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Chapter 176

“Boss, you still remember me.”

I was a little surprised.

“No, you haven’t changed much in the past few years. I don’t want to recognize it.” The boss said cheerfully, looking at Norven White, “This is your boyfriend? Looks really expensive. At first glance, it’s no ordinary person.”

I have to say that the boss is really accurate.

I hooked my lips, “No, he’s just me…”

“I am his boyfriend.”

Norven White knew what I was going to say, so he grabbed it first.

I glanced at him, too lazy to argue.

The boss smiled and brought the menu to our table, “Have you quarreled? It’s okay, it’s fine to eat my food.”

His menu has not changed, it is still bound with a few sheets of paper, and the prices of the dishes are written by himself.

Over the years, the price hasn’t risen much.

I frowned slightly at the price of the food, “Boss, I’m afraid you will lose money by doing this business.”

The boss laughed, “Don’t be afraid, just be happy when doing business. Old customers like you are willing to come and chat with me, I will be happy. Making money is secondary.”

I ordered two dishes I used to eat and gave the menu to Norven White.

Ask him what he eats.

Norven White looked at the menu, seemingly confused, and finally said, “Just order it.”

“This gentleman is the big boss at first sight. Come, let me recommend it to you.” The boss is familiar with it and immediately picked up the menu and recommended it to Norven White.

After introducing it for a long time, Norven White only ordered a Mushu meat.

The boss goes to cook.

There were only two people in the small restaurant, me and him. I said, “Mr White has seen it, this is my life. You and I are two people.”

“It was not good before, so why do you always say this now.” Norven White frowned slightly.

I lowered my head, hesitated, then looked up, and said word by word, “Norven White, I used to love you and love you very much. Whether we are a kind of person or not, I am willing to overcome Suffering is with you, willing to adapt to you, as long as you have a look, I would rather go through water and fire.”

When Norven White heard me say this, there was no trace of joy in his eyes.

On the contrary, there is a touch of sorrow that cannot be removed.

I continued, “But after so many things, my sincerity has been consumed by you. I don’t want to love you anymore, I am tired.”

“Jia Rhodes, I…”

“Come on!”

When Norven White wanted to say something, the boss came out with a plate of Mushu meat. I knew only the smell. He hadn’t eaten it for so many years and his craftsmanship had not changed at all.

Still great.

The boss stood on the side, boasting, “Taste it quickly, it’s not me, or the cook of a five-star hotel may not be as delicious as I do.”

Norven White looked at the boss, as if waiting for him to leave.

I know this boss, he is enthusiastic and will not leave easily.

I smiled and said to Norven White, “Let’s eat, don’t say unhappy things when eating, otherwise it will affect your appetite, let’s talk about anything after eating.”

Norven White hesitated for a while before nodding.

After a bite of the food, from his expression, I know that he likes the food here!

Later, the boss finished everything.

After eating, Norven White asked him, “Are you willing to open a store outside? I will invest for you.”

“Haha, thank you boss for showing love.” The boss laughed, “I won’t go anywhere in my life, just guarding this shop. After all, this is my wife and I opened together.”

The boss mentioned his wife, so I asked, “Where is the boss? Why didn’t I see it?”

When I came to eat in the past, the boss cooked the dishes and the wife served the dishes.

I didn’t see it today.

Speaking of the boss’s wife, the boss’s face was a little disappointed, and he paused and said, “She, she got sick a few years ago and spent a lot of money. She thought it was cured, but she relapsed last year and passed away… “

“sorry, I do not know.”

I realized that I had said the wrong thing.

I just lost my grandmother and now I particularly understand the boss’s mood, how painful it is to lose an important person.

“It’s okay.” The boss downcast, “Oh, I don’t think she has had a good life with me in my life, and I must make a lot of money in my next life to let her live a good life.”

“A good husband like you is a good day.”

I comfort the boss.

When we checked out and left, Norven White had to pay more and was rejected by the boss.

Leaving the restaurant, we walked out along the winding road. It was already night, the street lights were dim, and neither of us spoke.

