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Chapter 156

“There is such a thing?”

Tang Ruo was taken aback.

Obviously, she had never thought about such a thing.

I smiled bitterly, “Yes.”

I just admitted, but didn’t say that.

After all, it used to be just a scar to me. Now this scar is scarred to some extent, and I don’t want to open it again.

Tang Ruo didn’t question either.

When the two of us were sitting and neither of us spoke, footsteps could be heard in the distance.

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw Lu Yuhan walking towards us in a suspender dress.

Seeing us, I sneered, “Oh, I really envy you for being so idle. I am different. There are too many things to refer to in my work this time, and there are so many things to design. The drafts are enough for me to work. .”

Lu Yuhan stood at the intersection and looked at me, as if waiting for us to speak.

But Tang Ruo and I were in a tacit understanding and no one answered the conversation.

She raised the corner of her mouth and said awkwardly, “Oh, I’m leaving now, there are a lot of things left.”

Tang Ruo and I still didn’t speak.

As soon as Lu Yuhan left, I said, “Last time she copied me, this time she was able to make it to the final, which is really incredible.”

“That’s because of Zhan Yun.” Tang Ruo looked towards Lu Yuhan’s departure, and said lightly, “Zhan Yun is a person with strong work ability, good communication, and very loyal. As long as you follow her, she will not let him Your own people suffer.”

“Actually, this is an advantage, if she has a good character.”

“Yes, she is really good.”

Tang Ruo told me something about Zhan Yun.

As a result, my opinion of Zhan Yun has risen sharply.

Seeing that it was noon, Tang Ruo wanted to go back to work on the design, and I said goodbye to her.

Back to the room, I probably swept around, the room was empty, it seemed that Norven White had already left.

I was sitting on the sofa and wanted to turn on the computer again, only to notice that there was a note paper on the computer with Norven White’s handwriting on it.

[My room is next to you, please come to me whenever you have anything. 】

My room is in the corner of the resort, and there is only one room of the same room type next door…

As far as I know before, Norven White lives in the most luxurious suites in the resort.

I didn’t expect him to live here.

But this has nothing to do with me.

What I want to do is how to do my own design.

I was holding the computer in one hand and spinning around in the room. Only then did I realize that the topic I had despised before was actually very difficult.

Design a room, anyone can.

But the simpler it is, the more difficult it is to win a prize.

What’s more, the 7 people in the finals, except me, are all real masters.

In a blink of an eye, I was sitting in the room holding a sketchbook to write and draw, but in the end it was just scraps.

I sat in the room for two days.

When a sketchbook was almost torn out by me, I finally felt that I had a clue.

When I was drawing a draft, I heard a noise outside the door.

The footsteps are messy, there are women’s laughter, and men’s whispers.

what happened?

This is obviously the most corner of the resort, and there are usually few people passing by. How come so many people come at once?

I got up, stretched out and walked into the yard.

Walking out, I saw seven or eight people entering the next room.

It seems that they are all the people participating in the finals this time.


Norven White’s house?

What are they doing here?

Did something happen?

I was inexplicably flustered and rushed out before I could change my shoes!

When I went to the door, I saw a crowd of people huddled in the doorway, all looking at the room with different expressions.

Some people are surprised, some cover their eyes, and some cover their mouths.

They all froze in place.

It seems to be very frightened.

Couldn’t it be Norven White’s accident?

I walked over quickly, pushed away the surrounding crowd, and looked inside…


I saw two people in the room.

A man;

one girl.

The man is Norven White.

The woman is actually Tang Ruo.

Tang Ruo wore only a pair of underwear, his whole body flushed, his eyes blurred, and he looked at Norven White and threw up!

Norven White dodged, and Tang Ruo continued to pounce.

She looked at Norven White, her mouth made a vague voice, “Give me, give me…I want…”

That voice was ambiguous, charming, and full of s3x.

“Tang Ruo!”

