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Chapter 216

I hesitated for a moment, but still picked it up.

“Hello.” I said first.

There was no one talking on the phone.

There was not even a slight sound.

“Hello?” I said again.

Still did not speak.

I thought it was a wrong call, and immediately hung up.

That night, I was still waiting for Norven White on the sofa.

When I woke up from the sofa and saw that the sun outside the window had completely risen, and the time of the grandfather clock had stopped at 9 o’clock, I felt lost.

At the door, Norven White’s slippers were placed there, as they were yesterday.

The official man has never returned.

There is no missed call on the phone.

Where did he go? If you don’t come back before, there will be at least one news, never before.

I called Norven White.

No one answered.

My heart is in chaos. I want to call Jiang Rhodes, but I am afraid that she will give me a chance. If Norven White really has any enemies, will she be involved?

All day long, I stayed on whether to continue calling Norven White.

Because of the disfigurement, I even began to wonder if Norven White disliked me.

This day, I had an extremely difficult life.

However, after 9 o’clock in the evening, Norven White actually came back.

“You are back.” I stood in the living room.

Seeing Norven White, he was a little at a loss.

There were some snowflakes on the shoulders of the man’s black clothes, and I said, “Is it snowing outside?”


Norven White walked in while changing shoes.

I thought he would go straight upstairs again, but I didn’t expect the man to walk up to me and hug me, “Sorry, I didn’t contact you yesterday.”

In the man’s arms, this time not only the smell of tobacco, I also smelled a touch of perfume.

I was upset for a while.

Can’t help but say, “Can you give me Lanquan’s number?”

“she was?”

After listening to Norven White, he seemed a little surprised.

Looking down at me, there is something secretive in his black eyes.

“Yeah.” I said that, in fact, to some extent, I wanted to see Norven White’s reaction.

Sure enough, the man was a little surprised.

I had long thought of saying goodbye and explained, “Last time my grandma was sick, Rhodes’s family was unwilling to pay, so I sold the house. It happened that the buyer was her. Now grandma has passed away, and that’s the only thing she left. My things, I want to buy them back.”

“That’s it.” Norven White’s expression seemed to give you a sigh of relief, “I’ll go and help you.”

“I said it myself.”

I said decisively.

I really wanted to buy the house before I came to Lanquan, and asked about her and Norven White by the way.

I’m afraid Norven White lied to me.

Norven White hesitated for a moment, and finally found a number from the phone and gave it to me.

As soon as I wrote down the number, the phone screen lit up.

[Jiang Rhodes]’s name appears on it.


“Jia Rhodes, Jia Rhodes, where are you? Hurry up, come and help me!”

As soon as I answered the phone, Jiang Rhodes’s crying voice came over the phone.

I suddenly became nervous, “What’s wrong? Where are you? Speak slowly!”

“I’m outside the McDonald’s in front of my house.” Jiang Rhodes’s voice searched a lot. “I rejected a suitor before. I didn’t expect that he would chase my house. I…you, are you coming soon?”

“Okay, okay, you wait for me, don’t move around.”

There was a panic in my heart.

He quickly rushed upstairs to change clothes, then rushed to the door when he went downstairs, put on his shoes, and just wanted to go out, his arm was pulled.

Immediately, I heard the man’s unhappy voice, “Where are you going?”

“Something happened to Jiang Rhodes, I’m going to find her.”

I said without thinking.

“you alone?”

What a man said, I was taken aback.

From just now to now, I haven’t thought about it for a second in my mind, and brought Norven White to this matter.

Ah yes, I should bring Norven White’s. Realizing this, I immediately said, “Can you come with me? Jiang Rhodes met a perverted suitor. She is now alone and it is snowing. .”

I’ve talked a lot about it verbally.

The man didn’t speak either, put on his shoes, put on the clothes he had just taken off, and went directly outside to start the car.

I was sitting in the co-pilot, and the perfume smell on the man’s clothes just now was looming here.

Has Lan Quan ever been in this car?

Thinking of this, my mood is a little stuck.

After driving for nearly half an hour, we arrived at McDonald’s near Jiang Rhodes’s house. As soon as I passed by, I saw Jiang Rhodes standing outside McDonald’s wearing a red coat.

