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Chapter 201

I looked at Norven White dumbly, not knowing what he was thinking about.

Norven White dragged me into the car violently, then lit a cigarette in the car, took two snortings, and said, “I rarely see you cry, but I see you cry for Qiaoyu Lu, if one day Zhaoming White dies , I guess you will cry for him too, but if I die, you will probably only say “oh” blankly.”

I was taken aback by what the man said.

I never seem to think about this problem.

What if Norven White died one day?

I never seem to think about this problem.

The car started slowly and quickly drove to the community just now. I glanced at the name of the community, which was called [Zhe Shijia].

The community is very much in line with its name. Every household in it is completely independent. It has a front yard and a backyard, as well as two parking spaces. In Flipvilla, even the third ring road, such a community is rare.

As the car drove in, Norven White opened the door for me and then opened all four windows.

Take the initiative to pull my hand and apologize, “Sorry, I was just a little impulsive. I know I have done a lot of things that have hurt you before. I have always been very clear, but just now you refused treatment because you did not want to stay by my side. Years, so I…”

“I know.” Taking this opportunity, I asked Norven White, “Can you tell me whether Qiaoyu Lu’s death has anything to do with you.”


Norven White was taken aback by my question.

Slightly frowned, “Why do you think his death has something to do with me?”

“Because I heard a recording…”

I told Norven White the recording that Julia Rhodes played for me when he was kidnapped.

It’s not that I am stupid, but I am now, alone, and apart from speaking out, I have no ability to investigate.

“I said it has nothing to do with me, would you believe it?” Norven White looked at me, his black eyes flickering slightly, as if expecting something.

I was silent for a while and replied, “I will believe it.”

Hearing this, I could feel the man let out a sigh of relief and nodded slightly, “Leave it to me. If his death was not an accident, I will help you find out.”

After the man said, he pulled me into the house.

This house, as soon as I entered it, I found that this house is not like [Flipvilla No. 1]. Every room is very large and empty.

On the contrary, the room in this house is not big, and the fabrics are used for decoration, and there are some dolls and green plants in every corner.

It looks very warm.

Norven White dragged me to the center of the room and looked at me with some expectations, “Do you like it?”

It was autumn outside, but everything in the house was in warm colors, which seemed extra warm.

I nodded nerdy and said, “Thank you.”

Norven White patted me on the head, “I owe you what I owe you, and I will replenish you a little bit. As for the injuries on the face, please consider it carefully.”


No matter how hard Norven White is, I can know no matter how stupid it is.

That night, we slept in a room, Norven White hugged me. For some reason, there was a heavy sense of security in my heart.

Norven White goes to work during the day. I am alone at home, and the servants at home are all part-time workers at my request.

I have nothing to do. Apart from watching some examples of decoration on the Internet, most of the time, it is moldy at home.

On the fifth day, I finally decided to step out of the house and go to the supermarket to buy some fruit.

When I went out with a mask, I bought it smoothly, and when I checked out, I heard someone calling me from behind, “Jia Rhodes?!”

I turned my head and saw Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes standing behind me!

Seeing the two of them, I couldn’t help thinking of Julia Rhodes, who had gone abroad.

When Lumia Fan saw me, his eyes were red, not sad, but angry.

She walked up to me quickly and wanted to get my mask as soon as possible. I quickly stepped back and guarded my mask.

Want to go.

Lumia Fan grabbed me and said, “Jia Rhodes, you know that you have no face to see me! What you do, if your grandma knows about it, you will definitely be mad at you again!”

“What? What did I do?” Lumia Fan’s words made me no longer want to leave. I turned around and looked at her, forcing me to ask, “What did I do? When my grandma was sick, I paid for the house! I didn’t do it at all. I’m sorry for the Rhodes family!”

If so, it means agreeing to transfer!

If it weren’t for a transfer to hospital and medical materials had problems, grandma would definitely not die so soon.

At this time, Zain Rhodes also came over and looked at me, “Jia Rhodes, you are doing well now. The clothes are all famous brands. You spend Rhodes’s money. I don’t know if it is very happy.”

Norven White prepared all the things I wear, so they are naturally good.

“Spent Rhodes’s money? Didn’t the Rhodes all go bankrupt? If you say the money to sell the house, I won’t move at all.

And I want to buy that house back, let alone the money.