I only froze for a second, rushed into the room, picked up Norven White’s clothes hanging beside him, and when I was about to hug Tang Ruo’s body, I rushed out of the bathroom alone, holding a basin, a basin of water, and directly Falling on Tang Ruo!

In an instant, I could feel the cold air rushing to my face!

The person who splashed her with the pot was not someone else, but Lu Yuhan. After she splashed it, she yelled, “Tang Ruo, why are you so shameless!”

“Tang Ruo, are you all right.”

I think something is not right, but I am too lazy to fight Lu Yuhan and continue to wrap her clothes around Tang Ruo.

With this splash, Tang Ruo seemed to be a little more awake. She stood there, looked around, reached out her hand to touch her body, and looked at me beside her, her eyes widened, and she asked, “I, I What’s going on here?”

“I don’t know, you go back to the house with me first.”

I said, ready to take her back to the house.

At this time, Ye Ze also came, with five or six bodyguards, saw the scene in front of him, and immediately said, “Sorry, President White, I am late, are you okay.”

Norven White stood aside, his expression calm.

He patted his clothes with his hand, glanced at Tang Ruo, and said in a bad mood, “Check what’s going on.”

Although Tang Ruo was wrapped in my clothes, her legs were still exposed.

Ye Ze took a look and said immediately, “Okay!”

I wanted to take Tang Ruo back to the room. Lu Yuhan said from behind, “I just saw Tang Ruo undressing while walking, and I thought it was strange. I didn’t expect her to be so courageous that she would dare to seduce President White.”

“Shut up!” I glared at Lu Yuhan.

Protect Tang Ruo and walk to the room.

We went to the door of the room and Ye Ze followed, but the gentleman didn’t approach him. He stood more than a meter away and said, “When it is convenient, please contact me.”

“Okay, Assistant Ye.” After I finished speaking, I brought Tang Ruo into the room.

As soon as I entered the room, I hurried over with a bath towel to wipe Tang Ruo’s body, and found that her body was hot and still red.

She sat there, shaking her head desperately, holding her hair with her hands.

I got up and wanted to pour her a glass of water. When I turned around again, I saw her pull off a strand of hair with force!

“Tang Ruo!” I was so scared that I hurriedly put down the water glass, rushed over and grabbed her hand that was still pulling her hair, and then hugged her, patted her back with one hand, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s all over. Up.”

When I held her, I could feel Tang Ruo trembling.

After about a few minutes, I heard her say, “It’s over, I’m over.”

Chapter 157

I didn’t answer the call, just hugged Tang Ruo.

Her mood hasn’t completely stabilized yet, and I dare not ask what happened or move.

I’m afraid I asked, or Tang Ruo would pull his hair when I let go.

I just held Tang Ruo for more than half an hour.

During this period of time, Tang Ruo’s eyes had been fascinated by the direction of the bathroom, and his hands kept struggling up and down.

From time to time, he touched the position between his legs.

It seems to be uncomfortable there.

“Tang Ruo, Tang Ruo, go take a bath, I’ll help you.”

I felt that Tang Ruo’s body temperature could not be lowered no matter how much I simmered, only to realize that she was taking a strong dose of medicine.

Just sitting like this, there should be no way.

Tang Ruo nodded and followed me to the bathroom. The shower was turned on, and the warm water fell on her body and wet me.

Tang Ruo lowered his head and let the water pour on him, but he kept touching him with his hands.

In the sound of water, I heard her say, “Jia Rhodes, I am uncomfortable, you can find a man for me.”

“…This, if you persist in it, it will soon be better.”

There are only a few people in this huge resort.

Two male colleagues, Norven White and Ye Ze, who participated in the finals together.

Then there are Norven White’s bodyguards.

Bringing someone here to “detoxify” Tang Ruo, in my opinion, she is the one who suffers in the end.

Time passed by every minute.

I accompanied Tang Ruo in the water for nearly an hour.

