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Chapter 171

I was not reconciled and wanted to go inside, but was blocked by the relatives of the Rhodes family.

Among them, Rhodes Zhaozhi’s son said with a warning expression, “No matter what you do, I will beat people!”

“Forget it.”

When I wanted to go inside, I was pulled by myself.

I turned around and saw Zhaoming White standing behind me.

Because he was wearing a white coat, he was not conspicuous in this hospital.

I lowered my eyes and walked slowly to the bed where Rhodes Ci was lying, holding her hand.

This feeling is the same as I once felt like Qiaoyu Lu’s hands.

The man was obviously dead, but he was not cold enough, with a little body temperature.

Rhodes Ci had been in a coma for a long time and could only rely on a ventilator and nutrition needles to maintain his life, and only a handful of bones were left.

At this time, it was the first time in a while that I touched Rhodes Ci so real.

Touching her skinny hand, I suddenly had doubts about what I had always believed in.

I held Rhodes Ci’s hand with both hands and lowered my head and muttered, “Brother White, do you think that if a person becomes a vegetative, is it dead? I used to be so capricious to continue to rely on a ventilator to keep her alive. , Or wrong? She was so thin, would it be painful during that time?”

“In any case, this is your filial piety.” Zhaoming White’s hand fell on my shoulder, “As long as the starting point is good, there is no right or wrong.”

“Is that right?”

“Well, your grandma will definitely be moved by your persistence.”

Zhaoming White comforted me.

I don’t know if it was because of his presence that my sad heart was somewhat calm.

I held Rhodes Ci’s hand and stood beside her.

Rhodes Zhaozhi was still arguing behind him.

I don’t know how long it took.

A doctor came over and said, “I pushed the patient away.”

Then he pushed Rhodes Ci to leave.

I looked at him in panic, “Where do you want to push?”

Maybe it was because the hospital quarreled with Rhodes Zhaozhi. The doctor didn’t look good at me, and I continued pushing without answering.

I chased after, Rhodes Zhaozhi stopped me, “Okay, push to the morgue, why? Are you still going to the morgue?”

“I go!”

I said right away.

Rhodes Zhaozhi glanced at me like a neuropathy, and let go, “Then you go!”

At this time, the doctor had pushed Rhodes Ci’s flat bed farther away.

I wanted to chase, but was hugged by a strong arm from behind, “Don’t go, it’s not a good place, you girls tend to get sick if you go.”


“Tomorrow the body will be transported to the funeral home, you still have a chance to see her, don’t worry.”

Holding me is Zhaoming White.

His voice is deep and warm, which is very healing for me at this time.

I stood there, watching Rhodes Ci getting further and further away from me, and finally being pushed into the elevator by the doctor, my heart was numb, not knowing why.

Can’t cry, can’t shout.

Not even the ability to think.

It seems that everything now is not reality, but a dream. When the dream wakes up, Rhodes Ci is still alive…

When I turned around again, the Rhodes family had already left.

Zhaoming White said it was for me, but when I recovered, I found that the car had already entered [Flipvilla No. 1].

I explained to Zhaoming White embarrassedly, “I moved, and I no longer live here.”

“I know.” Zhaoming White parked the car, got out of the car and opened the co-pilot door for me, and said, “You live in my house.”


I sat in the car and looked at him dumbly.

This will wake up in the middle of the night, and the mental retardation will finally begin to appear.

Zhaoming White looked at me and helped his glasses, “I have a guest bedroom at home, I don’t worry about you going home alone.”


“Relax, you are the person on the tip of Xiao xuan’s heart, and I won’t do anything to you.”

After Zhaoming White finished speaking, he smiled lightly.

His words, as if they were thorns, hurt me deeply.

Am I the one in Norven White’s heart? This kind of thing has never happened before.

I believe that Zhaoming White will not do anything to me, and believe that he brought me to his house, and he was really worried about me.

It was almost 5 o’clock in the morning and I didn’t need to sleep much, so I went upstairs with him.