“Less pretending to be stupid!” Seeing me like this, Lumia Fan said in a bluff, “You pretended to be too good before, and we were deceived by you. If it weren’t for the fact that we checked 51% of Rhodes’s stock in your name, Next, you are still in the dark now!”


I was also taken aback by what Lumia Fan said.

“Don’t be stupid! Can you not know?” Lumia Fan rushed over angrily, grabbed my mask when I was distracted, and cursed, “You still wear a mask, you really are a star?!”

When she finished speaking, she was stunned when she saw my face.

I didn’t have time to cover my face, but Lumia Fan, Zain Rhodes, and the people around me saw the whole picture!

“Give me the mask!” I panicked instantly.

Lumia Fan was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly began to laugh wildly, “Hahahaha! Jia Rhodes, have you done too many bad things? You have reported it in the world!”

Zain Rhodes’s expression was also very happy, “Jia Rhodes, you also have today.”

The people around me looked at me and all pointed.


That day the child’s words suddenly appeared in my mind…

“No, I’m not an ugly monster!” No one said me, but I felt like a hallucination!

While muttering, covering his face with his arm, he rushed out of the crowd!

What else the people behind could not hear clearly.

When I returned home, my head was in a mess.

After sitting for a long time, I remembered what Lumia Fan said, Rhodes had 51% of the shares in my hands? !

If I were to guess who did this, I can only think of one person.

Originally, I planned to ask Norven White to come back and ask him.

But the man called and told me that I was going on a business trip and would be back in two days.

I thought I was going to stay at home for two days by myself, but only an hour later, the man showed up at home and said to me, “Pack my things and accompany me on a business trip to Nancheng.”

“Me?” I shook my head quickly, “I’m like this, but I’m not going anymore. I’ll wait for you at home. I promise that when you come back, I will be at home.”

What happened in the afternoon, the look of others’ contempt, made me fear to go out again.

I want to be alone in this house and don’t want to go anywhere.

Chapter 202

Maybe it was my words that gave him confidence. The man just hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Okay.”

One word is already the greatest forgiveness for me.

I watched the man go upstairs to pack things, and followed.

Seeing him taking his shirt and tie out, he said, “Well, if you are on a business trip in the future, I will help you pack things up.”

I regret it when I say it.

I didn’t intend to stay with Norven White for a long time, nor did I have to take care of these things.

Originally a slight sentence, the man heard it, and he came over and took my hand, entered his dressing room, and pointed to a piece of clothing and told me, “These shirts are usually worn at work, and these shirts are for formal occasions. , Such as important, banquet…”

The man pulled me, from shirt, to cufflinks, to tie, bow tie, and told me everything.

After I listened, I stood there with a dazed expression.

In my previous knowledge, aren’t men’s clothes all the same? How could there be so many differences.

Norven White was almost done. When I turned around, I saw me looking at him with a confused look, and couldn’t help but curl his lips. “Forget it, I will come by myself. If you have this heart, I am very happy.”

This heart is the heart that is willing to be by his side for a long time.

It’s a pity that I was on a whim just now, and I knew deeply that I shouldn’t stay by Norven White’s side forever.

What he needs is a stronger woman who can protect himself, not me…

To some extent, the two missing children are also part of my cause.

It is because I am not strong enough.

Since I can’t go out to work now, how about…

Seeing that Norven White had almost packed up his own things, I asked him, “Do you have time now? I want to buy some painting tools.” Fearing that he would refuse me, I hurriedly said, “Just buy this time, I I’ll try to buy everything, but if you’re in a hurry, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

I am in a hurry to buy, but I want to find something for the past few days.

In this way, you won’t run away without any problems.

“I’m free, let’s go.” Norven White agreed immediately, as if this was something that didn’t need to be considered at all.

The man went downstairs with his luggage. When I got downstairs, I found two cars parked outside.

When we went out, the door of a car opened, and Ye Ze got out of the car and quickly helped Norven White with his luggage.

After he put the luggage in the trunk, Norven White said, “You go to the airport first, and I will go shopping with her.”

“Yes, time…”

“Go ahead.”

Ye Ze heard what he said and wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Norven White.

I realized that they should be catching a plane.

Hurry up and say, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll just go by myself another day, you go.”

“I’m free.” Norven White didn’t say a word, and took me to the co-pilot, and went to drive himself.

Ye Ze was driving. When he saw Norven White driving, he went to another car.