Tang Ruo’s body heat gradually subsided, her hands stopped moving, and her whole body leaned on me as if she was tired and paralyzed.

He whispered, “Thank you.”

“It’s okay.” I knew that Tang Ruo’s medicine should be almost dispersed. I hugged her, turned off the water, and grabbed a bath towel from the side to wrap her up. “Wipe your body, I will get you clothes, you change let’s go.”

It’s summer. Although it’s night here, the weather is very hot. As long as you change your clothes and dry your clothes, your body and hair will dry soon.

After she changed her clothes, I dried myself and made a cup of hot tea for her before asking her, “What happened?”

Tang Ruo held the water and shook his head in confusion, “I don’t know, I just remember that I went back to the house to make a design after dinner. Suddenly I felt dry and dry, and my body was hot. I don’t remember the next thing. “

“Then you… where did you eat dinner?”

“Just in the restaurant, everyone is basically there.”

I looked at Tang Ruo with a depressed look, and couldn’t help asking, “Then, with so many rooms, why did you go to Norven White…”

In fact, I regretted it after I said it.

What Tang Ruo said that day actually stated her position.

Her feelings for Norven White have exceeded her superiors.

Maybe this kind of medicine makes people find their heart.

Tang Ruo saw that I was halfway through, she had already guessed what I was thinking, and smiled bitterly, “Actually, I don’t know why I went to him, probably because I wanted to go.”


“But don’t worry.” Tang Ruo looked at me, “White will never look at me. I took a look when I left. I stood naked in front of him and hugged him. He didn’t have any reaction. I’m really not interested.”

“He is…”

I wanted to comfort Tang Ruo, but I couldn’t help but think of the days when I was very good with Norven White.

He was simply Teddy at that time.

Tang Ruo looked at me, her eyes curled, “You blush, what are you thinking about?”


I shook my head.

Tang Ruo stretched out his hand to hug me and said softly, “Thank you, Jia Rhodes, if it weren’t for you this time, I might not have the courage to continue to live.”

“I went late. If I go early, I might be able to rush ahead of my colleagues…”

At this point, I can’t help but feel strange.

If something happened to Norven White, Ye Ze would definitely be notified first.

Even if Lu Yuhan said she saw it halfway, she couldn’t call all the colleagues who participated in the finals to watch in such a short time.


My head is a little messy.

Tang Ruo seemed to have insight into everything a long time ago. She straightened up and smiled slightly, “Yes, I was calculated, so I must not be able to participate in this finals.”

“How come, this is an accident, what does it have to do with the final.”

“It’s okay, you take out your work, and I will help you see it.”

Tang Ruo’s expression was indifferent, as if he had already seen everything, and had no plans to continue this topic with me.

After that, I showed Tang Ruo a little draft of my last drawing.

Tang Ruo shook his head repeatedly.

I talked about a lot of questions. Although she is usually a very kind person, when she helps me see the problems of the work, she is a knife.

It’s really straightforward.

Said I can’t wait to go back to the stove to remake.

When she finished speaking, I said sadly, “Or I will abstain.”

In fact, I had no hope of getting a bonus.

Tang Ruo raised his hand, touched my hair, smiled, “It’s okay, isn’t there still me?”

“You, I won’t take your design!”

Her words reminded me of Lu Yuhan’s words.

My preliminary round was inspired by Qiaoyu Lu, and the semi-final works were somewhat dramatic.

I have to rely on myself in the finals. It doesn’t matter if I can’t win any prizes.

Tang Ruo chuckled, “Who said I wanted you to take my design? I was telling you the idea.”

“Huh? Idea?”

I am a little confused.

That night, Tang Ruo taught me in the room.

Tell me, what should be paid attention to in the customer demands of this type of design.

Her words are all her own experience, and every sentence seems to be an initiation to me.

When she finished telling me all kinds of things, the sky outside had changed from pitch black to a visible light.