They are beautifully worn and well-made.

Many pedestrians coming and going fall on her.

“Jiang Rhodes!” I ran over and asked nervously, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Rhodes didn’t look at me at first glance, but instead his eyes fell on the car behind me. After a moment of silence, he said, “Oh, I met a man on the plane before. He asked me for a phone call. Yes, I don’t know where I found it, but I also found my home address! I was almost raped by him!”

“Gosh! Didn’t you call the police.”

“Not yet! He was blocking me at my door, but it scared me to death!”

Jiang Rhodes said with some exaggerated expression.

I looked at her and seemed to think she was not scared at all…

Before I spoke, Jiang Rhodes pulled me directly and said, “Oh, it’s too cold outside, get in the car quickly.”

“it is good.”

At this time, I seemed to have realized what Jiang Rhodes was going to do.

However, I couldn’t talk about what Norven White did. It would be better to let Jiang Rhodes push it. It would be better if I could talk about it.

When Jiang Rhodes and I were walking in the direction of Norven White, a Land Rover sports car stopped behind us.

Before we got in the car, a man came down from that Land Rover and waved at us, “Beautiful Jiang!”

It’s Ziyi’an!

At this time, Norven White also got off.

When the four people stood together, Norven White said first, “I asked him to come. Didn’t Miss Jiang have something to do? I think he is more suitable to help with many things.”

“…” Jiang Rhodes’s face turned not so good at this time, and he desperately wrapped his clothes and said tremblingly, “I’m too cold, can we find a warm place to talk?”

“Okay!” Ziyi said to Jiang Rhodes, “Come on, take my car.”

At this time, Jiang Rhodes seemed to be embarrassed to ride in Norven White’s car. In desperation, he could only choose to ride in Ziyi’an’s car.

Soon, Norven White drove the car to a high-end hotel and opened a suite.

Four people went upstairs to the suite.

The heating in the house seemed to be turned on in advance, and it was very warm as soon as I entered.

Jiang Rhodes took off his coat, revealing the s3xy long sweater inside, and Ziyi’an’s eyes straightened.

Norven White and I were sitting on the two-seater sofa, with the man’s hands on my shoulders and legs overlapping. Looking at Jiang Rhodes, he said, “Ms. Jiang has worked so hard to perform this show. There must be something I want to say. “

Chapter 217

When Norven White spoke, it was not just Jiang Rhodes, but I was stunned.

Obviously, the man had long discovered that Jiang Rhodes was lying.

He just sent a message when he just went out. I didn’t care about it at the time. That one should have been sent to Ziyi’an.

I went to pick up Jiang Rhodes when I got there, but he just said something when he got to the car.

How did you find it?

Jiang Rhodes’s face was not very good, but she didn’t seem to want to admit it, with her hands around her chest and her eyes facing Shang Norven White, “What acting? I was harassed by others, and I asked my sister to come. I didn’t call you again, what I wanted to say.”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Norven White said with a faint expression, “I have opened this room for a month. You can live in it. You can live in it when you are sure that no one is harassing you.”

It seems that everything Jiang Rhodes said was within his expectation.

Jiang Rhodes looked at me, his expression full of plea for help.

I probably finished her purpose and said, “Or…let her live with us, I am alone every day, it’s boring, and you’re not busy recently…”

“No way.”

Before I finished speaking, Norven White interrupted me directly, “You can live anywhere, not our house.”

“Then let her live in my house!” Jiang Rhodes said directly, “Anyway, he also said that you are not always at home. I can stay with her when you live with me. Call her again when you want to summon her.”

Jiang Rhodes said, as soon as he stretched out his hand, he pulled me beside Norven White to her.

He hugged me tightly with both hands, and didn’t mean to let go.


Norven White was silent for a while, and actually agreed.

As soon as the man spoke, I couldn’t believe it.

Could it be…

“Oh, since Mr. White has agreed, I will kill that person.” Jiang Rhodes took me and walked out.


“Why, Mr. White regretted it?”

Jiang Rhodes looked back at Norven White.

