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Chapter 206

“Hmm! I will pay attention.”

At this time, I was full of excitement, and I was finally able to attend the event with Norven White.

He said it several times a few days ago. Now that I see me like this, he should be happy?

Norven White came back while Amy was packing her things.

The moment the man entered the door and saw me, he was stunned.

I smiled and walked up to the man, took the initiative to hug him, and k!ssed the man’s lips on my tiptoes, blinking, “Am I beautiful?”


The man reacted quickly, lowered his head, and wanted to deepen the k!ss.

This perfect face is the credit of Amy for an afternoon. I can’t let Norven White ruin it. I quickly pushed the man away and said nervously, “Don’t ruin my new painting.”

“Ahem.” Amy coughed behind him. To be on the safe side, he told Norven White the precautions again.

The man just nodded, “Okay.”

I chose my dress, sat in front of the mirror, and looked at my face over and over again. As Amy said, I can only smile. If I laugh a lot, I can clearly feel that the left and right faces are asymmetrical. .

But it doesn’t matter, I will pay attention.

Just one night.

I told myself this silently in my heart.

In the evening, the banquet was about to begin. When Norven White and I went out, Ye Ze was already waiting outside.

Ye Ze saw me for a moment, then smiled, “Miss Rhodes is very beautiful today.”

“Thank you.” I smiled faintly.

I used to be very relaxed along the way, but when I got off the elevator, I was about to walk to the entrance of the banquet hall and saw the names of people wearing various symptoms inside.

They all have normal makeup, only I wear half of the fake face…

Thinking of this, I suddenly became very nervous.

At this time, Norven White put his arm on my shoulder and leaned over and said, “Don’t worry, I am here.”

I know that since standing here, there is no reason to shrink back.

We were standing at the door and someone had seen us.

The two men came out to say hello, “Mr White.”

Their eyes fell on me, their eyes lit up, one of them said. “Oh, President White brought his female companion here? Why didn’t I see you bring it out the other day?”

Another answered, “If you brought such a beautiful female companion, would you bring it to the wolf den?”

“Yes too.”

“Mr. White, your female companion today is so beautiful.”

Both of them slapped their horses.

However, in their words, they only regarded me as a one-time girlfriend of Norven White.

I don’t mind myself, but I heard the low voice of the man next to me, “This is my fiancee.”

There was a slight displeasure in his voice.

As soon as these words came out, both of them showed surprised expressions on their faces, “No, fiancée! Remember to call us when we get married, so we can join in.”

Two people say one sentence for you, one sentence for me, and then leave.

They left, and my heart was relieved, and I felt that it shouldn’t be a problem to spend the night with this face.

Later, many people came to say hello.

Norven White introduced me to everyone one by one as a “fiancee”.

Shuttle among these people, what echoes in my ears are “really beautiful”, “too beautiful”, “men and women look”.

I was supposed to enjoy the process, but my heart felt like a heavy burden, I couldn’t breathe, I just hope that this masquerade party that belongs to me will end soon.

After Norven White and I wanted to say hello, we finally could take a break in the corner.

At this time, there was a commotion at the door.

I looked up, separated by so many people, but still can see a man, that man is very tall, should be as high as two meters.

Wearing a white suit with a suit jacket over his shoulders.

One end should be dyed blonde hair strung with colored threads, string after string.

Dirty braids.

Few people in this class have this hairstyle.

Seeing this height, I had a bad premonition in my heart. Looking at it again, I saw that the man was surrounded by Amanda!

It’s the man named Ajie!

That night, Ajie beat Amanda, and Amanda begged for mercy. Fortunately, the vision of helping him came to my mind.

When I watched Amanda, Amanda also saw me, and soon a smirk appeared at the corner of her mouth, and a bad premonition rose in my heart.

“Norven White, we, let’s go.”

I pulled Norven White’s sleeve.

The man was also looking at that Ajie and Amanda.