When I got upstairs, I saw him take out a key to open the door.

After a long time without opening, he switched to another one.

[Flipvilla No. 1] is a tall and tall community, and the key is naturally a specially customized one, with a unique blue and white ceramic head on the key.

Two keys, one can be opened, the other cannot be opened.

I didn’t think much and teased him, “It seems that Brother White has more than one house in the community.”

“Hehe, there is more than one set, in fact I am a hidden rich man.”

Zhaoming White also joked with me.

Entered the house.

Zhaoming White took me to the guest room and said, “You are the first person to use my guest room. Don’t worry, everything is new.”

After speaking, I went out.

I looked around and found that Zhaoming White’s house was full of “dismissal”.

There is no extra furniture or thing in the house, it is neat and tidy like a model house for real estate.

However, his bed is very soft, and the quilt is also soft. I lay on it, sleepy unconsciously struck up.

I quickly took out my phone, set the alarm clock two hours later, and fell asleep.

I wake up naturally when I wake up again.

I opened my eyes and thought for a second, then I remembered what happened!

Pick up the phone to see the time——

It’s half past 11!


I quickly got up from the bed, and as soon as I opened the door, I saw Zhaoming White sitting neatly on the sofa with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Seeing me smile, “Awake?”

“Ah, that, I’ll go first.” I said while changing shoes, “I set the watch, but I accidentally pressed it off.”

Before I put my shoes on, I heard Zhaoming White say, “I have called Xiao xuan and asked him to ask for leave for you.”


My hand stopped in the air.

Turning his head to look at Zhaoming White, he didn’t know what was going on, “Isn’t he your big boss? Isn’t it good for him to ask for leave?”


It’s so easy to use.

But what a big deal, it’s okay to ask him to ask me for leave.

I don’t know whether I should thank Zhaoming White or be depressed.

Zhaoming White still said gently, “There are toothbrushes for guests in the bathroom. You can clean up, go out for lunch and go to work.”


“Is there something urgent at work?” Zhaoming White looked at me without forcing him, “Then I will send you to the company directly.”

Actually, I am in no hurry.

Thinking that thanks to Zhaoming White last night, he should be invited to dinner. I changed my shoes and said, “Nothing, let’s have lunch together.”

After speaking, go to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

When I brushed my teeth, I always felt that I had forgotten something important, but I just couldn’t remember it.

When I was all packed, sitting in Zhaoming White’s car and going to lunch, I suddenly thought of–

“My laptop!”

Chapter 172

I thought about it carefully. I planned to work last night, so I took my laptop to the hospital.

Later, I forgot to take it on the chair.

I didn’t remember it for a while in the evening, but when I went to the hospital in the middle of the night, no one mentioned the computer to me.

Could it be the case yesterday that they forgot?

I quickly said to Zhaoming White, who was driving, “Take me to the second hospital, please.”

“What’s the matter? Forgot the laptop?” Zhaoming White looked at me from the corner.

I nodded.

While driving, I asked him, “My grandma passed away, should I do something?”

No one in the Rhodes family told me what I should do yesterday, but I think I should do something as a granddaughter.

“Further matters are all about your children. You are a grandchild, so you can go to the memorial service when notified.”

“They notify me?”

Zhaoming White’s words made me uneasy.

Rhodes Zhaozhi Zain Rhodes is afraid it is too late for me, will he not let me hold a memorial service?

I must control the time of the memorial service by myself.

When Zhaoming White and I arrived at the Second Hospital, we asked about my computer at the service desk.

The waiter’s nurse took me to find a doctor. The doctor saw me and was full of questions, “Didn’t you give it to you when the old man died last night?”


I quickly said.

The doctor scratched his head and said with some doubts, “It was for you. You wore a pink skirt yesterday and tied…” When the doctor said this, he was also puzzled, “Yesterday you still had long hair.”

As soon as he said, I understood.