My eyes were also fixed on Norven White, and the man’s expression was indifferent, as if there was no mood swing at all, as if he was not taking away his girlfriend.

It’s just an irrelevant person.

Norven White raised his head and looked at me. Her black eyes were like water from a thousand-year-old well. There was no ripple. He just said flatly, “Let Zi’an send you away. I will find someone to send her things.”

“…” I looked at Norven White.

The mood is uncomplicated and heavy.

The man’s style is like… long ago expecting me to go?

Ziyi’an heard Norven White’s words and quickly got up, “Okay, okay, I’ll send it!”

With that said, he walked out with his clothes, went to the door, opened the door and made a “please” gesture.

I was still standing, Jiang Rhodes pulled me, “Let’s go, what else to watch, people are eager to let you go, haven’t you seen it?”

I didn’t even hear her words, but looked at Norven White, and said, “Then I’m leaving.”

“Let’s go.”

Norven White’s gaze just glanced at me, and then took out the phone from his pocket.

Never looked at me again.

At that moment, my heart was cold.

I was pulled away by Jiang Rhodes. In the car, Ziyi’an also realized the problem and said, “Oh, Miss Rhodes, I think your top priority is to adjust your face, like you, wearing a mask outside is fine. Take it too, my elder brother must not want to go home for this reason.”

“I know.”

Is it because of this? I do not know.

Jiang Qinbai glanced at him, “You can drive with peace of mind and don’t speak for your eldest brother, a scumbag.”

“No, I’m telling the truth.”

“To tell the truth, the scumbag is the scumbag. Who is my Xiaoqi becoming like this? It’s not because of him! He’s doing it right now, he doesn’t like it, hehe.”

“A man will hate it, who doesn’t like beautiful women!”

“Bah, I think you guys are divided into groups, things are gathered together, and scumbags gather with scumbags.”

Jiang Rhodes and Ziyi’an, one sentence for you, one sentence for me.

I sat there and listened. For a while, I thought they were a good match.

The car finally reached the door of Jiang Rhodes’s house.

Ziyi’an sent it all the way downstairs and said cheeky, “Oh, I have worked so hard to send you downstairs, don’t you ask me to go up for a cup of coffee?”

“Drinking coffee in the middle of the night, you are not afraid of sudden death when you fall asleep?”

Jiang Qinbai gave him a glance, and didn’t mean to invite him up.

But Ziyi’an was not angry, “Oh, do you feel bad for me?”

“Love you? Hehe, I just don’t want you to go up.”

Jiang Rhodes said directly.

Ziyi was not reconciled, “Didn’t you say that that person is blocking you in the corridor? What if he is still in the corridor? I will accompany you up, so that I can deal with each other.”

After all, Ziyi’an just wanted to come to recognize a door.

“Hehe, I think you are going to be the next molester, right?”

“How is it possible! This young master has always been someone harassing me!”

“It’s all other people’s eyes on your money, you have no charisma except money.”

Two people say one thing to me.

I felt that this was going on endlessly, and I started to reconcile, “It’s not that Jiang Rhodes doesn’t want you to go up, it’s because her house is messy, you will come again when I help her clean up next time.”

“Ah!” Ziyi’an was relieved as soon as he heard it, “Sister-in-law is better, no problem! You must call me next time you finish packing!”


I answer seriously.

As soon as Ziyi left, Jiang Rhodes took me and said, “Why do you turn your elbow away!”

“No, I think he is very cute.”

“You are afraid that scumbags have seen too much and have poor eyesight.”

Jiang Rhodes complained.

Going upstairs, Jiang Rhodes found a new set of toiletries, and while helping me to remove the toothbrush, he asked, “What do you think of this? Norven White promised you to come out so happily, I’m afraid that he planned to do so long ago. .”

“It should be.” I smiled bitterly, “but if it were me, facing my face every day, I might not be able to eat.”

I took the disassembled toothbrush cylinder into the bathroom.

Standing in front of the mirror, taking off the mask, looking at his left face.

The muscles were atrophied and were very ugly.

It is really not easy for Norven White to last so long.

“Don’t look, it doesn’t look good now, but your skin has been repaired, and then we will have another plastic surgery, beautiful, let Norven White regret his death!”