When Ajie saw us, no one paid any attention, and he just wanted to come in this direction.

His unbiased eyes fell on me.

I know that he and Norven White are hostile. Since they are here, no matter how worried they are, they can’t lose the battle!

I pretended to be calm and stood beside Norven White, motionless.

When the man walked over, Norven White spoke first, “Mr. Yin is a generous person at first sight. Yesterday she caused you to lose so much, and today she brought it out to play.”

“If you have no money, you can make more money. If you don’t have any money, it’s hard to find a suitable woman.” Mr. Yin curled his lips and smiled, eyes full of evil spirits.

“Yes.” Norven White nodded.

President Yin’s gaze fell on me, “Mr. White, when is there such a big beauty next to him, why didn’t he introduce me? I’m afraid that I won’t be able to run away?”

Norven White raised his hand and took me in his arms, “This is my fiancee. She is bored today, so I will play with her.”

“Oh…” Mr. Yin said meaningfully, “I used to see Mr. White looking at women like clothes. I thought we were the same people. It doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s a pity, a pity.”

“Ms. Yin and I are black and white, and the colors are distinct.” Norven White said.

The two people spoke seemingly greeting each other, but they have already made their stand.

Amanda will watch Norven White embrace me now, her eyes are about to fire!

President Yin saw his woman’s eyes sticking to Norven White’s body, and was very unhappy. He directly clamped the woman’s chin with his slender fingers, and said unhappily, “What? Two days with President White? The soul is gone?”

The voice was low, sounding like an understatement, but it was actually warning.

And this kind of low pressure Amanda knows best!

The woman shivered and said quickly, “Where is it? I’m just curious. I saw this Miss Rhodes a few days ago and she still looks ugly. Why is she suddenly changed into a fairy today? I was wondering which one is true.”

“My woman, it doesn’t matter what kind.” Norven White said lightly.

“Really?” Amanda sneered, “Then why did you let her make up, why didn’t you let her look ugly? After all, isn’t it just a good face for fear that she will shame you?!”

Amanda said these few words in a loud voice, and everyone around him heard them clearly.

Eyes are also focused on our side.

My heart panicked!

Chapter 207

I subconsciously covered my face and pretended to be calm and said, “Amanda, my face has been traumatized because of something before, so what?”

“Have you suffered more? Or a lot?”

Amanda can say so.

What happened yesterday, plus what happened today, I have captured the three inches of Amanda and this President Yin.

Try to calm yourself down, and smile faintly, “You mind so much, is it because you think you are better in figure and more beautiful than me? As a result, White didn’t like you, but he fell in love with me. ?”


She didn’t speak, and I continued, “When a smart man looks at a woman, of course, it’s not just how much silicone is stuffed in his chest. After all, if this thing hits too much, it easily affects his brain.”

“You!” Amanda listened to me, her face was pale, she hooked President Yin’s arm, and pretended to say calmly, “What are you talking about? My family is taller than Ajebi, Chief Biji, the most important thing is Younger than President White, why should I look at him?”

For some reason, I was a little unhappy after hearing what Amanda said.

I admit that President Yin is higher than Norven White, and I admit that he is younger than Norven White.

Only this one is more handsome than Norven White…

I beg to differ.

How handsome is a man who beats a woman?

But I didn’t say this sentence, but slightly nodded, “Oh, last time you said that Mrs. White has been sitting for a while. I thought you were planning to take the position. It seems I misunderstood.”


As soon as I finished speaking, Mr. Yin made a very soft voice.

The expression seems to be very interesting, and can’t tell the joy or anger.

But Amanda was terribly frightened, and quickly raised her head to explain to President Yin, “I haven’t said this before.” Then she raised her hand to hit me!

I was about to dodge, one hand stretched out from the side, directly under the woman’s crotch.

Immediately afterwards, I heard Norven White’s slightly unhappy voice, “Manager Yin is not good about his own woman? Are you planning to let me educate you?”

