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Chapter 181

But in the next second, I realized something more terrifying than disfigurement!

I touched my place, my legs moved without feeling.

Could it be that I was in a coma for too long?

still is……

There is no feeling of being violated in my place. Even if Norven White and I spent a longer time together, I would still feel pain there the next day.

If those black people really did something, it would be impossible for me to feel nothing here.

Could it be…

I have not been violated? !

But how is this possible!

They were invited by Julia Rhodes, how could Julia Rhodes show mercy to my men.

When I hesitated, I also remembered the conversation of the black people before the coma.

What they meant was that there should be another employer…

At this moment, my head was in a mess. Before I thought about it, the door suddenly opened.

I turned my head and saw a middle-aged man coming in from the door with a small bag in his hand. When I saw my eyes open, he was taken aback for a while before he said, “Are you awake? I’ll call a doctor.”

After speaking, he turned and went out again.

I’ve seen him to be more certain, I haven’t seen this person at all.

Who is he?

After a while, the man came in with two doctors and a nurse, and I saw one of the doctors’ badge saying [Director: Lei Ban].

As far as I know, this chief physician is very powerful!

The two doctors did a series of checks for me, but they didn’t check there.

I asked first, “How did you find me? How long have I been in a coma?”

The middle-aged man replied, “My boss used your mobile phone to find you. You were in a coma before it was delivered. It has been almost 10 hours now.”

“Your boss?”

“Well, my boss is your patron, I am his assistant, my surname is Wang.”

That Assistant Wang said I was all right here.

But I still couldn’t help asking, “Then when you see me, I…”

I can’t ask the next words.

The doctor still understood, and proactively said, “Let’s avoid it. Ask the nurse if you have any questions.”

After talking about a few people, he left.

There is only one nurse left in the ward.

Now I didn’t hesitate anymore, and asked, “What was the situation when I was sent?”

“This…” The nurse looked at me and wanted to say something, but he hesitated, and stopped for a few seconds before saying, “You, when you were sent here, you were raped! It’s all swollen there, we, I It’s good to give you medicine!”

She spoke very loudly.

And I noticed that her hand was slightly clenched, and she was very nervous at first glance.

“You are lying!” I stared at her and said word by word.

As soon as the words were spoken, the nurse was taken aback!

Looking at me, his eyes were full of guilty conscience, “Lying? Why should I lie! There are all prescription records!”

“But I feel nothing here, nor swelling.”

I stared at the nurse as I spoke.

She bit her lower lip with her upper teeth, her eyes drooping slightly, not looking at me, just drifting from side to side.

These actions clearly show that she is lying!

The nurse refused to admit, “That’s because our medicine is effective. Believe it or not, whether you are strong or not, you must be clear in your heart!”

“Of course I know everything.” At this moment, I realized something. I leaned out of the bed slightly, grabbed the nurse standing next to the bed, and asked, “Say, who told you to lie!”

“Ah?! I… I didn’t!” The nurse was shocked, and the first reaction was to pull her hand, “I didn’t lie!”

I didn’t hold her tightly.

The nurse struck her hand at once, and then left quickly!

When I wanted to chase it out, several doctors and the assistant Wang had already entered.

The doctor saw that I was about to get out of bed and immediately stopped me, “Lie down!”

“What happened to me yesterday and today? Did I get raped before I was sent?!”

At this time, I simply can’t take care of that much.

Just ask the two doctors.

And Assistant Wang.

Although I believe in my heart that I have not been violated, I am still not sure. After all, the person Julia Rhodes is looking for will not violate me. How many men have done that, will they not violate me? !

how is this possible!

I need a theoretical support to determine my own judgment!

The three men were inexplicably guilty.

No one said anything, and finally Assistant Wang spoke first, “When the boss’s people found you, you were the only one over there. It was indeed disheveled, but as for the others, I don’t know…”

“We only did a squeeze check for you, and we haven’t found any…”

The doctor did not finish, I already knew what he was going to say, I glared at him and said, “I was threatened to be raped, and some of those people have AIDS!”

In a word of mine, two of them took a half step back in unison.

Only one person did not move, that is the chief physician, Ban Lei.

I saw him just about to ask, but Ban Lei spoke first, “The transmission route of HIV is very narrow, and daily contact will not be contagious.”

