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Chapter 445

Luo Qingwan was stunned, her mind buzzing, and she let Nangong Che drag her out of the room.

She felt the warmth of his wrist along the way, imagining that her ugliest side was exposed in front of him… She administered the medicine to make Yu Muwan and Pei Yuzhe have a relationship. She pretended to be innocent and didn’t know anything…

Does Che already know these? !

She seemed to be surrounded by a huge net before her eyes. She was choked, surrounded by fear and coldness.


Yu Muwan was outside the door, forced to retreat by the luxurious breath.

She was wearing professional attire, her makeup was light and not too thick, her clear eyes were shining with tears, watching the open-air dance hall inside, celebrities and politicians from all walks of life shuttled around, inside a set of silver cups or rolled up. The curtains of her are so valuable, and the polite waiter blocked her out of the door without even looking at her.

Yu Muwan took a step back and looked up at this luxurious European-style aristocratic building, which was as huge as a palace, and a strong sense of soreness appeared in his heart.

Xiaoying should belong here. He has the right to stay here.

What about her?

She is the child’s mother, but how difficult is it for her to step into this door? Nangong Ao might be right, she just left the noble blood of the Nangong family inadvertently. Without children, she was useless.

Yu Muwan’s pale little face showed a trace of desolation, and she couldn’t get in no matter what, her hands trembled weakly, almost despairing.

“Master Nangong!” the waiter exclaimed respectfully and nervously.

Nangong Che’s tall and tall figure appeared at the door, staring at her with some nostalgia and anxiety.

“…” The moment Yu Muwan saw him was a little speechless.

“Blind your dog’s eyes, dare to stop her!” Nangong Che snorted coldly, and stepped forward to pull Yu Muwan into his arms.

“Master!” The butler followed from behind, his expression ugly. “Mr. said that he does not welcome Miss Yu to come in. Even if you come in, don’t let people see her with the young master-there are too many guests today, the young master still Please avoid it, after all, if it is revealed that Miss Yu is the mistress of the wealthy heir, it will have a very bad effect on both the Nangong family and Miss Yu.”

The butler was sure and analyzed the situation rationally.

Yu Muwan stared at him: “I only want my baby, I am not interested in the others, and I don’t want to come here.”

The butler glanced at her coldly, without any emotion in his eyes.

That is not disdain, not contempt, not sympathy or contempt, it is a kind of disregard, what she said is not a significant disregard at all!

A trace of fragility flashed in Yu Muwan’s eyes, and she felt helpless.

An arm held her in his arms, and Nangong Che sneered and said, “Mistress? Who told you that she is my mistress?”

The housekeeper is still silent. In his concept, women other than the first wife are not clean even if they are not mistresses.

“Let’s go in.” Nangong Che said lowly in her ear.

Yu Muwan looked at the swaying figure in the door, exuberantly rich, she suddenly took Nangongche’s hand.

“Wait…” Yu Muwan said weakly, “Can you bring Xiaoying out? I don’t want to go in…”

Nangong Che’s eyebrows furrowed deeply.

“You’re scared just because of one sentence? I really don’t think you are worthy of here, not worthy of me?” There was a bit of blame in his cold tone.

Yu Muwan’s eyes were weak, and she didn’t know what to say to him.

“Want to escape?” Nangong Che slowly approached her, sneered, “You want to be beautiful!”

Yu Muwan felt sad for a while, but then Nangong Che leaned over and picked her up. Regardless of her struggle and screaming, he picked her up and walked inside: “If you are not behaved, I will have to hold her like this. You go in, hush, don’t struggle, the more you struggle, the more people will look here, I don’t mind if the two of us just accept everyone’s admiration…”

The butler next to him was shocked, and hurriedly trembled: “Master!”

This is not a joke. The attention of the entertainment reporters is now on the celebrities at the Nangong Aohe banquet, but if the screams attract the reporters, it will be over!

“Nangong Che, let go, I don’t want to, I want to do this, can I go by myself?!” Yu Muwan paled with fright, hugged his neck and begged.

A scorching heat flashed in Nangong Che’s eyes before she lowered her to the ground. Before she could stand still, she gave her a deep and lingering French k*ss, which made her soft in her arms.

“That’s good,” Nangong Che said to her lips with enthusiasm, “I will take you to see the baby.”

Yu Muwan was dizzy, feeling that the whole world was Nangong Che’s domineering and charming face.


All the way upstairs, she was too familiar with this room.

Memories from a few years ago swept across the sky.

Yu Muwan couldn’t remember those things, opened the door to see Xiaoying, and whispered: “Baby!”

“Mummy!” Xiaoying dropped the game CD in Nangongche’s room and ran over.

