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Chapter 101

In the next few days, I lived in Norven White’s house in [Flipvilla No. 1].

To my surprise, although Norven White asked me to sleep with him, he did not have any relationship with me.

When Norven White was at work, the servants were usually in the room, and I wouldn’t be able to come out without calling.

I checked in and out of his house and found no trace of Julia Rhodes’s visit.

Could it be that Julia Rhodes appeared a few times, but did not come to Norven White’s home?

Then who is she going to?

I was sure she was not at Norven White’s house, so I decided to go out during the day to find work.

Although it has already arrived in March, the weather is still a bit cold, but the heating at home has been turned off, and it has been chilly for a long time.

That morning, I got up and waited for Norven White to go out.

But the man sat at home after breakfast, and he didn’t seem to leave at all.

“Are you not going to work?”

I sat across the dining table and asked him.

The man gently dipped the corner of his mouth with a tissue, looked at me, and said to me with a gentle expression, “I will accompany you this weekend.”

Stay with me?

“Well, I will take you out to play after dinner.”

Norven White smiled.

“Out to play?” I looked at Norven White, somewhat suspicious, “Where to go?”


The man has a mysterious look.

Perhaps I have been vigilant against Norven White recently. He treated me like this, which made me a little uncomfortable.

But I didn’t say much.

After all, to be a lover is to be like a lover.

After eating, I changed my clothes and put on light makeup. When I went out, the man was already dressed.

Sitting on the sofa drinking tea.

Seeing me out, he looked at me up and down, and said with a slightly admiring expression, “It’s beautiful.”

I did not respond, because I know myself.

I never felt like a beauty.

Norven White drove me to a private airport not far from Flipvilla City. When we entered from the terminal, we saw a lot of planes parked in the airport with various signs painted on them.

At first glance, they are from different companies.

Norven White took me to a medium-sized plane, and I recognized the DynaSky Group logo at a glance.

“We are going abroad?”

I was a little surprised.

You still need to fly anywhere.

Norven White nodded and explained to me, “But it’s not too far, you’ll know when you go.”

Although I want to keep asking, I also want to understand. If Norven White wants to sell me, even if I break the casserole and ask the end, it will be of no use.

This is the first time I have taken a private jet. There are only a few places in the huge cabin, a big TV, a bathroom at the back, and a separate bedroom for sleeping.

I went around in the plane, then sat on a recliner happily, looking at the ceiling in a daze.

Norven White walked to me, looked down at me, affectionately and seriously, “What do you think?”

“Think of Julia Rhodes.”

I looked at him and answered.

The man was obviously surprised when he heard my answer.

Without waiting for him to speak, let me explain first, “I finally understand her and why those women have tried so hard to marry rich people like you. Sitting on such a means of transportation, no matter where they go, they will not feel torment Right.”

Although the Rhodes family also had money, they were not yet able to afford a private jet.

Norven White sat on the armrest where I was sitting, his slender fingers gently squeezed my short hair, “It is said that it is easy to change from frugality to luxury, and it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality. I will give you the best in the future. I cannot do without me ever since.”

“Then I just can’t do without your money.”

“You can’t do without money.”

His words made me startled. I looked at Norven White seriously, and suddenly felt that his impression in my heart was a little fuzzy.

Once he was the proud son of heaven;

I love him and admire him.

What happened later, I again raised him as an arrogant person.

I hate him;

But now when he faces me, he shows humbleness.

Norven White looked at me in a daze, Junyi’s face was so beautiful, her thin lips curled up in an elegant arc, and asked me, “What’s the matter? Are you fascinated by me?”

“No.” I blushed inexplicably, turned my head and looked out the window, and said unnaturally, “Then you must always have money.”

“Don’t worry, I will always be rich, and I will always confess you like a queen.”

He didn’t say the princess.

It’s the queen.

I don’t know if I am stupid or why, Norven White can always easily poke the softest part of my heart.

The hatred that I had accumulated was consumed by him inadvertently.

The plane took off soon.

I just fell asleep on the recliner.

When I woke up, there was no cloud outside the window, and there was an endless blue sea.

“Awake?” Norven White’s voice came from my ear. I turned around and saw the man sitting on the recliner next to me with a financial newspaper in his hand.