A few words explained his behavior at once.

Not because I knew I was not assaulted, but because I knew that AIDS would not be contagious like this.

“but I……”

despair! I want to say something for myself, but I can’t.

“If you are not completely sure that you have not been s3xually assaulted, or whether that person has HIV, then I will quarantine and you will immediately start taking barrier drugs.”

Ban Lei made a proposal to me.

“Blocking medicine?” I was confused when I heard this word for the first time.

“Barrier drugs are also called post-exposure prophylaxis drugs. Few people know about them now…” Ban Lei began to briefly introduce the barrier drugs to me.

I probably understood it. It is a medicine to prevent infection, but it takes 28 days to check for infection.

Moreover, the drug should be taken 72 hours at the latest, and taking the drug within 24 hours will increase the probability of blocking.

“Then… or I’ll take it.”

The reason I say this is because I initially thought that this medicine is just like a rabies nursery, but it is taken every day.

But Ban Lei told me, “This medicine has more side effects, you just have the possibility, you have to consider it carefully.”

“Serve it.”

I hesitated for a while, but still agreed.

Just in case, an extra layer of protection is always good.

“No! She shouldn’t be able to take this.” Assistant Wang said immediately when I heard that I was going to take the barrier medicine.

His voice was loud and he was very emotional.

Both doctors and I looked at him.

Does he know anything?

“Assistant Wang, why?” I asked him.

“Oh yes, the head teacher, she is pregnant.”

Before Assistant Wang said anything, a doctor next to him said to Ban Lei.

His words are like thunder on the ground!

I opened my eyes and looked at the doctor, “What? You, what did you just say!?”

I can’t believe my own ears at all.

Chapter 182

I’m pregnant? who?

The answer speaks for itself.

In my whole life, if the child was not violated yesterday, the father of the child could only be one person.

But when…

Is it during the design competition? Recently, only Norven White and I did it that day, and no measures have been taken yet…

“I’m pregnant, if I take medicine, this child will definitely be out of order.”

Ban Lei said calmly.

It seems that such things are just commonplace for him, and it is not worth making a fuss about.

“I won’t do it!”

I barely hesitated and said these four words decisively.

Ban Lei was a little surprised, “Don’t do it? Little girl, if the child is gone, you can have it again. If you get HIV, it will be a matter of taking medicine for a lifetime.”


Of course I know exactly what AIDS is!

It is one of the few terminal illnesses in the world that has no cure.

Once infected, you have to wait to die.

For me, death is not terrible, and there is no one in this world that makes me worthy of nostalgia.

I looked up at Ban Lei, “I want to ask you, if I really get sick, will it affect my child?”

“This… the chance of a mother passing the virus to her child is 20-40%. Your situation is quite special, but no matter what you do, you can’t be 100% guaranteed or you won’t be infected.”

Ban Lei’s explanation immediately made me desperate.

Even if it is a one percent possibility, I don’t want to bring it to my children.

The only way to do now is…

The conversation of the black man before my coma and the nurse just now appeared in my mind!

“What about the nurse just now!” I grabbed Ban Lei, “I’m looking for her!”

Ban Lei was taken aback by my behavior.

I looked at Assistant Wang again, “The nurse just had a problem, she must know who is behind the scenes!”

After I finished speaking, when I saw all three of them, they were all confused and didn’t seem to be looking for them.

I walked outside the ward, and several people followed.

When I walked outside, I looked around on the whole floor, but there was almost no one on the whole floor.

“Your current situation is not suitable for going to the ground.” Another doctor advised me at the back, and I ignored him at all.

Ban Lei seemed to be unable to see it anymore, and stopped a passing nurse and asked, “Where is Xiao Zhang?”

The nurse glanced at Ban Lei with a complicated expression, “Xiao Zhang, after coming out of the ward just now, she suddenly said that she was going to resign. The head nurse said that she would leave next month…”

“Resign?” Ban Lei frowned.

“Yes.” The nurse nodded, “but she didn’t listen and insisted on leaving. As a result, she just got downstairs and was hit by a passing motorcycle for some reason. Now she has been sent to the rescue room. “


Ban Lei was stunned!

Leave us behind and walk downstairs quickly.