Not long after the three of them stayed warm, a servant knocked on the door and leaned out half of his body to whisper: “Master, the reception has started, Mr. will look for you, and the lady has returned with Mr. Cheng, and he is also down there.”

“I see, let them wait.” Nangong Che said indifferently.

Yu Muwan hugged the baby and whispered: “Go down, after all, it’s your father’s birthday. It’s not good for you to not show up like this.”

Nangong Che squinted his eyes, then gently circled her body, and muttered in her ear: “I’m wronged you.”

But this kind of grievance will end soon.

His upright figure let go of her and left the room gracefully and chicly.

The whole reception became boiling when Nangong Che and Luo Qingwan walked down, and the cameras around were flashing, recording the picture of this perfect pair playing together, but the handsome man looked a little colder and the female companion He pulled his arm lightly every time, and he broke away without a trace, and finally said a word in her ear.

“Don’t let them see the illusion, Qingwan, it’s time to end.”

This was the first time in so long that he called her name so tenderly, Qingwan.

Luo Qingwan staggered.

Nangong Che thoughtfully stretched out his hand to help her, “Don’t get excited, if I ruin the marriage contract, as compensation, I will not let the Luo family suffer any loss. I will bear the cause of the dissolution of the marriage contract from my side. Don’t worry. Will be innocent.”

Luo Qingwan’s hand gripped him tightly, her beautiful face with intensely suppressed pain.

“Che, don’t…”

“I didn’t mean to harm her, I can’t stand you treating me like that…”

“I really didn’t do anything, I didn’t harm her…you believe me…”

Chapter 446

She was already incoherent, tears fell, and her shoulders shrugged with her back to the guests crying in his arms. This is another set of precious pictures to outsiders. They rarely took intimate photos of Nangong Che and Luo Qingwan.

“At the World Trade Center that day, you k*ssed me deliberately to make Mu Wan misunderstand, didn’t you?” Nangong Che’s low-pitched voice spoke in her ear, and the words were more tearing.

“She did misunderstand, but thank you for letting me know that she cares about me too…”

“Go back today and tell Uncle Luo that they don’t need to be angry. I will send them the recording of your meeting with that boy, so that they can see what you do. If they think they can forgive, you are still their good daughter. There are rumors. The purest and most beautiful rich lady…Look at what are you crying, eh?”

He has reached the limit.

Even if it is the dissolution of the marriage contract, he will bear the greatest harm, and if his reputation is damaged, he will bear it.

Luo Qingwan raised her face, the deepest despair in her beautiful eyes.

This man had never been so gentle to her before, and his most gentle time was when he gave her the bloodiest knife.

In the center of the huge banquet, everyone toasted to celebrate Nangong’s birthday.

“Very well, thank you all for coming to my banquet. I am old, and there are so many people who are still thinking about it. It is the honor of my Nangong proud! Now that my children have grown up, it is time for me to retire. When my son gets married with my prospective daughter-in-law, everyone has to come here to get together! Come, cheers!”

One sentence condenses all the focus and eyes on Nangong Che and Luo Qingwan.

Luo Qingwan reached out to hold the cup, the liquor in it spilled out, tears gleaming in her eyes, and she almost fell.

Nangong Che stretched out his hand to support her, his expression was cold, and he smiled slightly.

Amidst the sound of celebration and flashing flashlights, Nangong Ao took a look at this side with bated breath, and when no one noticed, he softly called the butler next to him, and indifferently explained a few words in his ear. sentence.

The wine is full of aroma, and the atmosphere of the entire banquet has reached the top.

“Che, is your wedding date set with Miss Luo? Uncles are still waiting to drink your wedding wine!” All of Nangong’s proud old friends are heavyweights in the political or business world, and they are vigorous. Asked with a smile.

Nangong Che drank the last glass of wine, his handsome face flushed slightly, but his deep eyes were shining with compelling light, and he said coldly: “It just so happens that I am about to announce something related to the wedding date.”

“Really?! When is it!” The whole banquet was attracted by this topic, and it boiled slightly.

Luo Qingwan was right in his arms, her face was pale, but he couldn’t slump down when she was held up by him.

The elegant man stood on the steps like a god, holding an empty wine glass in his hand, and said coldly: “I’m sorry to let you down. Regarding my marriage contract with Miss Luo——”

“Master!!” A servant hurried over and interrupted him.

“What?” Nangong Che’s face suddenly sank, and asked coldly.

“Miss Yu…Miss Yu she…” The servant turned pale, and just listened to Nangong Che’s instructions to go up to give them a fruit plate, but when she opened the door, she found…

“What’s wrong with her?” Nangong Che’s eyebrows frowned slightly, “Speak!”