He gave Julia Rhodes my computer.

I’m going to be depressed, it’s not good for someone, but for her!

Reluctantly, I thanked the doctor and called Julia Rhodes.

It was connected several times.

Julia Rhodes answered the phone and sneered over there, “Oh, what kind of wind can make you call me?”

“Where is my computer?”

I have no time to talk nonsense with her.

“It’s me.” Julia Rhodes said cheerfully, “Want it?”

“There are my documents in there, give it to me!” I was terribly annoyed.

In fact, most of the files in the computer are in my company computer, but if the computer is gone, it will be inconvenient for me to work at home.

If you buy another one, the work computer requires a high level of configuration, which is a big expense.

It is the best to come back.

“Give it back to you? Dreaming!” Julia Rhodes’s voice on the phone became vicious, “Jia Rhodes, you should know what you did! I tell you, if I can’t get Norven White, then I will Will destroy with you!”

Her words reminded me of the photos posted a few weeks ago.

Because my mind was focused on Rhodes Ci’s matter, I forgot about it.

I snorted coldly, “Julia Rhodes, if you can’t manage your private life, it happened to be seen by me. It’s my shit!”

“It’s your shit? Would it be like this without you? You thought I didn’t know. You told Norven White that my private life was chaotic! How else would he treat me like that!”

“What happened to you?”

I asked curiously.

Could it be true that what Norven White once said was true?

Julia Rhodes on the phone was silent, and for a moment, she said, “I’m telling you, I won’t return your computer to you!”


After I finished speaking in silence, I hung up the phone.

Now that Rhodes Ci has passed away, I don’t need to keep it for anyone anymore.

Buying a computer is more than enough.

And with my savings, I even want to buy back the house Rhodes Ci left for me…

After I hung up Julia Rhodes’s call, I asked the doctor who was in charge before. It turned out that Rhodes Ci’s body had been transported to the funeral home.

I asked the funeral home phone number and called, and found that Zain Rhodes had already booked a memorial service.

Just tomorrow morning.

And the date of the burial is also fixed.

And no one notified me at all.

I called Deng Qi again and asked for all the prices for the day of the funeral.

I stood in the hospital and called for almost an hour before I remembered that Zhaoming White was still waiting for me.

I looked around and saw no one in the hospital.

When I went out, I saw the man sitting on the bench next to the flower bed, looking at the people going back and forth around, it seemed very boring.

I ran over and said apologetically, “Brother White, sorry, I just made a few more calls.”

“It’s okay.” Zhaoming White shook his head very kindly, and asked concerned, “Are you finished? I’m fine today. It doesn’t matter how long you wait for you.”

He spoke very peacefully and naturally.

I looked at him stupidly, feeling a little embarrassed, but I didn’t know how to respond.

I froze for a moment before answering, “It’s okay, I have finished playing.”

“Well, go eat.”


I don’t know why, together with Zhaoming White, I feel very safe to be with our elders.

Is it because his name sounds similar to Zain Rhodes?

Zhaoming White took me to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner. At first, I was a little disgusted, but when it came to the dish, I ate it with the same taste as meat, and it tasted very good.

Unknowingly, I ate more than usual.

When we finished eating, he took me to the company, and he asked me, “When is the memorial service? I’ll take you there.”

“No, I…”

“I’ll see you off. I didn’t think you had a good relationship with your family that day, and taxis were not willing to go to such places.”

With a few simple words, Zhaoming White shook me, who was already determined not to trouble him.

He saw that I did not speak, “Go on, don’t worry about bothering me, I’m buying and selling by myself, and there is no request for leave.”

I hesitated for a while, and told him the time of the memorial service tomorrow.

Early the next morning.

Zhaoming White was waiting for me at my door and took me to the funeral home to attend the memorial service.

When I arrived at the door, I saw Rhodes Zhaozhi sitting on the table at the door, taking charge of recording the guests.

She was a little surprised when she saw me, and quickly pulled her face down and asked me, “Who told you the memorial service today?”