I wanted to follow, but Assistant Wang grabbed me, “Miss Rhodes, you are currently weak and injured. I will help you to see it. You are here waiting for my news.” Then, he took out a business card from his pocket and handed it over. Give me, “Your things are in the cabinet in the ward.”

After speaking, he hurriedly left with Ban Lei.

I looked at the business card, it was clean, with only Wang Chao written on it.

There are mailboxes and phone numbers below.

I walked back with my business card, and my heart became more confused.

Was it accidental or deliberate murder? !

How could it be such a coincidence!

I don’t want to kill this child, but what if I really get sick and pass the disease to my child?

No matter how society changes, everyone’s prejudice against this disease will not change.

That way, my child will be looked down upon.

Will not be able to lift his head for a lifetime, and live in the shadows for a lifetime.

“How to do……”

After entering the ward, I squatted on the floor, holding my head in both hands, desperate!

I really can’t choose!

I have lost a child, so how can I bear to kill my second child.

But in case, what if I am really assaulted and contracted AIDS?

Although in my heart, I can basically conclude that my being violated should be an illusion made by others. I think the purpose of that person is obvious, which is to separate me and Julia Rhodes.

It might even be for Norven White.

No matter what, I don’t want to bear the possibility of one in ten thousand!

I remembered Ban Lei’s words, he said that you can start taking the medicine within 72 hours, but the shorter the time, the greater the possibility of blocking. I was in a coma for less than 10 hours, so I should still have time!

If I find the person behind this time, maybe I can…

I can’t do it alone.

Someone must help me.

That person must be willing, and I can believe it for the time being.

After weighing everything, there is only one candidate-Norven White.

Only him!

Although Qiaoyu Lu’s death may be related to him, these things can be put aside.

I want to save my child first!

To confirm this, I did not hesitate to go to the cabinet to get my mobile phone.

And when I opened the cabinet, I found my computer was lying in it too. I was surprised!

Thinking of what Julia Rhodes showed me, I quickly started the computer and displayed hidden files according to her method that day.

However, there is no hidden folder in my computer at all!

At first I thought that I made a mistake, and after searching on Baidu for a long time, I confirmed that it was not that I made a mistake, but that there was no such folder.

“Why is this.”

I am even more confused.

This whole thing made me confused, but after thinking about it, my back felt cold, and I was terrified of thinking about it.

Although this person didn’t know who it was, he made a complete break with Julia Rhodes with a little trick.

And there is no trace left.

This person shouldn’t be Norven White, right?

It must not be him.

I don’t think Norven White will be despicable to this level anyway.

I closed the computer and called Norven White.

He didn’t answer at first, and it took about 5 minutes before he called me. The first sentence was, “I was in a meeting just now, and the call came out when I saw you.”

His tone was a little relaxed, even with a little joy.

It’s as if I don’t even know what happened to me…

I took a deep breath and said to Norven White, “Mr. White, I will send you my address in a moment. Come here, I want to tell you something.” I felt my tone was a bit stiff, and I exhaled. The voice softened and asked, “Can you?”


Norven White immediately agreed.

He agreed without asking anything.

After hanging up the phone, I checked my address with map software. It was in a place called [Anxin Hospital].

I stood at the door and looked downstairs to confirm that my ward was on the 3rd floor. I took another look at the bed number and sent it to him.

It was very close to Qingtian, and I knew he would be here soon, but I became nervous.

I went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and looked at the gauze wrapped around my face…

Chapter 183

The gauze completely covered my left face and the bridge of my nose, leaving only the nostrils to vent.

Maybe to prevent infection, the gauze was wrapped tightly, which made my face deformed.

My hand is stroking the gauze, and I even feel pain when I press it lightly!

What does this look like below?

I can’t help being curious.

Will it be extremely ugly?

I was suddenly afraid that Norven White would see me like this.

I went out to the nurse desk and asked for a mask. I hurriedly took it on. Just about to go back to the ward, I saw Norven White coming down from the elevator.

The man was wearing a silver suit without a tie, and the top button of the shirt inside was unbuttoned.

I haven’t seen him for a few days, and he is still so excited.

He quickly saw me.

Although I wear a mask, I can only cover the bandage on my cheeks, but the bandage on my nose is still exposed.

“What’s wrong with your face?”

Norven White walked quickly to me and stretched out his hand.

