lip and said: “Yes, it’s me. Did you ask Nangong Che? I will let him answer the phone.”

“No, it’s the same when I’m looking for you!” Nangong’s proud and majestic voice revealed an irresistible deterrent.

Yu Muwan felt a little calm when he said this, and took a light breath to be polite: “Say.”

“Che is with you?”


“Xiaoying is there?”

Yu Muwan’s voice was calm and clear: “Your question is very strange, Mr. Nangong, where should my son be if I’m not here?”

“Huh!” Nangong’s proud voice was sullen, “You woman has a lot of tricks! I didn’t rob you of my grandson’s affairs, but I became arrogant, and now even Che has been seduced by you!”

Yu Muwan glanced at Nangong Che who was holding the fishbone, and said softly and firmly: “Mr. Nangong, please don’t just put the responsibility on others. This person is here. I can’t drive away. What do I have? Method?”

She just wanted to be arrogant like this once, anyway, every time she talked to this old man, she would be very angry.

Nangong Ao pressured the fire and said, “Tomorrow you will let Xiaoying come over to accompany me for a birthday. I can give you a few more days. Don’t you think I don’t know what happened with Che? What are you arguing about if there is no result! Don’t force me Break you apart!”

Yu Muwan sneered: “What you mean is that you are only allowed to snatch my son, and you are not allowed to snatch your son, right? Isn’t it always the case in your world that you are so solemn and not two? Mr. Nangong, is it a society ruled by law? In feudal society, will your thinking lag a little bit behind?”

Nangong Che, who was opposite, carefully helped her pick the fish, and stared at the little woman across the table with deep eyes, and his elegant eyes were full of love and appreciation.

“You woman, you really don’t know good or bad!” Nangong Ao’s anger could no longer be concealed. “How powerful do you think you will be in the entire Z City? Is it enough for Che to protect you? Do you know that even I gave him his position and property! Without the Nangong family, he would be nothing! I said don’t force me to do anything to you. Anyway, I am grateful to you for raising my grandson for five years. Give me money to go far, Qingwan and Che’s marriage will not change, and the fact that Xiaoying is my grandson will not change. You better show me this fact!”

Yu Muwan was trembling with anger as he listened to the domineering voice in the cold radio wave.

“Don’t ask me for money anymore, what I hate most is the person who is holding a handful of stinky money to behave, are you really rich?!” Yu Muwan cursed regardless of who he was facing. “I won’t let the child to you. I was really afraid at first that I blocked the future of the child and did not give him a good environment. But now it seems that I will never let you touch my son. I don’t want to Let you, an inhuman parent, ruin my child, give it up! As for the marriage contract, it is not my problem at all. Don’t tell me anything!”

Nangong Ao was also furious, but after thinking about it, she was heavily suppressed.

“Huh, hypocritical woman, don’t think I don’t know what you want to do! You don’t want me to recognize Xiaoying, you want to step into my Nangong house with your child, and force Che to marry you? Do you really think that You can rely on having a child?!”

“You…” Yu Muwan blushed with anger, feeling that this person was simply unreasonable.

“Dare you say you don’t want to marry Che!”

“Only the two of us know what happened to me and him. What does it have to do with you?”

“Hmph, I have seen a lot of women like you, and you don’t want to give you so much money, and there are more attempts against the Nangong family! Do you think I will let you succeed?!”

Yu Muwan was so angry that she just wanted to hang up. She was very confused. She wanted to argue that she didn’t cling to the powerful and admiring vanity to be with Nangong Che, let alone wanting a mother to marry a wealthy family with her son, but what would she do? Tell this stubborn person!

“I don’t want to talk to you!” She would hang up after she said.

“Wait!!” Nangong’s proud and majestic voice stopped her movement and slowed down her voice, “Let Xiaoying come over to my banquet tomorrow, so you don’t want to come. In this case, I will force you not to be too tight, hello. Consider whether you will have a future with Che, and I will not use strong means to deal with you.”

Yu Muwan bit his lip and hung up the phone.

Nangong Che leaned on the seat gracefully, handed her the selected fish, and stared gently: “Are you angry?”

Yu Muwan put the phone back into his pocket without saying a word.

Nangong Che frowned slightly, and grabbed her hand: “What did he tell you? Is he really angry?”

The temperature in his palm was warm, and Yu Muwan stared at him fiercely, and accused him: “He is so confused! He is backward, domineering and powerful, so he always uses his own thoughts on others, just like you did! “

Hearing her eruption, Nangong Che was relieved slightly and smiled.

“He’s like this, I’ve been used to it for so many years,” Nangong Che leaned on the seat and stared at her deeply, “have you said anything? I think you are more than just angry.”

Yu Muwan bit her lip, she didn’t want to say anything in front of Xiaoying.

Xiaoying looked at her with big eyes: “Mummy, does that old grandfather want me to celebrate his birthday?”

Yu Muwan’s eyes were a little fragile, staring at her baby for confirmation, and asked in a low voice: “Baby, do you want to go with Mommy?”

Xiaoyingtan said: “Why should I go? What does that old grandfather have to do with me? In case an adult asks, I can’t say that I and the old grandfather are in a happy new year, right?”

The cute little boy blinked his eyes and said.

Nangong Che’s face suddenly became gloomy, knowing that the child was telling him.

“Xiaoying…” Yu Muwan frowned.

A palm came over and gently rubbed Xiaoying’s head. Nangong Che stared into the child’s eyes and said, “Xiaoying, I will give your mommy a position. This is a matter of time.”

“Xiaoying didn’t believe what Uncle said. It’s just that Xiaoying only needs to see the results. Sooner or later,” Xiaoying turned her head and stared at Yu Muwan with clear eyes, “Mommy’s happiness is not a bad check.”

Nangong Che’s eyes had a deep meaning, and he smiled lightly, looking at Yu Muwan.

The baby she educated is really smart.

Yu Muwan blushed slightly, feeling a little at a loss under this big and small gaze, biting her lip and saying, “Are you not going to eat? Hurry up, the dishes are cold, I have cooked it for a long time!”

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