There was already a stack of newspapers on the table in front of him.

“Where is this?” I rubbed my eyes and asked him in a daze.

“It’s almost here, you’ll know soon.”

Norven White answered.

Sure enough, the plane landed at an airport soon, and then we turned a yacht before landing on a small island.

Both the previous airport and this small island are very warm.

I took the jacket in my hand, and a skirt with three-quarter sleeves inside it made me feel a little hot.

“this is……”

“The island I bought a while ago, knowing that you are afraid of the cold at home, so I took you on vacation.”

As Norven White said, he reached out to me, glanced at the high heels under my feet, and said, “I have asked the island watchers to sort out the sand here in advance. It is very delicate. You can walk barefoot.”

Indeed, high heels are not suitable for walking on the sand.

I kicked my high heels aside and walked barefoot on the sand.

As he said, the sand here is very delicate and soft.

This will be close to the evening here, the sun is just right, not too dry.

Norven White watched me walking towards the beach, and grabbed me, “Don’t go, go to eat first, and then I will walk with you.”

“it is good.”

I nodded.

This small island is not large, and the area is almost twice the size of the entire complex of [Flipvilla No. 1].

The restaurant on the island is by the beach.

While Norven White and I were sitting for dinner, we saw the sun sink a little bit and finally fell into the sea.

This view is really beautiful.

After the meal, Norven White took me to the room and changed the clothes he prepared for me in advance.

I flipped it over, but found that it was not a bikini, but a semi-permeable sunscreen…

“These ones……”

When I was asking Norven White with a bikini top, I was hugged by the man from behind.

The man k!ssed the top of my hair lightly, and said in an ambiguous tone, “Except for the people who watch the island, there is only me, so you wear this. Only I will see you when you wear this.”

Chapter 102

I don’t want to wear it, but my current clothes are really not suitable for staying on the island.

Can only find one with the most fabric to wear.

When I changed my clothes and put on sunscreen, Norven White had already changed his beach pants.

Perfect chest muscle curve, strong eight-pack abdominal muscles are completely exposed.

Really seductive.

The man seemed to see my eyes straighten up, stepped forward and took my hand, saying, “Let’s go, take you for a walk.”

To be honest, this is the first time I have seen the sea.

When I was young, I grew up in an orphanage, and there was no chance to go out to play. When I grew up, I was busy working and earning money again, and I was reluctant to go out to play.

Although I tried my best to restrain my excitement, but afterwards, I couldn’t help chasing the rising and falling water.

Can’t help writing my name on the beach.

When I was a few children, I was exhausted and lay on a sun lounger by the sea to rest.

Someone from the island brought coconut juice with a straw inserted.

As soon as I took a sip, I heard Norven White say, “Go back and rest, no need to come.”

I was so scared that my hands trembled, and the coconut juice dripped on my body.

When I wanted to wipe it with my hand, the man’s palm covered it, lowered his head, wiped off the coconut milk with his tongue, and then sat on the beach chair, his ink-colored eyes seemed to flash in the golden sunset. Color.

I couldn’t help shrinking back, but the man continued to press up.

With one big palm around my waist, the other hand picked up the coconut milk, tilted it, and poured most of the coconut milk on me!


I was taken aback.

Before I had time to escape, the man bit the strap of my bikini…

Asked me in a hoarse voice, “Baby, I want it.”

Then, without waiting for my answer, the next step was started.

The golden beach, the blue water, and the sea breeze, but the man’s movements are like violent storms, swallowing me crazily.

Norven White and I stayed on the island for three days.

Only returned to Flipvilla.

Because of the men’s crazy venting over the past three days, I was a little struggling to walk. Norven White held me on the speedboat on the last day.

Finally, we returned to Flipvilla and arrived in the underground garage of [Flipvilla No. 1]. He also got out of the driver’s seat and wanted to hug me.

I immediately refused, “I am too heavy, no need.”

“No way.”

Norven White picked me up, closed the car door with his feet and walked in the direction of the elevator. As he walked, he said, “I found that I was holding you, so that I can feel you are by my side.”

I was taken aback by his words.

His words will always misunderstand me.

Thought he loved me very much.

When I got home, he was finally willing to put me down. I took out the phone but found that there were several missed calls on it, all from Angel.

