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Chapter 151

When sending a message to Rhodes Zhaozhi, I saw Qiaoyu Lu’s WeChat head portrait again.

His WeChat profile picture is his picture.

I have never looked at the photos of his WeChat pictures carefully before.

Click to enlarge.

I realized that it was a photo of him in college.

Wearing a clean white T-shirt and jeans, standing in front of the school.

When I looked at this dress and this photo, I felt a bit familiar.

I took a closer look and realized that this picture seemed to be taken by me.

We didn’t know each other then.

He stopped me at school and said, “Senior girl, please take a picture of me.”

At that time, Qiaoyu Lu was already a man in our department, and it can be said to be a grass-roots level.

I recognized him at a glance and agreed without hesitation.

After that day, we exchanged WeChat.

I clicked on the dialog box, and the seven or eight voice messages were still lying there quietly.

I didn’t have the courage to order it again.

Fear to hear his voice.

It’s like escaping.

I clicked on his circle of friends.

The first one was sent by his parents on his behalf a few days ago.

The last one is four or five months ago.

It’s time for Chinese New Year.

He didn’t know from which corner he secretly photographed a back of me, and paid a line of text-I hope he will be with you every year in the future.

When I was in a daze looking at the circle of friends, a phone call came in suddenly.

I glanced, it was Rhodes Zhaozhi.

After sorting out my mood, I answered the phone.

“Jia Rhodes, what do you mean? Are you following me? Why are you eavesdropping on my calls!”

The moment I answered the phone, Rhodes Zhaozhi’s voice came from the phone, which was very harsh.

I took the phone away, dug out my ears with my hands, opened up, and said flatly, “Tracking? I just happened to hear it.”

“Bah! A coincidence? How can there be such a coincidence!”

“believe it or not.”

I sit on the sofa, put my phone on my lap, and feel at ease.

Anyway, it’s not me who is in a hurry.

Rhodes Zhaozhi did not speak on the phone for a long time, and I could hear the breathing sound from the microphone.

It is estimated that seeing that video made her angry enough.

About 30 seconds later, she said, “Say, what do you want?”


“Let’s say yes, do you want money.” I was interrupted by her as soon as I said, “You know the situation of the Rhodes family now. My brother and I owe money to the company.”

“So you all look forward to grandma’s death, and then share her inheritance to pay you back?”

I said lightly.

It seems a bit clear why they are expecting Rhodes Ci to die.

“…No, no!” Rhodes Zhaozhi anxiously defended, “That’s your grandma and my mother. I’m not willing to die for her, but she’s already brain dead! We can’t help it!”

She said, there seemed to be a little cry in her voice.

Are you crying?

I am not sure.

“Oh…” I said meaningfully, “rest assured, I am not asking you for money.”

“That’s good.”

Rhodes Zhaozhi let out a breath.

I thought for a while, “I will sell my current house, and then pay for my grandma’s medical treatment.”


As soon as I said, Rhodes Zhaozhi’s voice became lighter.


I paused, “Yes, but the day after tomorrow, I will go to the final of a design competition. I am going to another place. The time for my return is temporarily uncertain. Before that, my grandma’s ventilator cannot be stopped. If it stops, I will take this The video is sent out to let everyone know that you want grandma’s will.”

“This… if your dad wants to stop, I can’t help it. The money is from the two of us.”

“I don’t care about it, I will send it out anyway.”

I can’t control so much.

I only have Rhodes Zhaozhi’s handle now, and I can only let her restrict Zain Rhodes.

Rhodes Zhaozhi was silent on the phone for a while before saying, “Okay, okay! I tell you, I can hold on for a month at most, and if it takes longer, I won’t care!”

“it is good.”

One month is enough.

I contacted the agency to take pictures at home the next day, and asked him to contact the buyer for me first, and when I returned from the finals, I would make room for the buyer.

On the day of the finals, Deng Qi took the initiative to contact me and said he would send me off.