The moment he opened the door, I saw a person in the back seat of another car.

Although I didn’t see it clearly, I knew only the outline, it was Amanda!

Amanda also followed Norven White on a business trip?

I don’t know why, and I don’t mind this woman. At this moment, I actually have a small lump in my heart.

Norven White accompanied me to the painting material shop near Flipvilla Academy of Fine Arts, and bought a lot of painting materials for me at once. Because the car could not be shipped, he asked the shopkeeper to contact the delivery master.

On the way back, I felt a little sorry, “You go to the airport first, and leave the rest to me.”

“No, it’s too heavy, let me do it.”

Norven White seems to have completely put the business trip behind him, and everything takes me first.

The more men were like this, I was embarrassed. I thought about 51% of the stock before I said, “Thank you for buying Rhodes.”

“What?” Norven White was driving, and he squinted at me with his light, frowning slightly, “I didn’t buy Rhodes’s.”

“Did not buy?”

What the man said made me confused.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just now I met Lumia Fan and Zain Rhodes. They said that someone bought Rhodes and transferred 51% of the shares to me. I thought…”

“Let me check.”

Before I finished speaking, Norven White had already pulled out his mobile phone from his pocket. It seemed to be calling Ye Ze. As soon as the call was made, the man said, “Check who received the Rhodes family and reply to me immediately.”

He hung up after speaking.

When it comes to work, Norven White is still the same as him, vigorous and resolute, never saying much.

Before we got home, Ye Ze called. He talked there for a while, but Norven White just listened, his face getting darker.

After talking for about five minutes, the phone hung up, and Norven White looked at me, “The person who bought the Rhodes family is a mysterious gold master.”

“Mysterious gold master?” I blinked in disbelief, “Is there anyone in Flipvilla you can’t find?”

Norven White drove the car, but his expression was a bit solemn, “I probably know who it is, but this person has never been seen in public, and his assets are all abroad. I know all the fields Flipvilla is involved in are simple, but I don’t know what he has in his name.”

“Even if Zain Rhodes made a mistake, it is impossible for such a powerful person to buy Rhodes and give me 51% of the stock.”

I really don’t think I have any virtue or ability to be favored by such people.

Norven White did not continue to speak.

When he came home with me, he watched a bunch of workers put the drawing tools on the second floor and accompany me to arrange the things before leaving.

Seeing the man about to leave, I can’t help but think of seeing Amanda just now…

“You are on a business trip, and also take Amanda?”

“Jealous?” The man turned his head and looked at me, with a triumphant smile in his eyes.

I was sour in my heart, but I felt that my jealousy was boring, so I simply shook my head, “I just saw it, just ask.”

The man saw my thoughts and directly pulled me to his side, “If you are jealous, follow me and look at me.”


I would feel ashamed to let others know that Norven White’s woman is like this.

“Let’s go, baby.” The man hugged me directly, and k!ssed my upper lip flap briefly, “I want you to accompany me. You can take whatever you want with the things you just bought.”

There is a feeling that I start to miss it before I leave.

I don’t know if I am like this now, but when I think of him leaving, I feel a deep feeling of reluctance in my heart.

With an impulse in my heart, he said, “Then, then I will get a sketchbook and solid watercolor.”

“Okay, I’ll accompany you to get it.”

The man quickly understood what I meant.

Accompany me upstairs to get things.

When we arrived at the airport, Ye Ze and Amanda stood in the lobby and waited. The expression on Ye Ze’s face did not change, but Amanda had already written the impatience on her face.

Chapter 203

But when she saw Norven White’s face, she immediately turned around, stepped forward to please him and said, “General Manager White, Mrs. President, let me change your boarding pass for you.”

“Let’s go by ourselves.”

After Norven White finished speaking, he took me away.

Amanda was not happy and dared not express herself when she was cold.

We entered the waiting hall. Norven White and I sat alone in the interior of the first-class lounge. After a while, Ye Ze came in, looked at me, and said with some embarrassment, “Mr. The fifty-one’s shares are on Miss Rhodes’s side, and…”

Ye Ze paused after speaking.

Norven White raised his eyes to look at him.

Ye Ze continued, “Although the company did not move much later, it did donate some Hope Primary Schools, all in the name of Miss Rhodes.”


I was stunned.

Who is this guy? Great philanthropist?

Do good deeds actually take my name! ?