The sun is going to rise.

Tang Ruo stretched out and wanted to leave. I pulled her and said, “Let’s sleep together, don’t go back.”

The 1.8-meter bed is enough for me to sleep with her.

She hesitated a little and nodded.

I fell asleep when my head hit the pillow because I was so sleepy.

When he woke up again, Tang Ruo was gone.

I took a look, and the clothes she wore yesterday were washed and hung outside.

At that time, I thought she was home.

However, at noon I went to the restaurant for dinner. Several people who participated in the competition sat at the table and talked. When they saw me coming, they all looked at me in unison.


I’m too lazy to care about them, and I just order a set meal.

Lu Yuhan saw that I didn’t respond, and asked in a low voice, “Oh, Jia Rhodes, don’t you know that Tang Ruo is gone?”


My head was dumbfounded.

“I said that I had retired early this morning.” Lu Yuhan put down his chopsticks and said smugly, “Yes, we all saw what we did so shameless yesterday. How could she still have the face to stay.”

After she finished speaking, a male colleague next to her said trivially. “Hey, it’s a pity that I don’t have a phone, otherwise I must take a few pictures.”

Chapter 158

After the male colleague finished speaking, the people next to him followed suit.

“That’s right, Tang Ruo usually looks conservative, but he didn’t expect to have such a good figure.”

“Yeah, the chest looks quite big, and the butt is up.”

“Why doesn’t she come to me? I will satisfy her if she finds me.”

Two men were talking foul language there.

I couldn’t listen, got up and walked over to their table, “This incident must be someone who harmed her. This resort must be monitored. When I find out who it is, that person will wait to go to jail!”

After speaking, I glanced at a few people, and their expressions were all equally ugly.

I couldn’t see who did it for a while.

But I doubt Lu Yuhan.

When the rematch list was announced, she and Tang Ruo were the most optimistic.

This time Tang Ruo withdrew, Lu Yuhan basically secured the championship as long as he didn’t make a mistake.

Bonuses also start naturally.

I’m not in any mood for lunch anymore.

After a few random calls, he returned to the room.

Turn on the computer and organize everything Tang Ruo told me last night into a file.

Then I started thinking about my work again.

Tang Ruo told me yesterday that the main purpose of this topic is not to show off skills, but to be practical.


There is nothing new.

This is important.

But also the most difficult.

Thinking about it, how about making a family room according to the rematch?

Just do it.

I started to draw drafts, and I was busy until 2 o’clock in the evening.

When I lay down to sleep, I remembered that I was busy not going to the bathroom.

I was too lazy to turn on the light, so I smeared and went to the bathroom, because I walked too fast and my leg hit the corner of the table.

Turn on the lights.

There was a bruise on the originally fair thigh.

I frowned, looking at the bruise, a flash of light in my head, there was an idea!

I can make a room for the disabled!

I didn’t sleep anymore, I turned on the light and started drawing the draft again. At that moment, I was full of inspiration. It took me more than four hours to finish the draft.

It was almost bright.

I didn’t have the energy to eat breakfast, so I fell asleep.

It’s already afternoon when I wake up.

I washed up, and when it was time for dinner, I went to the restaurant and left after dinner.

Nor did they meet Lu Yuhan.

There is only one week away from the deadline.

I went back to my room and continued to work, perhaps because it was quiet at night and I was very focused at night.

Every time I looked up, it was already three or four in the morning.

These days I went to bed at this time.

On the night three days before the deadline, I worked as usual until the early hours of the morning.

When I was focusing on the 3D model of the computer, I suddenly felt that the whole person was covered by black shadows.

I was not aware of it, but the next second, I was picked up by someone and thrown on the bed!

I look over…

“what are you doing!”

It is Norven White.

The man was wearing a pajamas, his hair softly attached to his face, standing in front of the bed, looking at me condescendingly, his face was sulking, “Sleep.”