Seeing that I was approaching the car, I heard the man behind me saying, “Baby, don’t need you to love me this time, just let me love you, don’t need you to pay, I just pay.”

Just a few words made my heart tight.

I put my hands in front, clasped them tightly together, and said for a long time, “No, President White, you have this heart, and it will be rewarded to anyone. Don’t waste it on my heart.”

The surrounding area is very cheap and there are no taxis.

I had to choose to take Norven White’s car home. When I got off the car, Norven White still said, “Let me love you. You can accept it slowly. I just hope you don’t escape.”

I dared not look at him and left without a word.

A few days later, it was Rhodes Ci’s funeral.

That day, I wore a black suit and went to the place of burial. Only a few people came this time, all with familiar faces.

As soon as I passed, Zain Rhodes saw me and was furious. He pushed me directly and cursed, “You have a face! Get out!”

He roared, everyone looked at me, no one had a good face.

Lumia Fan also scolded, “You have made the Rhodes family like this, what face is there! Get out!”

Although I don’t know why they are so excited this time.

But I know my purpose very well.

I scanned everyone coldly, “I’m here to see grandma, not to see you.”

“Even if my mother is alive, she won’t want to see you!” Rhodes Zhaozhi finally said, “Jia Rhodes, you made the Rhodes clan yellow, are you happy!”

“What does Rhodes’s yellowing have to do with me?”

I frowned slightly.

“What does it have to do with you?” Rhodes Zhao rushed over and wanted to hit me.

I was prepared, and got out of the way.

Zain Rhodes glared at me, “You seduce Norven White and let him break his engagement with Julia at such a time! You mean-hearted woman!”

It turned out to be because of this.

I turned my face to look at Julia Rhodes, who was crying in the rain, “You ask her, if she doesn’t do those things that refresh the lower limit again and again, can Norven White be intolerable to her? What does it have to do with me.”

“Uuuuu, it’s all my fault…” Julia Rhodes continued to cry, not saying more why.

Even if the entire Rhodes family doesn’t welcome me, this is Rhodes Ci’s burial, and I will be here, and I want to say goodbye to my grandma.

Chapter 177

I have also discovered now that if people are shameless, they are naturally not afraid of anything.

Just stay there, Zain Rhodes, Rhodes Zhaozhi will do anything with me.

The people from the funeral company buried Rhodes Ci at the moment, and I personally added a handful of soil and murmured, “Grandma, goodbye.”

Since then, I am no longer the Rhodes family.

After the burial was over, I didn’t stay for a second, so I left.

In the afternoon, the news came out. Rhodes declared bankruptcy and his assets were bought by a mysterious person.

There are different opinions on who this mysterious person is.

I think, besides Norven White, who else?

I even thought that Norven White would give Julia Rhodes to Julia Rhodes in a few days, and Bomei smiled.

I waited for about a week, but it didn’t happen.

In this week’s world, Norven White came to pick me up every day, no matter how I refused, he worked hard. Although my work sometimes goes to the construction site, I have to report to the company wherever I go.

Norven White can also clearly grasp my dynamics.

I can’t even hide.

However, this kind of time only lasted for a week. On the night of the seventh day, when I came out of the construction site, I did not see Norven White as usual.

I guess, maybe he gave up?

Obviously there is some loss in my heart, but I feel better and quiet.

I take the bus home.

I don’t know why, but Norven White didn’t pick me up, but I didn’t feel any joy.

Not even thinking about what to do.

Back home, I ordered a few takeaways.

“Ding Dong.”

While I was waiting for the takeaway, the phone rang as a text message.

My first reaction was whether it was Norven White’s text message.

When I took out the phone, I looked at the three words [Patron] displayed on it.

There was a faint loss in my heart.

I clicked on the message and saw it said, [How are you doing? Are there any troubles at work that need my help? 】

I thought about it and started editing the information, and the doorbell rang.

Thinking it was a takeaway, I opened the door while replying to the message.

When I opened the door and looked up, I saw a man in black clothes standing outside, wearing a peaked cap, and the brim of the hat was very low.