“How could it be possible to use her name, the Rhodes family has nothing to do with her.” When Norven White spoke, there seemed to be some dissatisfaction in his tone.

Obviously, this person has exceeded his expectations.

Ye Ze frowned slightly, “That’s it, Miss Rhodes herself owns 4% of Rhodes’s stock.”

Although I seem to understand the rest of the matter, I probably understand it. To some extent, I am a shareholder of the Rhodes family.

Now it has only changed from a small shareholder to a major shareholder.

Norven White heard what Ye Ze said, his face didn’t get better for a moment, his brows were deeply locked, and he said for a moment, “I know, I’ll talk to you about this matter when I go back.”

After Ye Ze withdrew, I looked at Norven White and said, “Is this… a mistake, or I don’t know this person?”

I just said it casually, after all, I don’t think that among the people I know, besides Norven White, there are such capable people.

Norven White took out his phone, didn’t even look at me, just said, “Don’t think about it.”

This time we are going to Nancheng.

Nancheng is also the most economically developed city in the south of the country.

When we arrived, it was already past 11 o’clock in the evening, and the hotel directly sent someone to pick us up. When we arrived, the hotel manager personally went out to meet us and gave us the room card.

Although it is already night, this hotel is still brightly lit, and the guests coming and going are basically dressed in formal clothes.

It seems that there is only me, standing behind Norven White, like an ugly duckling.

I don’t know why the more glamorous people around me, the darker my heart is.

Along the way, I didn’t even have the courage to look up.

Even though the people who serve us are friendly to me, I think it is because of Norven White’s face.

Originally, I thought we were only in an ordinary suite, but when the waiter took us into the suite, I was stunned.

This is my first time entering the legendary presidential suite.

The huge room, the splendid retro decoration, and the 180-degree floor-to-ceiling windows.

“I wish you a pleasant evening.” The waiter closed the door and left after saying this.

In this room, at least tens of thousands a night, I looked at Norven White in disbelief, “You live so luxuriously every time you go out?”

Seeing everything in front of me, I have a feeling that poverty limits my imagination.

Norven White unbuttoned his shirt and shook his head, “It’s just that the meeting I attended was held in this hotel. Living here can highlight my financial resources.”


I nodded seemingly.

At this moment, the man’s shirt had been unbuttoned several times, and he threw the windbreaker aside, and directly pressed me against the wall behind, with one hand gently pushed the mask off my face, and k!ssed gently. Come down.

The moonlight was blurred at night, and the man tasted my lips, moving from soft to presumptuous, and finally the man’s unique aura began to occupy every inch of my mouth.

I couldn’t help feeling that the air was thin and the man’s hand did not stop.

Keep teasing me.

Let my body and my heart be lit by him one by one.

The man reaches out.

With a “pop”, the lights in the entire room were turned off, and the only light source was the lighting screens of the buildings outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

In an instant, the entire room was dyed in colorful colors.

The man hugged me, walked, k!ssed, moved to the side of the glass, and pressed me there.

The colorful neon lampshade outside the window made the man’s face soft and psychedelic.

The man picked me up, my legs circled his waist, and the rhythmic movements made me sink.

When we reached the high point together, I heard the man leaning in my ear and saying, “Promise me, stay by my side and never leave.”


“Don’t talk about things that make me sad tonight.” The man hugged me tightly and k!ssed my collarbone. “I actually found out that when you are not by my side, my whole spirit becomes abnormal. Now, only you are my medicine…”

My heart was beating, feeling the man’s strong breathing.

He is perfect.

How can such a broken me deserve a perfect one? My inferiority complex makes me wonder how to advance or retreat.

I thought I could leave him safely.

I found that Norven White had a kind of magic power, even though he had done so many things that hurt me.

But the more I am by his side, the less I want to leave him.

“Then let’s go back, I’ll go for surgery.”

I circled the man’s neck in response.

“Okay…” the man said solemnly.

That night, I almost melted into the arms of a man.

The next day I was awakened by the sound of talking outside, and realized that there was someone in the room outside, and I was still naked, so I got up in fright.

The ambiguous smell has not faded, I went to the bathroom in shame, smelling the fragrance of washing myself.

Coming out in a yukata, I wanted to wear yesterday’s clothes, but found that they were all gone.

I had no choice but to bite the bullet and put on a mask and gently opened the door of the bedroom.