Word by word, cold as ice.

“This kind of trivial matter, don’t bother Mr. White.” Mr. Yin also had displeasure on his face at this time, and he walked outside with Amanda’s waist.

Looking at the backs of the two, even though they are still a pair of talented men and women, they left the meeting in a harmonious relationship. In fact, the hand of President Yin was pinching Amanda’s waist.

The blue veins on the back of the hand are obvious.

Amanda twisted and twisted in her high heels and tripped her leg accidentally.

What will happen next, I can guess without looking.

“Not bad.” As soon as the two left, Norven White took me into his arms, “I am more and more like a woman.”

I looked at Norven White with my corners of light, the corner of the man’s mouth was slightly raised to one side, and he looked very happy.

But I know that the reason why I am like this today is more because of this face.

This perfect face was carefully adjusted by Amy.

If it weren’t for it, I saw Amanda today and I would only have to run away.

In the good show just now, although no one came by, they were all watching. When President Yin left, everyone came over to greet Norven White.

Don’t forget to praise me as beautiful and smart.

After a round, I was finally able to rest, so I asked Norven White, “Who was that man just now?”

“Yin Shijie, someone who has only come up in the past two years.” Norven White only said so much.

But from the gazes of the people around when the man came in just now, he just looked domineering, I think this person should be more than that.

The banquet is drawing to a close.

An older man appeared at the door and waved at Norven White.

The man saw it and said to me, “I will go over and be back soon.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

Seeing Norven White being called away, the banquet went smoothly and Amanda and the others left, let me put down my vigilance, stood in the corner of the banquet hall, and started drinking juice alone.

About less than five minutes later, suddenly—

The lights in the whole room are all black!

My heart seemed to be falling, and my body fell into fear for some reason. This was the feeling I had when I was just released from prison, and it came out again at this moment.

Norven White was not around, and my hands began to panic and nowhere to rest.

At this moment, someone in the distance took out a mobile phone to illuminate, my heartbeat seemed to slow down, and I wanted to get the mobile phone from my bag.

Panicking, just took it out, accidentally transferred to the ground.

I just wanted to squat down to look for it when I heard a slight voice coming from above my head.

In an instant, I felt hot water poured on my head!

I snorted, it was too late to even call.

The hot water is very hot, but it is definitely not enough to burn people.

In just a second, I realized what would happen!

Know the purpose of the person doing this!

I didn’t care about picking up the phone. I touched my face with my hand, and I could clearly feel that the wax on my left face was poured with hot water, and it has softened. The place where my fingers touched seems to be sunken!

That’s it!

I don’t care about picking up my phone, so I just rushed out!

Just a few steps, the lights in the audience quickly turned on.

At this moment, I just walked to the center of the hall, surrounded by people.

“Ah!” a woman next to me suddenly screamed, pointing at me, “God, your face…”

In a word, everyone looked over.

Began to whisper.

I dare not stay for a second, just like running away.

At the door, he ran into someone.

I lowered my head and only saw the fiery red high heels, I already knew who it was.

“Yeah, Miss Rhodes, Mrs. President, what’s wrong? What’s going on?”

Amanda’s voice was full of provocation.

I, who was confronted with her, disappeared as the wax on my face disappeared!

All that is left is inferiority complex, an unbearable self.

I covered my face, lowered my head, “Get out of the way.”

“I won’t let it, what can you do to me?” Amanda sneered, “Oh, why isn’t President White away? Is it because you’ve already considered it as shameful, so you left early?”

At this time, the discussion of the banquet people also sounded behind me.

“Gosh, what’s the matter with this woman’s face.”

“I’ve only heard of plastic surgery, it’s sculptural!”

“I thought she looked good just now, but I didn’t expect it to be fake.”

“No, it’s actually an ugly monster.”


I just want to disappear here, but Amanda is blocking me.