He didn’t mention anything.

At that moment, a bad premonition rose in my heart!

The first reaction is to close the door!

But seeing that the door was about to close, the man’s foot suddenly stuck in the crack of the door!

I was panicked, thinking nothing, and no time to switch the address book or even dial 110. I just clicked the sponsor’s phone on the screen!

The call enters waiting.

When I begged the other party to answer the phone quickly, the door was suddenly knocked open!

There was a “bang”.

The wooden door hit my face.

When I felt dizzy, the man in black outside the door came in and realized something on my mouth, and my will was instantly stripped.


The crisp sound of a slap and the pain on my cheek gradually recovered my mind.

I opened my eyes slightly and focused for a long time before recognizing who the person in front of me was. First I heard her say, “Jia Rhodes, get up.”

Julia Rhodes!

My mind became sober a lot in an instant, and I was calm before I could see Julia Rhodes who was next to me.

She wears short hair, a sports suit, and rarely has makeup on her face.

In appearance, it looks a bit like a man.

“You…” I was hoarse and wanted to talk, but my head was so dizzy.

Glancing left and right, his hand touched something under him.

I am now lying on a bed that is one meter wide. The bed is very soft and looks like a high-level Simmons.

Although the room where it is located cannot be distinguished, it can be seen that the decoration is very high-end.

White walls, white furniture, sofas…

I subconsciously remembered to get up, and the sound of the chains rang out. My hands were quickly restrained, and I turned my head to see that my hands were locked.

“Hehe, Jia Rhodes, surprise?”

Julia Rhodes looked at my behavior and smiled lightly, the expression in her eyes was the whitest lotus.

I had a headache, but I quickly realized what was going on.

I looked at Julia Rhodes and said angrily, “Julia Rhodes, what the hell are you doing? Kidnapped me again?”

“Ah, shouldn’t you call my sister?” Julia Rhodes sat on the bed sideways, stretched out my somewhat messy hair, “my good sister.”

The next second, I raised my hand and slapped my face with a “pop”!

She is very strong!

With a slap, my ears buzzed and my left cheek was hot!

Although my hands are bound by chains, my feet are not!

As soon as I lifted my foot, I kicked Julia Rhodes’s stomach fiercely! Asked, “What do you want to do!”

My leg strength was not weak. When Julia Rhodes was caught by me, the whole person fell backward, the expression on her face was terrible pain.

She held her stomach and sat on the corner of the bed for ten seconds before getting up.

Pick up a laptop from the table behind!

I recognized it at a glance, it was my laptop!

She took the computer and walked towards me. Before I realized what she was going to do, she raised her hand and slammed the entire laptop directly at me!

I subconsciously wanted to use my hand to block it. As soon as I raised my hand, my wrist was locked by the chain, and I couldn’t raise my face at all!

It was too late when I wanted to turn my head again.

The whole computer is smashing into my face!

There was a “bang”.

I didn’t feel any pain for a few seconds.

I was smashed directly!

This laptop is for my work. Because I need to make and render pictures, it has a very high configuration and a heavy body!

It wasn’t until three or four seconds later that I felt the pain after the bone was smashed by the metal body!

There seems to be a thick liquid slipping down the nasal cavity.

Julia Rhodes looked at me like this, frowned and said, got up and picked up a few pieces of paper from the table behind, walked to my side, and gently wiped the underside of my nose.

When I picked it up again, the paper was red.

At this time, my head and face hurt so much.

Julia Rhodes looked at me like this, giggled, and said, “Jia Rhodes, do you know why you are here today?”

My head was smashed in a daze, I couldn’t even answer a word.

Julia Rhodes took the computer over and rubbed his hand on the computer surface, “Actually, if I don’t look at the contents inside, I might not even want to do it this way, but if I read it, I will let you experience me. Experience.”

I squinted at her, not understanding what she was talking about.

Julia Rhodes looked at me and smiled gracefully, “I didn’t expect it, I cracked your hidden encrypted file?”

“What hides encrypted files?”

I am at a loss.

“Are you still playing stupid here?!”