Look out, there are three open houses in the outside hall, two of which are full of men’s clothes, a set of various suits, and shirts.

On the other hanger, there are women’s clothes. There are dresses and regular clothes.

There are three waiters standing beside.

Norven White seemed to hear the sound of me opening the door, and said to the waiters, “You can hang these in the locker room inside.”

When several waiters were working, the man had already walked over to me.

“These are…” I watched the waiters take their clothes one by one, acting very carefully.

“The clothes I have to wear these days are easy to wrinkle when brought from there, so I asked the store here to bring them over.” Norven White said lightly.

In my heart, I only thought of six words-the evil capitalist.

At this time, one of the waiters took a suit and walked in cautiously. I pointed and asked, “What about these?”

“Prepared for you.” Norven White gently took my hand, “There are banquets in these days and nights. If you want to participate, come down. If you don’t want to, I won’t force it.”

Chapter 204

My heart warmed, knowing that he was really thinking about me, and if I wanted to go, he would prepare a dress for me.

If you don’t want to go, it doesn’t matter.

“Thank you, me, I won’t go.” I am grateful for him to consider me, and I don’t want to trouble him.

Soon the waiter arranged the clothes and withdrew the shelf.

From this series of activities, I realized that this business trip should be very important to Norven White.

I’d better stay in the room obediently.

Norven White didn’t force me either, “You decide by yourself, whatever you want, don’t think it is causing me trouble.”

The man went to the house to change his clothes. I looked at his back, and I felt a little subtle.

Thinking back to the wedding night.

The man who pressed me under him and said that I was unworthy of being his b!tch, and now he really looks like this to the one he loves.


There was a knock on the door, and I was about to call Norven White, when I heard Ye Ze’s voice coming from outside, “White, the car is ready.”

“He’s changing clothes and waiting.”

I was wearing a bathrobe and couldn’t open the door, so I hurried in and called Norven White.

The man had already put on his coat at this time, and when he saw me, he pressed down my mask with his fingers, stamped it on my lips, and said, “Wait for me to come back.”

After speaking, I went out.

I found a set of convenient clothes to put on from the dressing room, and then sat in front of the dressing table.

The dressing table in this room is very large with the bathroom. I sat there, took off my mask, and quietly looked at my distorted face in the mirror.

If you cover your left face, everything is fine.

Cover the right cheek, the left cheek is a bit ugly.

But when the faces on both sides leaked out at the same time, it had the effect of one plus one greater than two.

It looks extremely ugly, hideous!

How can I accompany Norven White to any banquet?

I suddenly felt that the thought that had just come to my mind was stupid and ridiculous.

I got up and picked up the sketchbook and watercolors, sitting in front of the huge French window, and started painting.

I haven’t picked up the paintbrush for a long time, and I started to paint again this time, only to find that I have never forgotten this technique, and I love painting from the heart.

I sat in front of the window and kept painting, one after another.

From the bright day to the sunset.

It wasn’t until my stomach groaned that I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything for a day.

I don’t want to go out, so I can only call room service.

In the evening, Norven White came back at about 11 o’clock. The moment the man opened the door and came in, the smell of cigarettes, alcohol, and the strong fragrance of women mixed in.

I couldn’t help but wrinkle my head and asked, “Where have you been?”


Seeing me, Norven White loosened his tie, hugged me directly, pressed down my mask, and k!ssed me, “Baby, I miss you so much today.”

When the man k!ssed me, the smell of alcohol spread in my mouth, and I could feel him drinking a lot of alcohol.

Of course it also includes perfume.

I don’t know much about perfume, and I can tell that it is a powdery perfume from different women.

There was a ripple in my heart, pushing the man away, “Okay, let’s take a bath, it smells.”

“Then you stay with me.”

Norven White didn’t seem to notice my displeasure, so he hugged me and went to the bathroom.

The bathtub in the room is a huge square with no water in it.

Norven White really drank too much, so he hugged me and sat inside. I screamed in horror.

The man didn’t care at all. He sat in and reached out to open the faucet beside him to release the water. The warm water came out of the faucet.

Norven White sat, I half-kneeled on the man’s body, only feeling that the warm water submerged my knees, a little bit up, the clothes on my body were completely soaked by the water.

“your clothes……”

Norven White’s clothes are all high-level hand-made customizations, so they should not touch the water.