I walked to the left, Amanda leaned to the left, I walked to the right, and she blocked it again.

At this moment, someone behind him screamed, “Look, what is dripping?”

“God, this is painted skin?! The faces are fake?”

“I don’t know Mr. White knows that she is so ugly.”

“Surely I don’t know!”

I lowered my head and saw a lot of wax on my face, and some of it had dripped onto the ground along my fingers!

“Come, come, let everyone see what you look like? I think your Mrs. White has been sitting for a while, aren’t you convinced?” Amanda really came back for revenge!

“I want to see too.”

At this time, Yin Shijie didn’t know where he came from, and without a word, he took away the hand covering my face.

Pulling my hair, turning my face away.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Chapter 208

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Most people’s expressions are more frightened than gloating.

I can imagine what my face looks like, it must be similar to a horror movie.

Finally a woman thought of taking out her phone to take a photo. I was so scared that I lowered my head and covered my face, begging, “Let me go.”

“I don’t.” Yin Shijie sneered. “Amanda told me that you look like this. I still don’t believe it. I didn’t expect that White always has such a unique hobby.”

Everyone around started taking pictures.

Everyone’s faces also changed from panic to ridicule and ridicule.

I’m struggling desperately!

Yu Guang, saw that the next room called Norven White had just been brought out to the chairman, and then Norven White also walked out.

No, I don’t want to shame Norven White!

At this moment, I seemed to be humbled into the dust, with only this thought in my heart.

Norven White is so high, so perfect, no, I can’t shame him!

“Yes, I lied to him, he didn’t know I was like this!” After I finished speaking, I spotted the most vulnerable part of the man Yin Shijie and kicked!

Sure enough, all men are afraid of this!

Yin Shijie quickly let go of me, and went to the house subconsciously, his handsome face was already deformed.

Amanda hurried to see Yin Shijie!

I took the opportunity to run out crazy!

The faces of people who saw me around changed, as if he had seen a ghost.

As I ran all the way, I heard endless sounds around me.

“Look at that woman who looks like a ghost.”

“Gosh, this woman is so ugly!”

“How can anyone grow up like this!”


It seems to be everyone’s evaluation of me.

The road out of the banquet hall was clearly brightly lit, but I felt it was dark.

Finally, I ran out of the hall and ran into the street.

It is already the end of autumn, although Nancheng is much warmer than Flipvilla, but at this time, a small breeze still brings a bitter cold.

When I reacted, one shoe on my foot was missing, and I simply kicked the other one away.

Without looking back, he walked barefoot aimlessly in this strange city.

Once, it seems that I have walked like this.

I met Zhaoming White that night.

But this time, I am destined not to meet anyone.

It was late, the air pressure was very low, it seemed to be raining, and there were not many pedestrians on the street.

As I walked forward, I heard someone shouting from time to time, “Ghost, ghost!”

“Damn it!”

“Female ghost!”

Gradually, the sky began to patter and rain.

I don’t know where I am going, all I am thinking about is that I want to stay away from Norven White.

Today I have already given Norven White a shame. Those photos may be posted online tomorrow…

The rain is getting bigger and bigger, and my heart is getting wet.

Originally, I wanted to go on like this, but I met a kid.

When the kid saw me, he didn’t say that I was ugly or called ghosts. Instead, he pulled his mother and asked, “Mom! What happened to this aunt?”

His mother took a look at me and seemed to be taken aback for a while before saying, “Auntie is sick.”

“Oh.” The child heard it, but was not afraid. He actually ran to me and said, “Auntie, auntie, go home if you are sick. Mom said that walking barefoot will cause cold.”

I looked at the kid in front of me dumbly, and didn’t know what to say.

Although the kids saw that I was a little scared, they didn’t resist.

I froze for a long time before saying, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, goodbye auntie.”

Looking at the children’s back, my heart suddenly felt warm.

I want a baby.

I want a baby.

