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Chapter 21

When I rushed back to the company by subway, I was already hungry. I went to the restaurant and ate my favorite braised meatballs and shredded pork with fish flavor.

But when I took the mouth, I felt the same as chewing wax, and I didn’t even have any appetite.

Hungry, but no appetite.

I thought I was too tired and didn’t care, so I barely took a few bites of food, returned to the company, and started to work hard.

Just working overtime until 9 o’clock in the evening, my sleepy eyes can hardly be opened.

The same situation continued. On weekends, I slept until 10 o’clock, and when I woke up, Jiang Rhodes was at home.

She ridiculed me when she saw me, “I didn’t expect a self-discipline man to have a day of slept in.”

I smiled awkwardly, and I didn’t understand why I was so sleepy these days.

I ordered instant noodles and didn’t have any appetite. I just ate two bites and left a lot.

When I went to the bathroom to pour the remaining noodles, Jiang Rhodes, who was washing his hands inside, saw it and was even more surprised, “You, are you willing to waste food?”

I was about to explain, a tumbling in my stomach, I put down the bowl in my hand and vomited on the toilet.

But still nothing came out.

Jiang Rhodes looked at me with some surprise, “Jia Rhodes, you won’t be pregnant, will you?”

This time, I really took it seriously.

I started to look at the calendar. It has been more than a week since my official holiday…

Moreover, Norven White and I did it the first two times without taking any measures…

Suddenly, a bad feeling arose in my heart.

I took Jiang Rhodes to accompany me to the hospital and left the gynecology department.

When the b-ultrasound results came out, as expected, pregnancy, 5 weeks+.

“How could this be…” I looked at the results of the examination in front of me, feeling extremely complicated.

Jiang Rhodes was different from me. She patted me on the shoulder and laughed, “Yes, Julia Rhodes, she said that with a child, a man’s mood will be different.”

【I can never love you in my life. 】

Looking at the results of the test sheet, Norven White’s words still echoed in my ears, and my mood was extremely complicated and sour.

I don’t know where to go.

“Julia Rhodes, it’s really a narrow road.”

When I was lost, Jiang Rhodes beside me called Julia Rhodes’s name.

I looked up and saw Julia Rhodes standing in front of me, holding a few test sheets.

Julia Rhodes smiled faintly when he saw me, “Jia Rhodes, you are here.”

She didn’t even call my name directly.

The expression and movements seem to have become a little gentler, completely unlike her before.

Before I spoke, Jiang Rhodes said for me, “Yeah, what’s wrong? The sun comes out from the west, you are going to be good?”

Julia Rhodes’s hands fell on her stomach, her eyes filled with contented smiles, “Yes, I’m pregnant, I want to set a good example for the child in my stomach.”

As she said, she looked at me again and added, “Norven’s.”

My mind exploded in an instant, but deliberately pretended to be calm.

I realized that Jiang Rhodes next to me seemed to want to say that I was also pregnant. I quickly took hold of her and said calmly, “Is it honorable to be pregnant with a married child? When your child is born, do you want to tell Your child, mother is a junior?”

When Julia Rhodes heard this, her face suddenly changed, “You! It’s not that you marry Norven by any means!”

“That’s thanks to you.” I hid the test sheet behind me, and continued, “Grandma didn’t pursue the wedding. If you didn’t make your own cleverness afterwards, you came to my stairway to calculate me, how could grandma do this?

Grandma has eaten more salt than you have eaten. Do you think she will be fooled by your little tricks? “

The more I said, the more ugly Julia Rhodes’s face became.

Finally, she couldn’t hold back, pointing at me and cursing, “Jia Rhodes, you b!tch! It’s all because of you! If you didn’t come to Rhodes’s house, there would be no such thing!”

As she said, she rushed towards me!

Upon seeing this, Jiang Rhodes directly shielded me behind him and shouted, “Come and see, Xiao San has the original match!”

Chapter 22

This is gynecology!

Women are all around.

Upon hearing this, everyone’s eyes turned around.

When everyone saw that Jiang Rhodes who was shouting was protecting me, they knew Julia Rhodes was the junior.

The people around were all pointing around Julia Rhodes. She couldn’t get through with face and left angrily.

When this farce was over, Jiang Rhodes and I did not answer, instead we found a coffee shop and sat down.

“A cup of mocha.”


Jiang Rhodes stopped what I wanted to say just now.

Not only did she not let me drink coffee, she also didn’t let me drink iced beverages.