I thought he was going to take off my mask. I was so frightened that I took a step back, put my hands on the mask, lowered my head and said, “Go to my ward and talk.”

Norven White followed me to the ward with apologetic expressions, “Sorry, I have been too busy these few days and haven’t noticed your situation. Why are you hospitalized? What is the problem, do you need to be transferred?”

I shook my head, keeping my mask with my hands and blocking the bandage on my nose.

I don’t know why, as soon as I saw Norven White, the recording Julia Rhodes was listening to me appeared in my mind.

Is Qiaoyu Lu’s death really related to Norven White?

This is the most urgent thing I want to know, but I can’t ask, for my children, I have to ask Norven White to help me.

I sat back on the bed, kept a distance of one meter from Norven White, and said, “I was kidnapped by Julia Rhodes yesterday?”

“Kidnapping?” Norven White frowned slightly, touching his hand in his pocket, as if he was planning to make someone worse.

“Wait a minute.” I hurriedly called to him, and said in a somewhat pleading tone, “Let me finish.”

I told Norven White that Julia Rhodes had kidnapped me yesterday, and then let a few blacks force me, and that one of the blacks had AIDS.

Maybe it’s vanity. I didn’t say that she threw sulfuric acid on me.

It just said that the face was hurt.

When I said that, the man’s face became more and more ugly, he was clenched tightly on his leg, and the blue veins on the back of his hand were obvious.

What is he angry with? I don’t know and don’t want to guess.

After I finished talking about the matter, I said, “After I woke up, I didn’t feel overwhelmed in my lower body, but I didn’t dare to take the risk. I should have taken blocking medicine just in case, but…”


Norven White got up and walked towards me step by step.

His behavior seems to tell me that he doesn’t mind if I have AIDS.

I flinched back, hesitated, and told him, “But, I’m pregnant.”

“Pregnant?!” Norven White was stunned when he heard this, his eyebrows were quickly dyed with joy, and he walked a few steps to the bed, hugged me directly, looked up at me, and asked, “What do you mean, isn’t it? Am I going to be a father?”

The man’s appearance made me feel a little at a loss for a while. His ecstasy made me feel a little happy because I might be infected with AIDS and knew that I had no joy since pregnancy.

“Let me down.” I frowned. “I just said that I was pregnant, but I didn’t say that the baby is yours.”

“Your child, of course it is mine.”

Norven White gently put me back on the bed, half kneeling on the edge of the bed, holding my hand.

In the deep eyes, there is trust, nothing else.

His appearance made me feel a little at a loss, “But I can’t take my child to bet. What if I am not violated is just a kind of self-deception in my heart for self-protection after being stabbed?”

“…I see, I will contact the police now to find Julia Rhodes.”

Norven White took out his cell phone as he spoke.


I looked at Norven White suspiciously. This was the first time he had looked for the police about Julia Rhodes.

“Yes.” Norven White raised his hand and touched my hair, “I owe Julia Rhodes, but after so many years, I have paid it off. From now on, I won’t owe her, so I will naturally go the normal way. .”

“Norven White…”

I looked at the man in front of me and my heart moved slightly.

He even came up with an idea, if he didn’t kill Qiaoyu Lu…

When this idea came up, it was quickly strangled by me, and I changed the subject, “Before I was beaten into a coma, I heard a few black conversations…”

I guessed that the black person might have a bilateral employer, and I told him about the nurse just now.

“Ok, I understand.”

Norven White began to call.

I thought of what Ban Lei said, grabbed him, and told him, “The doctor here said that the blocking rate of the barrier drug within 24 hours is higher, and it cannot exceed 24 hours at the latest.”

Hearing what I said, Norven White’s face sank, opened his arms, bent over to hug me, and patted my back twice, “Don’t worry, everything will be done in 24 hours.”

His voice is very soft, but it is loud in my ears.

It’s like if he says, I will believe it.

Norven White took the phone and went out, all my thoughts were on the nurse just now.

If she is alive, everything will be much easier.

I wanted to secretly go downstairs and take a look. As soon as I arrived at the elevator entrance, I saw Norven White calling by the window next to the elevator.

When the man saw me, he frowned slightly, walked over a few steps and directly circled me in his arms, without talking to me, but continued to call.

“Well, please.” He hung up the phone after saying these words, then looked down at me, “Where are you going?”