“I will go to sleep later.”

At this point, my mind is full of the half-made model.

What to do this step and what to do next is also planned in my head.

With that, I want to get off the bed and go to the computer.

Norven White stood in front of my computer, holding a USB flash drive in his hand, “This thing, as long as I plug it into your computer, your computer will automatically initialize in a second, and everything in it will be deleted.”


This is definitely a nightmare for designers like us!

“Don’t! Don’t intervene!”

My forehead was sweaty.

Looking at Norven White’s hand holding the U disk, I was afraid that he would be impulsive.

“Then go to bed, you must go to bed before 12 o’clock in the future.” Norven White looked at me, his expression also cold when he spoke.



I want to resist, Norven White manually moved with the USB flash drive.

I was so scared that I lay flat, tilted my head and looked around.

I realized that the man didn’t come in through the door, but through the fence in the yard.

“Sleep! I sleep! Don’t be impulsive!”

As I said, I lay down quickly, thinking in my heart, I will pretend to sleep first, and I will get up again when Norven White is gone.

Then he did it quietly with the light off, and he probably wouldn’t notice it.

Sure enough, Norven White watched me lie down, nodded very satisfied, and then took the initiative to turn off the lights for me and leave.

My heart was relieved, and I quietly listened to the movement at the door, making sure that the man was gone, and then quietly got up again.

He tiptoedly turned on the computer that had just entered hibernation mode.

When I opened the software and was about to continue working——


The door opened.

I saw Norven White standing at the door with a small bag in his hand.

I stared at him, thinking of the USB flash drive, and instantly panicked, “I’m sorry! I, I’m here to turn off the computer!”

While I was talking, I saved the progress and turned off the computer.

Lie back on the bed with lightning speed.

Eyes closed.

Within half a second, I heard the faint voice of a man nearby, “In order to prevent you from getting up to work in the middle of the night, starting today, I will live with you.”

“What? No way!”

I was stunned.

Sit up and resist immediately!


Norven White put the bag at the door and walked to the room.

I watched him walk towards the bed step by step, my heart panicked, but my heart froze and said, “I was sick a few days ago, and then I didn’t have inspiration. Now I have just got inspiration. Seeing that the time is coming, I have to use it. Do it in the evening!”

“Time’s up?” Norven White came over and sat on the side of my bed, his whole person suddenly pressed up.

There was only a dark moonlight in the room.

The man’s eyes were burning like a cold flame, looked at me, and asked, “Say, how long do you want to delay? It’s okay.”

At this moment, the distance between my face and Norven White’s face is only a few centimeters.

My heart is beating.

Turning his face to one side, “No, I made it during the day.”

“it is good.”

Norven White said, lowered his head and began to k!ss my earlobe.

My body was tight for an instant, and I felt something slowly growing in my abdomen, pressing against me.

what is that? Of course I know.

“No, don’t…” I pushed him.

Norven White stopped, with one arm around my waist, “You see others standing in front of me naked, I didn’t respond, I just touched you, and I felt it, won’t you reward me?”

“Why should I reward you.” I angered, “You ask your fiancée to help you.”

The shallow ring trace is like a pimple, in my heart, it can’t be solved.

Norven White took my hand, held it, and said in an ambiguous tone, “Only you make me feel. If you don’t want me in, you can use your hand…”

As he said, the man covered my hand with his hand and moved up and down in a certain rhythm.

The man’s body is hot and dry, and I also have some unspeakable feelings…

Chapter 159

In such things, men seem to feel very keen.

Norven White felt my change and began to continue his actions.

When I had convinced myself, Qiaoyu Lu was in my head.

Why do you think of him at such a time, I don’t know.

My absent-mindedness was immediately discovered by Norven White. He looked down at me, frowning as if the word Sichuan, and said, “Who are you thinking of?”


He asked me not what I was thinking, but who I was thinking.

Does this man know how to read minds?