Julia Rhodes said, turning on my computer, and found a hidden file in the e-disk in a familiar way!

I have never seen this file.

She double-clicked the file, a box for entering a password popped out, and then quickly entered a string of numbers, and the file opened.

A bunch of photos popped out inside.

I probably took a look at a few more videos.

Chapter 178

Julia Rhodes turned her head to look at me, and asked grimly, “What is this, tell me what it is!”

“what is this?”

I am a little confused.

To be honest, although I know some basic computer operations, I don’t know how to hide folders.

I don’t even know the folder can be encrypted.

I haven’t seen her series of fluent operations.

Julia Rhodes glared at me, “Pretend less!”

“I really don’t know.” I squinted, trying hard to see clearly what the pictures are, but my computer has a 15-inch screen, and the pictures are too small.

I can’t see clearly.

Julia Rhodes looked as if she could see through me, “Do you think I will let you go by pretending to be innocent? Dreaming!”

After speaking, click on a video personally.

When the video came out, my face turned pale.

In the video, it turns out that Julia Rhodes was gangbanged and turned x!

How are these… in my computer?

When I stared at the screen dumbfounded, Julia Rhodes directly grabbed my hair and stared at me, “Why didn’t you threaten me with these videos? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for Norven White to make sure you want to fight? I’m married, and I will show this hole card again.”

She grabbed me and I had to look at her.

Julia Rhodes has always been very good at acting.

But at this moment, I watched her look disgusting when she looked at me, and I felt more and more that this video seemed to have really been discovered by her from my computer.

Not that she deliberately got in to kidnap me.

Julia Rhodes stared at me, “What’s wrong? Nothing to say?”


“Hehe, I advise you to think about it and say it again. This may be the last time you can speak so recklessly. Today I will let you suffer all the sins I have suffered before!” Julia Rhodes paused and said again. Of course, I will not only take it, but also give you a big gift.”

When she said this, she smiled terribly.

I was inexplicably cold sweat.

What has she experienced? It was clear in the video. Now the video is still playing, and the little gangsters invaded her one by one. Julia Rhodes resisted, and they played.

The shooting angle is changing, and every action is taken clearly.

“no, do not want!”

My heart is flustered! I am determined not to be treated like this.

Is there anyone in this house besides me and her?

“No?” Julia Rhodes looked at me and smiled, “You know? I’m looking for more people than you this time. In order to satisfy you, they are all blacks. I promise to feed you enough! Other men I can’t satisfy you!”

After Julia Rhodes finished speaking, hahaha laughed!

At this time, there was also the sound of people walking outside.

Julia Rhodes’s expression told me that she was not joking, someone was really waiting for me!

“No, no, don’t! What happened last time really has nothing to do with me, it really wasn’t what I did! This video is also the first time I saw you! I promise, I won’t send it out, you can delete it.” I thought for a while and felt that what I said was wrong, “There must be a behind-the-scenes man behind this, let us completely turn back, you should not deal with me now, but find this person.”

“Pretend less!” Julia Rhodes raised his hand and slapped me in the face, “It must be you! Who else in this world hates me so much besides you!?”

“I hate you, but I won’t do such a thing!”

I desperately tried to explain to her.

Julia Rhodes sneered, “No? I killed you and Norven White’s children and caused you to go to jail. You won’t do this? You are afraid that you want to kill me with all your thoughts!! !”

Yes, she was right.

I can’t wait to kill her for these things she did, so that she will never stand up!

However, I can’t do this no matter how hard I am!

“When I said I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it!” I shouted.

“Really?” Julia Rhodes rode directly on my waist, her back straight, and looked at me condescendingly, “You probably know everything I do.”


“Let you go to jail, that’s just the beginning. To talk about the latest thing, I bought Lu Yuhan and asked her to do something, but she actually bargained with me and said that Tang Ruo would also be killed. What surprised me was that you and that Tang Ruo’s relationship is actually pretty good.”

I have already guessed this matter.

I’m not surprised.