“I…I want to see that nurse.”

I was a little embarrassed when I spoke.

Norven White belonged to the kind of man with high appearance, good figure, and even more speechless temperament. Since entering this level of inpatient department, all the nurses’ eyes have fallen on him.

Now that he and I are so close, the nurses are even more spitting eyes!

“No.” Norven White said nothing. He leaned over and dragged my thighs and picked me up like a child. “It’s windy outside. Pregnant women are weak and can’t be exposed to the wind. This kind of errands, I Just find someone to do it.”

“You, you let me down.”

“Don’t move, there are so many people in the hospital, I can only hold you like this.” Norven White raised his eyes to look at me, and k!ssed my only exposed eyelids in a thunderous manner.

My face flushed with a “huh”.

When I entered the ward, the man put me back on the bed and slightly curled my lips. “Ye Ze is down. I just asked him to see it. He said that the nurse is not awake.”


I have a nasty response.

The man stared at me with a pair of black eyes, as if possessed by a demon. He raised his hands and suddenly pressed me onto the bed. He leaned over and put one hand on a millimeter away from my mask, begging,” Baby, okay, I want to k!ss you.”

Chapter 184

Heartbeat, missed a beat.

I hurriedly protected my mask and shook my head desperately, “No, AIDS seems to be contagious with saliva!”

Norven White didn’t mind at all, put a hand next to my ear, and said, “Don’t be afraid, if that happens, then we will take the blocking medicine together.”

The man’s hand was wrapped around my waist, and the hot breath sprayed on my face.

I can feel it even through the mask.

Until the man leaned over to k!ss my neck, pressing his forehead on my mask…



I took a breath.

Norven White was so scared that he got up immediately, “What’s the matter?”

“My face hurts.” I held my face with my hands, aggrieved.

It really hurts.

Norven White seemed to realize something, and looked at me solemnly, “What the hell is going on?”


I was silent, I really didn’t have the courage to tell Norven White about the possible disfigurement.

If he knew, what would happen.

I don’t know what it will look like under the bandage now.

When I hesitated, Norven White’s cell phone rang, and the man took out his cell phone and took a look, then went out to pick it up.

After about 5 minutes, he came back.

Behind him, a man followed.

The height is only about 1.6 meters, and the figure is very thin, but from the face, it should be an adult.

As soon as the person came in, he looked around, “Where is the computer, I’ll take a look.”

I froze for a moment.

This person didn’t even introduce himself, so he wanted to use my computer.

This touching emotional intelligence makes me think that there are only polytechnic men.

Instead, Norven White introduced him, “This is Xiaoba, a computer expert, show him your computer.”

“it is good.”

I nodded and quickly took out the computer. Although there was no power supply, it was okay. There was some built-in power.

I handed the computer to a person named Xiao Ba. He quickly turned on the computer and probably read a few system files before asking, “Which disk was the hidden folder at that time?”

“E drive.”

I answer.

Xiao Ba nodded slightly, and quickly carried out a set of fluent operations. In an instant, several semi-permeable files appeared on the e-disk, which I had never seen before.

But there is no folder inside.

He probably glanced at it and manipulated some things I couldn’t understand. Finally, he pointed to an unhidden, very common file on the c drive and said, “Your computer has indeed been infected with a virus. This virus can be used on your computer. When connected to the Internet, download the specified file to your computer.”


I looked at the screen carefully and felt that what he pointed out to me was just an ordinary file.

“It has been deleted. This virus is hidden very deeply. It should be the last time you turned on the computer. The virus automatically deleted the video file and itself from your computer. If your computer automatically cleans up this legacy file, it will also It is cleaned up as a trace of use. In that case, there will be no trace of the virus in the computer.”

Xiao Ba kept explaining to me the principle of this virus.

I listened to it in the cloud, but I probably understand it. The basic meaning is that the video is gone.

“Then, can you find out who did this?”

Norven White asked Xiaoba.

“It can be, but I need to bring this computer back.”

“how long will it takes?”

I looked at Xiaoba.

I don’t feel bad about computers, but we don’t have much time.

Xiao Ba thought for a while, “The longest is probably two or three hours, but I have to hurry back now and it will take some time.”

“Okay.” Now I can only try more.

