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Chapter 421

“Miss Tong, you said that I plagiarized my student, may I ask if you have any proof” Lin Wilang was not timid at all. This was a bit of a surprise to Jasmine Tong, who had thought that the appearance of these children would be enough to startle Lin Weilang. “Of course there is” Jasmine Tong walked up to the stage and took a folder from Lin Zhihang’s hand. She opened the folder to show the students the most original of these designs. “This is an assignment that Ms. Lin asked the students to turn in with their signatures and a specific time to create it, so I asked the organizers to put it on the big screen to make it a little clearer for everyone to see.” Jasmine Tong handed the pre-prepared flash drive to the organizer’s staff, and the children’s original designs immediately appeared on the big screen, with the time of creation clearly recorded on it. Offstage, Rameen Tong frowned deeply, wondering what the hell was going on, but she was slightly relieved to see that Lin Weilang seemed to be on the verge of death. The ten students on stage had youthful smiles on their faces, they had been waiting for this moment for a long time. “What else do you have to say, Mr. Lin?” But Lin Weilang smiled faintly, “Can a few designs prove that I copied from my students? I have designs too, does that prove that my students copied from me?” He said he clapped his hands assistant immediately brought up his folder. Lin Wieland showed the public his original design with his folder. “Everyone please see this is my design, it also clearly records the time of creation, I’m a bit of an unconventional creator, and the design usually has some of my markings on it.I’ll likewise put it on the big screen to make it a little clearer for everyone to see.” The big screen soon began to play the drawings of Lin Wieland’s work. Timberland’s writing is more mature than the students’ contributions, the images are more gorgeous, and there are even little doodles and mood pieces on them. It looks very real. Through these manuscripts, it seems to be possible to see what it was like to be the Lindwieland of the time who created them Jasmine Tong really underestimated Willow Lam, but he’s been saving up for a long time! The first thing I noticed is that there are so many different kinds of clothes that I love, and I don’t think I can do it all over again because it’s a waste of time. I can’t believe he even reworked the whole thing. The 11 students in the audience were also a bit overwhelmed. By comparison of the manuscripts, of course, it’s Lin Willard’s that’s better, more like the original “Miss Tong, what else do you have to say? “Lin Wei Lang still maintained a rather genteel smile. “These manuscripts are clearly your post-processing, and the date is, of course, up to you.” “Oh, and those manuscripts you just exhibited are also post-processable, and the date is, of course, up to you.” Wilang Lin made a powerful comeback with Jasmine Tong’s words “That’s right, the manuscript shows, when you compare it, who’s good and who’s bad.” “Where’s the teacher when a student plagiarizes a teacher’s work?” The stage was also overwhelmingly in support of Lin Weiland. Rameen Tong even smiled brightly, and her heart dropped completely. Now it’s up to Jasmine Tong to make a fool of herself. “I’m a very generous person to my students, and I usually show my work for them to reference when I’m explaining the course.” I’m not sure how much I’m worth, but I’m not sure how much I’m worth,” he said.” Lin Wieland turned around and looked at his student before him. “Children, I know you could have been taken advantage of, you are young and I can forgive you, but this is the last time and I hope you can change your ways.” Lamwellan’s speech received repeated support from the crowd, who applauded him. “Mr. Lin is not only an example of a master, but a good teacher as well.” “Yeah, yeah, it’s because of such a good teacher that we have constant talent to bring in,” “A round of applause for Mr. Lin.” The sighs of approval went up and down. “You nonsense obviously you make black money by copying our work in the name of handing in assignments” a student couldn’t hold back the anger in his chest and roared out. “Yes, that’s right, you LOVE basically all the clothes are from us, you just simply altered them.” “You don’t deserve to be a teacher.” The students are angry at Lin Wieland. But such a sound bite is simply treasonous to those present in the room. “You students just stop struggling, but you generate your own teacher also upside down you are not afraid of being expelled from school?” “The teacher said he forgave you, but you still don’t give up.” Naturally, these kids had never seen anything like this before, but they were newcomers to the scene. It is clear that they are the ones who have been wronged, but they have been subjected to unjustified abuse. Several girls all shed tears of frustration. Some of the boys clenched their fists and wanted to rush over and beat Lin Weilang up! This lopsided trend also made Jasmine Tong a little anxious, she hadn’t expected such a situation to arise. “Stone get the hell out of here and try to get attention by plagiarism, but also want to backstab the wrong people don’t dream about it.” “Get out of this circle, Jasmine Tong you’re an actor, a playwright and it’s your turn to interfere in the fashion world.” “Jasmine Tong, take your students and get out of here. Don’t tarnish our community.” All of them started pointing their fingers at Jasmine Tong again, one by one, all of them opening their mouths without mercy. Rameen is sticking her legs up like a movie star, that’s what I mean! Suddenly someone came over and said something in Jasmine Tong’s ear, and once again, Jasmine Tong stood up. “Professor Lin, let me ask you one more time, you said that you designed these works and that the students copied them from you, so let me ask you exactly when you created them.” “Miss Tong, do you think there’s any point in dwelling on this question? My sketch is clearly written on it.” Lin Wieland said, pointing to the drawing on the big screen. Jasmine Tong looked at the big screen, “That means your creation time is between the 8th and 21st of April, am I right?” “Yes, spring is the most inspiring season for people, and I love working on designs in the spring.”