“Focus on.” The man clamped my chin and k!ssed me affectionately, as if he was not in the mood to care about what clothes or price…

Maybe it was because I found that I really felt sorry for his clothes. The man pushed me away and opened his arms, “If you mind, then help me take it off.”

At this time, Norven White’s pants were all wet, and his clothes were mostly wet. Knowing that it would be useless to take it off, I took the initiative to help the man take it off.

The pants are too wet, so I will help him undress and shirt first.

Then I want to untie the belt.

But his belt didn’t have a buckle, and I didn’t untie it for a long time. Although the water was hot and the massage function of the bathtub was on, there was a jet of water hitting my hand, but I could feel something harder than the water jet. Met me…

Norven White was already a little impatient seeing me clumsy, hugged me directly, and proceeded to the next step by himself.

Before I completely faded away, the man hugged my waist and let me sit on it…

At this time, the water in the bathroom had reached my waist, and the man hugged me, k!ssed me, and muttered, “Baby, I miss you so much today, will you come with me tomorrow, or… follow me tonight, I found that my addiction to you has never been quitted until now.”

“I, I’ll wait for you at home.”

I am not sleeply.

Especially at the moment when I am facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, as long as I look up, I can see my face printed on the floor-to-ceiling windows, although Norven White doesn’t mind.

But I mind.

“I don’t mind, no one will mind.” Norven White hugged my waist and led the rhythm.

“I’ll wait for you at home.”

No matter how depressed, I am sober in this matter.

The battlefield between Norven White and I went from the bathtub to the bed. The man seemed to have inexhaustible strength this time, and I couldn’t do enough to toss me.

When I woke up the next morning, Norven White had already left.

I was the only one left in the empty room.

Only the mess of the whole house proves the madness of last night.

This day is the same as yesterday.

It’s just that the place I paint has changed.

In the evening, I had dinner, and the room service person asked me if I could clean the room. I thought of the messy battlefield in the house, hesitated for a moment, and agreed.

This promise brought me ten waiters at once.

Start cleaning every corner of the room.

I stood there, just like the redundant one, and finally reluctantly changed my clothes, took my room card and bag and went downstairs.

I wore a mask, sunglasses, and draped my hair to block myself tightly.

Walking in the hall, I even heard someone pointing at me and saying, “Is that person a star?”

I have never been to Nancheng, and I don’t know where to go.

But I am not worried that I will get lost.

Because the hotel we stayed in is the most shining building in this area.

I walked aimlessly on the street, and when I just passed an intersection, I saw a man in front of me pulling a woman’s hair into the alley!


I can recognize that graceful figure even in the dark.

Chapter 205

Amanda is not short, and wearing high heels, but the man holding her is obviously taller than her!

By visual inspection, it should be higher than Norven White.

I quickly followed, and as soon as I reached the intersection, I heard a muffled noise, which seemed to be a fist hitting the flesh!

“You b!tch, didn’t you say that the information must be correct!?”

A strange male voice sounded.

Yin stall, cold and harsh.

Even if I didn’t see anyone, I could feel the terrible aura of this man.

Immediately afterwards, Amanda tremblingly said, “I’m sorry, this, this is really what I got from Ye Ze’s computer! I saw Ye Ze print it out with my own eyes, then sealed it and took it away!”

“I shouldn’t believe you!”

After the man finished speaking, there was a few muffled noises, which should be beating Amanda.

“Ah! Don’t fight! Ajie, Ajie.” I heard Amanda crying and begging for mercy, “Give me another chance, I won’t miss it this time, please.”

“Opportunity?” The man laughed twice after hearing this. “You haven’t realized what Norven White said today? He said, “Let me lose my wife and break the army for a long time.” He already knew you fcking mine. Girl, I brought you here this time, the fck is going to give you back to me!”

“Ajie, Ajie!” Amanda cried miserably inside.

“Grass, call me the f*ck.”


Is this person Norven White’s opponent? Quietly stick out his head a little bit.

I saw the man named Ajie standing. Amanda knelt in front of him and took the initiative to untie the man’s belt. She took it out and said, “Don’t leave me. Didn’t you say you love my tongue the most? Is it?”

Having said that, he began to be a man expertly.

The man was still arrogant just now, this meeting, closed his eyes, began to enjoy.

I was stunned to see it, and I couldn’t stand the beautiful scene.