Jiang Rhodes leaned against the door of the bathroom and looked at me with regret.

Will he regret it?

Norven White is such an excellent person who owns a forest. How could he regret a tree?

I didn’t want Jiang Rhodes to worry. I looked at her and smiled, “Well, let him regret it.”

The next day, Norven White sent all my things.

A total of four servants came to help deliver things, besides the clothes, shoes, and bags he bought me, as well as my painting tools.

I found out the necklace that the man gave me in a pile of things.

Seeing the shape that looked like a smiling face, I suddenly felt very ironic.

Chapter 218

My happiness and his happiness are always passing by like meteors, fleeting.

And the pictures I drew for him.

Every piece of Norven White is so beautiful.

Is there no chance to paint again in the future?

My mood is extremely complicated.

While packing up his things, Jiang Rhodes also returned from the company. He frowned when he saw that there were a lot of things in the house, “Norven White, is this really going to cut off contact with you?”


Thinking of the fact that I mentioned marriage before and he refused, I’m afraid he was already thinking about how to end this relationship with me.

Seeing that I was not in high spirits, Jiang Rhodes didn’t continue to say, he came over and put his arms around my neck and said, “Oh, forget it, you can help me clean up the house so well, he doesn’t love you, I love you, Talk about what you want to eat tonight, I ask you, it is your reward for helping me clean up the house.”

“Do not……”

“Don’t refuse me, I haven’t stayed for another half a month recently, and I will be busy again by Christmas. The food abroad is too unpalatable, so you can eat with me.”

Jiang Rhodes knew I was going to refuse, and immediately interrupted me.


I can’t tell her.

When we were looking at the restaurant rating app to choose where to eat, Jiang Rhodes’s phone rang.

She looked at the phone above [Ziyi’an] with a face lifted.

After hesitating again and again, he opened the phone and said in a very bad tone, “What are you doing?”

“Beauty, I heard that your birthday was just a gathering with my sister-in-law, so I chose a special place today and prepared a cake for you. Can I have another birthday for you?”

Ziyi’an on the phone is very affectionate.

“No.” Jiang Rhodes refused directly.

“Don’t, I’ve booked them all.” This is Ziyi’an’s effective method.

Jiang Rhodes wanted to continue to refuse, so he glanced at me and said, “Let’s do it, you call your eldest brother.”

“Huh?” Ziyi was stunned for a moment, but quickly reacted, “Okay, no problem! I’ll ask him!”

After Ziyi’an finished speaking, the phone hung up.

The results can be imagined.

Norven White is not coming.

Ziyi’an was not reconciled, and stalked Jiang Rhodes. In the end, Jiang Rhodes asked the place directly at the hot pot restaurant.

Although Yi Zian was 10,000 reluctant, he still agreed.

I chose a hot pot restaurant that is very high.

With boxes.

After we went in, Ziyi’an sat down first, and a little bit of Kobe beef and New Zealand lamb.

Finally, he took out a bottle of champagne from the bag.

I don’t know wine, but Jiang Rhodes looked very happy when he saw that, “Louis Crystal?”

“Hey, Beauty Jiang is an expert at first glance.”

When Jiang Rhodes recognized this wine, Ziyi’an’s face became even more proud.

After ordering the food, the waiter asked, “How many do you want?”

“Mandarin duck.” Ziyi’an said.

“All spicy.” Jiang Rhodes said.

The two have two answers.

Ziyi’an looked at Jiang Rhodes, “Mandarin duck, I can’t eat spicy food.”

“No, it’s my birthday, I have the final say.” Jiang Rhodes didn’t seem to change at all.

Ziyi’an had no choice but to agree.

Although Ziyi’an looked like a second-generation ancestor, he and Jiang Rhodes were able to talk very much when sitting down today. Instead, I sat next to him like an electric light bulb.

Do not speak, just eat.

A bottle of champagne was quickly drunk. Ziyi’an originally wanted to send someone a drink, but Jiang Rhodes directly refused and ordered a few bottles of dark beer.

I can’t drink enough, it’s almost gone by the time the hot pot is finished.