Xiao Ba took the computer and left, and Norven White’s phone rang again.

This time he picked it up in the ward without going out. I heard him say, “Ye Ze, how’s the investigation going?”

Then Norven White’s complexion became very bad.

In the hand holding the phone, the joints were slightly white.

Before he said a word, he listened to Ye Ze talking over there.

About two minutes later, Norven White said, “I know, continue to investigate, and I will find her after you reach the end of the world!”

Upon hearing this, I seem to have realized what happened.

Sure enough, Norven White hung up the phone and looked at me, “Julia Rhodes has gone abroad. Although it is a short-term study tour, it is difficult to find people abroad.”

I looked down slightly.

This line is broken.

If you can’t find it out, then you may end up with abortion and medication blocking medicine.

I’m so unwilling!

Norven White saw that I was not in a high mood. In order to appease me, he walked to the side, sat on the bed, and took me into his arms. The results are coming soon, and the police are also calling for the video to find those black people.”

“Well, I believe you.”

I lowered my head. At this moment, I have no other choice but to believe in Norven White.

After all, with my own ability, let alone 24 hours, even 240 hours, I am afraid I can’t find out anything.

Time passed by every minute.

I was sitting on the bed with my hands on my stomach, and when I thought of my little baby here, there was hope in my heart, but also despair.

Afterwards, Norven White kept answering the phone.

However, there was no more useful news. Everything seemed to be broken with Julia Rhodes’s going abroad.

At noon, Norven White asked the servant to bring lunch. Although I had no appetite, I thought of the baby in my stomach.

Thinking that he still had hope of being alive, I reluctantly ate all the food.

After 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the 24 hours were getting closer and closer.

When I was lying in bed and looking at the ceiling in despair, the door of the ward was opened. I turned my head and saw Ban Lei coming in.

He saw Norven White in the ward get cold, and then said to me, “Xiao Zhang has been rescued, but I don’t know when he will wake up.”

“Well, thank you Doctor Ban.”

I sat up and replied.

Ban Lei looked at me like this, looked at his watch again, and couldn’t help but persuade, “You were delivered at 10 o’clock yesterday, and there are about 7 hours before 24 hours. Of course, the sooner you decide, the more it is good.”

“Ang, I know.”

I was sitting on the bed with my head numb.

How to do.

Will the child be knocked out to take a barrier drug?

I am not willing.

I looked at Norven White, tears falling down.

The man walked up to me, held me in his arms, wiped the tears from my cheeks with his hands, “Don’t cry, it’s not the end, don’t worry, my people are checking.”

“Yes, in case, in case…”

“There is no case, you will be fine, and our children will be fine.”

Norven White patted me on the back.

I know he is comforting me, all things, unless I have seen it with my own eyes, or those black people say it in person, can not be the final answer.

When I couldn’t cry, Norven White’s phone rang again. The man picked up the phone and listened to the opposite, his expression on his face was more solemn than before.

Chapter 185

When the man hung up, I controlled my emotions and asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Norven White looked at me, frowned, was silent for a moment, and shook his head, “It’s okay.”


At work, Norven White is definitely a person of emotion and anger.

But even he can’t control his emotions.

Explain that this matter is very big.

I stretched out my hand, circled Norven White, and pressed my face to the man’s abdomen, “Tell me, I’m not afraid.”

Norven White was silent for a while and told me, “The police said that the corpses of a few black people were found by the river in the suburbs.”

“They are also dead?” I can hardly believe it, tears have wet the gauze of my face.

But I still can’t help crying.

“Don’t be afraid, even if there are no children, we can still make another one, as long as you live.” Norven White patted me.

I know that at this time he, like me, has already prepared for the worst.

However, I am really scared.

I looked up at him, “Norven White, do you think Julia Rhodes has this ability? There must be more powerful people behind this, no matter what his purpose is, but it is undeniable that they are really amazing. If you don’t find They, next time they come, what should I do?”

Hearing what I said, Norven White’s expression remained unchanged.

I know that he thought of this a long time ago.

The man patted the back of my head, “I will protect you and will not let anyone hurt you.”

“How to protect me? Do you keep me in the house and never go anywhere?”


When I said this, Norven White was silent.

I know, I guessed it right.

In fact, Norven White and I have been together for so long, and now he says he loves me, so he treats me well in every possible way.