“This is my grandma, don’t you plan to let me come?”

I asked.

Rhodes Zhaozhi looked at me with impatient expression, “Okay, you can go in!”

I entered the venue, took a paper flower according to the rules, walked over and placed it in the box in front of the coffin.

Putting down the flowers, I got up and looked at Rhodes Ci who was lying in the coffin.

Rhodes Ci closed his eyes and lay peacefully in the coffin, his face glowing with blood because of his makeup, as if he was asleep.

At this moment, I finally got the feeling that Rhodes Ci would never wake up again, and really left me!

I just feel that my eyes are covered by moisture.

But I heard that it’s not good for tears to fall in the coffin. I resisted the tears and turned around and walked outside.

I only heard someone behind me say, “This is Jia Rhodes. I heard that old lady Rhodes loved her very much when she was alive, and she didn’t even cry.”

“People go to the Rhodes’s house not for money. They are actually a white-eyed wolf.”

Another person answers.

Chapter 173

I look at the speaker.

It was two young women with strange faces.

Without thinking about anything, I walked over and said, “Weeping and crying are all made for the living, and nothing is as filial as when people are alive!”

Those two people didn’t seem to think that I would go over and face each other.

I was stunned for a moment. One of them said, “Be more filial when you are alive? What filial piety have you done?”

“Yes! I heard that you also took a house from Old Lady Rhodes! There are still shares!”

“Yes, if she gives me these, I am willing to do my filial piety.”

Two women say you and me.

When we made a noise, everyone looked over.

Rhodes Zhaozhi walked in immediately and said to me with a black face, “What is the noise! ​​Do you know where this is? It is your grandma’s memorial service!”

“I know.” I looked at the two women, “Who is this? My grandma’s memorial service, any cat or dog can come?”

“A cat and a dog? You are a cat and a dog!” The two women were angry.

One of them said to Rhodes Zhaozhi, “Auntie, I came here because of the face of my uncle!”

“Well, I will throw her out.”

Rhodes Zhaozhi smiled at the two women, and then said to me, “Get out now! Don’t mess with me here!”

I can’t understand it a bit. According to this name, these two women are juniors and Rhodes Zhaozhi is the elder.

How could Rhodes Zhaozhi treat them so well?

However, this is a memorial service for grandma after all.

Grandma lay there, I don’t want her to be quiet when she is dead.

I gave the two women a blank look and went out.

After going out, Rhodes Zhaozhi sorted out the signature book, and said without looking up, “Jia Rhodes, when my mother was alive, she was the only one who recognized you as Rhodes’s family. We just didn’t refuse because of love, and now my mother has passed away. Now, you are no longer the Rhodes family.”

“Do you think I’m rare? I have always thought that grandma is my relative.” After I finished speaking, I took two steps forward, thinking of something, and then returned and said, “I came back on the day of the burial, and it was the last time I came. .”

At this time, Rhodes Zhaozhi looked up at me, her eyes a little complicated.

I also agreed with her and left after speaking.

I carried my bag and walked out, and when I went out, I saw Zhaoming White’s car parked there, and the man was standing beside the car.

Seeing me, smiled slightly.

I approached, my heart was full of depression, I didn’t want to say anything, but I thought that Zhaoming White sent me here and waited for me for so long.

I hesitated for a moment and said, “Thank you.”

Zhaoming White seemed to notice my strangeness, put a hand on my shoulder, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay…”

I looked down, my head was full of Rhodes Ci the last time I saw.

She lay there like that, apparently asleep, how could she not wake up?

When my head was confused, I heard Zhaoming White say, “Come on, I will take you to a place.”

He said, before I could react, he pushed me into the car.

Start the car.

It probably took a few hours.

The car drove to the door of a small courtyard. He took out the key, pressed a remote control on it, and the iron door slowly opened.

He drove the car in.

Stop it.