I didn’t want him to know that I live in [Flipvilla No.1], so I made an appointment with him at the subway station.

He drove to pick me up.

Take the airport highway on the way to go.

On the way, a big car suddenly changed lanes and scared Deng Qi to the brakes. When he dodges the big car, Deng Qi cursed wherever he went, “Damn, everyone can drive now, it really doesn’t look long!”

When I looked at his atmosphere, I suddenly thought of Wuzhen traffic police.

Asked Deng Qi, “Mr. Deng, just like the situation just now, under what circumstances will a driver not brake?”

“What?” Deng Qi glanced at me from the corner of his light, and said with a smile, “If you don’t brake? How could it be possible? Don’t you just wait to die if you don’t brake?”

“So no matter what?”

“Of course, unless the driver is asleep.”

Deng Qi’s words surprised me.

Fell asleep?

It was in the morning and noon when the accident happened, and Qiaoyu Lu had just got up, so he shouldn’t fall asleep.

What will happen then?

Deng Qi didn’t seem to notice my abnormality. He kindly said to me in the car, “Your opponents are very strong this time in the finals. You can make more or less luck, so don’t stress too much.”

We arrived at the airport after 10 o’clock in the morning.

When I entered, in addition to a few strange faces, I also saw two familiar faces.

Lu Yuhan, Zhan Yun.

“Lu Yuhan?” I frowned and turned to look at Deng Qi. “She copied my work, why is she still here?”

“This…” Deng Qi smirked, “Originally, she didn’t have her, but Zhan Yun felt that Lu Yuhan was instigated by others, so she did something wrong. She still has the strength, so she went up and made trouble with a few other companies. The manager also helped her speak, and Lu Yuhan came.”

“This is fine too?”

I frowned.

This situation couldn’t be more obvious.

The attitudes of several other managers should be aimed at me.

Deng Qi and I walked over, and Lu Yuhan gave me a blank look when he saw me.

Instead, Zhan Yun came over and said kindly, “Jia Rhodes, I’m sorry last time, our family Yuhan was also used by others, this time she comes, you can compete fairly.”

“Well, good President Zhan.”

I returned to her politely.

Saying that, it is impossible for me to be Lu Yuhan.

After all, Qiaoyu Lu’s death is also inseparable from her!

When I looked up at Lu Yuhan, the people in front of me all looked behind me.

Someone spoke first, “President White, you, you actually came to see us in person?”

Several other people passed me and walked behind me.

Chapter 152

I haven’t turned my head yet, I have already guessed what is going on behind me.

Turn your head.

Seeing a group of people clustered around Norven White.

He also carried seven or eight bodyguards in black behind him.

In addition, there is a young man in a gray suit with slightly curly hair carrying a suitcase.

This is a new face.

I also thought he was here to send us off, so he just stood there and didn’t move.

Last time, Norven White announced my relationship with him. Several managers knew about it. They said a few words to Norven White. One of them said, “White always has something to tell Miss Rhodes. Let’s go through the security check there first.”

As soon as he said, everyone else followed.

In an instant, Norven White and I were the only people left nearby.

When I turned around to leave, I heard Norven White say behind me, “It’s useless to hide, I’m following you.”


I turned my head and looked at Norven White suspiciously, “Is President White so idle? A small design contest, you will follow.”

“Well, idle.”

Norven White immediately admitted.

I have nothing to say.

“Then President White will just be idle, I’m very busy, so let’s go first.”

I don’t know why, I feel a little angry when I see Norven White.

Pulling the suitcase to change the boarding pass, we knew we were going to a tourist city in the south.

Passed the security check.

When I got on the plane, I realized that the entire first-class cabin was covered by Norven White.

The bodyguards sat separately, and Norven White sat with the young man.

As we headed for the economy class, we heard everyone around us discussing the identity of Norven White.


He usually takes a private jet, and occasionally takes a flight of this kind, and naturally he has to start a battle.