When I looked at him suspiciously, the man suddenly grabbed my arm hard, his eyes filled with coldness.

We looked at each other, Norven White looked at me, his eyes seemed to see through my heart, liver, spleen, stomach and kidney.

Just for a moment, the man suddenly got up and went to the bathroom without looking back.

Soon, I heard the sound of the shower.

I sat on the bed and looked at the bathroom nerdy, not knowing what happened to him.

About half an hour later, Norven White came out of the bathroom with water dripping on his hair.

The man was naked, with only a bath towel around his lower body, and the moon shone on the man’s muscles, glowing with cold light.

I can’t see his expression clearly.

I just feel that the breath radiating from the man’s body is colder than this moonlight and drier than this night.

Seeing the man walking towards the bed, I quickly pretended that I was asleep compared to my eyes.

I felt the man sit down, covered me with a thin quilt, then lay down and hugged me.

The faint mint-flavored shampoo scented into my nostrils, making my heart messy.

I pretended to be calm, for fear that the man would hear the sound of my heart beating.

I thought he would do something, but in the end he just hugged me.

In the silent night, I only heard a shallow sigh from above my head.

In the morning, when I got up, there was no Norven White in the room.

I went into the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror on the sink, and saw another sip on the side.

Inside is an electric toothbrush of the same model and different color as mine.

There was a slight ripple in my heart.

I bought this for Norven White when he was living in my house. Now it seems that the toothbrush head has obviously been replaced with a new one, but I still use that one.

When I finished brushing my teeth and got out of the bathroom, the man just opened the door and came in.

He was wearing a sports suit, his upper body was soaked with sweat, and the sweat on his hair looked very crystal clear in the sun.

Standing there, the whole body exudes a different breath from the past.

I stood there numbly, and for a while, I was a little lost.

He saw me, but as if he hadn’t seen me, he passed me by mistake and went into the bathroom.

After that, I heard the sound of the shower again.

This is…what’s wrong.

I looked at the time, it was already time for breakfast, and thought that I had never seen him in the restaurant.

Norven White should have a special restaurant for dinner.

And I don’t want others to see me with him.

I made up my mind to go out quickly while he was still in the shower.

I slept late yesterday and got up early today, and I felt a lot of pain in my eyes.

I rubbed my eyes as I walked, and felt a great force suddenly grabbing my hand rubbing my eyes. Then I heard the man say, “Why don’t you wait for me.”

The moment I was stunned, the man had already been pulled in another direction.

“Let go of me.” I subconsciously said.

Norven White glanced at me faintly, “If you want to attract others, just keep calling.”

He said, I immediately shut up.

The man took me into a courtyard of the resort, where there are usually people guarding, none of us have been in.

It turned out that Norven White lived here.

I followed him in. The decoration style here is similar to the outside, but more modern.

Norven White took me to a small restaurant.

The bodyguards guarded outside, and seven or eight waiters surrounded us to serve.

After a while, breakfast was served at a large table.

I took a look, this is not the same treatment as outside.

This reminds me of the emperor eating in the TV series.

During the whole breakfast, I was busy eating without saying a word to Norven White.

But his face was so bad that he didn’t seem to intend to talk to me.

After breakfast, my heart is full of works.

Since you can’t do it at night, you must hurry up during the day.

I said to Norven White, “If it’s okay, I’ll go back to the room first.”

“I have asked Ye Ze to get your notebook. You are here to work with me.”

Norven White said, pulling my wrist and walking to another room.


“No reason.”

I don’t know why, today Norven White is surrounded by low air pressure. After he finished speaking, I shrank my neck, and I couldn’t even say a word of rebuttal.

Helpless, can only let him pull.

Norven White took me to his office.

The terrain here is very high, with three glass walls, which provide an unobstructed view of the resort.

Inside is a huge desk with computers and documents, and a boss chair.

There is also a temporary table next to it.

It seems that I am going to work here.