But Jiang Rhodes seemed to be happy.

Ziyi’an proposed to go to the bar, and Jiang Rhodes agreed immediately!

I tried to persuade me again and again, but Jiang Rhodes refused to listen, but wanted to drag me along.

When we went to a bar called Ye Mei, Ziyi’an was very proud and ordered very expensive wine.

I’m afraid that Jiang Rhodes will be drunk and no one will take care of him, so I dare not drink more.

Jiang Rhodes kept persuading me that I couldn’t stand it, so I left under the pretext of going to the bathroom.

I just got out of the box and stood in the hallway for a while, and saw a very tall man coming out of a box. The man saw me, smiled, and leaned over, “Oh, isn’t this Mrs. White?”

Yin Shijie.

I didn’t expect to see him here, so I turned around subconsciously and wanted to leave.

The man is tall, he chased me in a few steps, bent over, looked at me and said, “What is Miss Rhodes running? Is this coming with President White?”


“That’s it…” Yin Shijie looked at me and said meaningfully, “I thought Miss Rhodes came with President White, and planned to take you to his box.”

Is Norven White here?

This is it, although you can only drink, but there are actually additional services. I just stood in the corridor for a while and saw a “princess” dressed in various colors and high quality, accompanied by the guests.

Then the two entered a bathroom.

doing what? it goes without saying.

Yin Shijie was not surprised to see that I did not speak, “Hey, although Miss Rhodes is not here with President White, she must also want to go to President White’s box to take a look.”

“No need.” I immediately refused.

Yin Shijie didn’t speak, but got up and walked forward, saying, “I’ll go and say hello to President White.”

I know that when he said this, he was leading me to follow him.

Although I stood there and hesitated for a while, Yin Shijie was too tall, and wearing a white suit, standing in a crowd, walking and talking would be seen.

I followed up in a wicked manner.

From afar, I saw the man entering a box.

After he entered, the door was not closed tightly, leaving a small slit.

I stood far away and looked in through the small slit. I don’t know if it was a coincidence. Norven White could be seen from that angle.

The man wore only a shirt on his body, with two glamorous women sitting on either side.

Chest against him.

The man just sat like that, although he didn’t do anything, he didn’t mean to refuse.

Holding a crystal glass in one hand, it shook the ice cubes inside.

I stood there, rigid.

Is this the day I left Hou Norven White?

It seems that I am really his burden.

Maybe people are nasty animals, and I have seen everything that I should see, but I was unwilling to make excuses for him, and then I stood at the door and kept watching.

Hope that the man will actively push away the woman around him.

Or an expression of disgust.

However, after I stood there for a long time, Norven White silently accepted the woman’s gestures, and didn’t mean to refuse.

Later, a woman got up and sat directly on his lap, hooking the man’s neck with her hands…

When I wanted to see Norven White’s reaction, a person came out of the door and the door was closed.

“Yeah, is Mrs. White still here?”

Yin Shijie looked at me with a pair of three-dimensional eyes with some evil spirits.

I was a little embarrassed, thinking of the scene just now, I immediately said, “I was never Mrs. White, but one of the fluttering flags of President White, and now I am like this, he doesn’t want me anymore.”

When I am talking about this.

Somewhat lost.

Chapter 219

“Is that so?” Yin Shijie looked at me with teasing in his eyes.

“Otherwise?” I looked up at Yin Shijie, took the mask off my face without hesitation, and asked him, “A woman like me, for you, would you want it?”

I thought that Yin Shijie would immediately refuse.

But the man thought about it for a while before he said, “It’s reasonable to say that I won’t want it. After all, I can’t lift it up when I look at you, but if it works, I don’t mind it.”

Yin Shijie’s words made me feel ridiculous, “You don’t think that taking me can threaten Norven White, right?”

“Can’t it?”

“If you had some use a few months earlier, it’s out of play now.”

I looked at Yin Shijie and laughed at myself.

Then he pulled up the mask.

As soon as he turned to leave, the box door behind Yin Shijie opened.

Norven White walked out from behind.

The man looked at, and I looked at Yin Shijie again, his face suddenly became very bad, and he walked straight to me, a little impatiently saying, “Why are you here?”