Chapter 422

“Mr. Lin, let me check with you again as to exactly when your creative time is.”

“Miss Tong, I find you very baffling, haven’t we just been talking about it already and you yourself saw it between the 8th and the 21st of April.”

Lin Wieland had to reluctantly reiterate the time.

“Well, then, please go ahead and watch the big screen.”

All eyes turned to the big screen, where some drawings continued to appear.

These drawings were similar to those originally displayed by Jasmine Tong, which were all slightly younger drawings by students, but with an additional stamp on them.

To that stamp slowly zooms in and so do people’s eyes.

It turned out to be a notary’s stamp.

Each drawing has this notary stamp on it, followed by a notarized document, and at the end of the video, a notary’s testimony

The final video freezes at the time of the notary: April 7th.

That’s the most important thing.

Lin Wieland looked at the big screen in shock, his mouth hanging open, “This can’t be, it can’t be”

“Why not? Is there still a fake notary office want me to bring in a notary and prove it all myself?”

Those present were also puzzled by the fact that if the children’s drawings were notarized on April 7, they must have been made earlier than Timberland’s April 8 to 21.

Plagiarism should naturally be sequential, and the latter is the one who can show evidence that he or she completed the creation first.

Having just said with great conviction that his creation was between April 8 and 21, Lamwellon is late to the students’

He’s the plagiarist.

“No, I misremembered the time, I created it earlier than it should have been”

Lin Weiland hastily reversed what he had just said.

“Really? Then when did you say you created it just now I asked you twice, but you’ve always been quite sure that it was between the 8th and 21st of April, and your sketches are marked as such.”


“Could it be that Mr. Lin also likes to fudge the timing on his drawings?”

Lin Wieland’s eyes widened, no matter how wrong he was.

If he says he got the time wrong, the time on the drawing is false, and likewise falsified.

If he says that it was indeed created in the time of the drawing, then it is safe to conclude that he copied the

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m going to be able to do that.

“I’m the one who misremembered the time. Those of us in the creative business are so busy creating every day that we don’t have time to remember what day of the week it is or what day of the week it is, and it’s inevitable that I marked the wrong time on my sketch.”

Lin Weiland had clearly lost his voice, and perhaps was also guilty.

But he knew what it would mean once he was convicted of plagiarism, so of course he had to fight to the end.

“Alright, Mr. Lin, then I’ll give you one more chance, when exactly do you think your creative time is” Jasmine Tong was going to seize this opportunity.

“I can’t remember the exact time, probably the end of March or early April, I said we engage in creative, no time to count these then I also showed my drawing in class, so they must be plagiarism even took to the notary, simply shameless”

Lin Weilang simply said an approximate time this time, thus giving himself a little leeway as well.

“No way,”

This time it wasn’t Jasmine Tong who spoke, but Lin Zhihang who was standing on the stage.

Everyone’s eyes looked over towards Lin Zhihang again.

“The assignment you announced on March 20th, if you created that much work at the end of March or beginning of April, you couldn’t have created it in one day, could you, as you can see from the sketches, about half a month, and how could you have exhibited your work when the assignment was announced.”

“Exactly and every time you show your work, it’s an old piece from years ago” another student echoed.