After a while, Ye Ze took my computer and things.

I chose a position facing out and sat down and started working.

Norven White was sitting behind me. I couldn’t see him, so I didn’t have the heart to think about other things.

“Jia Rhodes, did you dream last night?”

When I just opened the software and started working on the work I didn’t finish last night, I heard Norven White’s voice behind me.

“What?” I turned my head and saw the man lowered his head, flipping through the files in his hand.

Did not look at me either.

That question seems to be asked casually.

“Dreaming?” I thought about it for a moment, and shook my head, “No.”

After that, Norven White never spoke to me again.

Until 12 o’clock in the evening, we went back to our room to sleep together.

I didn’t sleep well yesterday, I’m already sleepy.

I fell asleep in bed.

In a daze, I felt that someone was standing very close to me looking at me, although I could not see with my eyes closed.

But it seemed that I could see it.

You can see those clear and gentle eyes.

The corner of that smiling mouth.

“Senior…” I murmured, reaching out to grab something, really holding something in my arms.


Then I heard heavy breathing from the man.

I didn’t care. When I wanted to go to sleep, I suddenly felt a great force stuck in my neck.

Difficulty breathing.


I tried to breathe to get fresh air, but it was so difficult.

The pain made me reluctantly open my eyes, only to see Norven White sitting halfway on the bed, one hand stuck to my neck, his eyes looked at me, as if he was about to expel flames!

“You…what are you doing…” I looked at Norven White in pain, and said.

The man lowered his head, looked at me condescendingly, and asked, “Have you and Qiaoyu Lu slept together?”

Chapter 160


I looked at him in a daze, and just woke up, my head confused.

Not aware of what he was talking about.

However, the man jerked his hand, leaned over, lifted up his clothes directly, and asked me, “Say, what did you do with him?”

One side must go in.

At this time, I did not wake up, my body was jerky.

He tried hard, but didn’t come in.

At this moment, I was sober in an instant, wanted to escape, but was firmly grasped by the man with his hands!

He wanted to come in, but I refused, and put both legs together forcefully and scolded him, “Norven White, are you a man? Apart from forcing, do you have any other skills!”

“I’m not capable?”

Norven White frowned frivolously and looked at me as if he was watching a joke.

Yes, who would dare to say that Norven White is not capable?

If Norven White had no ability, then Flipvilla would have no incompetent man.

I twisted and said, “Yeah, I just don’t have the ability to force a woman to have a relationship, what an ability!”

My words are like a slap on Norven White’s face.

He looked at me and smiled sarcastically.

Finally he slapped his hand and slammed his punch on the bed!

I could feel the bed I was lying on trembled three times.

The man looked down at me and asked word by word, “Is he dead so that you can see your true heart and realize that you love him?”

“Yeah, I found out that he was the only one who was good to me after he died! At least he only loves me and is only good to me!”

I’m lying, and I’m not lying.

Isn’t Qiaoyu Lu the best man to me?

Hearing my answer, the man frowned deeply, and his eyes were stained with sadness that couldn’t melt away.

He just looked at me and said, “Me too.”

“You can?” I looked at Norven White mockingly, “You will never be possible unless Julia Rhodes dies one day.”

Speaking of Julia Rhodes, Norven White’s hand trembled, “I want to give her for marriage, and I can give you everything else.”

“I don’t want it! I’m not rare!” I sat up from the bed, picked up the clothes on the side and walked to the bathroom.

Before I walked to the bathroom, I looked back at Norven White, “Unless you return my child, or Julia Rhodes and I will not share our enemies.”

I know, my child is dead.

Will never come back.

Therefore, I will never forgive Julia Rhodes.

No matter how innocent Norven White is, he is still his accomplice. I will never believe that Julia Rhodes can do whatever I want when I am in jail.

Maybe it was my words that hurt him. Norven White didn’t call me to eat with him the next day.