Did something happen to Qiaoyu Lu?

I glanced at Norven White who was walking to the bathroom, picked up the phone and went to the living room to call An Qi back.

“Jia Rhodes, I have only one request for calling today, please stay away from Qiaoyu Lu and don’t hurt him again!”

As soon as the phone was connected, An Qi talked to me over and over.

I suddenly became nervous at the time, “What’s wrong? Is there any danger in the senior’s mother? Last time the doctor said that it was all right…”

“It’s okay?” An Qi sneered, “Do you know why her mother committed suicide? Not only is the son leaving, an old man has worked hard all his life, waiting for the day of glorious retirement, but was suddenly notified and fired. You said she would have what idea?!”


I froze.

“What? Accident? You can do such a thing, still feel surprised?” An Qi said solemnly, “I tell you, Jia Rhodes, I have found out that Qiaoyu Lu’s mother company received a sum of money from the Sky Group. ï¼›

this is the last time! If you dare to do anything to harm Qiaoyu Lu, I will not let you go! “

After speaking, the phone hung up.

I looked at the desktop of the phone and couldn’t help being stunned.

Who the hell is it?

Who on earth did this.

“what happened?”

When I hesitated, Norven White’s figure came from behind me.

I turned my head, the man had put on his suit, looked at my nerdy expression, and smiled, “What’s wrong? Are you tired? If you are tired, take a rest. I’m going to the company and come back to accompany you at night. “

He didn’t seem to notice my abnormality, and he had to go out after speaking.


I hesitated or stopped him.

“What’s wrong?” Norven White looked at me.

I looked at him, hesitated, and shook my head, “It’s okay.”

Norven White smiled at me and left.

There seems to be no disguise.

Seeing the man leave, I suddenly fell into confusion.

Am I wrong again?

I closed my eyes, what reverberated in my mind was still on the island, Norven White was kind to me.

He was walking around holding me.

If I want to play in the sand, he will accompany me.


No, not so.

I opened my eyes and looked at the huge home, thinking of An Qi’s call.

Norven White is a businessman,

Merchants are profiteering.

He once promised that I didn’t make a design for Yufeng, didn’t he still do it?

Why do I feel that this matter has nothing to do with him.

What’s more, An Qi said that the company has a sum of money from Sky Group…

I was upset and the temperature in the room was low, so I changed my clothes and went to sit in the garden downstairs.

When I was in a daze in the air, I saw Zhaoming White passing by from a distance. He seemed to be walking towards his home from a different direction.

When I was hesitating to say hello, he turned his head and happened to see me.

At first, there was a hint of surprise in his eyes, but it quickly changed to a smile.

Come up to say hello to me, “Why are you here?”

“It’s okay, come out and sit down.”

I lied.

Zhaoming White seemed to see through my mind at a glance. He sat next to me and asked me like a confidant uncle, “You are not good at lying. Tell me, is there any trouble? Maybe I can help you.”

I don’t know why, Zhaoming White always gives me a sense of stability and reliability.

And after what happened last time, I always feel that he and I are the same kind of people.

I looked at him, hesitated, and asked, “Can you tell me what kind of person Norven White is.”

“He?” Zhaoming White looked at me and smiled, “You don’t stay with him every day, why do you ask me?”

I shook my head, “I don’t understand him.”

Zhaoming White smiled at me, “Xiao xuan people are very nice, very reliable, and business has always been open and upright. Whether you are a boyfriend or a husband, you are a good candidate.”



Maybe I asked him, but I wanted someone to confirm me and tell me that Norven White would not do something like that.

After Zhaoming White said, I believed it.

The burden in my heart seems to be less.

But when Norven White came back that night, after dinner, I went to take a bath, and when I came out, I heard him calling on the balcony.

Maybe it was because I was curious about getting out of prison, I leaned over.

I only heard the man say, “Is the man dead?”

My heart raised my throat instantly, and the movement became lighter.

“I see. Block the news. Don’t let others know about this, especially don’t let her know.”

After speaking, Norven White hung up the phone.

He turned around and I was still stunned, too late to escape.

Chapter 103

When Norven White saw me, he was obviously taken aback.

“Who are you calling?”

At this moment, I can’t think of anything else, I just feel that Norven White is talking about Qiaoyu Lu’s mother.