But if he goes to extremes and desperately controls me, it is not impossible at all.

“Norven White, let me go, I am not worthy of you.”

I don’t want to bet on my children anymore.

What’s more, I decided to abandon him a long time ago.

The man didn’t say anything, just hugged me like that.

After dinner, it was 8 o’clock.

Ban Lei came again, “Have you considered it? Miscarriage can be done later, but it is recommended to take the barrier medicine immediately. After 24 hours, the risk will increase.”


I hesitated.

Put your hands on your lower abdomen, is this child going again?

I just learned that he has existed for less than ten hours!

Norven White knew that I was hesitating. He came over, grabbed my hand, and said gently, “The child is gone, we can ask for it again, but if you really get sick, you won’t get better in your life. I won’t have a baby for a lifetime.”

He was right.

“But…” I looked up at Norven White, “I can’t bear it.”

How can I be willing?

Norven White’s dark eyes were also full of sadness, but he was still comforting me, “The next child, I promise, I promise that he can be born safely and grow up healthy and healthy, OK?”


“Miss Rhodes, hurry up and make a decision. Alas, you are not racing against time, you are racing against death. If you think about it, you will have it.”

Ban Lei also advised me.

Perhaps, to live is hope.

I watched the time go by, and finally made up my mind, “Okay.”

Hearing my agreement, the two men next to him were obviously relieved, and Ban Lei said quickly, “I will prescribe the barrier medicine. Just wait here.”

In less than twenty minutes, Ban Lei brought the blocking medicine.

I looked at the three pills in front of me, and I was a little backed out.

At this moment, Norven White received a text message. He looked at me and said, “Let’s eat. During the autopsy of those black people, one of them was indeed AIDS.”

Must I eat it?

I looked at these three medicines, as long as I take them, the baby is gone.

But Julia Rhodes was right, one of those people really had AIDS…

She is really amazing. If I get sick, I might not have a baby in my life.

When I made up my mind to eat…

Norven White’s phone rang again!

I took a look, and it turned out to be an internet call!

Could it be that Xiao Ba?

I looked at Norven White excitedly, as if grabbing the last straw!

Norven White hesitated for a moment, and still picked up the Internet phone. It turns out that it was indeed Xiao Ba, who made the video call.

Ban Lei looked at the situation and said, “Oh, let me go out first, and come back in half an hour. This can’t be delayed.”

When Ban Lei was walking out, Xiao Ba first said, “Mr. White, when I was checking this computer just now, the virus file actually sent another video. I think…it’s necessary for you to take a look.”

“it is good.”

Norven White immediately agreed.

My heart also hangs!

Xiao Ba switched to the screen with the VoIP phone and started to play the video on the computer. I froze after only a glance!

In the computer, “I” is naked, being assaulted by five black men.

And the video is very clear, and the details of the violation can be clearly seen.

And the “I” in the video closed his eyes and looked in a coma.

My eyes are fixed on the screen, it seems that when I see some clues…

“Crack” Norven White turned off the screen in one click!

“Oh!” I looked up and wanted Norven White to open the video, only to find that although the man had no expression, he was like a black cloud.

He picked up three medicines, took the water on the side, and passed them directly to me, “Hurry up!”

The tone is very bad.

Although I didn’t see clearly just now, I realized one thing–

“It wasn’t me just now, it was Julia Rhodes!”

Although the person in the video has the same hairstyle and the same color as me, it is Julia Rhodes!

It suddenly occurred to me that Julia Rhodes was wearing a wig, and when I tore off her wig, she was wearing a hairnet. The hair in the hairnet seemed to be black.

Is she already ready to make this video?

“I know you can’t accept it, but I can still tell you and her.” Norven White’s tone was firm.

I was anxious, “You can tell? I can’t even tell myself?”

Norven White looked at me and seemed to mean that he had a bad tone. He took a long breath and lowered his voice, “I know you can’t accept it, but I don’t mind. We will have a long time to come. You are me. Mrs. White, we can still have many children. We will have as many children as you want, okay?”

After he finished speaking, he wanted to take my hand.

“No, don’t!” I quickly shook my hand, jumped off the bed, and desperately explained to him, “That person is really not me, do you believe me?”

I have not been violated, I cannot get sick, I don’t want to beat the child!

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