Get out of the car and pull my wrist to walk into the house in the courtyard.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t recovered from Rhodes Ci’s death. He sat a series of things, and I didn’t have the consciousness to resist.

Until he opened the door of that room.

It was pitch black inside.

He pulled me to go inside, and I began to resist.

The room is dark, I am afraid of such a space!

However, Zhaoming White didn’t mean to let me go. He was so powerful that he dragged me in!


The next second I entered, the man closed the door directly.

With a “click”, my heart suddenly began to panic and fear.

The body was shaking constantly.

I even thought that Norven White had told me before that Zhaoming White was not a good person and kept me away from him.

I began to regret not listening to Norven White.

Standing still, I dare not even move.

When I was desperate, I was suddenly hugged by a pair of powerful arms.

I was panicked, and subconsciously wanted to push him away.

In the next second, I heard a gentle voice from a man in the darkness above his head, “No one sees you now, there is only you. If you want to cry, just cry, don’t be aggressive.”

In this sentence, this voice seems to have magical power!

I calmed down in an instant.

The faint smell of disinfectant on the man’s body penetrated into my nasal cavity, making me settle down inexplicably.

I stood still, just feeling Zhaoming White’s gentle hug, his hand fell on my back, and he said, “Everyone cares about someone. There are times when they are vulnerable. I can’t see or hear. , There is only you…”

There is only me here.

Obviously knowing is a self-deception.

But all my guards collapsed at this moment!

I opened my arms to hold Zhaoming White, and tears fell.

I didn’t say anything, just hugging him and crying.

His head was full of emotions. Some were born in an orphanage and looked down upon him, were hurt by Norven White, died of Qiaoyu Lu who was sincerely good to me, and Rhodes Ci left.

Various feelings, all sadness are mixed together.

Just in this dark room catharsis, from standing to sitting.

I don’t know how long I have been crying. I only know that my throat became dumb and my eyes became swollen. I finally fell asleep in the faint smell of disinfectant.

When I never came back, there was already a lot of light around, and I touched the phone and looked at the time.

It was 4:37 pm on the day of the memorial service.

“Where is this…”

I got up and looked out the window.

There are all kinds of flowers and plants outside, like a small yard.


Only then did I realize that I was still in that dark house, but at this time, the light-shielding curtains had been pulled apart, releasing the whole house from the darkness.

There is a pair of white slippers in front of the bed.

I opened the door in my clothes and went out.

Seeing Zhaoming White lying on the sofa in the living room with his eyes closed but still wearing glasses, he carried an English book on him.

Looking from the living room, you can see a white shirt hanging in the yard.

I recalled that when I cried, I had a lot of nasal discharge. I was so emotional that I wiped it on the man’s shirt…

Thinking of this, I can’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

I returned to the room and took the thin blanket I had just covered, and walked to Zhaoming White’s side.


Listening to the even breathing sound coming from the man’s nose, he gently covered him with a thin blanket.

Quietly looking at Zhaoming White, he is much older than me, but his skin is good, leaving little trace of age.

His glasses were resting on the bridge of his nose, and it seemed that they were about to slip off. I gently squeezed the corners of the glasses and took them off for him.

Chapter 174

The moment I took off my glasses, I suddenly felt that there was something different in Zhaoming White.

A man’s face is of the sharp-edged type, with a high-speed nose bridge and thin lips.

Because I fell asleep, there was no smile on the corner of his mouth, and the whole person looked very cold.

When I quietly looked at him, the man suddenly opened his eyes!

The moment he looked at me, I was cold.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, the look of the man when he wakes up is full of hostility to the stranger!

I can’t help falling back.

Put your hands on the ground and sit on your hips.

There was a “click”.

I judged it for a second before I realized what the sound was.

Zhaoming White touched his face, frowned slightly, and asked me, “Did you see my glasses?”

I moved my butt a little bit and touched it.

First touch the metal temple, pick it up, very light.

The weight was obviously only one temple, I touched it again, and quickly touched the lens.