The she he said was me in my opinion.

I can’t even pretend to be nonchalant.

“It’s okay, the company’s business.” Norven White is really a good actor.

His expression quickly returned to his calmness, with a small smile on his lips, he walked towards me.

I took a step back, thinking about my trust in him during the day, with clear evidence, and trying to justify it, everything is ridiculous!

I looked up at him, his expression was as cold as I could feel, and said every word, “Norven White, I am by your side now. If you hate me, then we can go to hell together, and don’t do it again. Innocent people are hurt.”

After speaking, turn around and leave.

Norven White grabbed me with a serious expression, “What’s wrong? It was not all right before.”

“Norven White, didn’t you ask me why I didn’t leave with Qiaoyu Lu? I can tell you now that it was because Qiaoyu Lu’s mother was suddenly fired from the company and his son was going abroad with me again. He couldn’t bear the pressure and committed suicide. .”

I didn’t want to tell Norven White about this, but now, I have to say it.

Norven White stood on the spot, looking at me with deep eyes, as if a trace of injury flashed through, and his eyebrows furrowed deeply and asked me, “Do you suspect that I did it?”

“Otherwise who would it be?”

After hearing my question, Norven White looked helpless, and told me word by word, “If I don’t want you to go, I will make a phone call and you will not be able to apply for any visa. I still need to spend a lot of time on his mother. ? And I can’t do such a despicable thing.”

I hesitated.

Because he was right.

Norven White looked at me, knowing that I didn’t believe me, and said coldly, “At that time, I had decided to let you go and did not do anything extra, believe it or not.”

After speaking, he changed into casual clothes and went out.

No more words were left to me.

I stood there, looking at the empty room, feeling a little at a loss for a while.

Am I wrong again?

I walked to the window sill where Norven White called just now, and looked at the lights of Wanjia under my eyes, feeling a little lost for a while.

I picked up the phone, checked the number, and finally felt that I was calling Jiang Rhodes.

Fortunately, her phone got through.

She came up and asked me, “Everything does not go to the Three Treasures Palace, after all, what’s the problem with you?”

“Jiang Rhodes, where are you? Are you in Flipvilla? I want to chat with you.”

Now my doubts are no longer a matter of talking on the phone.

“I’m at home, just came back this afternoon, you will be here just in time to cook for me, hehe.”

Jiang Rhodes said cheerfully.

I turned my head and glanced at the grandfather clock in the living room. It was past 9 o’clock.

“I haven’t eaten so late? It’s not good for my stomach.” I couldn’t help saying.

“Yes, yes, come on, baby.”

After Jiang Rhodes finished speaking, he spoke to the phone.

I arrived at Jiang Rhodes’s house in about half an hour by car.

As always, her family was in chaos.

But I didn’t clean up this time. Instead, I went to the kitchen to cook for her first, but when I opened the refrigerator, a smell came out, and water came out soon.

I tilted my head and glanced at the plug beside me, and the poor plug was lying quietly on the ground.

Can’t help but vomit, “Are you sure you want to use the vegetables in the refrigerator?”

Jiang Rhodes leaned over, saw this miserable look in the refrigerator, and patted his forehead, “I was back one day last time and forgot to plug in the refrigerator.”

“I’ll help you clean up the refrigerator.”

“No need, go, let’s go out to eat, I will call the housekeeping company tomorrow to clean it.”

Jiang Rhodes wants to pull me out, I still use a mop to clean the dirty water on the ground.

I was taken by her to a cold pot skewers shop near her home. The shop has a small facade and all the tables are outside.

The owner is an old woman.

Because it is early spring and the weather is very cold at night, there is no business at all.

As soon as Jiang Rhodes came over, he greeted the old grandma enthusiastically, and then took the plate and started to choose the skewers.

After that, I took two bottles of beer and asked me to drink with her.

Maybe the atmosphere of eating skewers is good. I sat there and told her many things recently.

I kept talking until I separated from Qiaoyu Lu, and after beating Julia Rhodes, I returned to Norven White.

Jiang Rhodes listened carefully and sighed softly, “It’s okay. In fact, marriage is a lifetime thing. To Qiaoyu Lu, just thinking of repaying him is actually not fair to him.”