Julia Rhodes saw that I was unresponsive, and shook her head, “It seems that my business can’t make you angry anymore?” She paused, and brought her face close to me with a weird smile, “It’s okay, I know you Something more desperate.”

Seeing her smile, I suddenly had a bad feeling.

Julia Rhodes took out a small USB flash drive from her pocket and asked me, “Do you know what this is?”

I shook my head numbly.

Julia Rhodes suddenly smiled strangely when seeing my expression like this.

I didn’t say anything, just turned off the video that the computer was playing, and then inserted the U disk into the computer.

Soon the contents of the USB flash drive were read out on the computer.

Julia Rhodes opened it, found a folder precisely, and double-clicked it.

That is an audio file.

After opening, there was silence.

Soon after, I heard the voice of dialogue.

“Mr. White, things have been settled. Only his car will be on the high speed for a while. If there is an emergency, there will definitely be a problem. Then, even if he does not die, he will be disabled.”

This is a strange voice, I haven’t heard it.

But what he said, I just guessed that cold sweat broke out on my forehead.

Do not!


I screamed in my heart.

But right after that, I heard the voice I most wanted to hear.

Another voice came from the computer, “Sure no one saw it, right?”

The unfamiliar voice replied, “OK, I’ll do something, don’t worry.”

This sound is familiar to me.

Norven White.

It turned out that Qiaoyu Lu’s car accident was related to Norven White! He actually did it!

“No, no, Norven White has no reason to harm Qiaoyu Lu. Qiaoyu Lu and I have broken up, and we are no longer in touch. That time Qiaoyu Lu came, but because I was framed, he helped me! And he Come, Norven White doesn’t know either…”

My thoughts were broken and I still couldn’t believe what I was facing.

For a moment, I looked up at Julia Rhodes, “You are fake! This certainly won’t be true! There are so many voice adjustment software now, you can call up similar sounds casually!”


It must be like this, and it must be someone in his business that hurt Qiaoyu Lu.

It won’t be Norven White.

Not because of me!

I simply cannot accept that Qiaoyu Lu is because of my death!

I looked terrified, and seemed to finally satisfy Julia Rhodes. She raised her hand and turned off the audio that was already looping the second time.

Looking at me, he said word by word, “Don’t believe it? Why don’t you believe it? Think about it, who is Norven White.”

Chapter 179

I watched Julia Rhodes silently.

Julia Rhodes put his hands around his chest and put a smile away, “Norven White is the boss of Qingtian, the person at the top of the Flipvilla Pyramid. He is omnipotent. Such a man must have unlimited desire for control.”


“Think about it, I have so many unbearable past people, he has to control me, and tolerated, the day you dedicated your clean self to him, he has already regarded you as My own stuff!”


“Don’t deceive yourself!” Julia Rhodes interrupted my words directly, “You should be very, very aware of how possessive Norven White is! That time Qiaoyu Lu actually helped you to come to see you all the way after the siege, and also let Norven White knew that Qiaoyu Lu had calculated him!

Also, do you think Norven White does not know what happened to him? About Flipvilla, if he wants to, what can he not know? “

I have to say that every word Julia Rhodes said is correct.

But I don’t want to accept it!

Although I want to stay away from Norven White, I still refuse to believe that he has done such an unbearable thing.

Unwilling to believe that he has Qiaoyu Lu’s life in his hands!

I cleared up my mood, looked at Julia Rhodes, smiled calmly, “I’m sorry, I don’t believe it, unless Norven White comes to me personally, otherwise I won’t believe a word!”

Julia Rhodes didn’t seem to expect that I still didn’t believe it.

Frozen for a moment, looked at me in a daze, and began to show no expression.

Then suddenly started laughing!

“Hahahaha! It seems that the relationship between you and him is not as deep as usual.” She paused, and said reconciledly, “It’s not because of him that he hugged me and called your name when he drank too much. Hahahaha!”

Julia Rhodes couldn’t help laughing.

She laughed exaggeratedly.

The expression is very sad.

With a smile, tears fell from the corner of Julia Rhodes’s eyes. She wiped it reluctantly, then reached out and pinched my cheek fiercely, “However, everything will end today! After today, He will never recognize me as you again!”