Only the 7 of us who made it to the finals were on the plane.

Lined up in the same row.

I was sitting by the window, and there was a woman who looked slightly older than me.

She wore a plain dress, no makeup on her face, and straight hair curled up.

Looking through a decorative book in his hand.

“Hello, my name is Jia Rhodes.” Out of politeness, I introduced myself.

“Hello, Tang Ruo.”

The woman said hello to me while reading.

“Tang Ruo? You are Tang Ruo.”

This is Tang Ruo.

I was surprised and happy to know her identity.

It took four hours to fly this route.

Most of the time, Tang Ruo was reading books. I occasionally said something to her and she would reply. If I didn’t say it, she would not reply.

Although it is very cold, it still gives me a good touch.

In the afternoon, the plane landed.

A car will pick us up directly.

After sitting for three hours, the car drove to a resort.

After we entered, we didn’t stay much, and were taken directly to our respective rooms by seven waiters.

And told me that he would pick me up for dinner in half an hour.

To be honest, the room is really good, plus the yard, the area is about 100 square meters.

There is a glass door on one wall of the bedroom, and outside the door is a square swimming pool.

A circle outside the pool is separated by a one-meter high fence.

If you want to see it outside, it’s still at a glance.

I probably watched a circle, took a break, and followed the waiter to finish the meal.

When we arrived at the place where we finished our meal, apart from the seven outside, there was also the young man who came with Norven White.

He introduces himself first, “Hello everyone, my name is Ye Ze, I am President White’s assistant. Next, I will tell you about the rules of the finals.”

Then, Ye Ze told us the rules of the final.

It’s not difficult.

Simply put, it is to renovate our existing rooms.

It can be changed in any way, as long as it is feasible and reasonable.

Then this time in addition to three mysterious judges, the resort manager will also participate in the scoring.

The design time is two weeks in total.

For the past two weeks, we completely stayed in this resort.

The resort provides all services including washing clothes and changing toiletries. In addition, there are shops in the resort where you can buy general daily necessities.

All people can only use the ordinary mobile phones provided by the resort.

You can use a computer, but not wifi.

In other words, these two weeks are completely isolated from the world.

After dinner, I am going to leave first.

As soon as he left the restaurant, Lu Yuhan chased him and said with a smile, “Jia Rhodes, don’t think I don’t know. Qiaoyu Lu must have helped you with your previous design. Now he is dead, I see what you have the ability to make it like before. Such a good work.”

“Do you know what happened to him?” I squinted and landed at Yuhan, my tone of voice has become unpleasant.

“Of course I know, he didn’t come to Flipvilla that day, and there was a car accident on the way back the next day.” Lu Yuhan said in a gloating tone. After she finished speaking, she added, “Deserve it!”


It deserves two words, it completely angered me!

I grabbed Lu Yuhan’s hair and slapped it up!

With a “pop”, it seemed very crisp this night.

Other designers also came out one after another. Seeing all of us, they came together immediately.

“Dare you hit me?!” Lu Yuhan struggled.

But I am not afraid of her at all, “Apologize, apologize to Qiaoyu Lu, apologize for everything you just said!”

I am anxious.

Raising his hand, he slapped her again.

If it hadn’t been for Lu Yuhan to tell him what happened before, Qiaoyu Lu might not come back.

Qiaoyu Lu’s death is like a shadow that I can’t get out of.

I will trace everything back.

Lu Yuhan struggled desperately. Although she was fat, she was very imaginary. I would be angry and strong.

She struggled a few times before panting.

Several designers who came in with us all came over and said kindly, “Forget it, stop quarreling, the competition is important.”

“It’s not important, you apologize! Otherwise, don’t want me to let it go!” I stared at Lu Yuhan, “You who copy me and want to rely on me are not worthy of participating in the finals. You shouldn’t exist. it’s here!”

“Bah! Your work must have been done by Qiaoyu Lu for you, and you must not be able to make such a good work!” Lu Yuhan is arrogant! “The tail of the preliminaries crane!”