He repeatedly stressed the creative time with Jasmine Tong, forgetting the time he had to post his homework.

“Mr. Lin, I’m sure you don’t know that the school has installed a surveillance system in the classroom in order to monitor the teachers and students, what kind of work are you actually exhibiting during class, I believe we can see it at a glance by investigating the school’s surveillance.”

Jasmine Tong added.

Lin Weilang was now completely speechless, he thought that those drawings he had prepared to fill in the false time would be enough to deal with everything, but he didn’t expect that

“What’s going on here?” “Teacher Lin actually plagiarized a student’s work.”

“People are going to the notary public to have it notarized, is there a fake notary public.”

“I’ve long heard that Teacher Lin’s name is Lang Caiqi can’t create any good works, but all of a sudden in the past two years, he’s producing works again, so it’s a copy of his students”

The picture offstage has suddenly changed too.

“Lin Wilang, I still have many of your student’s drawings here, all of these finished drawings can be found in LOVE’s store, where is your conscience when you have slightly altered your student’s work to make it your own.”

Jasmine Tong continued to chase after Lin Weiland.

“Every time, LOVE needs to come out with a new model, you let the students create it for you in the name of leaving assignments, some students find their clothes in the store become LOVE’s design and go to you for theory, you either give some money, or you intimidate the students, or you are interested in the students’ talent and will definitely reuse it later, where is your conscience.”

“No, it’s not, it’s a coincidence, it’s definitely a coincidence, I’m their teacher, we just happened to be inspired to collide, I didn’t plagiarize”

Timberland reacted, still arguing that he couldn’t come up with any more evidence than that it was all a coincidence.

“Inspiration collides then I ask you how someone who has passed away collides with you inspirationally.”

Jasmine Tong is a bit emotional here.

“This dress I’m wearing was designed by my brother Yarwen Tong, it’s the last assignment he turned in, he’s been out of class because he’s very sick, he left this world completely over a month ago.”

Jasmine Tong tried to take a deep breath to keep her tears from falling.

“But his classmates, who never wanted to believe that he had left, still helped him with his assignments, and this shirt I’m wearing is one of them, and I ask you how a student who has not seen you for a long time, who has not taken your classes or listened to the assignments you left, how does a student who has not seen you for a long time, who has not listened to your assignments, collide with you inspirationally.”

Lin Wieland was speechless.

“This dress of mine is exactly the same as the pattern and style of the dress on Rameen Tong’s body, except for the collar here, everything else is exactly the same, even the material of the dress is exactly the same you dare to say it’s not a copy”

Chapter 423

In the face of Jasmine Tong’s questioning, Lin Weilang had no defense at all, and sat paralyzed on the stage, beads of sweat trickling down his face.

“I’m sure by now it’s clear who is copying who, you may say that I’m plotting everything today, and yes, I planned all of this, starting with the establishment of this clothing designer.”

Jasmine Tong stood on the stage and spoke freely, as if she had seen day and night doodling for her design.

“My deceased brother Yarwen Tong, who was in the same class as these young men standing on stage, would design clothes in his room every night, and he said that the biggest dream of people like him was to see his drawings become real clothes to wear on people.”

Whenever Yarwen Tong was mentioned, Jasmine Tong would always wet her eyes.

“Because he has a celebrity sister, he occasionally pays attention to entertainment news, and at his last charity night, he was furious when he saw a dress on a celebrity that had come from one of his classmates.”

At this point Jasmine Tong purposefully aimed a glance at Rameen Tong under the stage, and all eyes looked at Rameen Tong.

Rameen Tong was uncomfortable all over her body, the clothes she wore today had won her numerous compliments, but at the moment she felt that they were like shackles.

“And so there is today’s STONE, and I’m going to make his dream come true for my brother, and I’m going to make their dreams come true for young people like him, and so there is today’s XI.They are ten, plus my brother is eleven, so they are named eleven.”

“These young people, they’re starting out, but they’re not constrained by creative limitations, they can skyrocket and are better able to create new and innovative work, but they don’t have the background or the resources to see their designs reduced to scrap paper.”

“What’s worse is when someone seizes on their weaknesses and, in the name of guidance, takes ownership of their designs and devours their dreams.”

Lin Weilang was paralyzed on the ground at the moment and his reputation was in tatters.

“I hope people will give them a chance because it’s the young people who represent the future.”