“Okay, go back quickly! I’ll find someone to see you off.”

Just as I wanted to explain, I was interrupted by Norven White.

As the man said, he took out the phone directly from his pocket and said, “Come on, send Jia Rhodes away.”

Seeing this scene, Yin Shijie smiled, “Mr. White, you are really unsympathetic. When I was a beauty, I hugged each other every day. Now I am disfigured, I will kick it away immediately.”

“No.” Norven White immediately denied, “She shouldn’t come to such a place.”

When a man talks, his expression is always cold as frost. This attitude even reminds me of the day when I just married Julia Rhodes for him.

How can a person change his face so quickly?

At this time, Norven White’s driver had come up and said that he would see me off.

I don’t want to lose my only dignity, and decisively said, “I don’t need President White to send me away. I met it today as a coincidence, and it won’t happen in the future.”

Upon seeing this, Yin Shijie said cheerfully, “Oh, President White, then I’ll send her off for you.”

“Follow my driver.” Norven White looked at me, his black eyes seemed to be covered with thin ice.

He said that, I am not surprised at all.

I took a step back and stayed far away from Yin Shijie, “I know Mr. White’s fault. Even if I don’t want it, no other men can get involved, but Mr. White can rest assured that Mr. Yin is not blind and won’t follow me.”

After I finished speaking, I turned around and walked in the direction of the box.

No one followed.

Including Norven White and his driver.

My heart is inexplicably firm, but knowing that what I am looking forward to is not expected.

When I returned to my box, I found the box door was wide open, there was no Ziyi’an inside, let alone Jiang Rhodes!

Some are just packing things up.

At first I thought I had gone wrong, so I took a step back and took a look at the box number. I was sure I didn’t go wrong, so I hurried in and asked, “Where are the guests inside?!”

“Guest? Already gone.” The waiter saw me, thought for a while, and said, “Are you called Jia Rhodes? That gentleman asked me to speak for you, saying that they are leaving first, and you can go back by yourself.”


Ziyi’an takes Jiang Rhodes away? What can be good!

I quickly took out my phone and called Jiang Rhodes. The phone rang for a long time, and finally switched to the message mode.

I am not reconciled and continue to fight.

Three slaps on the face, finally, the phone got through.

“Jiang Rhodes, where are you?” I said first.

There was silence on the phone, and Jiang Rhodes said, “I, I am with Ziyi.”

“Where are you? I’ll find you!”

Jiang Rhodes was very unclear about what he said, and he drank a lot of alcohol. It seems that after I left, Ziyi’an was used to her drinking again!

I immediately regretted leaving that room.

Follow Ziyi safely, can there be good things?

To my surprise, Jiang Rhodes directly rejected me, “You go, I’ll go back later.”

“No! You follow Ziyi’an, I don’t worry!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I know it, don’t worry.”

After Jiang Rhodes finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

I called again, although she answered, but her tone was very impatient.

In desperation, I had to call Ziyi’an.

Ziyi’an doesn’t answer my call.

I was full of anxiety, but I couldn’t find them, so I had to go home first.

That night, I was terribly disturbed, and worried that Jiang Rhodes would be taken advantage of by Ziyi, and thought of Norven White’s attitude towards me.

Maybe the moment I moved out of that house, I already broke up with Norven White.

At midnight, I fell asleep in a daze.

In the morning, I was woken up by the phone ringing.

As soon as the phone was picked up, Jiang Rhodes’s dull voice came from over there, “Bring some clothes to the Hilton Hotel, and I will send you the room number in a moment.”


I didn’t wake up, and I didn’t understand what she said.

“Bring a suit, from the inside out, all, the fastest, please.”

This time I understood and realized what happened!

I quickly got up and went to Jiang Rhodes’s room, took a set of clothes from her closet, including underwear and underwear, and took a taxi to the Hilton Hotel.

Go downstairs, follow the room number provided by Jiang Rhodes, and go straight upstairs.

Just arrived at the door——


“Oh! Don’t! Baby!”

“Who is it, baby! You shut up!”

The voices of Ziyi’an and Jiang Rhodes came from inside.

