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Chapter 421

The men would be impressed, and leaned forward to smile. Was it too much to drink?”

The woman, as if unaware of their unkindness, nodded her head in confusion.

Then someone smiled and said, “Then shall we help you to rest?”

The woman nodded again.

A few people were so happy that they were busy helping her out seven hands and eight feet.

They took the lift to the guest room on the 28th floor, and as soon as they reached the door of the room, the woman suddenly grunted in discontent, “What are all of you following me for?Go away!”

Those people laughed and said, “Of course we are helping you back to rest ah, you see, the room is all ready for you.”

The woman looked at him and suddenly smiled flirtatiously, nudging his nose with her onion-white fingertips.

With a drunken look on his face, he said, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking, pervert, I’m telling you, don’t you ever think, if I like who I sleep with, that’s my business, if I don’t like it, you get out of my way!”

After saying that, his eyes rolled around and finally landed on one of their men, smiling, “You’re not bad looking, or you’ll be the one tonight!”

After saying that, he grabbed the man’s tie, went into the guest room, and then slammed the door shut.

The others turned pale and were about to smash the door, when it suddenly opened again.

The only thing I saw was the man she had just pulled in, and the man squeezed his eyes out at them.

“Good brothers, since this girl has taken a fancy to me, I beg you to give your brothers a chance, don’t spoil it, there are plenty of beauties out there, just go and find another one, next time your brothers will buy you a drink.”

It’s not easy to find a stunning beauty tonight, but this was actually snatched up by this kid.

But they didn’t dare to make a scene, after all, this place was different from other places, and the owner behind it was a Chinese man who was very powerful in the area.

Naturally, no one will say anything if you please everyone, but it’s not really easy to solve the problem if something really goes wrong.

A few people then turned away without saying anything.

And now, in the room, the man looked at the tipsy-looking woman sitting on the couch and smiled so hard he couldn’t open his eyes.

He didn’t know what kind of bad luck he had stepped on today, but he was clearly the weakest family member in that group of people, and if he didn’t have a friend who was willing to bring him over to play today, he wouldn’t even be able to get in here.

But unexpectedly, just this one night, he was ordered to be a courtesan, won the scholarship, and luckily, suddenly got such a beautiful and stunning beauty.

With a dirty gaze that swept over the woman’s shapely body, and an even greater lust in his eyes, he rubbed his palms together and pounced on her, mouthing, “Honey, I’m coming.”

However, people have not yet approached, the woman on the sofa suddenly looked Ling, that sober unlike the eyes, where still like a drunken woman?

The man froze, and before he knew it, he had taken a punch to the nose.

He shrieked in pain and planted backwards, and the next thing he knew, the woman had ridden up again and was crushing him to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, the fists came down as densely as rain.

He had been pampered since he was a child, where had he ever seen this battle, but at the moment he was overwhelmed by a woman and beaten without the strength to fight back.

After a good beating, the man underneath the body had soon out of breath more in, and if he continued, he would have to be killed.

It was only then that Hazumi got up off of him, rubbed his fists and grunted, feeling that it wasn’t enough to unnerve him, and kicked the man who was being held up like a dead pig


“Bah!How dare you eat my mother’s tofu, you’re still a little young.”

The man on the ground grunted, no longer even able to scream, and just rolled his eyes and passed out.

Hazumi was a little put off by his lack of punch and didn’t want to call a doctor for him, and headed inside.

I was about to wash my face to sober up when there was a sudden rustle in my headphones, followed by a man’s voice.

“Summer Springs, okay, stop fooling around, it’s time to get down to business.”

Her eyebrows quirked, a little impatient, “I know.”

And then, after a pause, “Are you sure we’ll just write it off after we do this one?”

The other side seemed to laugh quietly, not answering the question, “Are you making a deal with me now?”

“So what if it is?”

The man across the room said, “I remember teaching you not to make deals with me, and I’m a man who hates it when people make deals with me.”

“For example.I originally admired this guy and wanted to be nice to her, I would have given him anything she wanted, but if he gave me a deal, I would have felt like this guy was an ungrateful person and I wouldn’t have wanted to be nice to him.Summer Springs, wouldn’t you say?”

Hazumi snorted, “Put away that theory of yours, I’m warning you.This is the last time.If you come back to trouble me after this time, I won’t work for you again even if the fish dies!”

The other side laughed quietly, “I know.Alright, it’s not like our Zhuge Family has to be missing you, this time it’s because this mission just has to be you, otherwise I wouldn’t have come over to find you.”

Hazumi paused, her eyebrows knitted, “What exactly is the mission?”

The man across the street said, “I’ve emailed you the mission information, just click on it and see.”