The servant’s tears were about to come out, and his hand tugged at the corner of his clothes and tremblingly said, “When I went up to deliver the fruit tray, I found that Miss Yu was gone. Her mobile phone was broken on the floor and the child was gone… …”

Nangong Che’s brain hummed instantly.

His face quickly turned from slightly flushed to iron blue, from iron blue to scary pale, holding the servant’s shoulder with his hand, and muttered: “Gone? What does it mean to be missing? How could they stay in there with good intentions? Gone?!”

At the slightly noisy reception, many people are waiting on tiptoe for Nangong Che to give them a definite wedding date. This will be the most luxurious and dazzling wedding in City Z this year! But I didn’t expect that the tall and handsome man would suddenly lose control, knocked over the table full of wine glasses, and pushed a bunch of crowded people away and ran upstairs!

And Luo Qingwan in his arms accidentally fell to the ground.

She frowned and was lifted up by the crowd, her face was pale, but she was still beautiful, she said with a slight smile, “Thank you, I’m just uncomfortable.”

Nangong Che’s face was blue and his chest was about to explode. He pushed aside the crowd and rushed upstairs, suddenly pushing open the door of his room.

With two loud noises, the door was almost shattered, but there was no one inside.

“Mu Wan…” Nangong Che cried and walked in. As soon as she stepped in, she stepped on the debris. Her mobile phone case was broken. Nangong Che suffered a severe heartache. He stepped on the debris and walked in, looking around. , “Mu Wan!!!”

Damn…Where did they go? Who can tell him where they are!

“When was the last time you saw her? How could she disappear!!” Nangong Che roared while clutching the servant with scarlet eyes.

“I haven’t come in. I don’t know when Miss Yu disappeared…”

“f*ck me!!” Nangong Che slammed the servant against the wall, and his whole body erupted like a beast. “This is in my own home, and she has disappeared in my own home! What’s wrong with this phone! Tell me who has ever been on the second floor, and who knows she is here!!!”

“I don’t know… Master, I really don’t know…” The servant curled up in the corner and cried out in fright.

Nangong Che was deeply shocked by the words he questioned. He remembered that few people knew that Yu Muwan and Xiao Ying were in his room, except for those two!

He rushed downstairs, scanning the entire black crowd with murderous eyes.

With so many people, his Mu Wan suddenly disappeared!

Nangong Che took a deep breath and rushed to Nangong Ao’s study, leaning heavily on the tabletop and asking, “Where is Muwan?!”

Nangong Ao had just retreated from the crowd and was about to squint to take a break. When he opened his eyes, he saw his son whose face was cold and frosty. The blue veins on his forehead were slightly violent, showing his anger.

The old hand stretched out and pointed at his neckline: “Look at your appearance! Just a few minutes after you turned back to look like a ghost, what are you like!”

He overturned the wine glass and the cake plate, his fascination in his embarrassment.

With deep eyes suppressing his anger, Nangong Che let out a bloodthirsty voice from his chest: “I’ll ask you again, where did you take Mu Wan and Xiaoying!”

Nangong snorted proudly, “That woman is where she should be!”

Chapter 447

Nangong Che was finally able to conclude that it was Nangong Ao who took Mu Wan away while he was away, the blue veins on his forehead violently, his hands slowly tightened the newspaper on the table, and slowly and gnashing, he said, “What do you want to do? You just take Mu Wan away, Xiaoying is your own grandson, what do you want to do to him!”

“If I didn’t take them away, what would you do by yourself!” Nangong stood up arrogantly, hitting the ground hard with his crutches, and buzzing, “You think I don’t know your thoughts, if it wasn’t for someone to come down. Tell you these things, did you end your engagement with Wan Mai?! You think I will let you succeed!”

Nangong Che’s face was blue, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Hand them over, right away!”

“Go back to me and reflect on it! I have to make you sober to see why that woman is not there and you are confused by her!” Nangongao’s face was also green, and he poked his hand and said sternly, “You don’t inherit a good family property, well. If you don’t marry a wealthy lady, run out and do things for me. I really can’t help you, right?”

Nangong Che supported his body, backed up, and stepped back slowly.

“Do you know who your daughter-in-law is? Have you ever wondered why I insisted on marrying this woman! Since I was young, I have no autonomy. I know who made me born like this? What a ghost place! You don’t even care about what woman I marry, and you even threaten me with her. What kind of father are you!” Nangong Che roared, eyes filled with painful scarlet.

Nangong Ao was also very angry, his face was red and white.

“Stop talking nonsense, if you dare to talk to Qingwan about the dissolution of your marriage, I will let you be taught! I can’t teach you, can I teach a woman?!”