“That’s what you copied me.” I grabbed her.

Lu Yuhan was still arrogant and refused to apologize.

The people around are persuading.

In fact, my hands are also tired this time, and I can hardly grasp it.

“what happened.”

At this time, a man’s voice came from the darkness.

I didn’t watch it, and I knew who it was.

Lu Yuhan looked up and saw that the arrogance just now diminished immediately, and he said with a smile, “Mr. White, we are playing around!”

After she finished speaking, she looked at me again and whispered, “Jia Rhodes, you let me go.”


I have no intention of giving in.

“Okay, I apologize, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say Qiaoyu Lu, it’s all my fault.” Lu Yuhan saw that I refused to let go, and added, “I shouldn’t say you too, your lord has a lot, let go Me.”

Chapter 153

I understand that Lu Yuhan is not apologizing to me or Qiaoyu Lu.

But for fear of offending Norven White.

I don’t want to stay here any longer, just let her go.

The entire resort was closed during the finals, and the referee did not arrive. Apart from the staff, only seven of us stayed, including Norven White and Ye Ze.

If Norven White goes to the room to block me, then I must have nowhere to escape.

Just in case, I didn’t go back to the room, but strolled around.

I have to say that the facilities of this resort are very good.

There are swimming pools, miniature golf courses, and circus performances.

But because there is no one, the circus arena is also closed.

I strolled around and took a look at my watch. It was already over 10 o’clock. Norven White probably won’t be here…

I was walking back, and the sky was full of stars a few minutes ago, and suddenly it began to drip.

In a blink of an eye, there was a pouring rain.

I rushed back, and when I was about to rush to the door of the room, I collided with a person rushing out of the corner!

That person’s head hits my elbow holding my head!


The man fell to the ground, and a painful voice came from the rain.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized and looked intently. It turned out to be Tang Ruo. I called her, “Tang Ruo.”

Tang Ruo raised his head and saw me.

Without a word, I wanted to leave.

I grabbed her, “The rain is so heavy, my room is here, come in to avoid the rain.”

She turned her head and looked at me. The rain was too heavy and the night was too dark. I couldn’t see her expression clearly. I only heard her say, “Thank you.”

It seems to have agreed.

I entered the room with her.

During the polite period, I gave her the bathroom first, wrapped in a towel and stood in the corner waiting.

I waited for her to take a bath before I went in for a bath.

This resort can accommodate two people in each room, so bathrobes and towels are all set.

When I came out in my bathrobe, I saw Tang Ruo also wearing a bathrobe sitting on the sofa. She saw me and said embarrassedly, “Thank you, it should be a rainy day. I will stop soon. go.”

“No, no, don’t worry.”

I’m polite.

Tang Ruo seemed to be a very nice person, but when he actually touched him, he realized that he felt like he was a thousand miles away.

It has been raining outside for a long time, I stood in front of the bed, watching the rain outside, Tang Ruo sat on the sofa.

The whole room was filled with an uncontrollable awkward atmosphere.

“Ding Dong.”

Just then, the doorbell rang.

I didn’t think too much, so I opened the door.

The door opens.

Standing at the door was Norven White.

He was holding an umbrella in his hand, his hair pressed against his face, and the rain slid down his hair. I lowered my head and the man’s trousers were already wet.

I was stunned. I wanted to say something, but I thought that Tang Ruo was in the room and could only say, “Is there something wrong?”

“who is it?”

Before Norven White spoke, Tang Ruo got up and walked over.

She saw Norven White also stunned for a moment, “Mr. White.”

The embarrassing atmosphere just now became even more strange. Tang Ruo looked at me, looked at him, and said, “I’m leaving now.”

“do not……”

It was raining heavily outside. If Tang Ruo went out like this, he might catch a cold tomorrow.

Norven White blocked the door step by step and explained, “No, it’s raining heavily outside, I just came to see if she has come back, I’m afraid she is still outside now.”