Of course it also includes the sound of smashing things.

I pressed the doorbell, and in half a second, the door opened.

I looked in, and the one who opened the door was Ziyi’an, wearing a pair of trousers and a shirt over his upper body. The buttons were wrongly fastened. The shirt was covered with lipstick marks…

“Please come in, please come in.” Ziyi’an saw that it was me and quickly gave way out.

When I entered the house, I saw Jiang Rhodes sitting on the bed wrapped in a quilt, throwing clothes on the ground, and one of the dark red sweaters had been torn apart.

Other clothes are also stepping on…

The messy desktop and bed sheets can explain how intense it was last night.

“I’m going to… the bathroom and waiting.” Ziyi’an knew that Jiang Rhodes was going to put on clothes, so he looked around, not planning to go out, so he could only take it out of the bathroom and wait.

Before Jiang Rhodes could speak, Ziyi’an ran to the bathroom.

I handed the clothes to Jiang Rhodes. Jiang Rhodes didn’t speak at first, and dressed silently. After finishing wearing them, he said, “You, why didn’t you stop me yesterday!”

“I’m sorry…” I looked at the place where Jiang Rhodes appeared, full of hickeys, and felt very embarrassed. “Yesterday I wanted to take care of you soberly, but you told me to drink, so I couldn’t get out to hide. When you go back, you and Ziyi’an have already left, I will call you…”

“I know… I remember that I agreed with what happened yesterday.” Jiang Rhodes said, pulling his hair desperately, and said regretfully, “I was drunk yesterday and there was a problem with my brain!”

“Don’t pull, what happened yesterday is related to me, and I will be responsible for you.”

Ziyi’an didn’t know when he had come out of the bathroom and stood at the door.

Chapter 220

“Responsible? How are you going to be responsible? Give me five million or ten million?!” Jiang Rhodes said, pulling the quilt abruptly, pointing to the dazzling red on the bed and said, “My first time, It was so ruined by you! Why are you responsible for my first time!”

What does that little piece of cinnabar represent?

Both men and women know.

Ziyi’an looked at the place, hesitated for a moment, and said, “I will marry you.”

“Bah! Who is rare to marry you!” Jiang Rhodes sneered, “A person like you, even if you marry a wife, is also a person with fluttering flags outside! If I marry you, wouldn’t I plant a Siberian prairie on my head?!”

Ziyi’an frowned slightly, “I will try my best to restrain it.”

“Restrain? Control for three days or five days?!” Jiang Rhodes said, picking up his bag, and Bai Ziyi took a look, “I’ll tell you, let me forget what happened today. Don’t let me see you in the future, or I will I’ll kill you!”

After Jiang Rhodes finished speaking, he took me and walked out.

Had a taxi at the intersection.

Jiang Rhodes didn’t say a word along the way.

Waited at home.

She changed her shoes, and I poured her a glass of water. Before it reached her hand, Jiang Rhodes looked at me, suddenly red under her eyes, hugged me and said, “My first time, I wanted to For my husband!”

“Sorry, it was my fault yesterday.” At this time, I blamed myself, “I shouldn’t leave, or I should insist on bringing you back.”

Yesterday, I just insisted a little longer.

Jiang Rhodes shook his head, “No, don’t blame you, blame me, what am I doing for drinking so much wine… For the first time, I actually gave a scumbag, second generation ancestor, scumbag!”

“Yes Yes Yes.”

I don’t know what to say.

That night, I received a text message from Ziyi’an, [Sister-in-law, how is Jiang Rhodes? She blacked me out and I can’t contact her anymore. 】

【nonsense. 】

I really have nothing to say to Ziyi’an, what he did, I was really speechless.

Later, Ziyi’an sent me a lot of messages and asked me to help him talk, but I refused.

After all, I understand Jiang Rhodes.

For me, I can’t forgive him for taking advantage of others.

At night, while I was cooking Jiang Rhodes, the phone rang again.

I instinctively thought it was Ziyi’an again, and ignored it. After a while, I checked it and found that it was a message from an unrecorded number.