Finally, in a rage, I ordered a glass of warm water against the contempt of the waiter.

When the warm water came, I took a sip, Jiang Rhodes asked me, “What are you going to do? This kid.”

I thought I would say “hit” categorically.

But when it came to my lips, I hesitated again.

I looked at the slightly turbulent water and said, “If a marriage is maintained by children, it would be too sad.” I paused and continued, “Moreover, I’m not sure he will like our children. “

I lowered my head and felt unhappy, but rather depressed.

Jiang Rhodes looked at me and said grandiosely, “Oh, when you are born, I will help you raise it. A man can’t raise it, but a child can still afford it.”

“That’s a deal, don’t wait for me to be born, you will reckless.”

“No, give birth.”

Jiang Rhodes and I are actually making fun of each other.

The child must have a father after all.

I was a bit serious with morning sickness, and I heard that the child was very unstable in the first three months. I regretted it for a while. To paralyze myself last month, I took six projects back and forth.

Reluctantly, I had to go to Liu Ang, the head of the design department, to confess, and ask him if he could share the work with others.

As a result, I just finished talking about my needs. Liu Ang shook his head bitterly, “Xiao Rhodes, it’s not that I embarrassed you, but the company recently changed the general manager. Everyone took a lot of work to earn performance. .”

I know about the company changing the general manager.

The general manager was hired by the former boss at a high price, but recently because of his busy work and other things, I have not seen this president Lu.

I did not embarrass Liu Ang and went back to work alone and worked silently.

There is a lot of work, I can only choose to work overtime, and I don’t know when it will be added. I am too sleepy, so I lie on the table and want to sleep for a while…

I don’t know how long I slept. I only woke up when someone patted me on the shoulder, and subconsciously said, “I’m sorry, I will work now.”


As soon as I finished speaking, I heard a man’s chuckle in my ear.

Turning his head, I found a person standing behind…

A bit familiar…

“Senior Lu?” I rubbed my sleepy eyes and recognized him.

He is Qiaoyu Lu, the dean of my department in college, and a famous genius in our department. The teacher talks about his deeds every day.

Also the person I admired most when I was in school.

When I came here for an internship, he introduced me to it.

I saw him immediately refreshed and got up and said happily, “Why are you here?”

“I still want to ask you, why are you here?” Qiaoyu Lu raised his hand and helped me straighten the messy hair on my cheeks, smiling softly and beautifully.

I was a little embarrassed for a while, pulled my hair behind my ear, and said, “I have not finished the work, so I can only work overtime.”

“Come, get up.”

Qiaoyu Lu patted me on the shoulder.

I got up, he sat in my seat, checked the renderings I made, and asked me about customer needs.

After that, it took about an hour to finish the 3D rendering that I was doing on hand, and the details were also perfected.

I was watching, admiring the five-body cast.

When all was done, Qiaoyu Lu turned off the computer, stretched his waist, and said to me, “Go, take you home.”

Chapter 23

After I finished all my work, Qiaoyu Lu turned off the computer, stretched his waist, and said to me, “Go, take you home.”

I quickly refused, “No, it’s so late, so go back and rest soon.”

After all, it is almost 12 o’clock.

Qiaoyu Lu frowned, “What? I just used it up, do I have to cross the river and demolish the bridge?”

When he said that, I was a little embarrassed and could only agree.

When I went downstairs, he pointed to a blue sports car and a bicycle and asked me, “Which one would you like to sit on.”

I pointed to the bicycle.

Qiaoyu Lu raised his mouth and smiled, “I knew you would choose this.”

After speaking, he rode his bicycle.

I sat in the back seat properly, although he said that he could put his hand on his waist soon, but I refused.

In college, Qiaoyu Lu was the male god in many girls’ hearts. The position of the back seat of his bicycle is what many people dream of.

In the late summer night, the cool breeze was fainting. I sat on the back seat of my bicycle and looked at the street scenery, feeling a little in a daze.

It seems that everything went back to college.

When the bike reached Jiang Rhodes’s downstairs, he looked at the dilapidated building and couldn’t help frowning, “You live here?”

“Um… I moved out of the house and lived with my friends.” I probably explained.

Qiaoyu Lu nodded when he heard it.

Did not say much.

After he left, I realized, why is Qiaoyu Lu in our company? Is he newly transferred?