When Xiaquan heard the news, he took his phone down and didn’t hang up, but just clicked on his email.

However, when she saw the mission information inside, she didn’t turn pale, immediately grabbed her phone, and sternly said, “I’m not taking this mission.”

The man across the room snickered, “Why?”

Hazumi growled lowly, “You know exactly why!”

The other side laughed again, but the laughter was icy cold, “Because of that woman?”

Hazumi didn’t answer.

The other smirked, “I remember telling you a long time ago that a killer can’t have feelings!Feelings are most likely to be bad, haven’t you forgotten all that?”

Hazumi pursed her lips, her voice low and cold, “I didn’t forget.”

“Then why are you hesitating?”

Hazumi paused and said quietly, “She’s not like the others.”

“Heh!What’s the difference?Summer Springs, don’t forget who saved your life for you!Also, who caused your family’s death in the first place, and now that your serious enemy is right in front of you, you can’t do anything about it?Heh.That’s not the you I know.”

Hazumi gripped the phone in her hand for half a beat before squeezing a sound out of her throat.

“What happened back then…I looked into it…I can’t blame the landlord.”

“Only a coward would say such a thing about not blaming the enemy.Have you forgotten how your father was made to jump off a building?”

Xiaquan’s face shook fiercely.

She gritted her teeth and was silent for a long time.

Only after a half-hearted sound did Fang take a deep breath and ask, “So, are you sure that the organization will let me go as long as I complete this mission?”

Chapter 422

“Of course, the organization never lies, and besides, there’s no use forcing someone whose heart is no longer in the organization to stay.”

“Yes, I promise!”

“Very well, Summer Springs, you never let me down, and this time, I hope you won’t as well.”

Summer Springs gave a cool laugh.

Without another word, he hung up the phone.

The night was blowing tightly and she stepped outside onto the terrace, squinting at the night’s dimly lit lights.

After a moment, she quirked her lips and pulled her phone out of her trousers pocket.

Switching on the phone, I looked at the phone number on it that had come through not long ago, and a hint of complexity crossed my eyes.

“Seven, I’m done with my business, I’ve just sent someone to find out what you want me to look into for you, and now I have some information on hand, would it be convenient for you to come out and meet me in person?”

On the other side, Jenny heard her say that and agreed.I’ll be right over.”

“I’ll send you the address.”


After hanging up the phone, she had a cold glint in her eye and then quickly edited a text message to send.

Jenny Jing and Biden Lu drove the car, and only after arriving at the address that Xia Chu Yi had sent her did they discover that it was an upscale hotel.

She even took the lift to the forty-eighth floor according to the address that Xiaquan said.

Once out of the hall, they went out into the open garden, just in time to see Hazumi sitting in the couch.

She was surrounded by a circle of men, hip-hopping as if they were filling her drink.

Jenny frowned and saw that something was wrong with Xiaquan’s face, running over quickly, he pushed those men away and said sternly, “What are you doing?”

Those guys saw someone coming and laughed, “Yo, where’s this chick from, she’s pretty good looking!”

I said, about to reach out and touch her face.

However, the hand reached only halfway, was a big palm pressed, followed by a “click” sound, actually was born and broke the wrist.

The man screamed and fell backwards, yelling, “Which one of you ungrateful ones dares to touch me?”

In the next second, the knee socket was kicked, the legs went limp, and the whole person fell to the ground with a bang.

Biden Lu looked stern, “Keep your mouth clean!”

The man took the loss and looked up at him, glancing over at the way he was dressed, and a glance at his clothes told me that the man was of no consequence, and covered his aching arm and left in ashes.

It was only then that Xia Quan seemed to come over somewhat sober, and when he saw Jenny, he smiled and said, “Seven you’re here, come over and drink with me!”

Jenny Jing’s frown deepened as he looked at her drunkenness.

Biden Lu also couldn’t help but frown.

“I thought she said she had information to reveal to us?Why are you so drunk yourself?”

Jenny actually found it strange too.

But she hadn’t been in contact with the Dragon Corps for several years, and although Hazumi used to be her best friend, she hadn’t been in touch for several years, so naturally she wouldn’t know much about the other side.

Therefore, she didn’t say anything, just said in a quiet voice, “Let’s help her back first, this is not the place to talk.”

Biden Lu nodded in agreement.

Jenny Jing then stepped forward and snatched the wine glass from her hand, saying in a deep voice, “No more drinking, come with me!”

I said, and helped her up from the couch.

“No, no, no!Come on, drink with me!I haven’t even had enough.”

Hazumi yelled, going for the cup.

Jenny simply ignored her.

Hold her up and walk back.

However, she was too petite, and it was very hard to assist the already drunkenly messed up Xiaquan.