This explanation is to Tang Ruo.

However, my heart trembled slightly.

Is he worried about me?

seems like it.

“Then, then I should go too.”

Tang Ruo seemed embarrassed.

Norven White still blocked the door, stopping her, “Don’t, you are leaving, she should blame me, I am leaving, I am afraid that she will get wet, just come back, I will rest assured.”

After speaking, holding an umbrella, disappeared into the rainy night.

Inexplicably distressed.

I stood at the door, thinking about what he said just now. It is rare that he would say so much. It seems that I am really afraid that Tang Ruo will leave and I can only explain repeatedly.

There was an unspeakable emotion in my heart.

The urge to call him got stuck in his throat, unable to say it, and unable to swallow it back.

Tang Ruo stood aside and looked at me, seemingly embarrassed, “Sorry, I should have left just now, I will disturb you.”

Her words made me realize that she was still there.

Quickly shook his head, “No, no, me and him…”

What is my relationship with him?

I don’t know how to explain, so I can only close the door.

Make two cups of tea.

Tang Ruo handed a cup to Tang Ruo. Tang Ruo took it, looked at me, and said with a small smile on the corner of his mouth, “Actually, everyone understands the relationship between you and President White. We were all specially ordered before we came.”


“It is said that you and White are always lovers, so let the two male designers in the finals not make your idea, unless they don’t want to work in Qingtian.”

When Tang Ruo spoke, he was always smiling.

I was a little embarrassed, “He and I are not like that, he is just me… brother-in-law.”

Although I don’t want to admit it very much.

But this seems to be an unchangeable fact.

“But he likes you.” Tang Ruo sat on the sofa and looked at me with calm eyes.

“No.” I immediately denied, thinking of being played with by Norven White again and again, I lowered my eyelashes, “I used to think so too, but after a lot of things, I don’t think so anymore.”

“To be honest, President White just stood at the door and was afraid of your anger and explained that if it weren’t for the few of us in this resort, I would really doubt if it was President White’s twin brother.”

There was some ridicule in Tang Ruo’s words.

After speaking, I smiled myself.

I looked up at her.

Tang Ruo at this meeting made me feel a lot less distance. When I was entangled in what to say, she got up, looked out the window and said, “The rain has stopped, I’m leaving, thank you for the tea.”

She put the tea in her hand on the table.

Without waiting for me to speak, he left.

I packed my things and went to bed.

Lying on the bed, what lingered in his head was the appearance of Norven White standing in front of my door with an umbrella just now. It was his flustered look that seemed to be angry that Tang Ruo would leave.

It’s as if he really cares about me.

I don’t know how long it took me to fall asleep.

When I woke up, I only felt dizzy and dizzy, my throat was angry, and it was terribly uncomfortable.

I have a fever, my first reaction is this.

When I wanted to drink water, when I reached out to touch the water cup on the bedside, one of them couldn’t hold it firmly and fell on the ground with a “pop”, and my heart was cold.

Now I am sore, my eyes are black, and the simple thing of getting up and pouring a glass of water is almost impossible for me.

I struggled for a while, and fell asleep again groggy.

Until there is a cold sting on the forehead!

I frowned slightly, only that there seemed to be an antipyretic sticker on my forehead.

In the next second, I felt a pair of warm lips pressed against my mouth.

Immediately afterwards, warm water was poured into my mouth…

Chapter 154

“Cough cough cough!”

I coughed desperately, barely opened my heavy eyelids, vaguely, and saw a familiar face in front of me…


It seems to be Norven White?

I pushed the man a bit and heard him say in my ear, “Wake up? I will help you get up and drink water.”

I shook my head.

He said again, “The doctor said you have a severe fever and you need to drink more hot water. Come, or I will feed you.”

The man’s words made me even more worried.

I lay there with my eyes closed, “No, it will spread to you.”

No one feeds water like this.