“You, do you want to kill me?!”

I saw her hand in her pocket.

Soon, one thing was taken out of it!

Because the thing is not big, I can’t see it clearly, I can only see it through his fingers, it seems to be a brown thing.

It seems to be a bottle!

“Kill you? That’s not good.” Julia Rhodes again put on a pitiful expression, “You are my sister, how could I kill my own sister?”

She folded her hand and pinched what she had just taken out of her pocket with her index finger and thumb.

I can see the whole appearance of this bottle.

It is a small brown glass bottle. Not only the body is glass, but the lid is also glass. The liquid level inside is shaking.

Because the bottle is brown, the color of the liquid cannot be seen.

A layer of plastic wrap is wrapped between the lid and the bottle, which seems to prevent the liquid from spilling out.

what is this? !

Need to use pure glassware?

The answer is almost locked in several highly corrosive liquids…

“Let me go!”

In my mind, I suddenly recalled what a few people said the other day.

She said that if she didn’t get Norven White, she would take me to destroy it!

“Let you go?” Julia Rhodes shook the glass bottle in front of him, staring at the liquid surface, “Jia Rhodes, do you know? What I hate most is that you have the same face as me. I was in school for the first time. When I saw you, the first reaction was disgusting!

I never expected that grandma would pick you home! “

“Grandma is dead, you and I are completely unrelated people!”

I have just thought of what Julia Rhodes will do!

No way!

I can’t let her do this!

“It’s okay?” Julia Rhodes looked down at me with no expression on her face, “How could it be okay? You exposed my past to Norven White from the beginning; later you exposed me plagiarizing other people’s works; finally you even asked someone to rape I, now Norven White has retired and doesn’t want me at all. The Rhodes clan is bankrupt, and my good days are gone!”

“Julia Rhodes, you have hands and feet, you can work by yourself!”

“Work on my own? Why should I work on my own? A woman was born to be raised by men? Why should I work on my own!” Julia Rhodes lowered her head and looked at me with straight eyes, “Moreover, in order to become Mrs. White, I am long gone, since you ruined my dream, let’s destroy it together!”

“no no!”

I was terrified!

Started desperately for her.

But she was sitting on my waist, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t kick her.

I started turning around, trying to get her off me.

Fortunately, Julia Rhodes is light.

I desperately moved my leg to the side of the bed, and she couldn’t help it.

When she was about to fall, she shouted, “You guys come in!”

As soon as the voice fell, five men came in outside!

All black.

The height is about 1.9 meters.

Full of tendon meat! The arms of the people inside are thicker than my legs!

My sweat shed in an instant.

“No, no, no, no!” I don’t want to be defiled by these people. At this time, I am afraid that yours will explain to Julia Rhodes, “It’s not that the gangster I’m looking for violates you. This whole thing has nothing to do with me. We are all calculated by others!”

Julia Rhodes didn’t listen at all. She raised her hand and touched the muscles of a man next to her, “Sister, look at how good I am to you, you will find me a gangster, but I will pay you a lot of money to find the thickest man in the world, promise Satisfy you.”

“Do not!”

“You guys, help me hold her leg first!”

Julia Rhodes said it in Mandarin.

Several black people stood there, confused.

It seems that I don’t understand Mandarin.

Julia dreamed that several people didn’t understand, and seemed to understand that they couldn’t understand what she said, so she pointed to my leg and said, “holdthis!” in bad English.


I shook my head desperately and kicked.

But these people didn’t listen to me. They probably understood Julia Rhodes’s meaning, and quickly came over, grabbed my leg from left to right, and quickly lifted me back to the center of the bed.

Two more people came over and grabbed my hand!

Only then did Julia Rhodes slowly open the glass bottle in her hand.

He lifted it up a little bit above my eyes, looked at me and said, “Don’t be afraid, just drop it, and no one will think we look the same anymore, and no one will see me again. Sounded at you.”

The pungent smell rushed from the mouth of the bottle, proving that it was really sulfuric acid!