“If you dare to move her one finger, try it, and see if I can fight you hard!”

“If I move her, she won’t even have a bone left!” Nangong Proudly raised her voice, the sound of Zhongruo bells buzzing, and was completely irritated, “You and Qingwan have been together for so many years, and people feel How many wrongs have you counted?! Now for a wild woman outside, you have to break the marriage contract with her. There is no door! You can be sorry for your uncle Luo, but when I was knocked to the bottom, you didn’t have your uncle Luo to help. Where can I find you as a stinky boy today! If you don’t give me a report, you continue to be obsessed with it.

Nangong Che’s tall and straight figure slowly stood up, a murderous look in his deep eyes.

“Report your own kindness. Don’t use me as your shield. I know exactly how my mother died outside. I started studying abroad when I was three and now I manage the Nangong family’s business. , The performance up to now is enough to pay you off! Don’t force me, otherwise I really can afford everything!”

“I want to hear, what can you do!” Nangong Ao was furious, staring and groaning.

“I won’t marry that woman. If you want to marry, marry yourself!” Nangong Che said coldly and turned around and left.

“You, let me stop!” Nangong arrogantly roared, “I warn you, I have just announced the date of your marriage to Qingwan outside, just half a month later, dare you marry her, huh, wait for that The woman named Yu Muwan disappears!”

It was like a muffled thunder that blew above Nangong Che’s head.

His face was pale, and he rushed over to grab his own father’s collar across a desk and squeezed it fiercely. There was overwhelming bloodthirsty and murderousness in his fiery eyes, and his hand bones were white because of his force.

Nangong Ao’s eyes widened, and angrily said: “a**hole thing, you dare to do it to me!”

Nangong Che trembled because of the rage, and clenched his collar, gnashing his teeth and said: “If you dare to touch her hair, I will dare to destroy all your foundations in this life!”

“Hmph, before you ruin my foundation, I will let her go down to be buried with your mother!”


Nangong Che’s eyes were scarred to the point of bleeding, and his hand bones were pinched by himself and made a creaking sound. He suddenly pushed Nangong proudly away, and shouted: “Are you a human or a demon? You want to force me too. Are you dead!!”

Nangong was proud of his anger, and said coldly: “For a woman you can say this kind of thing, you will know how naive you are! Give me back now and don’t make trouble. If you dare to have any deviant behavior, I will Let her be punished!”

“Don’t move her…Don’t move her!” Nangong Che roared coldly like a beast.

“Go back and think about it for yourself. It’s worth it for such a woman. If you were obedient from the beginning, how could I treat you like this! As for Xiaoying, don’t worry, that is my favorite grandson. I will harm anyone. It won’t hurt him!” Nangong proudly waved his hand indifferently and sat back in the chair.

The sound of the whole world seemed to be far away. Nangong Che walked out of the study door and hit the antique shelf next to him with a fist. The broken vase fell violently, with some blood on his fist.

He is going crazy.

Going crazy. Completely crazy.

Who can tell him where Mu Wan is now and where their children are…

The whole banquet was still going on in an orderly manner, with the coveted intertwined and the fragrance permeating. Luo Qingwan stood among a group of ladies and beauties, smiling gently, everyone seemed to have become her beautiful foil.

And in Nangongche’s entire world, only Burning Heart’s anxiety and monstrous hatred…


Under the dark black night, a car passed by at the intersection, frightened a passenger car to make an emergency brake, and the passengers in the full car were shocked in cold sweat. Looking from afar, the dark blue car had already left.

The phone next to me keeps ringing, keeps ringing.

Nangong Che has run all over the city of Z. There is no clue. The old man has always done things rigorously and viciously. He has never missed his hand. This is the reason why he can stand tall in the past. The only time he failed was because of his friends. Since then, he has been more cautious to guard against his betrayal. Even for his own son.

“Hello?” Nangong Che answered the phone dumbly.

“Che, are you still out late late? Don’t run around after you had a drink today, can I let the butler pick you up?” Luo Qingwan’s soft voice sounded.

Nangong Che smiled coldly: “Do you know that too? Do you know everything about today in advance?!”

Luo Qingwan was silent for a while, and whispered: “I am not particularly clear, but I know that my uncle has always protected me. He did it for me as well. Although he didn’t tell me in advance, I don’t think my uncle has not The one who planned, he should have wanted to do this very early, but was stuck in the time when you canceled the marriage contract-he knew exactly what you wanted to do.”

“Luo Qingwan, you can pretend to be a little bit more!!” Nangong Che’s hoarse voice wanted to tear her apart.

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