“Infect me, you can do well.”

I closed my eyes, but I could feel that the man seemed to be smiling when he spoke.

In fact, Norven White can’t take care of people at all.

During the period when I was awake, sometimes I was awake, sometimes confused, but I could feel him spinning around my bed at any time, touching my head and touching me at the same time. hand.

One will help me cover the quilt, and the other will help me change ice stickers.

Of course, there is also mouth-to-mouth watering.

Later, a doctor brought me a shelf and gave me a needle.

My consciousness gradually became clear.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Norven White sitting on the side of the bed, putting the laptop on his lap, as if sending emails.

The sunlight outside was light golden, it seemed that it was already evening.

It seems that I burned for a day and slept for a day.

When I was looking at him, the man turned around to look at me. When he saw me awake, the joy in his eyes was very obvious.

He got up and asked me, “Awake? Are you hungry? Is there anything uncomfortable?”


“What’s wrong? What’s wrong, I’ll call a doctor?”


“what happened?”

I haven’t spoken, looking at Norven White, the man’s eyes are a little worried.

He put the computer aside, half-kneeled by the bed and looked at me, “Are you hungry? I asked the kitchen to bring some porridge.”


Is hungry.

I haven’t eaten anything for a day, plus I’m sick, and now the hungry people don’t even have the energy to speak.

Norven White called the kitchen.

While waiting for the porridge, the man kept asking me where I was uncomfortable, whether it was hot or cold.

I was hungry and uncomfortable, and I didn’t have the strength to answer him.

Norven White became anxious again, muttering to himself why the porridge is not coming, the chef here is too inefficient.

I looked at him like this, for a moment in a daze.

Does this man really care about me?

At this moment, he seems to be really anxious for me who is sick.

At this time, someone knocked on the door.

Norven White thought it was the congee delivery, and he said, “Your efficiency is too slow.”

But when the door opened, I heard him say a little embarrassingly, “Is it you?”

I look over.

It’s Tang Ruo.

Tang Ruo looked in the room, “I’m sorry, President White, I don’t know you are there, then I will leave first.”

I originally thought Norven White would let her go.

But I heard Norven White say, “Don’t, I happen to be going to the kitchen to remind me of porridge. You can accompany her.”

After speaking, he left in a hurry.

Only Tang Ruo at the door was left.

“Also saying that he doesn’t like you?” Tang Ruo said as he walked in, “I think you didn’t go to dinner at noon, and no one was seen in the afternoon, so I came to see you. I didn’t expect you to have a fever. Sorry, I took a bath yesterday. too long.”

Yesterday I asked Tang Ruo to take a bath first. To be honest, she took a bath for a long time.

But I did not expect that I would have a fever.

“No.” Facing Tang Ruo, I was too embarrassed not to speak.

Tang Ruo walked to my side, reached out and touched my forehead, frowning, “Why is the fever so bad? I have anti-fever medicine, I’ll bring it for you later.”

I shook my head, “I have taken medicine, I have been given an injection.”

At this time, the door opened again, and Norven White stood at the door, followed by a waiter, carrying a small insulated lunch box.

The waiter put the insulated lunch box on the table and left quickly.

I watched Norven White open the lunch box, pulled out a bowl of porridge, and walked towards me with a spoon.

“Mr. White, let me come.” Tang Ruo stood up immediately and took the initiative to do this.

“No, I’ll come.” Norven White shook his head.

Then I sat on the side of my bed.

I took a spoonful of porridge, put it on my mouth and let it cool carefully, and tried the temperature with my lips before handing it to my mouth. The black eyes were full of gentle eyes, and he said in a gentle tone, ” It’s not hot, drink it.”

This is like coaxing a child.

I looked at him nerdy, not knowing how many emotions there are.

Norven White, aloft, is here to feed me porridge.

It really seems to have no shelf at all.

“what happened?”

Norven White saw that I didn’t move my mouth, then took the spoon back and tasted it for himself, “Isn’t it hot?”