As I thought, I walked into the corridor. As soon as I stepped into the corridor, a big palm grabbed my wrist, and the next second, the whole person was buried on the wall!

Immediately, a voice rang in his ear, “Jia Rhodes, have you forgotten what was written in our prenuptial agreement?”

There are no lights in the corridor, but I can tell that it is Norven White’s voice.

“of course I remember.”

Although I don’t know why Norven White is here, I have a clear conscience.

“Remember? Go home with other men in the middle of the night? That’s how you remember?” Norven White’s face was very close to me, and the strong smell of alcohol sprayed on my face.

It seems that I followed a little bit drunk.

I looked up and met the man’s eyes, “Norven White, from the beginning of this marriage to the present, I am worthy of myself and my heart, believe it or not!”

After I finished speaking, I lowered my head and slipped through the gap under the man’s arm.

Go upstairs.

At the corner, I turned my head slightly, and the cold moonlight shrouded the man’s body, making me feel that the man’s figure seemed very lonely.

When I arrived at the company the next morning, I was called by Liu Ang.

He told me that the new general manager learned about my situation and decided to arrange a company dormitory for me.

“Give it to me?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

As far as I know, the dormitory of the company is only provided to the management. How could it be possible to get a little like me who has just joined the company for a year?

“Yes, the newcomer Lu specially ordered it.” Liu Ang said, took out a key and said, “This house is in the community behind the company. It takes less than five minutes to walk.”

“President Lu?”

When I heard this surname, only one person came to mind.

Liu Ang has other things, so let me come out first.

I returned to my position, after thinking about it, I felt that Mr. Lu should be Qiaoyu Lu.

At noon, I went to the cafeteria for dinner. Just after I had a meal, I sat down, and there was a commotion at the door. I looked over and saw Qiaoyu Lu also just had a meal.

Along the way, employees were inviting him to sit next to him.

However, without squinting his eyes, he walked straight towards me.

Chapter 24

Suddenly I felt a little panic. After all, I had always been unknown in the company. If he sat down, would I be a public enemy of the masses?

As a result, when I was worried, Qiaoyu Lu turned around and sat on the empty table next to me.

Show me a smile that “knows you”.

My heart warmed slightly.

I stayed at the company in the afternoon, but did not work overtime today. Instead, I went to see the client at 5 o’clock.

Just from the door of the company, I saw Qiaoyu Lu driving a white sports car waving at me. When I ran over, he said first, “Is going to see the customer? Go, I’ll drop in, just to see you off.”

Actually, I knew he was lying to me, but I got in the car anyway.

After getting in the car, I complained to him, “Why didn’t you tell me if you came to our company as the general manager?”

“Tell you what to do?” Qiaoyu Lu drove the car and looked ahead, but said to me with a smile on his mouth, “No matter what my identity, you are my primary school girl.”

His words are very warm, without any sense of distance.

Soon, I arrived at the community that I agreed with the client. After thanking him, I got off the car and watched the car leave before I entered the community in front of me.

The project I am working on is a wedding room decoration. The hostess is an 18-line star, Deng Chuchu, who is demanding and she loves to put on airs. More importantly, there are many unrealistic fantasies in the wedding room.

It took me more than three hours to end this haggard communication.

When I came out of the community, I actually saw Qiaoyu Lu’s car, which was still parked at the place where I got off. The man was standing next to the car, leaning against the car door, holding a tablet in his hand, writing and drawing.

I ran over and asked him, “You won’t be waiting here all the time?”

I took a sneak peek at the design drawing on his tablet, and I have already drawn most of it. To this extent, even for him, it will take at least an hour and a half.

However, Qiaoyu Lu put away the tablet and said with a smile, “No, I just went to a construction site, and I will wait for you when I come back.”

“Lying.” I debunked him in a joking tone.

Qiaoyu Lu didn’t say anything, but just opened the door for me and let me get in the car, “Wait for a while, let me have a meal with me.”

I didn’t eat, and I was hungry. As soon as he said, although I hesitated, thinking that he had waited for me for so long, I could only agree.

Many restaurants are closed because it is already past 8 o’clock.

He took me to a Japanese restaurant.

When the food we ordered came up, I, who didn’t resist sushi and raw fish on weekdays, smelled the taste of the fish, and my stomach suddenly surged.

I rushed to the bathroom and felt a little more comfortable after vomiting.

When I returned to my seat, Qiaoyu Lu looked at me worriedly and asked me, “Why are you here? Where is it uncomfortable?”