Biden Lu couldn’t see it and went up to help, “Give it to me!”

I said, taking Hazumi from her hands and they helped her walk back together.

However, at that moment, it was too late and a cold light suddenly flashed.

In the next second, there was a bang and Biden Lu was kicked backwards two steps.

A line of blood was drawn up in the air, and Biden Lu grunted in a moment of inattention, half kneeling on the ground.

Jenny was simply stunned, the whole person stayed on the spot, unable to react in time.

Then, I saw Hazumi pull out a dagger from nowhere, fly forward, and stab the man in the heart again.

At that moment, she felt her breath stop.

Open-mouthed, the whole thing stayed there, like time had stood still and no more sound could be heard.


The man spat out a mouthful of blood with a poof and fell to the ground.

Jenny just reacted with a scream, and the whole thing threw itself at him.

“Biden Lu!”

The people around them were drawn in by the scream, and when they saw someone falling to the ground, blood streaming everywhere, they all turned white with fear and screamed in panic.

The restaurant was in chaos, and Jenny had a hard time jumping to Biden Lu’s side, only to see that he had been stabbed twice in the chest and was bleeding like a house.

She hurriedly tried to reach out and press, but she had no idea where to press, and she had no way of doing so as blood instantly stained his entire chest red.

Looking up at the woman who had committed the murder, I saw her standing there in a daze, her eyes clear, where was she still half drunk?

Jenny’s tears instantly flowed down, staring at her with a deadly stare filled with hatred.

Hazumi’s face was a little pale, but he didn’t say anything.

The original familiarity of the person was now like a first acquaintance, so strange, so scary.

“Ambulance, please, someone call an ambulance!”

A good Samaritan even called an ambulance for them.

Jenny Jing hugged Biden Lu and sobbed.

Hazumi’s eyes flashed with a touch of self-deprecation, then turned.

There was no one around to stop her, and all she could do was watch as the murderer turned around and disappeared quickly down the panicked crowd.

Jenny hugged Biden Lu tightly and trembled, “Biden Lu, don’t be alright, open your eyes and look at me, nothing must happen, you must hold on.”

Endless fear came up from the depths of her heart, like a giant hand, tugging at her to pull her into an infinite abyss.

She had never been so afraid, so scared at any moment as she was now.

Fear was so great that she didn’t even have the strength to pursue the murderer, and fear was so great that she didn’t have the strength to ask a single question about why.

All she knew was that nothing could happen to him, that he must not die.


Biden Lu closed his eyes and couldn’t speak, so he could only hold her hand tightly.

It was like a thousand pounds of force, her fingers were almost broken by him, yet she felt no pain at all.

Jenny hugged him, her head in confusion, thinking of her purpose for coming to F this time, and remembering Xiaquan’s sudden phone call just now.

She suddenly understood something and sobbed, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have let you come here with me, I was too stupid to trust her, I beg you, please, don’t let anything happen to you, don’t let anything happen to me.”

Chapter 423

However, no matter how much she called, the man lying on the floor closed his eyes.

Overwhelming despair hit my heart in an instant, like the entire world had turned black at that moment.

She shrieked miserably, “Biden Lu-“

Then all that happened was a fishy throat, a dull pain in my stomach, and I blacked out.


When I woke up again, I found myself in a hospital bed.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she subconsciously felt to the side, but she felt nothing.

In a heartbeat, he jumped out of bed and ran towards the outside.

Before running to the door, a doctor stopped him, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Jenny grabbed him and screamed in disbelief, “Where’s Biden Lu?Where is he?”

The doctor was relieved, “You mean the injured man who was brought in with you, don’t you?”

Jenny nodded repeatedly, looking miserable, “Where is he?Tell me!”

“Oh, he’s still in surgery, and hey, you…”

Before the words were finished, the woman in front of her had run off like a gust of wind.

Third floor, entrance to the operating room.

When Jenny arrived, the light above the operating room was still on, meaning that the people inside hadn’t come out yet and the operation wasn’t over.

The Jin family stood there, and behind them were several serious-looking bodyguards.

On the chair next to her sat Old Lady Ken and Night White.

Jenny’s face was slightly white.

She stumbled over to the old lady, not daring to go to the old lady, but grabbed Nightwhite’s arm and asked, “How is he?Is he all right?”

Nightwhite looked at her panic-stricken appearance, her eyebrows tightened, and only after a half-hearted sound did she struggle to make a sound, “The doctor said the situation is very dangerous, and there is less than ten percent chance of saving her life.”

Jenny Jing only felt a bang in his head as if the sky had fallen down when he heard the words.

She stumbled backwards, the whole thing about to fall over, and was held in place by Nightwhite’s quick-eyed grip.