I shook my head.

The man stretched out the spoon again.

I took a sip, and he took another spoonful and continued to blow.

Keep feeding me.

I just eat it like this one spoon by spoon, and I don’t know how long I have eaten it.

When I recovered, I noticed that Tang Ruo hadn’t left yet.

She stood behind Norven White like this, with a pair of eyes looking in our direction, to be precise, looking at Norven White.

Tang Ruo belonged to that kind of very gentle woman, with long black hair that even looked a little stiff.

Such women are always restrained and will not easily express their feelings.

But at this moment, Tang Ruo looked at Norven White, the things that radiated from those eyes, as a woman, I understood immediately…

But she looked at Norven White and didn’t notice that I was looking at her.

But Norven White found out.

He turned around and saw that Tang Ruo was still there, “Go back first, thank you just now.”

“Ah…” Tang Ruo came back to his senses, “No, it’s easy.”

After speaking, turn around and leave.

I saw that when she first spoke, her face was a little red.

Norven White didn’t notice this, as if his heart was on my heart, he turned around and continued to feed me porridge.

At this time, I will also recover a little, and put my hand out of the quilt, “I will do it myself.”

“No, I’ll come.”

Norven White’s attitude was surprisingly tough at this moment.

“…I’m hungry, so I can drink it quickly.”

This is an excuse and it’s the truth.

Others always take care of Norven White. Where is the truth about him taking care of others? He just fed me porridge, every spoonful was pitiful.

Norven White handed me the bowl, and I drank two bowls by myself.

After drinking some water and taking medicine, I felt better. After getting out of bed to wash, he drew back into bed because of the cold.

Perhaps because of the cold medicine, I soon fell asleep again.

But the fever made my body become colder and colder, and in a daze, I hugged me with strong arms to dissipate my cold and restore my body temperature a little bit.

I can feel the man holding me tenderly.

This gentleness, there is only one person in my mind——


I mumbled.

Chapter 155

When I called out this title, I could feel that the arms holding me were obviously stiff.

I didn’t care, I just felt a bit cold again, and subconsciously drilled into the man’s arms.

When I woke up, the sky outside was white.

I sat up and rubbed my head. It seemed that my head was not too dizzy and the fever was gone.

Looked around.

The room was empty.

I got up and walked to the bathroom. The bathroom door was concealed and opened. Although the light inside was off, I could see that there was no one inside.

I turned around again and wanted to go in the direction of the courtyard pool.

As soon as I took a step, I realized that I was looking for someone.

Looking for Norven White.

When I didn’t realize it, I saw that he was not there, and I felt disappointed.

“No, it can’t be like this.”

I shook my head desperately, trying to throw things about that man out of my mind.

After all, my relationship with him should have drawn a clear line long ago.

I took my temperature, and it turned out that the fever had subsided.

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, and breakfast has not yet started at this time. I took a bath and changed my clothes. I finally waited until 7:30.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Norven White standing at the door, sorting out his clothes.

When he saw me, he was stunned for a moment, and then he blocked me at the door of the room, his expression was obviously displeased, “Why did you get up?”

“going for breakfast.”

I have to say, I saw Norven White, no matter what I thought of pretending to be nothing, his beating heart would betray me.

Norven White is very tall. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he grabbed the two door frames and looked down at me, “Jia Rhodes, in this situation, are you going to give up this game when you go out to eat?”

His eyes met and he looked at me intently, causing my heart to miss a beat.

Lower your head, “No, just have a meal.”

“You can eat meals in the room. I’ve already let the kitchen do it. I’ll deliver it later.”

When Norven White spoke, his hands were still holding the door frame, and he had no intention of letting me leave.

Helpless, I stepped back.

Norven White also followed.

I don’t know why, I think Norven White is in a bad mood today. He looked at me, and although there was no extra expression on his face, there was a feeling of black clouds pressing on the top.