I lowered my eyes and remained silent.

In fact, Jiang Rhodes was right.

“Later…” I planned to tell Jiang Rhodes that Qiaoyu Lu’s mother might have something to do with Norven White recently.

However, maybe it is because I am partial to Norven White in my heart, so I will talk about the island first.

After listening to Jiang Rhodes, his eyes straightened, “What! Private island?!”

I nodded.

Jiang Rhodes grabbed my hands and looked at me with sincere eyes, “Dear Jia Rhodes, be sure to tell Norven White, next time you go, please bring me, I promise not to be a light bulb, I will be in my house every day , And the beach in front of me, don’t go anywhere!”

As she said, she raised one hand again, trying to raise three fingers, but she couldn’t do it because of the sinew problem, but she still didn’t forget to say, “I swear!”

Originally, I felt a bit heavy, but I was amused by her doing this.

“Well, next time I go, I will definitely bring you. Even if you are on a business trip abroad, we will pick you up first.”

“This is a good sister!” Jiang Rhodes raised the wine glass in front of him, “I will do it first!”

After drinking, I finally told the story about Qiaoyu Lu’s mother and Norven White.

To my surprise, Jiang Rhodes interrupted me as soon as he listened halfway through, “Please, be clear-headed, Norven White is also the president of Qingtian anyhow, no shamelessness can be done to the old, weak, sick and disabled.”

Her words made me silent all at once.

Is that right?

It seems so.


“But what, I really didn’t want to go to the island to help him speak good things, I am in first class now, what kind of rich people have not seen?” Jiang Rhodes said confidently, “most of them are covered in hypocrisy. Yes, but this kind of person is born from the heart, Norven White…”

“how is he?”

I listened with gusto, listened to her pause, and quickly asked.

Jiang Rhodes smiled, “When you were a kid, you paid attention to him every day, so I naturally paid attention to it a little bit. Adding to the recent things, I think he will never do such abusive things even if he is not a good person.”

“But… it’s not him, who is it?” I wondered.

Jiang Rhodes thought for a while and looked at me mysteriously, “You said, do you have other suitors?”

Chapter 104

I was stunned, “How is it possible! I am not you.”

I am very self-aware, and I am not a big beauty. Norven White will not say first, just a perfect person like Qiaoyu Lu will like me, and it may be the blessing of my previous life.

“But if someone else does this thing, then this person is most likely to like you. In this way, you and Qiaoyu Lu will fall apart, and you will have a rift with Norven White. Isn’t this person taking advantage of it?”

Jiang Rhodes’s analysis is straightforward.

I think her words are not unreasonable.


“My life circle is just that, you let me think about the third man, I don’t even have a range of options.”

I smiled bitterly at Jiang Rhodes.

Later, Jiang Rhodes talked with me about other things, mainly her work and some weird guests she met.

I was so happy that I was amused by her.

Time passed quietly.

Neither Jiang Rhodes nor I found out.

Until Jiang Rhodes and I heard a sharp brake sound coming from across the road.

I turned my head to see it was a sports car.


Before I could recognize it, I heard Jiang Rhodes say the brand of the car.

At the same time, she obviously swallowed.

In the next second, the wing-like car door rose, and I saw Norven White getting off the co-pilot and walking towards me with a serious expression, as if he was going to take me alive!

My heart trembled.

Stand up, the first reaction is to want to run!

But the man walked too fast. Before I moved my leg, he walked in front of me and grabbed my arm. “You come out, why don’t you tell me?”

“Just have a meal with Jiang Rhodes.”

“What about your cell phone? The call won’t answer!” The man looked at me.

I took out the phone, saw that the phone had been turned off, and tried to turn it on, but it prompted no battery.

Norven White watched me turn on the phone, “Don’t bother, I lost the battery.”


Was he beaten out of power?

I remember I was almost fully charged…

“Ouch, beauty~”

When Norven White was about to take me home, another person got out of the car.

The man walked all the way, skipped us, and walked directly to Jiang Rhodes, put his right hand on his left shoulder, and leaned slightly, “Meeting again, does this mean that we are very destined?”

It’s Ziyi’an.

Jiang Rhodes glanced at her, rolled his eyes, “I’m leaving now.”

“Don’t, beauty! You haven’t told me your name yet!”