Jasmine Tong bowed deeply, as did the ten students behind her.

The applause was widespread.

“Lin Weilang is simply too much, I’ve heard that he’s Jiang Lang, but I never thought he’d use such tactics”

“Who says it’s not, copying one or two works is enough, but they’re all plagiarized”

“Love brand too, Rameen Tong can’t investigate before hiring someone?”

“love this is finished Rameen Tong at first said to do what charity it you copied the work to do charity, this is not funny.”

This farce has come to an end here, and next the New Somerset Cup will be announcing the winners.

“Here we announce the winner of the first prize of the Sunshang Cup is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Designer Eleven from STONE.”

Never in their wildest dreams did the kids think they’d win first prize for their first time!

One happily slapped his hands all swollen.

When they first received their trophies from the presenters, they were all smiling with happiness.

Jasmine Tong sat on the stage watching the scene with relief.

It was as if Yarwen Tong was standing on stage, receiving flowers and applause along with his classmates.

As the curtain fell on the Sunseeker Cup, reporters rushed up to cover the event, partly surrounding Jasmine Tong.

“Mandy, can you tell us a little bit about the specifics of STONE?”

“Mandy, while this is abrupt and rude, could you tell us a little bit about your brother.”

Reporters have been asking questions.

“I’ve said all I need to say, I’m sorry, I don’t want to say anything more.”Jasmine Tong bowed towards the reporters and slowly left.

The other group of reporters directly besieged Rameen Tong.

“Rameen, did you know beforehand about the plagiarism of Lin Weylang?”

“Wren Meng, how do you know Willem Lin can you tell us more specifically about the situation?”

“Almost all of LOVE’s work is suspected of plagiarism, how are you going to deal with it and will you take it all off the shelves”

The reporter’s questions attacked Rameen Tong like a cannon.

“No comment” Rameen Tong grumpily bellowed towards the reporters and prepared to walk backstage.

Where the reporters were willing to leave her alone one by one, they surrounded her.

It took security to come and free her in the end.

Rameen Tong went backstage to find Jasmine Tong.

“Jasmine Tong, you obviously did it on purpose.”

Rameen Tong’s make-up had worn off because of the pushing and shoving with the reporter, and it looked like she was hideous and scary.

“Yeah, I just did it on purpose.”Jasmine Tong didn’t hold back at all.

“You Rameen Tong viciously clenched her teeth hating to break Jasmine Tong into pieces.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the jade Buddha, which looks like it’s worth a lot.

“Don’t you think it’s too late to think about asking the Buddha for blessings only after you’ve done something wrong? “Jasmine Tong was calm and relaxed.

Rameen Tong’s fierce face just now turned into a stunned one.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said as she put the jade Buddha in her dress to cover it up.

“Whether you know it or not, I just want you to know that this is just the beginning.”

“What do you want?”

“What you want, I want.”

Jasmine Tong knew that Rameen Tong was determined to bring her down, and now she was also determined to bring Rameen Tong down, it was as simple as that.

“Jasmine Tong” Rameen Tong narrowed her eyes into a slit, anger bursting out of it.

“If I were you, I’d hurry up and figure out how to save LOVE, you and I can’t change anything by spending more time here.”

“We’ll see.”

Rameen Tong said and quickly turned around, but she was a little too forceful, and with her heels too high, she walked forward and all of a sudden broke her foot and fell to the ground.

So strong, she naturally didn’t want to be humiliated in front of Jasmine Tong, and even though her feet hurt, she still tried to get up and walk out.

The “Mandy” kids came running and they were so happy with their trophies.

Lin Zhihang handed the trophy to Jasmine Tong.

“Sister Manny, we unanimously decided that the first trophy we got for our eleventh was to be given to Little Lei, and this trophy was supposed to belong to him.”

“No, I’ll go to his grave and tell him about it, and you can have the trophy.”

“No, the trophy should go to him, and the theme of Midsummer Night’s Dream is what he had in mind.”

“Then why don’t we make a trophy wall in the studio and from now on you guys will put your trophies in there for every trophy you get.”Jasmine Tong suggested.

“That’s a good idea,” everyone agreed.

“But you mustn’t be proud, you must keep working hard.”

“Don’t worry, we will.”

Tong left in a hurry as he had another person to thank back home.

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