It says [Dongfeng Tower at 7pm, there is a surprise here. ——Yin Shijie】

Seeing the signature at the back, I didn’t even think about it, so I turned my hand off and continued cooking.

When I was cooking, I remembered that this number was the same number that I called me a few days ago but didn’t speak.

It seems that Yin Shijie has been eyeing me long ago?

He was afraid that he wanted to use me to threaten Norven White, but it was a pity that he made a wrong calculation.

When I made a meal and ate with Jiang Rhodes, I couldn’t help but glance at my watch.

It’s already 7 o’clock.

It’s not far from the Dongfeng Tower. If you take a taxi, it will only take more than ten minutes…

After eating for another ten minutes, Jiang Rhodes watched the TV series on TV alone, yelling at the heroine for stupid and scumbag.

I just listened, cruel, put down my chopsticks, “Jiang Rhodes, I have something wrong, you eat first!”

After speaking, put on the coat and went out.

After about ten minutes, I went to the downstairs of Dongfeng Building.

Norven White brought me here for a meal before. At that time, Dongfeng Tower could be said to be overcrowded with cars passing by.

But today, the door of Dongfeng Building was deserted, and there was only a white car parked…

My eyes fell on the sedan, and I remembered it in a second.

That was the car I saw Norven White and Lan Quan sitting in that day.

At least the same paragraph.

I walked in, and before I reached the door, a waiter came out to stop me, “I’m sorry, we were booked here today.”


I was taken aback, so big?

You must know that Dongfeng Tower is one of the most popular restaurants in Flipvilla. In addition, the per capita consumption is extremely high, and there are hundreds of thousands of people who can’t make it for a night.

When I was puzzled, I heard a few waiters who watched the parking lot chattering.

“Oh, this boss is really willing to spend money. I’ve been working here for so long, but it’s the first time I saw a private room.”

“No, I heard it is the boss of the Sky Group.”

“I heard that too, that woman seems to be the daughter of the Lan family.”

“Oh, hey, the world of the rich cannot be imagined outside.”

The chattering of several waiters came into my ears.

Is this Norven White’s booking for Lanquan?

He has never treated me like this. Although I don’t want Norven White to waste money for me like this, it is also uncomfortable for him to spend money for others like this.

“What qualifications do I have to be uncomfortable.” I shook my head desperately, trying to get rid of the depression in my heart. “It is a miracle that a person like me has something to do with a good man like Norven White. .”

I told myself secretly in my heart.

Turn around and get ready to go.

“I can stand behind you, sleepwalking like a shadow chasing the light.”

When I just took a step, the phone in my pocket rang.

Not surprisingly, it was Yin Shijie’s.

I hesitated for a moment, but still picked it up.

“Hey, Miss Rhodes, did you hear that? How do you feel?” Yin Shijie’s frivolous voice floated from the phone.

I frowned slightly, “President Yin, if you intend to make me give up, then I tell you, I have given up, you don’t have to spend so much time and effort.”

To be honest, I am a little confused why Yin Shijie did this.

If he wants to use me to stimulate Norven White, then he is doomed to fail.

But he wants me to give up? What is his purpose?

“Yo-yo-yo, why should Ms. Rhodes get angry? You see, I just let you see the true face of Norven White. He abandoned you yesterday and can go directly to his old friend today. What are you doing to him? Probably nothing.”

Yin Shijie said with a smile.

“Well, I see, thank you, Mr. Yin for telling me.”

I am strong and calm.

Yin Shijie didn’t mind my indifference and continued, “Miss Rhodes, recently President White has not only booked this one scene. To make Miss Lan happy, he has packed several shows, including movies and operas. If you are interested, I can tell you all.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not interested.” I realized Yin Shijie’s purpose and told him, “If President Yin hopes that I hate Shang Norven White and then do things for you, then I don’t think Mr. Yin will have to bother. If you hate him, I won’t help you.”

“Miss Rhodes is so smart?”

“It’s not that I’m smart, it’s your self-righteousness.”

After I finished speaking, without saying anything, I hung up the phone.

After hanging up for less than five minutes, I received a text message from Yin Shijie.

The content is the time and place of a movie tomorrow; and the time and place of an opera next week.

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