At this moment, I only have this kind of thought in my heart. I want a child. I want to be like that mother and educate my child into a sound-minded child.

Will not let him laugh at others’ shortcomings…

I stood there for a long time.

Until the raindrops on the head did not fall again.

I looked up and saw a black umbrella above my head. The one holding the umbrella was Norven White.

It’s too dark, I can’t see the man’s expression clearly, I only heard him say, “I have been looking for you for a long time, come back with me.”

“White…” I looked at him, with all kinds of emotions in my heart, I got up and hugged the man’s neck and said, “Shall we have a baby?”

Have a baby!

The man’s hand fell on my back, his thin lips pressed against my ear, “Okay, I will make it tonight.”

After finishing speaking, bend over, hold my back with one hand, and pass my knee with the other, and directly lift my princess.

I helped him hold the umbrella.

Because my face was still like that, I buried my face deeply on the man’s chest, “I’ll go for surgery when I go back.”

“it is good.”

The man agreed.

“Sorry, I’m ashamed again, I was photographed like this.”

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind, I said, it doesn’t matter what my woman is.”

“Norven White…”

My face is deeply buried in the man’s chest.

In addition to the patter of rain, there is more a man’s heartbeat.

And my heartbeat.

I closed my eyes and heard the voice in my heart: I love this man, I want to be with him forever…

That night, when we returned to our room, Norven White and I experienced what is called “Boundless Taboo”.

The next day, we returned to Flipvilla.

I went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor tested my skin. A week later, the hospital simulated a complete treatment plan for my skin.

And the degree of recovery was simulated.

According to the simulation of this hospital, after one year of treatment and six months of recovery, my face should basically return to its original appearance.

But there will be more or less differences.

But I can accept it.

On that day, Norven White and I signed an agreement at the hospital and planned to start treatment in a week.

I bought a lot of painting tools, so not going out is not a problem for me now.

I sit in my own little world every day, even if I draw a sketch of fruit, I feel happy in it.

Time passed day by day.

Seeing that I was about to go for treatment, I was inexplicably nervous, afraid of the risks of treatment and bad recovery.

The day before treatment.

I have insomnia.

Every night, I went to sleep with Norven White, but this night of insomnia, in order not to disturb the man, I just closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.

I don’t know how long it took, and I heard the man behind me getting up.

At first, I thought he was just getting up at night.

But after more than an hour, the man did not come back.

Where did he go?

A bad feeling arose in my heart inexplicably.

I tiptoed up and went out, and saw that the door of Norven White’s study was not far away.

Secretly leaning over, I saw the man sitting in front of the computer with his earphones facing away from me. Looking in this direction, I could just see the content on the computer screen.

I saw a small house on the computer screen.

It looks like a cell…

Chapter 209

A pillar stood in the middle of the cell, and then four people were tied to it like dogs, their hands tied with leashes.

“carry on.”

Norven White spoke.

As soon as the man spoke, I saw the floor of the cell suddenly open, and the whole cell became two cages divided up and down.

In the cage below, there is always a dog, which looks like a wolf.

Even if I can’t hear the sound, I can see the people inside with open mouths, it must be screaming!

All four of them were hiding as much as possible, and the wolf hand below kept putting their paws through the fence and began to scratch their bodies…

At this moment, someone was unable to stand firm and accidentally fell into the cage below. I saw the wolves swarming up!

Blood splashed on the screen instantly! When that person’s leg came up again, his bones were already exposed!

I saw four people on the screen kowtow in the direction of the screen!

Finally Norven White said, “Don’t tell me.”

I don’t know what the people inside are talking about.

Don’t know what he is doing.

However, I stood behind and watched the tragic situation of the four people on the screen, and I could even feel Norven White’s indifference in the face of everything.

It’s as if human lives are not worth money in his eyes!

At that moment, fear rose in my heart, as if I had never known this person!