When I was about to leave, I saw Amanda’s face turned in my direction. I was so scared that I quickly locked my head back, and heard the man named Ajie inside cursing, “Go on!”


Amanda’s only answer.

I’m not sure if Amanda recognized me, maybe she didn’t…

After all, it was so dark at night, and I was wearing sunglasses and a mask.

I walked back, thinking that I was worried about Norven White’s keeping the opponent’s woman by his side.

Norven White was able to do this so many years ago, no two brushes were impossible.

When I went to the entrance of the hotel, I saw Norven White standing in the lobby of the hotel from a distance, besides Ye Ze, there were several people beside him. I probably took a look. They should all be the big boss.

I’d better not join in the fun like this.

Norven White chatted with those few people and seemed to be talking about something.

Norven White began to take out his mobile phone to make a call.

I was hiding from the side…

“I can follow you behind, sleepwalking like a shadow chasing the light…”

The melodious ringtone came from my bag.

He was actually calling me!

When I wanted to turn off the phone, it was too late. The man’s gaze chased after the ringtone, and when he saw me, his gaze was not angry.

Came over calmly, “pull” me out from behind the pillar at the door, and wanted to take me to those people.

There are men and women, and they all wear formal dresses.

Men have neat hairstyles and women have delicate makeup.

Especially a woman inside, wearing a noble champagne gown, with a shawl over her shoulders and her hair crossed.

Ling Ran temperament.

Just a rough glance, I felt that she would be compared to the dust.

In front of such a person, I don’t want to come out at all.

“I, I’m leaving now!” I panicked, broke free of the man’s hand, and ran out quickly.

Don’t want to shame him.

At this moment, there is only this idea in my mind.

It turned out that my thinking was simple. I thought it would be fine if I ran, but Norven White quickly caught up with me and held me in his arms, “Okay, okay, don’t force you.”


“Wait for me here, I’ll talk to them, and I will go up to accompany you.”

The man comforted me softly.

He is so gentle.

I nodded sadly in the arms of the man, like an aggrieved child.

Norven White turned and returned to the hall.

I was standing outside, always feeling that someone was looking at myself. When I looked back, I saw the white car window rising up little by little. From the exposed half, we could see that the people sitting inside were very tall.

“Let’s go.” When I looked at the white car, Norven White came from behind and asked me, “Where have you been, where do you want to go? I’ll accompany you.”

“Just stay a little bored, just walk around.”

I answered casually.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

Norven White walked by my side. The man wore a high-end dress with a tall figure and long legs, which perfectly matched the dress.

He walked around me, and the eyes of the people around me gathered involuntarily.

Thinking of what happened just now, I couldn’t help but apologize to Norven White, “I’m sorry, did I interrupt you talking about work.”

“No, it was over.” Norven White said naturally.

But I know, it should not be over.

The man walked for a while and told me, “On the last day of tomorrow, most of the banquet will be acquaintances, come on.”


“Come on, it’s okay to wear a mask, I just want to introduce you to others.” The man’s words made my heart warm, “Yeah.”

I guess Norven White must have said this.

If I refuse at this time, he should be troubled.

It is better to agree first.

During the day the next day, Norven White called a professional makeup artist.

The elegant long dress worn by this makeup artist came in, twisting and twisting, I stared at it for two seconds to make sure-he was a man.

She put her orchid fingers upright, looked at me, and couldn’t help shaking her head, “Oh, no wonder I gave so much money this time. It turned out to be very difficult.”

When he said, I was a little embarrassed.

The makeup artist handed me a business card, and I saw it read-Amy.

I have to say that Amy is really a sacred hand. He used something called skin wax to put a layer on my left nose, which instantly covered the previous scar on my face.

Then I started to shape my left face a little bit like a sculpture.

I adjusted it for more than an hour, and finally adjusted my two faces almost.

At least from the mirror, I am a normal person.

This surprised and delighted me.

After I adjusted it, Amy began to apply makeup. The other procedures were similar. Maybe because the face was adjusted, the whole person looked better than before!

“You, you are amazing.” I looked at Amy in amazement, except for admiration, I really had no other thoughts.

Amy shook her head helplessly, “Don’t be too happy too early, the fake is fake after all, so you can’t do anything except smile, of course, you can’t do it; and you can’t be subjected to strong impact, otherwise you will Crooked, understand?”

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