“No! You are crazy! Julia Rhodes! You are crazy!” I’m really scared!

Fear was raised to the climax.

Julia Rhodes looked at me, her eyes widened, “Yeah, I’m crazy! It’s because you messed up my life that I was crazy!”

As he said, his hand tilted slightly…

Chapter 180

I was so scared that I immediately turned away!

A hand stretched out from the side, grabbed my hair instantly, forcing me to turn my face away!

“Do not……”

I struggled.

I only felt that there was liquid dripping on my face, and after only about 0.1 second, I felt that the left half of my face seemed to be on fire!


The pain made me unable to shout out!



This burning and painful feeling made my heart burst out with infinite desire to survive!

With a jerky hand, I pulled my right hand out of the black man’s hand!

An inertia, “pop!” Open the glass bottle in Julia Rhodes’s hand!

The moment the bottle flew out, I clearly saw the transparent liquid splashing out of the bottle mouth!

Julia Rhodes seemed a little surprised. During that gap, my right hand desperately grasped Julia Rhodes’s hair, “Let me go! Let me go! Help!”

My left face seemed to be burned by fire, and I dared not touch it, so I could only hold Julia Rhodes’s hair.

“Let go!”

“You let me go! Take me to the hospital!”

I only feel that the burning sensation on the left face spreads a little bit, it feels like half of the face feels unbearable pain.

A black man walked over and slapped my hand, which hurt me, and with force, he pulled off the wig Julia Rhodes was carrying!

Julia Rhodes stood up quickly, looked at me, her expression became excited, “Jia Rhodes! You are so beautiful now! I really want Norven White to look at you now! Hahaha!”

She stepped back a little bit!

I knew she was leaving and yelled, “No! Let me go! I’m going to the hospital!”

I don’t want to be disfigured!

Absolutely not!

“Go to the hospital?” Julia Rhodes smiled grimly. “How can you go to the hospital if you haven’t enjoyed the service I prepared for you?”

After speaking, I looked at the black people around, thought about it, and reluctantly said, “doit.”

Two words, black people understand.

The only one who was idle immediately took off his upper body clothes, revealing big muscles!

“No, no! Don’t come over!”

Pain and fear, panic, occupy all my emotions!

Julia Rhodes smiled triumphantly, picked up the wig on the side of the ground, originally went out, but suddenly turned back, and said to me, “I also prepared a big gift for you. One of the five of them has AIDS, hahaha!”

After speaking, turned and left.


Do not!

At this time, a few black people have quickly pressed over!

“No!” I tried to communicate with them in English. From their expressions, I knew that they would definitely understand what I said.

But unmoved.

A few people started to tear my clothes wantonly, and I struggled hard!

He was hit hard by one person!

Their fists are really big sandbags, but with just one punch, I was beaten up and my face hurts worse.

However, maybe because of my resistance just now, they were upset, and one of them started to beat me crazy!

I struggled a few times at first.

But later, my consciousness became weaker and weaker, and my body couldn’t move anymore. Only the burning pain in my cheeks made me awake a little bit.

Seeing that I was not moving, several black people seemed to think I had passed out.

Invariably stop the action.

Not only hit me, but also violated me.

Because of the constant pain in my left cheek, my mind was intermittent, but I seemed to hear a few people discussing something.

Someone asked, “Who are we listening to?”

Someone replied, “Of course it is who gives the money and listens to whom!”

What do you mean?

At this time, the pain could no longer make my mind sober, and finally fainted.

“School girl.”

When I was unconscious, I heard someone calling me.

The voice is very soft, but familiar.

I opened my eyes in a daze, but found myself in the darkness, unable to see my fingers.

In this darkness, a place gradually lit up, and I saw Qiaoyu Lu.

He stood one meter away from me, dressed in a pure white suit, just like an official groom…

“Senior…” I saw him, unconsciously wanting to walk over.

Want to hug him.

However, when I took a step, I found that Qiaoyu Lu was standing one meter away from me. No matter how fast I walk, it will not change the distance between me and him…

“Senior, I miss you so much, come here!”

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