I quietly exited the room and lay on the bed quietly, with all the four people on the screen in my eyes.

Who are they?

Why did Norven White treat them this way?

I was so messed up, I even felt like I was in company with the devil!

About an hour later, I heard slight footsteps coming from far and near from the corridor.

Is the trial over?

Are those people still alive?

The man came in and lay down on the bed. I turned my back to him, and felt the man embrace my waist. My body trembled a bit!

“Not asleep?”

Behind him, Norven White asked me.

“…I.” I swallowed, hesitated, and said, “I will have an operation tomorrow, and I can’t sleep.”

“Don’t be afraid, I will accompany you.”

The man’s voice was a little hoarse.

I can feel his hands cold.

I didn’t speak, closed my eyes, but felt anxious in my heart——

Norven White, how many faces do you have?

The next day was originally the time to start treatment.

When we arrived at the hospital, the doctor said, “Extremely Mr. White, one of the medicines needed for the operation was imported from abroad. It has been out of stock recently. It may take two weeks at the earliest…”

“Why don’t you coordinate well in advance?!”

Norven White heard this, and an unhappy expression immediately appeared on his face.

At this moment, everything that came to my mind was from last night’s video. I was afraid that Norven White would be ruthless, so I said quickly, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Actually, I’m not completely mentally prepared. Wait two weeks. It’s also good.”

I laughed twice.

When I say this, Norven White will not disagree, but the look on the man’s face is very bad.

When I went back that night, Norven White hugged me and wanted me, but I couldn’t bring up any interest.

I looked at the man’s face, thinking about everything last night, and couldn’t help asking, “Norven White, have you killed anyone?”

“Why do you ask?” Norven White looked at me with some suspicious expression in his expression.

I shook my head, “Just ask casually.”

The man gently k!ssed my forehead, “It is illegal to kill, how could I kill, I will stay with you for a long time, and I won’t do those things.”

Is that right?

I looked down, my heart sinking.

Just say, “I’m tired.” Turn around and go to sleep.

The next day, when my menstrual period came, I escaped from lingering with him, but every time I closed my eyes, it was the picture on the screen that day.

At night I will dream about the pictures on the screen, and I can even hear the crying, screaming, and begging of those people on the screen!

In three days, I finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

When Norven White opened the door, I suddenly hugged him, “Norven White, I’m sorry, that day, I saw the few people you closed in your study!”

I have to say it, don’t say it, I am afraid I will drive myself crazy.

The man didn’t seem surprised at all, he hugged me with one hand, and said flatly, “I know, you asked me if I killed anyone that day, I knew it, you must have seen it.”

He already knew, why didn’t he ask me?

Is it just waiting for me to speak?

At this moment, I would rather Norven White lie to me, pretend to be surprised, and explain.

His appearance made me even more afraid.

I don’t know what to say, the man put his arms around me and said, “Those are the ones who drive Qiaoyu Lu’s car.”


I looked up and looked at Norven White in disbelief.

“They are an underground organization, they specialize in this kind of activities on weekdays.” Norven White said.

“How did you know?”

Since it is an underground organization…

“What they do will leave a mark of their own in an inconspicuous but not overlooked place on the scene. The purpose is to warn the employer that if the employer is found to want to sell them, they will use this to restrain the employer.” Norven White explained to me, “I found this too, only to know.”

“Then…who is the employer, did they say it?”

“Not yet.” Norven White was silent, “but don’t worry, since I promised you to check, I will…”

“Forget it.” I looked up at Norven White, “Don’t check, I don’t want to know, forget the past.”

Just hearing those things Norven White said, my heart fell into anxiety.

I remember he said when he saw Yin Shijie, “Black and white, with distinct colors.”

Norven White must be that Bai, and these people must be different from Norven White.

“Why? Worried about me?” Norven White had guessed my thoughts long ago and laid me on the wall.

Bowing his head, a pair of black eyes has a breathtaking charm.