Old Mrs. Jin was also alarmed by the sound of her sister-in-law and turned to look over.

Jenny shook her head, instantly bursting into tears.

“It’s my fault, it’s my bad, why should I be gullible?It wouldn’t have happened so easily, it wouldn’t have been taken advantage of and you wouldn’t have been hurt, I’m sorry.”

Nightwhite’s heart couldn’t help but clench as he watched her in pain.

He said quietly, “Don’t get excited yet, there’s still a ten percent chance that it won’t be saved.”

Old Mrs. Jin was also busy consoling, “Yes, don’t get too excited yet, lest Biden save your life but fall down.”

Jenny was helped by them to sit down in a chair.

Night White asked, “Sister-in-law, you were there at the time, do you know who the murderer is?”

Jenny’s fingers gripping the armrest tightened fiercely.

Her eyes were cold and steady for a moment, and she spoke quietly, “I know.”


“Her name is Summer Springs, and she’s the best friend I ever thought I’d have in my life, but I just didn’t think… Heh!”

She laughed to herself, not sure if she was laughing at her own naivety and failure as a human being, or at the absurdity of things.

Night White’s eyes, however, widened abruptly.

He grabbed her arm hard and said in a stern voice, “What did you say?What’s her name?”

Jenny stared at him coldly, smiling sadly, “Xiaquan, she’s the one who called me and lied to me, saying she was drunk and wanted me to pick her up, when in fact she had already made up her mind to stab him in the heart when we weren’t paying attention, she’s the one who killed him!”

Nightwhite shook hard, feeling incredulous.

He also sent someone to check the surveillance after it happened, but the surveillance was sabotaged and nothing was found.

Someone in the crowd described the person’s face, saying only that she was a very pretty looking woman.

But none of them could tell exactly what she looked like, because it happened so quickly, so everyone just looked at her, and the person ran away.

Because of this, they had always thought that it would be some assassin, who had been ambushed for a long time to assassinate Biden Lu.

And yet, unexpectedly, this man was….

Nightwhite fell back hard against the back of the wheelchair, his face pale.

In the next second, he commanded one of the men who had been following him to snatch him out like the wind.

Jenny watched his back as he left in a hurry.

But I think he’s probably on his way to catch a murderer.

She managed a smile, not thinking much of it, but her eyes were red as her mouth quirked in a smile.

Just then, a doctor suddenly came down from downstairs, saw her, and anxiously called out, “Oh my, how did you get here, I’ve been looking for you for most of the day, and your ultrasound hasn’t been done yet!Hurry up and follow me.”

Her words stunned Jenny for a moment.

Nightwhite, who was having his wheelchair pushed outside, paused in place and looked back at the doctor with some shock in his eyes.

Jenny was puzzled, “What kind of ultrasound is being done?”

The doctor frowned, “Don’t you know?You’re pregnant, you’ve had a bit of an aura of miscarriage before, I was going to wait until you woke up before I gave you an ultrasound, but you’re good, you woke up and ran away, now come with me!”

Jenny stared so hard, including Nightwhite.

The big surprise came along with the sadness, and she didn’t even know whether to laugh or cry at this moment.

The hand slowly caressed his stomach, a place that actually had a little life in it.

Is it…his child?

Lu Jing-Shen, do you hear me?We’re having kids again.

So, you must get through this and you must survive.

She couldn’t help but burst into tears again.

Standing in place, he crouched down and covered his face with his hands, only to feel as if a piece of his heart had been plucked out by something that hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe.

Night White’s eyes were also somewhat scarlet.

He stared at her, half-heartedly, before feeling the ache that stirred in his heart calm down a bit.

In a deep voice, “Sister-in-law, you go with the doctor for the ultrasound first, leave the rest to me, there will be no problem.”

He said he made a phone call out, and shortly after, a female doctor came over.

“This is my friend Shu Yue, an obstetrician and gynecologist, Shu Yue, she’s carrying my brother’s seed in her belly, you must help me take care of her.”

Shu Yue wore a black orbital glasses, looked gentle, and nodded his head.

“Okay, I understand, don’t worry.”

Only then did Nightwhite nodded and turned to leave.

After he left, Shu Yue stepped forward and advised, “Mrs. Lu, the child is most important now, and you don’t want to wait for Mr. Lu to wake up and hear any bad news, do you!”

Jenny was startled, looked up at her, and finally, nodded.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.”

In the ultrasound room.

Jenny lay on the cold bed, letting that cold instrument slide gently over her stomach.

The device next to the fetus showed a heartbeat, and the doctor said, “The fetus is a little unstable, and there are some signs of an early miscarriage, but it’s fine, as long as you keep your emotions in check during this time and don’t get too excited, you shouldn’t have too many problems.”

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