Ziyi’an wanted to chase after him, and then Norven White coldly warned, “Come back, otherwise this car won’t be loaned to you.”

In a word, Ziyi’an went to chase Jiang Rhodes’s legs and immediately took them back, and the speed of light stood beside us, looked at me, and smiled, “You can make us easy to find, if we can’t find you again, my eldest brother will The police searched the whole city.”


I looked up at Norven White.

The man also gave Ziyi a glance, “Just go and drive if you talk too much nonsense.”

“Yes!” Although Ziyi’an agreed happily, he still glanced at Jiang Rhodes’s back with reluctance.

He sent us home, Norven White took me upstairs, keeping his face cold all the way.

My heart is also very worried.

I don’t know what he was angry with, whether I misunderstood him this afternoon, or didn’t answer his phone at night…

More worried about what will happen when I go home…

When the door of the house opened, I looked at the lighted room and felt a little scared.

I even thought that Norven White would lock me up?


When I was thinking about it, Norven White stretched out his hand and pulled me into the house.

At that time, my heart became tense and I subconsciously apologized, “I’m sorry, I…”

Halfway through the conversation, he was suddenly hugged by the man.

Hold tightly.

I froze in place, my ears against the man’s chest.

At that moment, I only heard a strong heartbeat.

It wasn’t until a few seconds later that I heard a man’s voice above my head, “You know what, I was almost crazy, I thought you and Qiaoyu Lu were gone, and someone was looking for your passport information.”

I froze.

Norven White’s voice is still so affectionate at this moment.

“Norven White.”

“Call me Norven, I don’t want to hear you call me by first name and last name.”


“Good girl.”

The man’s voice is extraordinarily gentle, and I stand there, almost melting in this tenderness.

Thinking of what Jiang Rhodes had said to me, I raised my hand and couldn’t help but hug the man, “I’m sorry, Norven White, I know that has nothing to do with me, but I heard your call…”

I don’t know why I was like this tonight.

Maybe after drinking a little beer, my head is a little unconscious.

So imagine the scene in front of me as I expected.

“That call…” When Norven White heard the call, he obviously hesitated before saying, “It has nothing to do with you. Go to bed early.”

Although I was a little drunk, I also felt that he was hiding something from me.

I went to bed, and when I woke up the next day, Norven White was absent for the first time.

I looked at the flat bed beside me and realized that Norven White did not sleep at home yesterday…

Where did he go?

I wanted to eat breakfast, so I received a WeChat message from Jiang Rhodes, [I took back what I said yesterday, even if he did not do that thing, he is not something! 】

I am at a loss with this information.

Ask her back, [What? 】

【You do not know? Don’t you watch Weibo? Don’t you watch gossip news? After Jiang Rhodes returned the message, he immediately threw me a Weibo link.

I clicked in and glanced at the title.

It was written that Julia Rhodes was hit by plagiarism and committed suicide and was admitted to the hospital. Regardless of his predecessors, Norven White was admitted to the hospital late at night to accompany his fiancee.

There is also a chapter secretly taken from the ward window.

It was Norven White sitting by the bed, holding Julia Rhodes’s hand.

Seeing this report, and remembering what Norven White said yesterday, I suddenly felt that I was slapped invisibly.

Always feel that I am revenge on Julia Rhodes.

Now it seems that who is retaliating against whom? I can’t say it for a while.

Before I posted the photos on Weibo, Julia Rhodes fell from the altar and his reputation was greatly damaged. Julia Studio was temporarily closed.

White Yanhai came out for an interview in person, saying that if things were true, then this engagement would be cancelled.

But what if the whole world stands opposite her?

Norven White was on her side.

I feel bored. After packing things up, he went back to his house.

When entering, just in time for Zhaoming White to go out.

He looked at me and smiled slightly, “How come you come back?”


I just nodded nerdy.

Don’t know what to say.

Zhaoming White didn’t ask further, and he said goodbye to me and went out.

But to my surprise, on the same day, another new news appeared.

It was about Chen Lan’s death that year.

After the original design draft came out, someone secretly reinvestigated the case of Chen Lan’s death that year.

There is a lot of evidence that Julia Rhodes is not without suspicion if it was homicide about Chen Lan’s death.