I touched my stomach, hesitated, and said, “No, no, I just don’t feel well in my stomach.”

Qiaoyu Lu believed it. He thought I was working overtime for a long time and eating irregularly.

At the dinner table, I started talking about my body as the capital of revolution. Don’t wait too hard for things.

I responded one by one.

After the meal, I returned the key to Qiaoyu Lu and said, “I am a young designer living in the company dormitory. It will definitely arouse everyone’s dissatisfaction.”

He couldn’t help me, so he could only take back the key, just added, “If you need any help in the future, remember to ask me and don’t see outside.”

Qiaoyu Lu sent me to Jiang Rhodes’s house.

As soon as I was about to part, I heard someone behind me say, “Thank you, Mr. Lu, for taking my wife home.”

I turned my head and saw Norven White leaning against the wall. In the darkness, the light of the cigarette was flickering.

Chapter 25

When he walked toward me, my heart suddenly became a little nervous. After all, I was sent back by Qiaoyu Lu for two consecutive days. It is difficult to explain this matter alone.

Norven White came over and put his hand directly on my shoulder, drawing me within his range.

Qiaoyu Lu looked at me and then at Norven White. He seemed to understand something, and said with a gentle smile, “You’re welcome, then I’ll go now.”

As soon as Qiaoyu Lu left, Norven White pulled me directly by the collar, dragged me to the basement, and directly picked up the skirt of my suit.

“what are you doing!”

I was terrified, struggling desperately!

“f*ck you.” The man didn’t stop his movements, he rudely tore my stockings and came in directly!


I screamed in pain, but remembered that this is the basement, in case someone will go home and hear our voice…

I beg for mercy, “No, don’t be here…”

“Not here? You are such a mean person, do you still want to sleep in my bed?” Norven White picked me up from my legs and bit at the junction of my neck and shoulders, “Tell me, have you ever done anything with him? ?”

I was sweaty all over, and I was bitten by him.

But I was worried about the child in my stomach and didn’t dare to struggle anymore, so I had to cooperate with him.

After he vented, he said while adjusting his pants, “Jia Rhodes, since you have become Mrs. White, you can only have me as a man. I advise you to stay calm.”

After Norven White left, I rested on the ground for a while, then sent a short message to Qiaoyu Lu, before going upstairs.

When I went up, Jiang Rhodes was packing up her luggage. She told me that she was going to train abroad for three months and was leaving soon.

She patted my little belly lightly, teasing, “When I come back, will you become a big belly woman!”

I smiled bitterly.

Secretly decided, I will leave Flipvilla when I show up a little bit more.

A week after Jiang Rhodes left, I haven’t seen Qiaoyu Lu. I’m not sure if he is angry.

This week, due to overtime work and severe morning sickness, I was finally so weak that I had to go to the hospital for nutritional injections.

After the fight was over, I decided to have a check-up to ensure the health of the child.

When I finished a series of examinations, I returned to the office and asked the doctor to see the results.

As soon as I entered, I heard the pregnant woman in front of me asking the doctor, “Doctor, how is my baby?”

“My suggestion is to stay in bed to prevent the baby.” The doctor replied.

I stood behind watching my results without paying attention, but when the pregnant woman in front of me got up, our eyes met…

“Jia Rhodes?!”

The pregnant woman in front of me was actually Julia Rhodes!

When she cast her gaze on the test sheet in my hand, the doctor urged, “It’s all pregnant women, don’t squeeze it, go out soon after reading it.”

She looked at me with an incredible look, “You…you are pregnant?!”

If anyone knows that I am pregnant, it must be Julia Rhodes!

I panicked and hid the test sheet behind me. When I was at a loss, the doctor urged me, “You still can’t see it, there are queues behind!”

“She sees it.” Julia Rhodes snatched the test sheet in my hand and placed it directly on the doctor’s desk.

The doctor looked up, looked at me, then at Julia Rhodes, and smiled, “Twins, pregnant at the same time? Good thing.”

After that, I started to show me the test sheet.

After reading it, he said, “Your child is okay, development is normal, and progesterone is normal.” After that, she looked at Julia Rhodes again, “Compared to you, her child would be very dangerous if she does not take care of her baby.”

The doctor alone finished talking about me and Julia Rhodes and compared them.

My normal, her danger.

When we came out of the obstetrics and gynecology department, Julia Rhodes clutched my wrist and forced to ask, “Whose child is this?”

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