Zhaoming White always looked at me with a smile. On the contrary, I was a little embarrassed, and handed the broken lens and temples to his hand, and said embarrassingly, “Excuse me, I thought your glasses were about to fall off. I want to remove it for you.”

Zhaoming White lowered his head to check his glasses, and made sure that he couldn’t use them, and frowned slightly, “I have worn these glasses for several years, and I have feelings.”

“I’m sorry.” As soon as he said, I felt even more sorry, and said quickly, “Or I will give you another one.”

“This one is several years ago, and it must be out of stock.”

When Zhaoming White spoke, his expression was so serious that I rarely saw him.

I suddenly regretted it. Why did I owe my hands to help him take off his glasses? People kindly comforted me, and I still broke his glasses…

When I was tangled in my heart, Zhaoming White suddenly raised his hand, his big palm fell on the top of my hair, and rubbed my hair, “If you accompany me to match a pair, I will forgive you.”


I looked up and looked at him nerdy.

“Not willing?”

“Yes! Yes!”

I nodded desperately.

Zhaoming White smiled, got up, tidyed up the clothes on his body, and said, “Wait until I take back the clothes outside, we will leave.”

“I’ll go.”

It can be regarded as an atonement.

I quickly ran outside, took the clothes back, and carefully arranged them before giving it to Zhaoming White. He went into another room and hung up the clothes before coming out.

He took the car key and said, “Let’s go, go with glasses.”

I think Zhaoming White is about to drive, and I can’t help feeling a little nervous, “You, can you drive without glasses? Or let’s take a taxi.”

“You’re scared?”

Zhaoming White turned his head to look at me, with an expression in his eyes that could see through me.

I nodded.

He reached out and rubbed my hair and said, “Don’t be afraid, I am not short-sighted.”

I was relieved to get into his car.

This house is on the outer ring line of Flipvilla. It is not a city center, but it is not a suburb. The price of a house in such a place is definitely not cheap.

This question is in my heart, but I didn’t ask it.

See Zhaoming White driving in the urban area.

I believed that he was really not nearsighted, and couldn’t help asking, “You are not nearsighted, why do you wear glasses?”

Zhaoming White concentrated on driving.

I don’t seem to hear my question.

When I didn’t care, and didn’t plan to ask again, I heard the man answer, “I look fierce. If I don’t wear glasses, I might scare the kids.”


“Yes, you are a kid in my eyes.”

It happened to be the red light. Zhaoming White turned his head and looked at me. It was exactly as he said. Although his eyes are crooked and his mouth is smiling without glasses, he still feels alienated and difficult to approach.

I was a little unconvinced and said, “You are just a little older than me. What qualifications do you have to call me a kid?”

“You 25, I 36, I graduated from elementary school and you were just born, so in my eyes, you are a child.”

Zhaoming White said of course.

I frowned, but I couldn’t find a reason to refute.

However, I used to think of being an orphan when I was a child. The teacher inside said to me most often: “You have grown up and take care of children younger than you.” “You are ten years old, and you need to help your brothers and sisters to wash clothes.”

And so on, there are many more.

As far as I can remember, I can do laundry, and I am taking care of children younger than me.

The teacher kept saying that you are a big kid, what do you want to do.

But no one has ever said that you are a child.

I looked at him dumbly.

At this time, the red light changed. Zhaoming White looked forward, but patted my shoulder with his hand, “You can treat me as your elder, and you can always be a kid in front of me.”

Zhaoming White’s words really hit my heart.

I accompanied him to match glasses that day, and then he took me to dinner.

When leaving, at the entrance of the mall, there was a couple in high school uniforms. The girl said she wanted balloons, so the boy bought one for her.

I just took a look.

Zhaoming White actually ran over and bought me one!

When she paid, I rushed over and said, “What are you buying this for?”

“To the kid.” Zhaoming White said as he stuffed the balloon into my hand, and smiled, “My kid, take it.”