“Worry.” I know that I misunderstood Norven White. “I’m sorry, I caused you to cross the line.”

The reason why men do those things is because they promised me to investigate Qiaoyu Lu.

Facing those people can only use this way.

Norven White curled up the corners of his lips, leaned over, and tasted it gently on my lips, “Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure. Only this time, there will be no next time.”

I was too bored at home. I found out that there was a Chengxiangbang style design exhibition on the Internet, so I planned to see it during the day.

This time, I drew heavy makeup to completely cover the scar on my nose, and then took a mask to the design exhibition.

After turning around, just about to leave, I saw the man walk in.

The man was obviously wearing a suit, but he was stepping on a pair of sneakers.

At first, I was only attracted by the clothes on men.

When I saw his face, I understood the clothes at once, and I was about to call him, and a voice rang behind me, “Mou!”

Chapter 210

Xiangli Mou didn’t look at that person, but at me first.

After confirming it, he raised his hand to greet me, “Little girl, long time no see, I asked you to call me before, but you didn’t call.”

“Teacher Mou, can you actually recognize me?”

I was a little surprised.

After all, I am now half fully armed, and it is a miracle that Xiangli Mou can recognize me.

Xiangli Mou smiled, “No, no one can recognize you.”

At this time, the person who had just called for the gift of Xiangli Mou also walked over, a little unhappy and said, “Old Mou, why don’t you ignore me when I call you.”

He was a man about the same age as Xiangli Mou.

“Didn’t you see me talking to my student?”

When Xiangli Mou spoke, I looked at the direction of his finger and confirmed it again and again to make sure that he was talking about me.

Hearing this, the man was stunned, “What did you say? Student!? This is your student?!” The man hurriedly looked at me and stretched out his hands, “Hello, hello, fortunately, I am here. The curator is Chen Yanzhong.”

That attitude is absolutely respectful.

“You, hello.” I looked at Xiangli Mou a little unexpectedly, “Mr. Mou, this…”

“Future students.”

Xiangli Mou added a sentence.

Chen Yanzhong looked at me with admiration, “Oh, little girl, I think you are not too old. If you can be seen as a student by a veteran, you must be a good student. After two years, you will succeed in your studies, but you must… …”

“Okay, I haven’t confiscated it yet, so you will start booking, and it will scare her away, I will never finish with you!”

Xiangli Mou looked at Chen Yanzhong with an unhappy expression.

Chen Yanzhong laughed, “Well, I’ll talk about it later, I’ll talk about it later, let’s go in and sit in there.”

“Then I will go first.”

I thought they were going in, but I didn’t plan to follow.

As a result, Xiangli Mou said with an unhappy expression, “I said you are my future student. If you don’t follow me, I will lose face.”


I was a little confused, but I understood the meaning of Xiangli Mou, and nodded quickly, “Don’t go, don’t go.”

Hearing what I said, Xiangli Mou was a little happy.

I was so confused and pulled closer to the reception room at the back of the exhibition.

This reception room is antique in style, with furniture made of huanghuali inside.

Exquisite carving.

In my eyes, although the furniture here is, it is all money in my eyes!

And some are afraid that money cannot buy it.

Chen Yanzhong respectfully invited Xiangli Mou to sit down.

Who knows that Xiangli Mou is sitting on Huanghuali’s Grand Master’s chair with a reluctant expression, “Oh, why are you like my old antiques, pay attention to this, these people don’t have a comfortable sofa to sit on.”

“It’s not that people who come and go like this and have to use it.” Chen Yanzhong said with a smile, and asked, “Did you see the works in this exhibition just now, how did you feel?”

“No way.”

Xiangli Mou said two words bluntly.

Chen Yanzhong was not angry, and continued to ask, “Then you can give me some pointers?”

With that, he took out a booklet of the works in this exhibition and handed it to Xiangli Mou.