Chapter 105

I watched this news, and the comments below are somewhat uncontrollable.

Most netizens feel that Julia Rhodes must be inseparable from this matter.

Maybe there are many women who commented, most of them are calling Julia Rhodes a white lotus flower, a green tea b!tch, and cheating Norven White.

I turned off the phone and shook my head.

What does this have to do with me?


Regardless of whether Norven White has me in his heart, as long as I exist here, Julia Rhodes will definitely be disgusting.

I can only do this.

But these are enough.

However, I am looking for a job.

I don’t have a computer at home, so I feel more and more inconvenient.

So I simply went to the store and bought a laptop. Considering that I would like to make a picture in the future, I bit my teeth and bought a more expensive but high-performance one.

After coming back, the first thing I did was to edit my resume, and then I started to invest in companies one by one.

I just hope that around the New Year, taking advantage of the opportunity when many people quit and change jobs, I can find a job.

Even ordinary.

I voted for a resume at home for a day, but in the evening I remembered that I hadn’t eaten yet.

My refrigerator doesn’t have anything, so I can only eat out.

I went to a business outside the community, and I found a fast food restaurant after eating. I went to the supermarket to buy some vegetables, eggs and meat, and prepared to open fire at home.

When I bought something and walked home, a car stopped in front of me.

Soon, the position of the co-pilot was opened, and I saw Lumia Fan coming down from above, shouting, “Jia Rhodes, stop for me!”

Soon, Zain Rhodes got out of the driver’s seat.

“What brings you here?” I sneered, trying to take a detour.

Lumia Fan stopped me, came up and grabbed my hair and cursed, “You want to be shameless, do not do well, you have to be a junior, now I almost killed the dream! Are you happy?!”

“Let go.”

It’s not very convenient to carry something in my hand.

Lumia Fan stepped up, “I tell you, Julia is still in danger now, if she has any problems, I will never end with you!”

“But she killed my child.”

“Your child? Your child is a fart!” Lumia Fan snorted coldly, “The children born to wild dogs are also wild dogs!”


The anger rushed to the brain instantly.

“Shut up!” I was anxious, and grabbed the plastic bag with the egg in my hand, and straightened it up!

Hit Lumia Fan’s head!

There was a muffled sound, because my strength was so great that all the eggs were broken!

The egg white and egg yolk mixed with the broken egg shells flowed out of the gap of the plastic bag and directly stuck to Lumia Fan’s hair and face!

She was dumbfounded in an instant!

The hand is also loose.

I pulled my hair out of her hand at once and said coldly, “Julia Rhodes is responsible for everything, and it has nothing to do with me.”

“Go back, go and apologize to Xiaomeng with us, and tell the media that you forged those Chen Lan pictures!”

As soon as I took a step, Zain Rhodes was dragged by the arm again.

He is a man, so powerful.

“Impossible, that is not a fake.” I looked at Zain Rhodes and thought it was ridiculous. “Julia Rhodes is your daughter. Don’t you know her level? So stupid, what kind of work can she make? is that clear?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Xiao Meng is very smart, she just doesn’t work hard!”

Lumia Fan wanted to hit me again, but was stopped by Zain Rhodes.

Zain Rhodes looked at me with eyes full of disgust, “I will give you five hundred thousand, leave Flipvilla, leave Norven White, don’t come back.”

His tone seemed to have made a lot of determination.

“Zain, are you crazy and give her money?” Lumia Fan was suddenly upset.

I sneered, “Five hundred thousand? Is Mr. Rhodes begging for food? Five hundred thousand is not enough for Norven White to buy me a piece of clothing. Why would I give up this rich man for the money of a piece of clothing?”

I checked the clothes that Norven White bought for me before, and there were a few dresses that cost hundreds of thousands.

“Bah! You are a glorious junior! Be a junior and spend your brother-in-law’s money! Why are you! That money should be given to Julia!”

It turns out that Lumia Fan settled the accounts like this.

I looked at her with a funny look, “You made a mistake, the money belongs to Norven White, and he is also in control. Julia Rhodes has no skills. If you want the money, who is to blame?”

Although I lack confidence in this sentence.

But I can’t show it in front of them.

“Bah! You are not as cheap as you! My dream is not as cheap as you!”

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