I sat on the sofa, turned on the computer, and wanted to find something to do, but as soon as I turned it on, the man walked over and closed my computer at once, and said in a cold voice, “Work is not bad at this moment.”


My eyes rested on the man’s hand pressed against the computer.

His hands are beautiful and straightforward.

It’s just that, on the slightly turned wheat-colored hand, there is a small area at the end of the hand that is obviously lighter than the other areas.

It seems that he usually wears a ring here.

According to etiquette, this position should be a wedding ring.

No, it should be because I wanted to see me before I came, so I can take it off.

Thinking of this, my mood was a little irritable, a little angry, and wanted to question, but it became clearer, what is the relationship between me and Norven White? Why should I question him.

After thousands of times in my heart, I still suppressed this problem.

Fortunately, at this time, the waiter brought breakfast.

It is a breakfast for two.

Norven White ate with me.

The two of us sat face to face at the dining table, each having their own breakfast, and no one spoke.

The atmosphere of the entire breakfast was depressing and made me breathless.

I can feel that we are both angry.

I’m mad at him wearing the ring and carrying my business, and what is he mad at?

I do not know.


I had almost eaten breakfast, when I was struggling with how to break the silence.

There was a knock on the door.

This time, the people outside did not say their cause as loudly as the waiter just now.

Could it be Tang Ruo? !

The second this thought came to my mind, I got up and walked quickly to the door.

Fortunately, Tang Ruo is really at the door!

Holding a small lunch box in her hand, when she saw me opening the door, she just wanted to talk, she looked up and saw Norven White sitting on the dining table behind me, and saw the breakfast table full of breakfast. She was taken aback for a moment, and then said, “I was originally I’m worried that you didn’t have breakfast, it seems I am thinking too much.”

After speaking, I wanted to leave.

Never let her go!

I know this very well. I grabbed Tang Ruo and said, “I still want to find you. I have a few questions to miss you. Is your computer in the room? Wait for me. I will be with you. go with.”


“Wait for me, I can go with you with my phone!”

I don’t want to stay with Norven White anymore.

I really can’t stand this kind of low pressure, but I have to remind myself of my identity all the time.

But Norven White’s goodness a few days ago kept repeating in my brain, making me a little at a loss.

I am afraid I will get lost.

I want to stay away from him.

Don Ronenne stood at the door.

I rushed into the room with a thunder and thunder, picked up my phone, took a look at Norven White, still sitting at the dining table, his face is still not good, and said, “Mr. White, Tang Ruo and I are going out first. You go out. Remember to help me close the door.”

After speaking, he pulled Tang Ruo away.

We walked for a while and sat down near a small pavilion in the resort.

The pavilion is supported by a few pieces of wood, and white gauze tents are hung around. Sitting in it, the breeze blows slowly and the gauze tents swing with the wind.

Tang Ruo asked me, “President White is so good to you, what are you running away?”

“I can’t stand it.”

I lowered my eyelashes and felt uncomfortable.

“I think you are born in blessing and not knowing blessing.” Tang Ruo squinted at me with some envy in his eyes. “In the past, colleagues often discussed how handsome President White is, how rich he is, and how happy marrying him is. At that time, I didn’t think these were his charms at all.”

I looked at her.

Don Ruo paused, looked into the distance and continued, “But, two days ago, you were sick, what he did, I found out that he is a superior president outside, beside you, he is willing to put down his body, like an ordinary person. A man takes care of you, feeds you, and advises you to drink medicine.”

Yeah, I know.

Of course I know everything Norven White does.

But what about that?

I looked in the direction Tang Ruo was looking, there was only a blue sky, not even a cloud.

“However, he and I are not just me and him. Apart from being an ordinary man in front of me, he is a superior president outside. Not only that, he also has a woman who can’t let go anyway.”

I looked at Tang Ruo with a bleak gaze, “A woman who killed my child, but Norven White’s life is destined to have trouble with her. If you are me, would you still be with him?”

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