I sat aside and watched Xiangli Mou flip through the booklet while complaining, Chen Yanzhong laughed aside.

I feel more and more that the relationship between these two people is very delicate.

Chen Yanzhong called Xiangli Mou Laomou, indicating that the two people have a good relationship.

But this will be respectful, not like an acquaintance at all.

However, Xiangli Mou’s attitude towards Chen Yanzhong was like an acquaintance.

Waiting for Xiangli Mou to complain, I found a piece of work. Begin to talk specifically about the problem.

I stole a teacher from the side and silently took out a small notebook.

When Xiangli Mou was almost done, I just wanted to put away my notebook, he actually looked at me and asked, “Remember?”


I looked at Xiangli Mou nerdly, and didn’t realize what was going on.

Xiangli Mou looked upset, “Do you think I’m so enthusiastic about it for a long time to tell him? I’m telling it to you!”

“Give…Give me?” I looked at Xiangli Mou with a dumb look.

I didn’t react, but Chen Yanzhong was pleased, “Hehe, I just said, what happened to me today? It turns out that I took your light.”

“Ah, thank you Teacher Mou.”

I said thank you, but I was stunned.

This person Xiangli Mou, plus this time I have met twice, no matter what the behavior, he is definitely a maverick.

And it’s not easy to get along with, and it’s not uncommon for others’ eyes.

To me…

I didn’t say to apprentice, so I took the initiative to say that I was his student.

Also took the initiative to tell me.

I think that Norven White once said that helping people is either feelings or benefits…

Could it be…

Although Xiangli Mou is more than 50 years old, is it because he is in love with me? Maybe not.

I suppressed the question filled with my heart. After leaving the exhibition with Xiangli Mou, I couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Mou, you are so kind to me, I am very grateful, but I…”

“You don’t think I’m an old man who wants old cows to eat tender grass, do you?”

Xiangli Mou looked at the mentally retarded expression on his face, and said what I had guessed at once.

No mercy.

I shook my head quickly.

Xiangli Mou looked at me and asked, “What’s wrong with your face?”

“I…” I hesitated, “I was splashed with hydrochloric acid before, and now my facial muscles are injured, and I haven’t undergone recovery surgery yet.”

When Xiangli Mou heard it, he was immediately angry, “What? Who did it? Did anyone get caught!? What’s the matter, you tell me, I’ll find someone to help you arrest someone.”

“No, thank you for looking for a teacher.”

I also don’t want to let Mou Xiang Li Shen He come into this matter.

Xiangli Mou looked at me and sighed, “Oh, forget it, disfigure it. If you don’t waste your hands, you only need to have a good brain.”


He looked at me, “Give me the pen and notebook you just wrote down.”

“Ah, good.” I originally thought that the purpose of seeking a gift was to see what I remembered. Although I was embarrassed, I didn’t dare to neglect.

When I gave it to him, the man didn’t turn to the front, he turned to the last page, wrote something, quickly closed it and handed it to me, “I didn’t call you last time, but I left it for you this time. When will I be ready to do me The student called me.”

After that, I rode a 28 bicycle at the door and left.

I was left alone standing in place, digesting what happened just now.

I was taking out my mobile phone to make a call, but the mobile phone was plugged into a phone first.

[Jiang Rhodes] was written on the screen.

When I saw her call, I realized that I hadn’t talked to her for a while.

I opened the phone, and a woman’s dissatisfied voice came from the opposite horse, “Sisters, what is your old man up to lately? I won’t contact you, and you won’t contact me either?”

“No, alas, there have been too many things happening around me recently.” Hearing Jiang Rhodes’s voice, I couldn’t help but relax.

“Tell me about the many things.” Jiang Rhodes finished with a smile, “Also, next week will be my birthday. I will buy the birthday cake myself. If you don’t have money, I won’t want a gift, but I’m busy. Accompany me for a birthday in China, but it’s a must!”

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