I looked at him dumbly.

I was a little lost for a while.

I don’t know if it’s because Zhaoming White doesn’t wear glasses today. I just think he has a kind of magic at this moment.

It makes me feel happy to spend time with him.

I took the balloon home.

The next morning, when I opened my eyes and saw the balloon, I felt much better.

When I was having breakfast in the company cafeteria, Yu quietly saw me from a distance and brought the plate to my side.

After sitting down, he said mysteriously, “Jia Rhodes, what happened to your competition finals? After this, the two great gods are gone.”


I was confused when I listened to her.

Yu quietly saw that I didn’t understand, and frowned, “Ah? Don’t you know? Yesterday the company issued an announcement that Lu Yuhan was fired.”

“Expulsion?” This incident is a blockbuster to me! I quickly asked, “Why?”

“I don’t know.” Yu quietly shook his head, “Said it was because of the violation in the finals. This time even President Zhan didn’t give her a head start.”

Violation in the finals?

What is illegal?

80% is Tang Ruo’s business!

Isn’t that just expelling her?

Yu quietly looked at my expression and immediately became excited, “Wow, you really know, tell me what it is.”

I glanced at her, hesitated, and said, “I don’t know.”

After get off work that day, I went to the Sky Group.

When I was downstairs hesitating whether to go up to find Norven White, I saw Ye Ze coming out of the building.

He saw me and said hello, “Miss Rhodes.”

Chapter 175

Seeing Ye Ze, I suddenly realized that he is the best way for me to ask things.

I went over and greeted him immediately.

Then he asked about Lu Yuhan.

Ye Ze hesitated for a moment, and whispered, “Lu Yuhan used his mobile phone in the resort in violation of the rules.”

“Using a cell phone? Who does she contact?”

I asked again.

But this time Ye Ze stopped talking.

He shook his head and waved at me, “It’s hard to say.”


I chased, Ye Ze looked embarrassed, “Miss Rhodes, you helped me before. I am very grateful that you told you. As for other things, I really can’t tell you.”

“I know.”

He said this, I already understand.

Who else can it be?

I don’t need to guess. I thanked Ye Ze and went home alone.

Sitting in a small house, looking up at the hydrogen balloon floating on the roof, my mood seemed to be better.

I think I can finally try to put down Norven White.

This is a good thing.

In order to prevent myself from thinking about it, I turned on the TV and took out my mobile phone to browse the Internet.

Because the computer was taken away by Julia Rhodes, I can’t work when I go home.

When I swiped Weibo with my mobile phone, I saw a message-[The CEO of Qingtian Norven White announced the cancellation of the marriage contract. 】

A topic firmly grasped my sight.

I clicked on it and quickly read the content inside, feeling very complicated.

The news clearly stated that Norven White unilaterally announced his engagement with Julia Rhodes. When the reporter asked the reason, he himself said that he had carried too many things before and ignored the people who should really care.

Seeing this, my heart felt a little tight.

Is that person me?

However, the second half of the news also wrote that the reporter suspected that this matter was related to the Rhodes crisis, and that Rhodes was on the verge of bankruptcy because of this marriage contract.

Now Norven White announced the dissolution of the marriage contract, which undoubtedly gave the shaky Rhodes a heavy blow.

I searched for other keywords.

There are also people who specifically interpreted the dissolution of Norven White and Julia Rhodes.

It was also revealed that Rhodes had temporarily held a board meeting this afternoon.

Outsiders have speculated that this time they are discussing bankruptcy-related matters.

In fact, Rhodes’s contact with me was only Rhodes Ci. Now that Rhodes Ci has passed away, Rhodes’s will not go bankrupt, and I have nothing to do with me.

I turned off my phone, took a shower and went to bed.

When I got off work the next day, I packed my things and went out, and I saw my colleagues look at me with a strange vision.

When I went out, I saw Norven White standing at the door.

The man is wearing a jewel blue formal suit.

Standing there with a bunch of hydrangea in his hand.