I went to the restaurant to eat alone.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I happened to see Ye Ze. I remembered Tang Ruo’s affairs, so I stopped him and asked him why Tang Ruo retired and how things were going on about Tang Ruo.

Ye Ze shook his head helplessly, “I talked to her before Tang Ruo left. She has no clue, and the surveillance didn’t take any suspicious pictures.”

“Then you let her retire? How could I bet that someone framed her, and then I wanted to win the prize.”

I didn’t talk about Lu Yuhan directly, but as long as you know the strength of the players in this competition, you should know who I am referring to.

Ye Ze raised his head and glanced at me, who was excited, “Miss Rhodes, I know that you and Tang Ruo have a good relationship, but if you don’t have evidence, it’s better not to guess.”

“But, you shouldn’t let Tang Ruo retire!”

“It was Tang Ruo who wanted to retire, and I also persuaded her. She said she had no face to stay, and I heard from people in their company that Tang Ruo had already resigned.”

Ye Ze’s words shocked me.

Already resigned?

Then I can’t see Tang Ruo?

At the resort, we can’t use our cell phones, so we didn’t even exchange numbers.

“But she is not to blame for this.”

I frowned, really don’t know how to defend her.

Ye Ze looked at me and smiled slightly, “Actually, you don’t have to worry about her. With Tang Ruo’s ability, you can mix well anywhere. Here, this matter will spread throughout the company even if there is no photo. It is good for him.”

Ye Ze explained to me carefully.

When I looked at him, I was in a daze.

On his face, he actually saw the shadow of Qiaoyu Lu.

In fact, their appearance is completely different, just this gentle and easygoing appearance…

“What are you doing!”

When I looked at him, a sharp cut interrupted my thoughts.

I followed the voice and saw Norven White walking toward us aggressively.

He took me upstairs in his arms, swept Ye Ze with sharp eyes, and said coldly, “You have been fired.”

“Mr. White?”

Ye Ze was puzzled.

I was also stunned, “Why fire him?”

Norven White looked at me with strong emotions in his eyes, “What? Are you angry?”

“Me?” I looked at Norven White with a dazed expression, “He did a good job, what are you doing to fire him?”

“Good job?” Norven White looked at me and then at him, “She was wrong when she talked to you.”

In a word, I suddenly realized.

Norven White’s possessiveness.

Isn’t he always like this?

“Ms. White, Ms. Rhodes just asked me about Tang Ruo.” Ye Ze stood in place and lowered his head as he spoke.

I dare not even look in this direction.

“Am I blind?” Norven White waved his hand, “Go directly to the finance and settle the salary.”

“President White.”

Ye Ze looked surprised.

“Let go!” I struggled to shake off Norven White’s hand, “Don’t you see me talking to other men? Anyway, you don’t want it, and you don’t allow others to ask for it, right? You don’t worry about me, right?”

Norven White looked at me puzzled, I took out the key of the room from my pocket and scratched my face directly!

Perhaps it was due to strength. Although I felt a pain this time, there was no follow-up feeling.

It doesn’t seem to be broken either.

Norven White rushed over, grabbed my hand, grabbed the key, “What are you going to do!”

“Don’t worry.” I looked up at Norven White. “Although I am not a beautiful woman, I can see people on my face. I scratched my face. Others are afraid of me. Don’t you worry?”

“without me……”

“I just talked to him, nothing.”

In fact, I saw that Norven White was a little guilty.

Taking advantage of this moment, I quickly spoke for Ye Ze.

Norven White was full of irritability, waved his hand, “Okay, go ahead,”

Ye Ze gave me a grateful look before leaving.

As soon as he left, Norven White bent down and touched my face, “Doesn’t it hurt? Why did you treat yourself like this?”

The man touched my wound very lightly, his eyes and expressions all wrote distressed.

This look is nothing like disguise.

My heart gradually picked up a bit of sourness, but was mixed with a little bit of sweet touch.

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