I stayed there, and I realized that he was waiting for me!

My first reaction was not to go up, but to step back.

No, it’s not going back, it’s just turning around and running!

When I was running, I heard the sound of a man chasing. The next second, I felt that I was being hugged from behind, and a man’s slightly hoarse voice came from above my head, “I cut everything that should be broken. Shouldn’t you give me a chance too.”

The man’s strength was so strong that he bound me in his arms. I turned my head slightly and sneered, “What does it have to do with me if you are broken?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t forgive me, I can chase you.”

Norven White’s voice is slightly magical.

Just a few soft words, it stirred my heartbeat.

However, being deceived by him again and again made me no longer naive. I gently broke free of his embrace, turned and looked up at the man, looked at him with a smile but a smile, and asked, “Mr. White, Then tell me first, the real reason why Lu Yuhan was fired, what did she violate?”

Sure enough, with my words, Norven White’s face changed.

He looked at me, frowned slightly, the faint gloom in the black hiding the secrets I had guessed.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it, let me guess.” I looked at him and said, “Did she secretly hide a mobile phone and contact Julia Rhodes. Julia Rhodes’s purpose is to harm me. Lu Yuhan wanted to get this Millions, so I want to get rid of Tang Ruo first.”

By the time I said this, Norven White’s expression had changed.

I smiled bitterly, “I guessed it right, right? President White broke everything on the surface, but in fact there is still this relationship between the scissors and the chaos.”

I broke free from the arms of the man and walked out.

Norven White chased me from behind as before, trying to grab my wrist.

This time, as soon as he touched my hand, I quickly shook my hand. I was about to talk, but I saw people standing around, many of whom belonged to our company.

Norven White is the boss of Qingtian. If I work here today, not only will there be news tomorrow, but I am afraid that he will be scolded by his fans.

I was silent for a moment and said, “Get in the car.”

Norven White seemed to know what I was thinking, so he walked with me into the car without saying more.

When I got to the car, I saw the hydrangea dropped by him just now. I felt a bit pitiful. I squatted down and wanted to pick it up. Norven White stopped me, “If I like it, I will buy a new one for you.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not.” I said while picking up the flowers. “The flowers bloom for a season and are so beautiful. If they are not cherished, they will be missed. Even if you buy a new one, it will not be it.”

At this time, I also seem to understand the sentence of Xiangli Mou: There are flowers that can be folded straight and the branches must be folded.

Norven White squatted down to pick up flowers with me.

He actually picked up the leaves. After repeatedly confirming that there were no petals underground, he got up and opened the co-pilot door for me.

I gave him a complicated look.

Get in the car.

Norven White sat in the driver’s seat and asked me, “What do you want for dinner?”

“Everything is good, Mr. White, please order.”

I just want to make it clear quickly and end this relationship.

Norven White looked at me, “What do you want to eat.”

“What I want to eat, I’m afraid that President White can’t swallow.” I lowered my eyes and said jokingly.

At first, Norven White looked at me and said seriously, “I am also an ordinary person. If there is anything I can’t swallow, let’s talk, I will eat everything with you.”

I looked at Norven White, perhaps out of a vengeance, I looked at him, found an address on the phone, and said, “Okay, go here.”

The address posted on my mobile phone was a small restaurant near the orphanage.

Actually, I don’t know if there are any more.

When we were young, we had no pocket money and we all ate in the cafeteria.

Later, a sister got a scholarship from high school and took us to this small restaurant for dinner.

I have been eating in the cafeteria. It was the first time I ate outside. At that time, I thought it was the best food in the world!

I went to university a few times later.

When Norven White drove to the intersection, he couldn’t get in.

Just walk in together outside.

After going all around, I finally arrived at the restaurant. To my surprise, the small restaurant was still open.

Walking outside, the boss did not change.

He saw me and greeted me with a smile, “Oh, isn’t this Xiaoqi? I haven’t seen you in years.”

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